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How Much To Power Wash Patio

Should You Hire Professionals To Get The Job Done

How To Pressure Wash Your Patio

In an effort to save a little bit of money, there are many homeowners who will purchase a power or pressure washer and attempt to clean their homes on their own.

You’re obviously free to take this approach if you want. But there are some advantages to hiring professionals instead of cleaning the outside of your home yourself.

For starters, you won’t have to invest in power or pressure washing equipment and worry about storing it. You also won’t have to worry about replacing siding on your home if you happen to do damage to it while cleaning it.

And maybe most importantly, professionals have the experience and expertise that it takes to get your home as clean as it can be through power washing, pressure washing, or soft washing. You won’t need to wash your home as often when you trust the pros to do the job.

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost

Just the other day, we visited a customers home and the first question she asked was, How much to pressure wash my house?

In fact, if we are being honest, the two most common questions we get from homeowners are:

  • How much does it cost to pressure wash my house?
  • How much does it cost to power wash my house?

And if you hop on Google and search for pressure washing prices you will find youre not the only one

And while the actual term for cleaning a house or roof is soft washing we understand the pressure washing/power washing is sometimes use symbolically in lieu of soft washing.

> > The Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft Washing

However, soft washing is different than pressure washing which uses highly pressurized water. That being said, the answer to her question was well, it depends!

Square footage, the size of the overall home, the stories, and the scope of work can all determine how much the price meter moves up or down.

So while keeping all the different factors in mind, we will aim to give homeowners a best guess estimate of how much pressure washing will run them!

Pressure Wash Garage Floor

The cost to pressure wash a garage floor that measures 300 square feet averages $100 to $200. If you want to spruce up your garage or have the floor painted or otherwise treated, it might be a good idea to have it pressure washed first to remove all of the dirt and buildup. Some people also have their garage floor pressure washed before selling their home to increase its value. If your floor is made of a delicate surface, you may require a soft wash or alternative cleaning method. Your pressure washer can help you decide what is best.

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How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost Per Square Foot

Standard pressure washing services cost around $0.08-$0.35 per square foot but can go as high as $0.40-$0.80 a square foot depending on the amount of pressure washing required.

Factors that determine pressure washing prices include:

  • Type of stains,
  • The complexity of surface and job
  • Other problems/issues that can occur

Typically, here at Bright Exterior Cleaning, we let prospective customers know, that if theyre looking to have their patio, deck, fence, or another surface pressure washed, we have a minimum pressure washing cost of $350.

This means, that if the amount of work totals up to $350 or more, we are a good fit for your job! Typically, if the square footage and the size of the pressure washing job are less than $350, using a highly specialized pressure washing company such as Bright Exterior Cleaning might not be a good fit.

Most pressure washing companies charge by square foot so using the metrics above you can estimate the following pressure washing costs of a 15 by 15 patio by doing the folowing:

  • 20 x 20 = 400 square feet
  • 400 square feet X .08 to .035 = $32 to $140
  • Keep in mind, while this math is simple, case in point to our comment earlier, for most pressure washing companies near you, the size of the job determines the price due to the equipment, setup, prep etc and this is just a base square footage pressure washing price!

    Get a Price:

    Pressure Washing Prices Per Hour

    How Much Does Pressure Washing Make In A Day?

    The average rate for pressure washing prices per hour is between $50 and $150 per hour. The pricing structure for pressure washing varies between companies. While some may charge per sq.ft. or per hour, others may charge a flat fee. A 600 sq.ft. driveway takes about three hours to pressure wash. This information helps you figure out approximately how much time you can expect for your driveway. The contractor you choose should explain the process and estimate the hours of work when providing you with a quote.

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    What Is A Pressure Washer Used For

    Professionals use pressure washers to clean stains you cant clean with a typical hose or scrub brush. It can also be used to remove unwanted debris from hard-to-reach areas.

    A pressure washer uses water combined with specially formulated soaps to remove a variety of residue on your surfaces. A few things it can help with are listed below:

    • Mold

    How To Power Wash A House

    There are several steps involved to power wash a house effectively:

    • Cover landscaping, flowers, and shrubbery with a drop cloth or plastic tarp.
    • Apply detergent to the outside of the home, making sure to always follow the specific manufacturer’s instructions. The detergent can be applied using a garden sprayer.
    • Set up the pressure washer and set it to the correct PSI level, depending on the surface you want to clean.
    • If desired, scrub the siding, deck, fence, or driveway using a soft brush to work the detergent in before washing, working your way upward.
    • Wearing safety glasses or goggles, slowly work your way in sections, applying the pressurized water to the surface in increments.
    • Start at the top of the scrubbed section, spraying any overhangs first, and then work your way down. Angle the sprayer down to a 45-degree angle as you sweep the pressure washer across the surface until all of the detergent has washed off.
    • Repeat these steps until everything is clean and all debris is removed. You should wait at least two days for everything to dry thoroughly before sanding, painting, or applying stain to wood surfaces.

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    Soft Home Wash Price:

    Can you pressure wash your siding? No, we dont recommend it but you can do whatever you want

    That being said, the process of conducting a soft home wash for your homes siding is the proper way to clean the black stains, algae streaks, and other debris from your siding.

    While keeping in mind that this service when combined with others can always be cheaper, typically when homeowners search for pressure washing my house price, theyre looking for the following:

    • Soft wash siding prices = Start at $300
    • Based on square footage
    • Height of home can determine price

    If you have a standard single family home, a house wash is typically going to range in the neighborhood of $300-$700. As we mentioned earlier, combining services can help reduce the overall price!

    See Also Consider a House Wash if Youre Selling Your Home!

    How To Find A Power Washing Company Near Me

    How To Clean A Patio With A Pressure Washer

    A professional company is going to have more overhead than some guy who bought his power washer a Lowes or Home Depot and just throws it in the back of his truck, so dont use price as the only factor when looking to locate a power washing company near me.

    Consumer quality power washers usually dont push out enough PSIs to do a true deep cleaning on:

    • Concrete Driveways,
    • Brick Patios, and
    • Wood Decks.

    To find a power washing company, start with a simple Power Washing Company Near Me, search.

    Of course another option is to ask the friend who knows everyone, or to hop on Facebook and ask for a recommendation!

    Finding a local power washing company is a smart choice to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of your homes exterior. You get what you pay for, so Cost-effectiveness is key! Cheapest doesnt always mean the best.

    Save yourself some time, money, and unneeded hassle like I mentioned by doing your research and investing with a long-term mindset!

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    Power Or Pressure Wash Driveway

    Itll cost you anywhere from $100 to $500 to pressure wash a driveway. You might add $50 to $100 to do your sidewalks at the same time. Expect to pay between $0.20 to $0.40 for most outdoor concrete surfaces including pools, patios and walkways.

    A few special considerations to keep in mind:

    • For grease and oil, youll want to power wash with a light cleaning solution.
    • Brick and tile driveways might need a lower pressure to keep from uprooting the pavers.
    • Dont power wash gravel driveways but you can use a lower pressure on larger stones, such as river rock.

    High And Low Pricing Figures

    According to Home Advisor, the typical power-washing job costs is $220 to $380 dollars for a house siding $130 to $220 dollars for a driveway and $250 to $420 dollars for a deck or patio. Thumbtack estimates the average cost of pressure washing in 2018 at 16 to 22 cents per square foot. That falls closely inline with the Home Advisor estimates.


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    Electric Vs Gas Pressure Washer

    Pressure washers come in two varieties, determined by what is used to power them–electricity and gas. Both produce the same amount of pressure necessary to clean your home, are roughly the same size, and similar in how they operate. The biggest difference is how they are powered. If you contract with a company that uses electric equipment, you will need to have a ground-fault circuit interrupter outlet for them to use. Companies using gas fill the units on site or shortly before they arrive. You might pay a little more for gas, but you also have to pay for the electricity thats used, so its going to balance out.

    Can A Pressure Washer Be Used To Power Wash A House

    leanretaildesign: How Much To Pressure Wash A Driveway

    Tip: Do not wash your house after painting it with lead paint. When you’re done washing the house, turn off the pressure washer and disconnect it from the garden hose. Refer to your owner’s manual for information on how to properly clean your pressure washer, for example: B. Drain the pump when you’re done.

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    Apply A Suitable Cleaner

    Use natural cleaners for such purposes.

    Strong chemical agents can harm the integrity of the limestone surface. So, going with a natural solution is your best bet. Otherwise, you may find unwanted streaks or etching on your limestone exterior.

    In case you go for a commercial cleaner anyway, beware of the debates going on comparing different commercial cleaners in the market.

    Can You Power Wash The Outside Of Your House

    You can’t wash everything under high pressure. Pressure washing is ideal for the exterior surfaces of your home, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, lighting or landscapes and concrete windows. Avoid washing outdoor fabrics, wood furniture, crumbling concrete, plastic furniture and painted surfaces unless you are trying to remove the paint.

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    How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home

    How often should you high-pressure clean your home? 1 Stone: Pressure washing the house once a year after the pollen season is over is the best time. 2 Siding: For best protection and appearance, pressure wash the siding twice a year. 3 Log Cabin: Depending on where the cabin is located, it is best to wash it every six months or once every quarter.

    Prices And Rates By Hour

    How to pressure wash a concrete patio

    You can expect to pay more per hour for each crew working on your pressure washing job. On the other hand, the more professionals on the job, the faster it will go and the less youll have to pay.

    Typical pressure washing companies will rent you a crew member for $50 to $200 an hour. On a national average, most crews will do the job fast enough that homeowners end up spending an average of around $130 to $160 per hour.

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    Which Pressure Washer Should You Use

    Medium-duty Electric is Your Best Bet.

    The best pressure washer for cleaning your outdoor patio furniture is the 2,000 PSI electric machine from Annovi Reverberi .

    It is their newest model and comes stock with hose reel, detergent tank and 4 different nozzles.

    It will easily get the patio furniture clean in no time and be good for cleaning your car and grill and other surfaces around your home.

    Also check out the 3 recommended more powerful gas pressure washers here. If you think you want to do lots of cleaning around the house then a gas machine is more durable and portable because no need for extension cords.

    Electric Vs Gas Washers For House Exteriors

    Theres very little difference in price between gas or electric power and pressure washers. Theyll all run you anywhere from about $100 to $3,000. Large residential and commercial washers range anywhere from $2,500 to $15,000. The biggest difference is portability. Corded electric washers need to be plugged in, while gas and cordless/battery-powered washers can go anywhere.

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    Ready To Get A Price For Your Job

    What the job entails

    A good pressure washer can make short work of cleaning your patio and help to stop them looking grainy and becoming slippery to walk on full stop paths and patios can, of course, be cleaned using a scrubbing brush and a hose, but a pressure washer is much quicker. Prices for good pressure washers have reduced considerably in recent years so it is now feasible for homeowners with large drives or patio areas to have access to their own pressure washers for cleaning. However, professional pressure washers are much more powerful and effective. Therefore, many homeowners will simply hire a local contractor to come in every year or so to do the pressure washing for them.

    Cleaning a driveway properly using a pressure washer will remove algae, weeds and stains. Once a driveway or patio has been pressure washed and is completely cleaned and dry, joints can then be refilled using kiln-dried sand if necessary and a driveway sealing product can then be used for protection.

    When having your driveway or patio areas cleaned you may also want to consider cleaning other areas at the same time. The companies which offer driveway and patio cleaning will normally offer other brick and Masonry cleaning services such as any walls which are adjacent to the driveway, which will finish the job off nicely and avoid having a lovely clean drive which looks brand new being bordered by grubby and grimy walls!

    Factors That Influence Pressure Washing Prices In Houston

    How much does it cost to pressure wash a pool deck?

    When a contractor provides you a pressure washing estimate, they will take into account a number of factors that can increase or decrease the cost of your project. Pricing will vary based on the size of your house, deck, patio or driveway. For instance, the height and square footage of your home will impact the price.

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    How Much Does Pressure Cleaning Cost: The Average Cost Of Pressure Washing Services

    According to Homeguide, the average cost of pressure cleaning a house is approximately $0.40 per square foot. Prices can range between $0.35 and $0.77 per square foot, with both ends of the spectrum still considered reasonably normal.

    When you call out a pressure washing company, you can expect to pay around $173 to $358 in total for house sidings. The actual amount will depend on the size of your property, of course, as well as how much work is involved in cleaning it. On average, homeowners spend approximately $211 for pressure cleaning their property.

    If youre looking to have your deck or driveway pressure washed, you can expect to pay between $108 to $262. Once again, pricing will depend on the size of the property and work involved.

    Heres what you can expect to pay, on average, for pressure cleaning different areas of your home exterior:

    • Roofs range from $250 to $600
    • The house, or siding can cost between $173 and $358
    • Fences cost approximately $155 to $290

    Although this should give you a good idea regarding the cost of pressure cleaning services, theres still more to know before you settle on a pricing agreement.

    Should You Hire A Pro To Clean Your Patio Furniture

    It will be more affordable to buy or rent a pressure washer and do the clean yourself. A pressure washing service provider will cost over $150 to show up to your house and spend an hour or two cleaning your outdoor furniture. Plus, it is a low-risk job for you to learn the ropes before doing your house siding, driveway and back deck.

    Have fun.

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    How To Choose The Right Psi For Your Pressure Washer

    Pressure washer shoppers often ask how much pressure they really need from a pressure washer.The pressure put out by a power washer is measured in PSI , and the PSI requirements can vary based on what you’re aiming to clean.For example, it’ll take a lot less pressure to clean dust and salt from your vehicle than it will take to clean oil stains from your garage floor.Another factor that’s equally as important, but not often considered, is the gallons per minute rating . This measures how much water your pressure washer puts out per minute, and more water equals faster cleaning.


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