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How To Extend My Patio

How Much Does It Cost To Expand A Patio With Pavers

How to Extend a Small DIY Concrete Patio

We cant give you an exact number, as it varies a lot according to each project. However, in general, the patio expansion project with pavers is not more expensive than an original patio installation project. There is no extra charge related directly to the fact that its an expansion of an existing patio . So the prices are quite similar to any paver patio project.

The chart below will give you a basic idea :

Type Each Average Per Square Foot

Brick $ 0,25 $ 4 $ 4 $ 8

Thin Clay $ 0,25 $ 2 $ 3 $ 5

Tumbled Concrete Brick $ 0,50 $ 5 $ 3 $ 5

Thin Concrete Pavers $ 0,50 $ 10 $ 2,50 $ 5

Interlocking Concrete $ 0,50 $ 15 $ 3 $ 6

Stone Style Concrete Pavers $ 8 $ 15 $ 5 $7

Natural Stone & Slate Pavers $ 3 $ 20 $ 7 $ 16

The reason why the price range is so different is related to two main factors:

  • Production process
  • And the cost or hassle of obtaining the raw material.
  • Thus, you can get the same paver types in different cost ranges. If you find them closer to you, it will significantly reduce transportation costs, for instance.

    A paver patio adds so much value to a property that its not hard to understand why its one of the best investments people make. But you must take all the necessary precautions with your project, from planning to sealing. If you dont feel confident doing it yourself, or you lack the experience, you can always count on experienced companies and personal to help with your project.

    Four Ways To Extend Your Patio Season

    Seasonality can put a damper on your outdoor lifestyle and limit how much you get to enjoy your space. April showers, summers incessant heat, and cooler October days can all affect how much time you spend outdoors. With the necessary pieces in place, there is hope. Here are four tips on extending your outdoor living.

    1. Prioritize Overhead Coverage

    Adding a pergola and retractable shade will enhance and create a comfortable ambiance. Nothing runs you inside faster than a sudden downpour or the onslaught of midday sun. A retractable shade adds function as well as aesthetics. It enhances the look of the space while giving you the flexibility of retracting or extending the shade when needed. This gives you the freedom and comfort to cook, dine, lounge, and relax in style. If you already have a covered patio, boast your protection by installing outdoor curtains to contain heat and keep the wind and rain out.

    2. Warm up the Outdoors

    3. Did someone say Hot Tub?

    4. Dont Forget Lighting

    Your patio season doesnt have to start and end with summer. By following these four simple tips you can extend your summertime outdoor living into the cooler months and beyond.

    First, lets start with a versatile shade solution. We can help.

    Retractable Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

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    Price List included

    What Type Of Pavers Is The Best

    There are a variety of options for pavers to choose from. The most common is red brick pavers, and you can also purchase concrete pavers in a variety of colors and textures.

    If you want a more modern appeal, you can select decorative concrete slabs that are made for your home style.

    It is also similar to installing tile for your patio the process is slightly more complicated but will give you a sleek look.

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    How To Extend Your Concrete Patio With Pavers

    Cristina is a Florida native and Realtor by trade. She enjoys writing about travel, real estate, and several other interesting topics.

    How to lay a patio with concrete pavers.

    Many newer homes are sold with an open concrete patio out back, usually only big enough for a small grill, a couple of chairs, and a plant or two. Homeowners who are serious about using their outdoor living area find a typical slab patio is just too small for entertaining or any real kind of enjoyment.

    The solution: extend the concrete patio. Pouring additional concrete can get expensive. Permits are required in many areas to pour concrete, and that usually involves hiring a contractor, driving the cost of this project into the thousands. An alternative to pouring more concrete is extending the concrete patio with pavers.

    Patio pavers offer homeowners many benefits.

    • They are easy to install, so homeowners can make the extension of a concrete patio a weekend do-it-yourself project.
    • Pavers come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, giving homeowners flexibility in creating additional outdoor living space.
    • Pavers can be used to create large or small spaces as well as making that space as formal or informal as the homeowner wishes.
    • They are also easy and inexpensive to repair.

    Below, I describe the 11 steps you need to take to extend your patio with concrete pavers.

    What Are The Types Of Concrete Patio

    Extending My Patio

    There are different types of concrete patio. Next, we will inform you of the main ones.

    Stamped concrete patio

    This type of concrete patio stands out for following the line of conventional concrete flooring with a slight difference. Instead of having a simple finish, like a grey rectangle, it has a great design.

    This design is achieved by using a special printing technique on concrete. For this, molds or templates are used to add patterns to the concrete and textures. Also, some techniques add color and shine to the stamped concrete patio.

    Polished concrete patio

    Another type of flooring finish is the polished concrete patio. Unlike the previous option, this one does not have a printed pattern. While it is both textured and finished, the pattern here is smooth, flat, like a mirror.

    This is accomplished by polishing the concrete patio once it begins to set. There are many advantages of a polished concrete patio, such as its low cost and fast-finishing, in addition to its durability. This type of exterior concrete flooring is very common in homes due to its low price.

    Pavement concrete patio

    This is the most widely used concrete for paving, especially in parking lots and gardens. Describing it is very simple because it is simple to cast and set concrete without finishing. This exposes the aggregates, making the concrete appear bare.

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    How To Extend Concrete Patios With Pavers

    • Written by Noah Goodman on Feb 13, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    Whenever you need more room on your concrete patio, you can use pavers to complete the process. Pavers offer more room for you and your guest with a few extra tools and a little bit of time.

    Step 1. Planning out the area for the pavers

    Using some wood stakes and a hammer, mark out the area in which you will be laying down the new pavers from your concrete patio. Section out the area that you will be using, by placing a wood stake at each edge of the patio and hammer them down into place. Add a string line to the bottom of the stakes to attach them to the rest of the other stakes to make a guideline for you to know where to place the pavers.

    Step 2. Excavate space

    Now that the area is marked out by the stakes, you need to start digging the area you wish to pave. Make the bed 9 inches deep to leave enough room for the paver and soil. With a shovel, start digging up the area and make sure that when you are done that the level of the additional pavers is even so that it will seamlessly blend from the concrete patio into the pavers.

    Step 3. Subsoil

    Step 4. Lay down the pavers

    Step 5. Compacting the new area in place

    Is It Cheaper To Build A Patio With Pavers Or Concrete

    Concrete is way cheaper than pavers. Concrete will usually cost around $7-$10 per square foot, while pavers cost approximately $9-$14 per square foot. Is it cheaper because it is a far inferior material than pavers. Long term wise, build a patio with concrete is not worth it, as it will probably last for a year or two before having to be replaced.

    A paver patio, however, can last for a lifetime if properly installed and maintained. Even though it has a higher upfront cost, it is by far the best decision from a long-term perspective.

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    Best Ways To Enjoy Your Patio During The Fall

    Cozy Furniture

    Picture it: Big, cozy sweaters, orange leaves on the ground, and sipping hot coffee on a beautiful, plush couch all outdoors! Outdoor couches, usually consisting of big cushions on a wicker, rattan or cast-iron base, are cozy and comfortable to sit on, feeling no different than the couches in your own living room!

    Add a Heater

    While blankets are a nice touch to your outdoor setup, they might not be enough for chillier nights when the weather drops. Investing in a gas-powered portable outdoor heater will do the trick to keep you warm, and with their flame feature, they look good! There are also smaller portable heating models available for a more discreet look. Just be careful when placing a heater within your outdoor living room space, keeping fire safety in mind.

    Add an Outdoor Fire Pit

    Toasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories what doesnt come to mind when you think of a big blazing fire-pit outdoors? From creative camping style snacks for the kids to a romantic ambiance for you and your partner, a fire pit is a nice addition to your cold-weather patio for those chilly nights. You can buy an elevated pit which not only looks good, but is easy to store when not in use, or opt for a built-in pit with brick walls if you have the space for it.

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    Add Lighting

    Hot Tub

    Year-Round Plants

    Weatherproof Your Patio Furniture

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    Add a Screened-in Porch

    Patio Pavers Offer Homeowners Many Amazing Benefits

    How to Extend a Small Beginner Concrete Patio Slab Beach Side
    • Unlike more traditional materials, they are simple to build and can be done over the weekend with a do-it-yourself project for expanding your concrete patio!

    • They also come in different colors, shapes, and types of material so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs or design style.

    • Plus it’s easy to repair them when needed unlike some other materials which may cost quite a bit if damaged beyond redemption!

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    See Mary Anne’s Porch Patio: Before And After

    Before construction of patio porch
    Before: Her small front porch is ready to be expanded
    After: Wonderfully designed patio porch extension
    Delightfully comfortable for entertaining or watching the sunset
    Beautiful outdoor artwork on display

    Can I Extend My Brick Patio And Still Have It Look Nice

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    We are often confronted with the option of removing an existing patio because it is too small and then rebuild a larger patio or just add on to the existing patio. Depending on the style and the laying pattern of the existing pavers or bricks, we may be able to extend the existing patio by just adding on as this will save you substantial money. But there are many times when it is better to start over and build the new patio to the dimensions that you want. We were able to extend a brick patio for this Ipswich Country Club family because the original bricks were installed in a running bond style so that allowed us to blur the line between the old patio and the extended portion of the patio. We were able to get matching bricks so the new patio looks like it was all built at the same time.

    For information about how Artistic Landscapes can help you with your patio, walkway or driveway needs, please stop by our office on Route 1 in Rowley or call us at 978.948.2900.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Extend A Concrete Patio

    The typical concrete patio is usually over 288 sq ft and costs an average of depending on a variety of factors, your cost will likely fall between $1,300 and $5,100 . Concerning similar research, the typical concrete patio is approximately 288 sq ft and costs an average of depending on a variety of factors, your costwill likely fall between $1,300 and $5,100 .

    With regards to new patio vs. existing patio, if you are looking to install a new patio, it will cost an estimated $3 $15 per sq ft, and sometimes more. In another research with regards to new patio vs. existing patio, If you are looking to install a new patio, it will cost an estimated $3 $15 per sq ft, and sometimes more.

    Furthermore, regarding the amount, because of the nature of the labor involved and materials cost. A patio made from pavers can cost an estimated $4 $20 per square foot, depending on the designs size and detail. In similar research, Because of the nature of the labor involved and the cost of materials, a patio made from pavers can cost an estimated $4 $20 persquare foot, depending on the designs size and detail.

    Safety Measures To Take When Laying A Patio

    extending the concrete patio

    Paving slabs can be very heavy. We recommend working with one other person to reduce the strain of lifting and moving paving slabs.

    Always wear suitable footwear and gloves when handling slabs, sand, and cement, and when digging. If you use a wacker plate, you should wear ear defenders and steel toe-capped boots.

    Wear a dust mask, gloves and safety goggles when mixing and handling mortar, cement or Slablayer.

    Wet and dry cement can cause skin irritation, so always wash with soap and water if any comes into contact with your skin.

    Step 1

    Before you start digging, use a CAT tool to make sure there are no hidden pipes or cables where you intend to dig. Pipes and cables should be at least 450mm below the surface.

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    How Do I Extend My Patio Inexpensively

    I have a typical concrete slab. I wish i was bigger however I don’t want to pour more concrete. Help!

    • on Sep 03, 2018

      Hi Nina,

      You can use large pavers. We made a patio area with them by digging up the grass, leveling the dirt with rakes and shovels, and putting a layer of gravel.

    • Nan W. on Sep 06, 2018

      Nina: I used pavers… and I think it looks quite nice.

    • Morgan McBride on Sep 10, 2018

      Nina – as others said, pavers are a great option. If it is square/rectangle, you could consider a semi circle of gravel off one end. Good luck!

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    I’d like to transform this space using decomp. granite, river rock, a middle fountain, some wild grass, Mexican Heather and related plants. Any ideas?

    It is the coolest place to sit outside in the summer.

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    I want to decorate my roof garden with benches and shelves, but don’t want to invest in the weight.

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    Extending Your Living Space Outdoors

    As warm weather arrives our thoughts turn to the great outdoors. We can say goodbye to cabin fever and spend some time in the fresh air. With the right furniture, landscaping and a few other elements, we can take advantage of yard space and extend our homes to take advantage of nature.

    You don’t have to settle for a simple patio or deck. Today, you can build an outdoor living room or kitchen. You have dozens of choices for flooring, lighting, shade, appliances and furniture. Decorations ranging from gardens to ponds and fountains that can provide atmosphere. And a well-designed outdoor living area can boost the resale value of your home, too.

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    Place Furniture In Shaded Area

    If possible, try placing your patio furniture in a shaded area. The suns ultraviolet rays will take a toll on uncovered furniture, causing it to fade. A chair that was once a pristine forest green color may not possess a lime green color. By placing your furniture in a shaded area, however, youll protect it from this phenomenon. Furniture, placing your furniture in the shade will protect it from bird droppings, falling limbs and debris, hail and more.

    Alternatively, if theres little-to-no shade on your patio, consider adding a UV-protective finish to your furniture. Many commercial varnishes are designed to protect against UV and moisture. Once applied, it creates a barrier of protection between your furniture and the outside elements.

    Make The Most Of Your Day

    How to Pour a Concrete Patio Extension DIY

    A sunroom offers you many great ways to extend your summer into fall ! Sunrooms offer a great hybrid between being outside and staying in, giving you the views and warmth of outside without the bugs or the wind. They also offer a quiet space away from the rest of the house to relax in, making them an ideal place to extend your summer. To do this, use your sunroom throughout the day to maximize your favourite summer experiences:

    Its clear to see that a Desert Sun Patios sunroom will help you keep those summer vibes all fall long, so call today to start your extended summer vacation.

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