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How To Measure Patio Furniture Covers

How To Use Cover Clamps On Patio Furniture

Tips On Using Patio Furniture Covers

Even if your patio cover is a perfect fit, it can still be blown away during strong winds use cover clamps correctly to avoid this. After placing the cover, secure the drawcords and buckle straps. Unlock the clamp and secure it on the cover bottom. Place the bungee cords on the cover wheels and attach the hooks on the inserts of the clamps.

What About The Security

No matter how good a cover is, if the wind can blow it away, it will be all for naught. Because of this, we can add tie downs and splits to our covers. If the weather outside gets rough with high or gusty winds, the cover wont be able to stay in one place without some extra protection. For the occasion, we often use Velcro splits, grommets, or other accessories to ensure the cover stays in place no matter how strong the winds get. Without such security, the cover might get blown away and the furniture will remain exposed to the elements. To avoid losing your investment, it is important to use secure ties for each leg on every piece of furniture. You can choose between elastic bottom tie-down, drawstring tie-down, grommet bottom tie-down, Velcro split, and zipper split.

Why Cover A Dining Table Set

One issue that tables may face is warping . Covers can be a useful tool because covering:

  • Helps avoid warping in woodAdding a cover to your wood patio furniture can reduce water and humiditys ability to warp woodImportant note: Most covers and concrete do not mix. The layer within covers that helps prevent water from seeping through is reactive with concrete and can cause the cover to stick to the surface. Please do not cover any concrete furniture with a cover.
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    What Is An Outdoor Duck Cover

    Duck CoverscoversDuck Covers

    . Beside this, what are duck covers?

    Duck Covers Duck Dome AirbagEliminate the pooling of water and debris on your patio furniture covers with a Duck Dome, by Duck Covers. This patented dome inflates into low points of outdoor furniture promoting a dome-shape in the object being covered to prevent water from pooling.

    Also, how do you fix an outdoor furniture cover? Cut a patch at least 1/2 inch larger than the hole in all directions, otherwise the patch won’t cover it completely. Place the patch sticky side down atop the damaged area, then place a piece of brown Kraft paper over it. Iron the paper with medium to high dry heat, following recommendations on the patch packaging.

    One may also ask, what is a duck Dome?

    Duck Covers patented Duck Dome airbag inflates into low points of outdoor furniture creating a dome-shaped cover to repel water, snow and debris, much like water off a duck’s back.

    What is the best material for patio furniture covers?

    Properly treated polyester is the best material for furniture covers and it’s our best selling fabric. It’s lightweight but extremely durable, so it’s used by many customers year round. Our polyester material is very unique. During production, it’s treated with a special chemical that makes it highly water-resistant.

    The Potential Threats To Your Furniture


    The number of threats for outdoor furniture is huge the suns UV-rays, rain, wind, flying debris, snow, ice, mold, mildew, fungi build-up, dirt, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, pollen, wild animals, insect infestations, unauthorized access, and more. Some of these threats are rare while others wouldnt be of much danger. However, it is worth it using proper protection. You will save money by avoiding potential accidents, save time from cleaning, and be able to enjoy your patio for more years to come. You could make a list of potential threats in your region. It would be wise to consider and research the historical seasonal behavior in your area. For example, a person from Las Vegas, Nevada will likely need protection against extreme heat, wind, dust, and sun exposure. These threats are more dangerous for patio sets in Nevada than other regions across the US. People from different states or countries have different weather hazards to deal with.

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    Make A Checklist With The Features You Need

    If you want to get the best protection and know what the most common outside threats are for your region, it is time to make a checklist. What are the most useful features? If it rains often, a waterproof cover would be a must. If there are strong winds, tie-downs could do wonders. We can supply covers for those threats and more. The materials and designs we use make these covers strong, durable, and reliable. The thing you need to do is choose what features you need. Here are the main things to consider.

    Here are the 4 most important questions to ask yourself:

    Reviews For Custom Outdoor Patio Furniture And Patio Accessory Covers

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom R May 4, 2020

    the product is perfect fits exactly right, was received in great condition. I could not be more pleased. Your company is great. Thank you again.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    David W September 18, 2016

    I am a happy customer. I received my custom cover. It is exactly what I requested. Thank you !!

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Liz G September 5, 2017

    I bought a custom cover from Mighty Covers for our outdoor wine barrel bar. It came and fit perfectly, but it did not have the drawstring as we requested. Without asking, Mighty Covers offered to send a replacement cover with the drawstring. Great customer service! The issue was settled in less than 4 hours. I will definitely be using them for any outdoor cover needs in the future!

    Cover itself is perfect durable, sized perfectly and looks very nice!

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    Different Categories To Choose From

    If you have yet to purchase outdoor furniture, do not hurry to buy a cover as well. Wait until the furniture arrives and take measurements . There are a lot of possible shapes and sizes, and there is no such thing as one cover fits all. Some covers might be great for large sofas, while others for tall chairs. Some covers might have an L-shape while others are circular. Get the new patio furniture first and then look for a cover.

    This table contains all our furniture cover categories. Browse through them until you find the best-fitting cover.

    Why Cover The Seating

    How to Make a Cover for a Curved Patio Set – Sewing Outdoor Furniture Covers

    While the advantages of covering seating is largely the same as most furniture items, such as resistance to water, protection from debris, and protection from UV damage however, it is important to note the added benefit of having these protections for the place you plan to sit. Nothing ends the party early like sitting on bird droppings or being the person who finds the first puddle. With chair covers, you know that your chairs are much more likely to be ready for occupancy at a moments notice.

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    All About Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

    Sure, your outdoor patio furniture is meant to withstand the elements, but that doesnt mean you should leave the pieces to take a beating. Furniture covers are designed to fit over your belongings, keeping them safe from wind and rain. Of course, if you want to purchase covers for your furniture, you should ensure theyll do the job well. Check out this guide for buying and using covers:

    Round Table & Chairs Protective Covers

    For round table and chair covers, measure diameter and height. Youll want to include chairs in your measurements, so make sure they are as close to the table as possible. Diameter is measured from end to end across the table and includes the chairs back, which is the widest point. Height is measured from the ground to the highest point, usually to the chairs back. If your table has an umbrella, use covers with a “Hole” style. If your table does not accommodate an umbrella, a “No Hole” style is the recommended option. The Velcro closure allows the cover to be easily taken on and off without removing your umbrella.

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    How To Measure Patio Furniturefor A Cover

    Includes: BBQ + Grill, Cooling, Dining + Table, Heating, Hot Tub, Seating, Sectionals and Patio Groupings.

    Measuring your patio furniture can be a tricky process, after all there isnt a set way to call out dimensions for furniture and sometimes whats on the package doesnt seem to match up with what you have on hand. Measuring your furniture as it sits on your patio is recommended to make sure you find the best fitting cover for your furniture.

    Use A Centre Water Shedding Pole

    How To Measure Patio Furniture For Covers

    Shedding poles can also be used to raise covers so water can properly drain away. It is highly recommended for patio sets that include high back chairs and a table with a parasol hole. The pole is placed at the center hole and lifts the cover above the chairs to prevent pooling.

    You can use the pole with virtually any furniture set cover as long as the table has a parasol hole.

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    Why Choose Alco’s Custom Covers

    Unlike big box stores, we have quality and efficiency. Our covers are inexpensive, easy to use, and actually, offer amazing protection. With them, your furniture will remain safe under the harshest of weather conditions. Cheap covers might be tempting to buy, but they risk damaging your furniture which should be much more valuable than them. They are usually not worth the money unless if you live in an area with calm and moderate climate and if your property has enough interior storage areas should a storm arrive. At the end of the day, spending some extra time will do wonders. With stable and reliable protection, you will enjoy great benefits in the long-term.

    Why Cover An Ac

  • Helps prevent coils from freezingAccording to All Systems Mechanical, if there is heavy rain or snowfall that gets into your AC unit and then freezes or refreezes, it can damage the units coils, which maintain the cold air in your household. A cover can limit unexpected accumulation in these units.
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    Deep Seating Protective Covers

    For deep seating covers, measure width, depth and height. Width is measured from the widest point between the right and left side . Depth is measured from front to back at its deepest point. When taking depth measurements, include the armrest end if it extends beyond the seat. Height is measured from the ground to the highest point, which is usually to the chairs back.

    How To Measure Your Furniture

    How to Choose Patio Furniture Covers

    You will need to grab a tape measure. The process goes as follows:

    • Take a picture of the portion of the product or quote page with the furniture model. The image you need is the one with the A,B,C,D, etc. lines
    • Next, you will need to measure your furniture with a tape measure
    • Once you have the exact numbers for all those lines, input them into the quote form

    There is no need to add an extra inch allowance to your measurements. Once we receive your quote form, we will add 1 buffer/slack on all sides including the height for a perfect fit. Also, please measure to the nearest inch. As an example, 31.5 should be round up to 32. We need the correct dimensions to build a perfectly-fitting cover. If the cover is too big, it could lead to water collection at the bottom. If the cover is too small, it wont be able to cover everything. and an over-sized cover will create pockets for water to accumulate. The perfect cover should have no more or less than a few inches to spare.

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    How To Choose The Best Outdoor Furniture Cover

    A Furniture Cover Buying Guide

    Reasons to Get Furniture Covers

    Different Types of Cover Material

    • This is a water-resistant material, perfect against mildew. You can also provide UV protection to your patio furniture with this material. Of course, among the brands, some may offer more durable products than the others.
    • Another water-resistant and UV light blocking option that you can choose for covering your patio furniture.
    • Canvas

      While choosing canvas, make sure that it is made to resist mould, mildew and provide UV protection, since not all materials are made alike. A material, which has all these attributes, will usually be durable and machine washable.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Furniture Covers

    1. Dimensions
    • Measuring Seating: To measure the width of the seating arrangements, you need to measure the entire right-to-left distance across the width of the surface, including the arms.
    • Measuring Tables: For width, measure from right-to-left from the opposite edges of the table top.
    • Measuring Umbrellas: This is the easiest product to measure just calculate the distance from the top to the ground.
    2. Waterproofing
    3. Breathability
    4. Softness
    5. Reinforced Seams
    6. Fastening
    • Tie Downs

    How To Care For Covers

    Your covers will serve you best if you take care of them, which means cleaning them regularly. Fortunately, the process isnt difficult.

    CleaningMost fabric can be cleaned using a mixture of a gentle detergent and water. Scrub the fabric, then hose it down to rinse. Either hang the covers or spread them out outdoors so they can air dry. Check the tags and instructions that came with your covers to see whether you can wash them in a machine sometimes, washers and dryers may pull seams apart, causing your covers to leak.

    CaringWhen you arent using your outdoor furniture covers, fold them nicely and store them in a dry place. When you pull them out to use, make sure the seams are all intact this is where water is most likely to seep through.

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    Chair/chaise/sofa/love Seat Protective Covers

    For chair, chaise, sofa and love seat covers, measure width, depth and height. Width is measured from the widest point between the right and left side . Depth is measured from front to back at its deepest point . Height is measured from the ground to the highest point, which is usually to the backrest.

    Cleaning And Storing Your Protective Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

    OctoRose Chair Seat Cover for Patio Chair, Reversible 3 ...

    Outdoor patio furniture and patio accessory covers are made to protect your outdoor furniture, BBQ grills, umbrellas, and other patio accessories from exposure to the elements, keeping them clean and dry. However, while protecting your outdoor patio furniture, the protective covers can in turn become very dirty. The dirt and grime that are on the protective covers would be on your outdoor patio furniture and accessories if covers were not in use. This clearly shows that the covers are doing their job.

    You can choose to wait until you are ready to put the outdoor protective covers away for storage before cleaning them, or you may want to occasionally clean them while they are still in use. Either way, you can follow these simple steps when cleaning the covers to keep them looking good for many years.

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    What Type Of Furniture Do You Need The Cover For

    Selecting a good cover should not be a hard process with some preparations and calculations, it might even be a fun experience! Take some time to go through the websites product hierarchy. Discover the right categories and subcategories and keep searching until you find the cover which best fits your outdoor furniture.

    Why Cover Your Patio Furniture


    Sitting outdoors as the sun sets with a cocktail is a lovely way to spend an evening. But what happens when those warm summer nights turn into cold gloomy days? If youre like most folks, you wont be passing your time on the patio.

    Which means you wont be relaxing on your patio furniture. So rather than leave your outdoor furniture to survive the elements, cover it. Covering your patio furniture is essential to protecting your investment.

    This crucial step helps keep your outdoor furniture looking great for years to come. Because Mother Nature can be a tough mistress, especially during the winter. Giving your furniture a layer of protection can ensure it doesnt become worn and broken.

    Use the following tips to select the best covers for your furniture:

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    How To Measure Patio Cover Size

    Measuring Projection: Measure the distance you want covered from your house to the end of the covered area not including Rafter Tails on the Front Fascia. The Beam Posts will generally be set back about one foot from the end of the covered area, Traditional patio covers posts may not be set back, some kits use the gutter as the beam so the posts set out at the end of the projection.

    Measuring Length: Measure the distance you want covered along your house. The Posts will be generally set back about one foot from the end of the covered area under the Beam, Post spacing will vary depending on Snow Load, Projection and Height. You will need to fill out a Free Quote to have the details figured on your particular application.

    Note: If you are attaching to your Fascia only measure the area that the awning will be covering. Do not include the Eave/Fascia projection on your house, only measure from the point where the Awning will be attached to, Eave/Fascia attachments should be measured from the outside of the Fascia board.

    For example: You want to attach to your Eave/Fascia of your house and have a 10′ slab coming from the wall and you want to cover the entire 10′ of slab. To measure properly you would measure from the outside of your fascia board to the end of the slab. Say you measured your Eave/Fascia projection and came up with 2′ in projection. You will want to order an awning with an 8′ projection to obtain a total distance away from the wall of 10′.


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