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How Much Is A Patio Deck

When Decks Are Best

Making a Deck for $865 – Costs and Tricks – Part 1

However, there are certainly times you may prefer a deck over a patio, such as for aesthetic purposes or if youre in a home that already has a deck and you just want to resurface it.

Every situation is so unique! We have experience in reimagining outdoor spaces for both ourselves and our clients, so if you have any questions or need help, check out our Design Services and book a 100% FREE consultation with us!

If youre feeling really crazy, see how we fit a zipline into our backyard.

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Outdoor Kitchen And Entertainment Patio Cost

The cost of a patio large enough to hold an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area ranges from $6,912 to $21,600. This is a large, spacious patio that can be used for several things. Typical measurements are 24 x 36 or 864 sq.ft. This patio can be shaped in multiple ways to designate various areas. The kitchen may be located on one side, while a fire pit, seating areas, or hot tub may be on another. It is common for this patio to have pattern changes to designate various areas and create a visual separation.

The True Costs To Build A Patio And Deck

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The hardest question for anyone to answer is How much will it cost To Build A Patio? It has been said that when one person asks this question, another asks what are your rates?

If youve ever asked yourself how much does it possibly cost to build a patio that includes all labor costs and material components required to construct.

While answering these questions in this article we will be looking at the design of your patio project, estimating the cost based on average, and an idea of how much building your own patio will cost.

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How Do You Build A Concrete Patio Base

Pour the concrete pad. Make the gravel well moistened. Start by spreading the concrete in one corner of the mold while a helper spreads it out with a shovel or â â â . Pour the concrete against the formwork and tamp in all corners with a square shovel or a mortar â â â with a â â â , pushing without pulling the concrete.

What Is The Difference Between A Deck And Patio

How much does a Concrete Patio Cost?

A patio is a multi-purpose outdoor space thats typically delineated by concrete, brick, stone, tile, or another paved surface. Patios are usually built directly at ground-level, often working with the slope of their land, or because they may be less expensive compared to building an elevated or multi-level deck. While many patios can be built directly off a house, they can also be set in the middle of the yard as a stand-alone oasis. Patios also tend to lack railing, as its not a required feature on ground-level structures and dont require stairs.

But what is the main difference between deck and patio? Although decks can be constructed near ground level, theyre typically built with some kind of support system to raise the platform.

Its often a bit easier to maintain a patio, especially compared to a lumber deck. However, a deck can be constructed with materials that level the playing field. Thats why comparing composite decking vs concrete patio, or a composite deck vs paver patio, can be quite difficult. Its not merely a matter of comparing material costs you also have to look at factors like upkeep requirements and resale value return on investment if you plan to sell your home.

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How Do I Resurface My Concrete Patio

Concrete roof renovation instructions: Wash the existing concrete surface with a pressure washer. This step will help the new concrete adhere to the old surface. You don’t want to fill existing control joints, so cover them with masking tape. Also mask any other adjacent surfaces to keep them clean.

Outdoor Patio Gazebo Cost

The cost of building a gazebo on your patio averages $7,500 to $10,000. This makes the total cost of a patio with a gazebo between $9,228 and $15,400. Gazebos offer more shade and protection than pergolas. However, they do not have louvered options that allow light and breezes in. They have varying wall types, from screens to fully formed walls with windows. The more structure a gazebo has, the higher its overall costs.

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What Is A Deck

A deck is a raised platform that can be made of different materials, which include pressure-treated lumber, wood, PVC, composite, and more. However, here the focus will be on wood decks. A deck can sit high above the ground raised by posts and accessed via a staircase or be built low to the ground raised only by joists.

Material Costs To Build A Deck

What Can Increase The Cost Of A Paver Patio?

Material costs to build a deck range from $6 to $8 per square foot on average. The three most popular materials for the construction of outdoor decks in the US are pressure-treated wood, hardwood, and recycled composite.

Trex Decking $8 $20

The cost of materials provided is an average from across the country, and depending on where you live, you may experience slightly more or slightly less per square foot for your project.

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Add Ons & Accessories

In most cases, building a new deck doesnt just mean that youre building a flat, empty slab. Depending on your style and how you want your deck to function, youll likely have some add-ons and accessories that will go with your deck.

At the bare minimum most decks should have a , not only to provide safety, but to give your deck added style. The cost of deck railings can vary quite substantially depending on the type of material used with the national average ranging from $420 to $680 per linear foot in 2020.

Other common add-ons and accessories that could add to the cost of your new deck build include:

  • Pergolas
  • and more

As an affiliate of USI Custom Outdoor living, MasterDecks is a part of an all-star lineup of companies that can build you any of the add-ons listed above, and more. If the team that builds your deck cant do it, we have someone on hand who can.

Feel free to ask us during your free consultation about other deck add-ons and accessories you might be interested in and well help you determine what it will cost and how to incorporate these features into your deck design.

Which Option Is Cheaper: A Concrete Patio Or Wood Deck

  • Which Option Is Cheaper: A Concrete Patio Or Wood Deck?
  • Outdoor living spaces such as patios and decks are just what you need for entertaining guests outdoors or truly getting to enjoy your space. Adding a patio or deck can also be an excellent way to increase the value of your property. It can also create the proper atmosphere for creating many happy memories.

    Overall, a concrete patio will generally be cheaper to install compared to a deck. While your specific house and yard set-up may determine which is cheaper for your individual needs, a wood deck is likely to have a better return on investment compared to a concrete patio. Of course, theres no rule that prevents you from having both a deck and a patio. After all, they are both excellent spaces for entertaining.

    While both patios and decks can be wonderful additions to your property, it is first important to understand what each of them is as well as which option is cheaper to help you make an informed decision for your budget.

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    Vinyl Patio Covers Cost

    Vinyl patio covers are resistant to common problems faced by wood, such as rot, warping, and insect infestation. They also dont rust, fade, or crack. However, some vinyl has been known to turn a yellowish color. Nevertheless, vinyl does seem to share many of the same characteristics as aluminum.

    So why is vinyl in between wood and aluminum? The price point is more than that of aluminum while at the same time reaching into wood price territory. Its basically the worst of all worlds when surrounded by wood or aluminum.

    So what makes vinyl patio covers more than aluminum? Well, to start with theres more of it, which is to say there is more product. While aluminum is a stand-alone product much like wood, vinyl requires additional steel members to be inserted within each structural piece for stability. Its these added pieces which contribute to more, more labor and more materials. Aluminum requires no additional pieces for structural stability nor does wood.

    Vinyl lattice patio covers
    • Smooth finish, no wood-like texture
    • Looks like a kit patio cover
    • Be careful when cutting this material. One wrong cut and you need a new piece.
    • Engineering or drawings may be necessary under specific conditions
    • Some HOAs will not allow Vinyl to be installed

    A vinyl lattice patio cover goes for the slightly more reasonable price range of $2200 to $4350 installed

    Prices stretch from $3,825 to a very custom $6,275 to get a basic, fully-covered 10 x 10 vinyl patio cover installed.

    How Much Home Value Does A Deck Add

    How Much Does it Cost to Build a Deck?  The Housing Forum

    In short: A quality deck will almost certainly make a valuable addition to your house. So exactly how much does a deck increase the value of your home? Experts estimate that a deck offers a resale value of at least 76%, which is higher than just about any other home renovation project. So you can do the math and estimate the increased value to your home. Just as an example, if you can add a deck for $10,000, then on average it will increase your home value by approximately $7,60076% of the total.

    Of course, the true value varies a little depending on where you live. But a deck in a warm-weather climate is almost always a good idea.

    The materials you use can also influence the resale value. Wood decks offer the most bang for their buck, since theyre affordable and desirable in the home market. Composite decking is more expensive and doesnt provide as high of resale value, but it is higher quality than wood decking. On average, high-end decking material runs about $30 per square foot.

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    Keeping It Simple: More Ways To Improve A Patio

    If you’re a beginning DIYer, don’t let all the details on our deck scare you away. Your project can be a whole lot easier if you choose a simple decking design. The simpler you can make your deck plan, the faster and cheaper it will be to build.

    Whether your patio is in bad shape or just bland, there are many ways to revive it. But before you weigh the options shown below, there’s one thing to consider

    The crack factor: Cracks in your patio drastically limit your options. That’s because cracks tend to move. Some grow wider over time, while others shrink and widen as the soil freezes and thaws. Some become uneven as one side of the crack sinks. Any movement happens so slowly that it’s hard to detect. But if you knowor even thinkthat you have moving cracks, you have to choose a patio upgrade that can float over moving cracks without becoming damaged.

    Solve Water Problems First

    This corner of the patio had settled by more than 2 in. over the years. That meant a big reservoir after rainand water in the basement. So we filled the reservoir with exterior-grade self-leveling compound. After the first batch hardened, we poured on a thin coat and gave it a slight slope so water would run away from the house.

    Self-leveling compound hardens fast, so you can get on with the project. But it’s also expensive. If you’re not in a rush, you can get similar results for less than one-third the cost with concrete topping mix such as Sakrete Top ‘n Bond or Quikrete Sand/Topping Mix.

    We also took a couple of other water-fighting steps. To prevent water from seeping down along the foundation, we caulked the gap between the patio and the house. At the other end of the patio, a corner of the slab had sunk slightly below the level of the soil and rainwater pooled there. To correct that, we shaved off the sod with a spade, dug out a couple of inches of soil and replaced the sod.

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    What Is A Patio

    Patios are outdoor seating areas that are flush with the ground and often made of concrete. (Although concrete is considered the most popular building material for a patio, you may also choose stone, gravel, and other materials for a patio.

    One of the most important considerations for those weighing installing a patio or deck is whether or not your ground is level. Since patios sit on the ground, a patio needs to sit on a flat surface. Alternatively, you can shore up the ground so itll be flat.

    Diy Deck And Patio Building

    How To Build A Deck // DIY Home Improvement

    Some people who dont want to pay installation costs consider building it themselves. DIY building of patios or decks both have their pros and cons. A good thing about building your own deck is obviously saving money on installation costs. However, you need the right experience, tools, knowledge, and patience it takes to build a quality deck. Not to mention, it takes a good amount of your personal time.

    If you decide to build your own patio, it might be a good idea if you use a simple material like gravel. However, all patio materials are quite heavy, take time and knowledge to build, and it would be hard to tell if you installed your patio properly. Nonetheless, if you do decide to build either yourself, its more reasonable to build a patio rather than a deck.

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    Cost Of Building A Deck Vs Patio

    Is a deck or patio cheaper? Once again, comparing deck vs patio cost in an accurate way requires looking at several elements. The main differences come down to material cost, the size of the job, the location of your project, and any extra features you want to include, such as built-in seating, multiple-levels, or embedded lighting.

    For example, building a ground-level patio is less expensive than a raised patio. Likewise, an ordinary deck that consists of flat, straight lines is typically less expensive than a floating deck, raised deck, or a deck that has a rounded shape. Additionally, constructing a patio on uneven terrain can considerably increase the price of the project due to the amount of labor required to level the land.

    That said, the average cost of adding a 15×15 patio is roughly between $2,000 and $5,000 . By contrast, the average cost of building a deck of comparable size is somewhere between $4,000 and $9,000. To put it another way, it costs roughly $30 per square foot to build a deck and roughly $15 per square foot to build a patio. However, directly comparing patio cost vs deck pricing can be misleading. While patios are often cheaper in the short run, theyre not necessarily cheaper in the long run.

    Pros And Cons Of Patios And Decks

    One of the most common questions in the debate between patios and decks is the cost. However, theres more to building an outside entertaining space than cost. Youll also want to consider factors like the time involved to build, whether youll need a permit, the return on investment, and your lifestyle. Here are a few decks vs. patios pros and cons to mull over before you commit to building a gorgeous outdoor living space that works with your wants, needs, and aesthetics.


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    Labor Cost To Build A Deck

    A deck can significantly increase the value of your home. However, labor is a significant aspect of the total cost. The cost of labor to build a deck ranges from $8 to $22 per square foot. It will depend on several factors. For instance, the size, materials used, the level built on. It will also depend on the conditions of the area and any additional features such as built-in seating or stairs.

    How Do You Make A Concrete Slab

    How Much Does it Cost to Build a Deck?

    Pour the concrete mix. Pour concrete into the mold. Cover the top with concrete. Roll out a new screed to further compact the concrete. Use a wall router to cut every 5-6 ft. to make control joints. Ensure compliance. Reinforces and seals the concrete. Save your concrete.

    Backyard covered patio ideasHow do you make a covered patio? Build a separate patio cover. Dig 12-inch holes in each of the four corners of your patio. Place a 4×4 anchor in each hole and fill with ready-mixed cement. Let the cement cure overnight.What to do with my backyard?10 fun activities in your own garden 1. Reading outside 2. Swimming in the pool 3. Playing with the water table 4. Cycling 5. Playing in the playground 6. Singing karaoke â¦

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