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How To Arrange Patio Furniture On A Small Deck

Design Like A Traffic Conductor

5 Tips To Arranging Your Patio Furniture

When deciding on the layout of your patio deck, make sure you direct the flow of traffic in a way that eases congestion. Think about the way that guests will enter and travel through your outdoor space. Is there a clear and unobstructed path to the entrance and exit? Are there areas that will likely become crowded? For best practice, I recommend allowing 30-48 of space for high traffic areas. You can cut this measurement down to 24 for areas that receive less foot traffic.

PRO TIP: Arrange your patio furniture in a way that directs guests around the primary seating area rather than through it. Nothing is more irritating than excuse me, pardon me while youre getting to the butt of your joke. No pun intended!

No Sense Of Personal Style

Your patio should include a sense of style that resonates with you. Look for furniture, accessories, and other elements that reflect your personality. If you like greenery, then arrange your furniture in a way that you can add some small plants in and around it.

Additionally, your patio is a place where you will be relaxing therefore, there should be a comfortable vibe to the overall seating arrangement. Complement your patio seating with throw pillows, handmade goods, scented candles, mugs, and wine glasses. You can also include outdoor lighting to accentuate the cozy element.

Large Layout: Family Barbecue

Choose a dining set that reflects the size of your family and the anticipated size of your gatherings. Huge family affairs require traditional 9-piece dining sets, while smaller decks and families should opt for a 5-piece bistro set. Situate this set near the kitchen or within range of the grill so you dont have to transport your food long distances.

If you have room also include a small counter along the deck wall near your dining set where you can serve food, snacks, and drinks. On the other side of the deck add a separate space for relaxing and sitting something as simple as a settee, rocking chair, and a coffee table is all you need to create a contrasting space. Place the settee against the barrier of the deck and arrange the rocker perpendicular to create a small square area.

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How To Arrange Patio Furniture On A Deck: Tips 1 Comfort And Function

The first idea on how to arrange patio furniture on a deck is by defining the function and comfort in the garden. It is okay to focus on the pleasant arrangement, but ensure that the home owners are comfortable. You need to make it look inviting with enough space on the traffic floor, pleasant color on the furniture and good furniture design. If the patio furniture is well arranged not only home owners, but also the guests love to stay here. Dons forget to decorate the patio with potted plants. Check the ideas on how to arrange outdoor flower pots here.

Patio Furniture on a Deck Images

Maximize Outdoor Space Learn How To Decorate A Small Deck

8 Keys to the Perfect Patio Furniture Arrangement

Maximize Outdoor Space! Learn How to Decorate a Small Deck or Patio. Im sharing a few tips on getting the most out of your small space along with what plants to use to keep mosquitos and other pests away.

I feel like Im late to the party. Here it is, the last month of summer and Im finally sharing how I decorated our small deck with you. It all started when I got a new rug for the deck and I quickly realized how none of our deck furniture matched, it was getting very worn looking and I had been wanting a big deck umbrella since we get a lot of sun on our deck all day.

If you I shared the whole process on my IG story. I finished it all up by the end of June, took pictures.then July came, it got hot outside, I was super busy and I simply forgot to edit the pictures and post them here. But, today is the day and Im excited to share the space along with a few tips on how to maximize outdoor space and decorate a small deck or patio.

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Ive been eyeing outdoor furniture sets for a while, but didnt really know what I wanted, until I saw my friend Kims new small patio decor! BINGO!!! I knew I wanted that patio set!!

We rarely ate at the bistro table, so I knew it needed to go. Conversational seating made a lot more sense and the whole space just flows better. And a big 10 umbrella in the corner gives us shade to sit out there any time of day!

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How To Arrange Patio Furniture On A Deck: 4 Guides

You can increase the beauty of the deck by using the tips on how to arrange patio furniture on a deck. The patio furniture in the deck is not only for decorative purpose. You can also make it functional. When you want to enjoy the beautiful sunset, you can set the chairs on the deck for family or friends. It can be a good gathering space. You can also relax here when the summer season comes. You just have to make sure that you can locate the perfect furniture. Get the tips on how to arrange patio furniture on a deck below:

How To Arrange Patio Furniture On A Deck: Guide 1 Purchase The Furniture

The first thing that you need to do is purchasing the furniture on the stores. There are several things to consider. You need to choose the chairs, sofa, table, or side table which matches with the theme of the deck, size of the deck and color of the deck. If the deck is very small, you can purchase few amount of furniture pieces. It can consist of two bistro furniture with one table and two small chairs. If you can have big deck, you can place love seats or even two long sofas here. You need to know that the crowded deck is not favorable for everyone.

How to Arrange Patio Furniture on a Deck Ideas

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Common Mistakes On Arranging Outdoor Patio Furniture

Designing your patio space and adding the right décor and furniture can be a tricky process. This is not an indoor space, and there are tons of different factors that you need to consider.

Considering that you have to think differently, people end up making a lot of mistakes that lead to confusion and an unorganized patio space that just does not look good. Therefore, we are highlighting some of the mistakes that you must avoid while arranging the furniture of your patio.

Create A Corner To Anchor Your Guests

New Patio Furniture | Outdoor Living Space Decor

You can create the feeling of security by creating a corner in a lounge area setting. Use two sofas or loveseats to corner off a section in your yard. One of the sofas will most likely be against a wall or fence and the other can be placed wherever is best to compliment your lounge area.

You can use a sectional sofa to create the same feeling. Place a coffee table or fire pit table as the focal point and you can use any type of single seating arrangement to complete the area. The corner seating is for those who want to be anchored in and the single seating is for those who plan on coming and going. Read our Propane Fire Pit Table Buyers Guide to make sure you choose the best option for your outdoor furniture layout.

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The Perfect Pool Deck Furniture

Backyards with a fabulous pool or spa call for a few other essential pieces. Line poolside areas with lightweight wicker chaises that are a snap to rearrange, or opt for Adirondack chairs ideal for kicking back and catching rays. Another must-have pool accessory is a cantilever umbrella that you can tilt and adjust to provide plenty of shade on the hottest days.

If your kids love to splash and play, you can create the ultimate child-friendly hang out with a little planning. Outdoor benches let kids dry off and relax comfortably when its time for a break. Add a round table and swivel chairs to your layout so your little ones can sit down for snack time after a long day in the sun.

Dont Bug Me Mosquito Repelling Plants

When you create your outdoor living space, be sure to pick up a few plants that not only look pretty but can actually help repel mosquitos and other insects reducing the need for deet sprays and citronella candles.

My favorite local nursery created Dont Bug Me Pots!

  • Lemongrass: repels mosquitos
  • Scented Geranium: repels mosquitos and flies
  • Peppermint: repels spiders
  • Lavender: repels flies and mosquitos

I also picked up a big Lemon Scented Geranium. The strong lemony aroma repels mosquitos, looks and smells pretty and its drought tolerant, so its perfect for our sunny deck.

My flowering plants have been getting fed Miracle-Gros Bloom Booster once a week, and I have to tell you how much I love that stuff!! This is the second year Ive used it and my flowers on the deck and in our front landscape looks gorgeous!! even after a week of 100+ temps recently!!

Now that its August, its actually cooled off here in St. Louis . Were enjoying kicking back out here with a strawberry basil moscow mule, frozen raspberry margaritas or a big glass of homemade lemonade.

The pups are enjoying the new outdoor space as well!!

I picked up a bar cart that I can use for entertaining. We have the perfect little alcove spot on the deck for it! I set one of the Dont Bug Me pots right next to it, to keep insects away from the food and drinks.


I hope Ive inspired you to Maximize Outdoor Space and Decorate Your Small Deck or Patio.

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Use A Sectional To Create Boundaries

Alternatively, a sectional can also create boundaries and help dignify your space. Here we used our Navio Sectional to break up the space into two different sections: the lounging area and the dining area. Sectionals are also great if you entertain in large groups because they offer maximum seating.

Dining Set With Firepit

10 Tips on How to Arrange Patio Furniture

This is a setup that will give guests an especially fun time by way of simply sitting down for dinner. This is because instead of a dining table, theyre eating around a firepit! A firepit design built with ledges around the center for table settings makes a dining experience thats warm, in more ways than one. If you have a small patio or outdoor pavement area, this setup will also give you two for the money a dining area and, when youre not dining, a firepit lounge. The firepit/table pictured here comes as a set with matching seats designed for the size, but you can also mix and match seats !

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Large Layout: Beautiful Vista

Maybe your deck overlooks a rushing river, or a stunning ocean, or a picturesque view of snow-peaked mountains. Whatever your vista may be, arrange your outdoor furniture in a way to keep focus on your view without obstructing any eyelines.

Begin by placing the largest piece of furniture, either a swing, bench, or deep seating sofa, against the longest wall of your deck that faces the view in question. Include a coffee table and a side table. Depending on the size of your deck, add two comfortable chairs diagonally in front of the sofa, one on either side, or place the two chairs along the other deck wall that faces the view, with a single side table between them.

If you are a sunbathing addict substitute the two chairs for a pair of chaise lounges. Spring for a chaise set to include a side table for your mimosa, magazine, and sunglasses.

Keep generous pathways between areas, as least 48 wide. Avoid large structural elements like lighting or heat lamps in an area that will obstruct someones vantage point. If it doesnt clash with your existing outdoor design and architectural elements consider glass deck railing for an immersive view.

Not Creating A Good Flow

When arranging the patio furniture, there needs to be a flow that connects all the elements of that space. Always aim to make the space open. Consider the plants, entryway, and other elements to see how much space you have to add furniture. There needs to be enough space for people to move around.

Moreover, if you are placing the furniture close to your wall, place the longer furniture against it. This will add length and give more space for the smaller pieces. Maintain a sufficient pathway around your seating area so that there are no interruptions during the conversation. Moreover, if you have a grill area, ensure to keep your furniture at a safe distance.

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Patio Furniture Layout Guide: 5 Arrangement Ideas

When it comes to patio layout, you have two choices: arrange the furniture willy-nilly, or arrange strategically. If youre leaning towards the latter , youll have to put in a bit more work to see the fruits of a well-placed patio set. Before bringing in or moving new pieces, measure the patio this includes the entire space from one end of the paved floor to the other.

Also, remember that while layout of the pieces is important, so is material, durability and type of the pieces. Nail down each of these factors, and you can expect your patio revamp to be a one-and-done deal to last for years to come.

Patio Furniture Layout Tip: Create Walkways

Outdoor furniture perfect for any patio or a small balcony

Most patio layouts you see tend to be walkable. Placing a table and chairs off a patio door, for example, anyone can walk around the chairs and back to the door, and vice versa. If it wasnt walkable, it wouldnt be usable, and you and your guests wouldnt be able to navigate from anywhere to the patio. Most patio sets are walkable and usable, but being walkable doesnt always equate to having walkways.

The difference between the two is like the difference between going on a hike with a trail and going on a hike without a trail the latter is still doable, but once you try the trail, youll wonder how you ever got along without it! Strategize your furniture placement by creating comfortable paths between walls, support beams, furniture, planters and patches of garden or lawns.

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Finding The Perfect Patio Furniture Arrangement For Your Project

Few things are as rewarding as comfortable furniture in your outdoor space. Whether we are talking about a porch designed to welcome guests, or a more private environment, the pleasure of enjoying a little relaxation in the open air is great.

In the desires of those who love their home, outdoor living spaces are real extensions, welcoming places made for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family or private oases to get away from everyday life.

Therefore, comfortmust be a priority in the designerâs work both in outdoor environments and inside the home. From this point of view, there are many options, and the market today offers a great variety of furniture with which the most creative can indulge themselves.

However, the choice of furniture is not everything: it is essential to have a clear idea of how to arrange each piece within the outdoor area.

This allows you to use the space in the best possible way and enhance the effectiveness of the designerâs ideas. In fact, through the right arrangement, you can highlight the stylistic value of the furniture, encourage conversation, or create intimacy.

We have collected some useful information to evaluate the layout of the patio design.

Before designing the outdoor space, we recommend that you read the tips that we have listed below. They will help you correctly arrange the patio furniture, an excellent starting point, and then go on to define all the other details with freedom, taste, and creativity.

Tying It All Together

The furniture pieces don’t have to match, but something should tie them togethermaterials, color, height, scale, era, etc. Too much of anything crammed into one space is probably not the look you’re after, nor is it functional or liveable. Select items from your collection that look good , are comfortable and will hold up outdoors.

If you’re starting from scratch, either buy new or used items in good shape that go togetheragain, through materials and design .

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How To Arrange Patio Furniture On A Deck: Tips 5 A Small Table

If you have set a coffee table, you can set a small side table if the space allows. This side table is very functional. It can be used to accommodate the books, glasses and food. You can also place the gardening magazines here. To make the patio furniture interesting, you can accessorize it with vases of flowers and toss pillows

How to Arrange Patio Furniture on a Deck

Too Much Or Not Enough Furniture

How To Arrange Patio Furniture On A Small Deck

You’re thrilled to finally have a designated outdoor room. Inside those three-or-so outdoor walls, you have amassed your favorite patio furniturethat Brown Jordan Tamiami set you scored from an estate sale last year, along with Grandma’s porch glider, your husband’s beloved couch from the deck of his former frat house, and the kids’ plastic dining set. No wonder it looks more like a patio furniture yard sale rather than a cohesive, carefully curated and arranged outdoor room.

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