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How To Build Patio Cover Not Attached To House

Full Protection From The Sun Snow And Rain

How To Build A Patio Cover Not Attached To The House

If you are looking for something that can give you the ultimate protection from the heat of the sun, rain, and snow, you need to take metal roofing to your consideration.

This metal roofing suits the style of the house very much. Besides accentuating the house, it gives you the protection that you need as it is attached directly to the wall.

Installing Frost Deck Footings

This will require a lot of work but is the stronger footing option for a deck. Have a plan of what to do with the extra dirt from the holes. Either spreading it out below the new deck, filling in a low patch in the yard or possibly dispose of as clean fill at the landfill. Always check with landfill rules before loading the truck. Some landfills have some particular procedure and what they accept as clean fill.

Material Needed

  • Premixed concrete according to deck design

    Roughly one 55 lbs bag of ready mix for 9 for depth for a 10 diameter column

    4 footing depth= 5.5 bags of 55 lbs bag of ready-mix concrete

  • Post Saddle
  • Sono Tube , sized as required

    Length of Frost level in your area

    Tools Needed

  • Clam Shell Post Hole Digger
  • Metal Pry Bar
  • Garden hose with spray nozzle
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Saw for cutting concrete tube
  • Tape measure
  • Tempered Glass Patio Roof

    If you are looking for patio roof that allows you to get natural light as well as protecting you from the rain and snow, tempered glass will be your greatest bet.

    The transparency of the tempered glass allows you to stay in the patio while enjoying the view of the surrounding including what is over the roof. It is a bit pricey, though.

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    Now you know how to attach a patio roof to an existing house and some patio roof ideas. Attaching a patio roof is not that hard, isn√Ęt it?

    But, you had better not install it by yourself. Having some assistance will be a terrific idea.

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    Respite From The Texas Heat

    Casey Dunn Photography

    A midcentury modern remodel by Webber Studio in Austin, Texas includes indoor/outdoor Leuder’s Limestone flooring, which runs from the front entry through the interior, out to the patio, and becomes the pool coping. The wood framing used throughout the exterior is repeated in the shade structures.

    Classic Freestanding Patio Cover

    How To Build A Patio Cover Not Attached To House  Schmidt ...

    The classic look is timeless. The wooden posts denote the classic touch to the patio. And the shingle roof sits perfectly on the exposed beam ceiling. A fan hangs above the black ottoman that has the same color as the roof.

    Although this patio is not too spacious, it is still cozy enough to spend your spare time while slurping some tea in the afternoon and enjoying the spectacular landscape.

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    Fiberglass Freestanding Patio Cover

    This all-white patio perches on four stone posts. The rounded white posts look elegant and suit the window trims very well.

    The beams feature curvy edges that make the patio look more attractive. And the fiberglass roof is just nice. It protects you from the rain, but it does not hinder you from getting the sunlight.

    Getting A Building Permit For A Patio Cover

    Some people said a building permit was unnecessary, while others said it was impossible to get without a contractor’s license, or that it would raise my property tax, etc. So I called the permit and licensing office and got the correct answers.

    • Yes, a permit was required.
    • No, it wouldn’t raise my taxes,
    • As long as the property owner didn’t care if I wasn’t a licensed contractor, they didn’t either.

    Getting the building permit was actually much easier than I thought. I took the plans to the towns permit and licensing office, filled out some paperwork, and the next morning I got a call and went back to the permit office to pick up and pay for the permit, which came to $85. They made a couple of alterations to the plan that not only were easy to accommodate but also made the project easier and cheaper! To prepare for the final inspection, I took pictures of each critical step to show the building inspector, which made the final inspection a snap.

    Building Permit

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    Where The Patio Cover Attaches To The Roof

    More detail about joining the patio cover to the existing roof.

    Jed Fisher

    This article is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

    Freestanding Metal Roofing Patio Cover

    How To Build A Patio Cover Not Attached To House – (see description)

    The aim of building a freestanding patio cover is to protect you from the rain and the glare of the sun. Therefore, you can use any materials for the roof including the tin roof.

    Tin roof, just like any other metal roofs, has many benefits. Tin roofs are more durable than wooden and plastic roofs. They are also lighter which makes them easier to install. They are also resistant to fire.

    This patio features a very simple structure and there is nothing wrong with that. The simple structure tends to be practical rather than aesthetical.

    The black metal posts and beams are sturdy enough to support the tin roof. To get a cooler breeze, a fan hangs over the table.

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    Financial Security May Be In Jeopardy

    If your structure is built without a permit, there may be no consequence in the short term, but there are several instances that can affect your financial security by not obtaining a permit.

    • If your structure is, in fact, unstable, and its failure hurts someone, you can be held personally responsible for damages and medical bills.
    • Suppose you file an insurance claim for damages due to a faulty structure, and it is discovered that there was no permit obtained when it was built. In that case, your insurance company can choose not to cover any damages, holding you financially responsible.
    • If your city finds your structure built without a permit, you can be ordered to tear it down or even pay back property taxes on the structure.

    Zspmed Patio Cover Attached House Zspmed Patio Cover Attached House 14

    How to build patio roof attached to house. The technique were going to share with you shows you how to use your homes structure by supporting one end of the patio roof on a ledger that is mounted horizontally to the. When you are building a patio cover off of an existing roof or wall, you must take all of your measurements from the point at which the patio roof will attach to the existing structure, not the outside of the slab. Patio roof covers can be constructed of wood, plastic, vinyl, and fabric.

    The very first thing you will need to know is that if you can build a roof directly on the slab. This method may be one of the most ubiquitous ways of attaching a patio roof. Install some riser brackets for more height.

    There are a few things that you will need to consider before building a patio roof in your house. For you who build the patio close to your house, of course, choosing the one which is attached to its exterior wall is a wiser idea. Wood roof covers are the easiest to build as you can easily find the materials needed at any home improvement center.

    In general, retrofitting anything onto anything brings up problems. Most common ways to attach a patio roof to an existing house. See how we built our patio pergola to help define the perfect gathering space for our family.

    Fix the back channel to the fascia boards underneath the gutter directly. Build patio cover lovely build patio cover lovely 13.

    Pergola Plans attached to House Beautiful Gable Roof Patio

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    Footings For A Freestanding Deck Not Connected To The House

    Which footings you choose will change the work involved in construction. So, I will break this step out, Floating and Frost Footings. Of course, no deck is supported by only one footing. It is a good idea to space footings between 4 and 8 based on the joists length and beam used.

    The Canadian Wood Council has a handy chart. If you wish to check it out, . The chart includes both joists and beams. If permitting, check your local code. I am always amazed by the little differences between cities.

    Now you have the beams and joists figured out, unto the footings.

    Yes A Permit Is Required For Patio Covers

    How To Build A Patio Cover Not Attached To House ...

    First and foremost, you do need a permit to install a new pergola in your yard. Like all home improvement projects, the permitting process aims make sure that construction is safe and stable. It might be tempting to try to get away with not obtaining the correct permit, but you should never cut corners. Lack of a permit will come back to haunt you in serious ways when youre ready to sell your house or, worse, if your pergolas structure fails.

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    How To Build A Patio Cover Attached To House

    This youtube video will show you how to build a patio cover successfully on the back of a house that has some odd angles. Patio covers attached to existing roof google search outdoor.

    21 Handsome Diy Pergola Design Ideas Pergolas Designdeinteriores Decor Covered Patio Design Patio Design Backyard Patio

    Flashing A Patio Roof Ledger

    Unless it will be protected from rain by the houses eaves or a solid roof, a roof ledger that is fastened directly to a house with wood siding should be capped with galvanized metal Z-flashing that tucks up under siding to prevent water from seeping in behind it.

    Where integral flashing isnt possible, such as on a stucco wall, use Z-flashing and caulk the top edge. This is a job you must do before fastening the overheads roof rafters in place.

    You can buy L- or Z-shaped flashing or bend it yourself. To bend sheet-metal flashing, make a form by clamping two 2 by 4s together on each side of the metal, and then hammer the metal to create a sharp edge at each fold.

    Fit the flashing in place, caulk the top edge, and nail it with galvanized nails long enough to penetrate at least 1 inch into the structural members. Then caulk the nail heads.

    If the house is sided with shingles or lap siding, simply slip the metals top edge up under the bottom edge of the shingles or siding as far as possible.


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    How To Build Patio Roof Attached To House

    Creating this patio roof requires some woodworking knowledge and patients, but if you have the skills and time, you can make it work. How to tie a additions roof to existing roof, how to tie deck roof into house roof, tying roof into existing roof and water proofing it, join lean to overhang to gable roof, how to tie porch roof into house roof, how to retrifit a porch on the roof line, how to put a porch roof under existing structure sofit, how to connect a new porch to a sloped roof, how to add on to the roof.

    pergola attached to fascia Google Search Backyard

    Attached Or Freestanding: Different Requirements For Each

    How to build a patio cover

    If your patio cover is attached to a house or structure, in most cases, you can often attach posts to existing concrete footings. However, if you plan to install a freestanding pergola, the code requires you to dig concrete footings to ensure stable support. You wont be able to attach your posts directly to an existing concrete slab.

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    Beginning Construction On The Patio Cover

    Early the next morning the materials arrived at my house. Once the materials were unloaded, I began carrying the ten-foot-long boards and corrugated metal sheets to the backyard, laying them out in a pattern to roughly match how they would be assembled.

    I also separated the corrugated metal sheets, wiped each one down with a light coat of vegetable oil, and then re-stacked them. This was something I had seen a neighbor do a long time ago when I was a child. I dont know if it served any purpose other than making me feel better. Its a step I probably could have skipped, but who was I to doubt the wisdom of the ancients?

    Ledger Board Installation

    Zspmed Covered Patios Attached House

    Diy patio cover attached to house. If the house is sided with shingles or lap siding, simply slip the metals top edge up under the bottom edge of the shingles or siding as far as possible. The money you spend on building materials will quickly return to you in the form of savings on the electricity bill during the summer. Diy attached pergola build it better ep 02 you.

    Patio roof connects to a ledger that firmly attaches to. I finish the rear of the house remodel and protect our new windows and doors as well as give new shade to the rear of the. Build patio cover attached house awesome roof is one images from how to build a covered patio attached to a house 21 photo gallery of get in the trailer photos gallery.

    Patio covers attached to existing roof google search outdoor. Find this pin and more on landscape by paula sousa. Diy patio cover attached to house.

    Covering a patio can extend your home and provide shade while reducing cooling costs. How to build a pergola attached to the house instructions and drawings diy pergola kits building a pergola per pergola attached pergola building a pergola The first step of the project is to layout the patio cover posts.

    Learning how to build a pergola attached to the house. How to build a patio cover. Attached covered patio to house patios :

    How to cover a patio. Attractive small patio roof ideas diy cover designs plans we. Deck patio covered attached house attach roof over from patios.

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    Prevent The Splash Of The Rain Let The Air Flow

    The ultimate goal of installing a patio roof is to protect you from the rain and the glare of the sunlight. Unfortunately, it requires you to block the air flow sometimes.

    To prevent the splash of the rain, but let the air flow, you need to place the patio sheeting over the top of the roof about 300 millimeters so that it can perform shield from the rain without blocking the airflow.

    It is your best bet especially if you have a fully-covered patio which do not have much airflow.

    Translucent Fiberglass Patio Roof

    Image result for how to build patio roof attached to house ...

    Fiberglass is very versatile. Therefore, you can use it as the roof of your patio.

    Fiberglass is pretty light and flexible. Its flexibility and weight make it quite favorable when it comes to patio roof.

    Besides, fiberglass is quite cheap, but it can make your patio look more beautiful just like the one in this picture.

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    What Do I Need To Do To Obtain A Permit

    If youve hired a licensed contractor and verified their license, heres some good news! You shouldnt have to do anything else to obtain the correct permits for your project. A licensed contractor should have the knowledge and capabilities to obtain all of the necessary permits to complete your project safely and on time.

    If youre choosing to complete your patio cover project yourself, theres no need to stress too much about the permitting process. Obtaining a permit on your own can seem overwhelming, but there are a few easy steps to follow that can make the process simple and quick. Heres what to do:

    • The first step is to call ahead and schedule an appointment with your citys building official. This call could offer you guidance on what to bring with you to the appointment.
    • In general, its a good idea to bring the following information with you:
    • A detailed drawing of your proposed patio cover or deck
    • A material lists
    • The proposed types of footings youll use
    • Proposed joint spacing
    • If youre building a deck with a patio cover, notate where your stairs will be placed. Also, notate the length, width, and height of the deck.

    Permits will likely cost you some money. On average, a permit for a patio cover with or without a deck can range anywhere from 0-500 dollars. Your local building official should be able to give you the exact costs after receiving details of your proposed structure.

    Do It Yourself Or Licensed Contractor: Permit Requirements

    Most incorporated cities will require that you obtain a permit before building in an attached or detached structure. The permitting process aims to ensure that structures are constructed safely and are stable. Most homeowners take two different paths when building patio covers: Hiring a contractor or doing it yourself. Here is what the permit process looks like for both:

    • If you plan to hire a contractor, they should be licensed. Most cities or counties have a way to check to see if the contractor youve selected has applied for a license. Visit your city Development Services website for further information.
    • Licensed contractors will be familiar with your city and county permitting requirements. They will be able to obtain the permits for building your patio cover and include the cost in their bid.
    • If you plan to take on a project yourself, youll need to contact your city or county for permitting. Most cities offer a guide online or by phone that can lead you to the exact permit youll need based on the details of your project.
    • In Do It Yourself situations, some cities may require that you complete a Homeowners Exam to demonstrate your proficiency in specific trades before a permit is granted.
    • You should be contacting your most local governing body to ensure youre following the correct building codes and obtaining the proper permits. Building codes are more thorough, the more local the governing body is.

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