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How To Paint Metal Patio Furniture

Clean The Paint Sprayer

How to Paint Metal Patio Furniture | The Home Depot

This is easier than it sounds, too. Run warm soapy water through the sprayer and rub off any paint. Let it dry before putting it all away.

Isnt that easy?!

Its fun having the table and chairs a totally different color.

So fun that it encouraged me to go a little crazy with new cushions and outdoor pillows, but hey, happy summer!

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How To Spray Paint Patio Furniture

Tired of cracked, peeling paint or rust spots on your patio furniture? Painting metal outdoor furniture is easy heres how to remove the rust and spray paint your cast iron patio furniture to give it a brand new look in 2 hours or less!

Our patio furniture has been in pretty bad shape for a while now. There were rust spots, and lots of peeling and flaking paint, showing layers of different colors underneath. It got to the point where we didnt even want to sit in the chairs anymore because wed get rust spots on our clothes!

Finally I decided to fix up the patio furniture and give it a little makeover, and it turns out it was WAY easier than I thought it would be! A little prep work to remove the rust, and a few coats of spray paint, and our patio furniture looks brand spanking new now! Im sharing my tips and tricks below so you can learn how to spray paint your patio furniture for a quick and easy outdoor makeover.

Painting Gives New Life To Decor

Isnt paint wonderful? Not only does is come in a wide variety of colors and textures, but it truly can make a world of difference with even the most unappealing items. In fact, I would dare to say that over half of the items I own end up getting a few different coats of paint every few years. Yikes!

For instance, Ive only been living in this new house my husband and I purchased back in March, and Ive already painted my kitchen cabinets. Im crossing my fingers I wont get that bug to repaint them anytime soon because it was a HUGE project!

Anyways, with all of that being said, I found myself wanting a new patio set since it blended in wayyyy too much with our house siding. However, after looking at my budget and then the prices I saw for the sets I liked it was quite apparent that my good ol trusty friend paint, would need to rescue the day!

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Add A Protective Coat

If you arent applying a protective enamel finish to your painted metal furniture, Henry says youre doing it wrong. A final clear coat of oil-based urethane will provide added durability and help prevent future damage to the furniture, she says. She recommends sticking with an oil-based enamel, versus a water-based one, since they last longer and often create a brighter finish.

How To Paint Outdoor Furniture With Sling Seats

A few years ago, I bought a really cute patio furniture ...

supplies needed:

  • ScotchBlue Painters Tape I needed 2 rolls of the 2-inch wide tape to mask 6 chairs and used half a roll Advanced Multi-Surface tape with Edge Lock for the glass table top.
  • Newspaper
  • Drop cloths
  • Sanding block with medium grit sandpaper
  • Spray paint I used 4 cans of Rustoleum Hammered Brown for 6 chairs and the table. Make sure that whatever spray paint that you use is a Primer + Paint formula.
  • Small-tip paint brush for touch-ups
  • Bucket of soapy water and scrub brush to clean all surfaces before painting
  • Before bringing the chairs to my garage to paint, I ran a sanding block on all the metal surfaces to rough them up a bit. This will help with paint adhesion. I then scrubbed them down with mold and mildew cleaner. I rinsed well and let them dry.
  • I lined my garage with drop cloths and started the job of masking the slings on each chair and the glass on the table so that no overspray paint would get on them.

    2. I placed the ScotchBlue Painters tape right up to the edge of the metal frame of the chairs. To make sure the tape is sealed and locked into place run your fingertip over the edge of the tape. Repeat taping on both sides of the top and underside of the chair.

    3. I then covered the sling with newspaper and taped it on. I ran my fingertip over the edge on all the tape to make sure it was sealed.

    After a few hours I had them all covered and ready for paint.

    7. After I made sure there was no green showing, I removed the tape and the newspaper.

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    Our Andrea Tells Us How She Gave Her Old Mesh Metal Patio Furniture A New Lease Of Life In A Few Easy Steps

    We must have had our little metal patio table and chairs for 10 years at least and although they were still sound to use, theyd started to look a bit flaky and tired – so this year I decided to try sprucing them up.

    This was the first time Id tried anything like this before and I had zero knowledge of how to paint mesh metal patio furniture – but theres a first time for everything and after a little bit of research, I felt ready to take on the challenge!

    The table and chairs are made of aluminium so I had to do some investigation to find a suitable metal furniture paint that was durable enough to cope with the changes in weather. In the end I plumped for Eico Alterior Satin paint together with its super tough stick-to-almost-anything Grepp V primer.

    As you can see from the pictures, the chairs had suffered more than the table over the years with flaking and chipped paint, so they took a little more time to prepare

    I started by scrubbing off all the loose paint with a wire brush and followed on with some course sandpaper. This uncovered a few more areas of flaky paint at times, so I did a bit of juggling between wire brush and sandpaper until everything was sound and the surfaces were all scuffed, giving them a good key ready for painting. Lastly, I gave everything a thorough wash down to remove any dust and left them to dry.

    How To Paint Plastic Patio Furniture

    Conventional wisdom says dont, but if you arent especially attached to your plastic patio furniture and wont be heartbroken if the finish doesnt last for years, painting it might be worth a try.

    Youll need to pick up just a few supplies:

    • A large tarp or drop cloth
    • White vinegar
    • Spray paint designed for use on plastic

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    Remove Flakingpaint With Wire Brush And Sandpaper

    First run a wire brush briskly over your metal outdoor furniture to remove peeling paint chips and rust. Theres a variety of wire brushes out on the market, but I ended up using brushes I already owned.

    For the larger spots I used a retired metal grill brush. Every year we buy a new metal cleaning brush for our grill, so I clean and retire the old one for potential cleaning or DIY projects.

    But to get into the corners and tight, odd-shaped spots and spaces on this outdoor metal table, I used a circular metal radiator cleaning brush. Its actually the same brush I use to get in between the fins to clean my cast iron radiators.

    Next, give a hard sand to the rusty areas with 80-120 grit sandpaper. I sanded until a good portion of the rust was completely removed.

    Honestly, Im terribly sure this is the best route to remove the rust on this outdoor metal side table. In hindsight I probably should have picked up a can of Rust-Oleums Clean Metal Primer.

    But, I want to test it out without the rust prohibited. Even if I get a few years out of his table before I have to re-do, Im OK with it.

    Once you have tackled the rusty areas, follow by lightly sanding the entire faded metal outdoor furniture piece. My outdoor metal side table is small, so I just used a regular 9 inch x 11 inch piece of sandpaper. But if you have a larger project, like an entire patio set, you might want to consider investing in an orbital sander.

    What If My Furniture Is Rusty

    How to Paint Rusty Metal Patio Furniture

    If you have metal furniture sitting outside, its probably going to get rusted eventually. We live in a very wet climate, so metal surfaces dont stand a chance.

    STEP 1: Sand

    Use a metal sanding sponge to remove loose rust as much as possible. You can also use steel wool or a wire brush, if you have that on hand.

    STEP 2: Clean

    Wipe the rust off really well with a damp cloth.

    You need to remove any loose paint or rust as well as dirt, dust, or cobwebs.

    This is an annoying step but anything left behind will be painted over and result in a bumpy finish.

    If your furniture seems to rust easily, you will definitely want to use a metal primer before re-painting. Look for a spray primer paint that specifically says rust on the bottle.

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    How To Paint Metal Patio Furniture

    Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to update your old furniture. Which is why I decided to spray paint my boring beige patio table and chairs as part of my . Learning how to paint outdoor metal furniture has definitely had a big impact on my outdoor decor.

    Its week 4 of the One Room Challenge and were heading down the home stretch. Or at least, we should beI still have a TON of work to do.

    In case you missed it, I decided to make over my deck this year. You can catch up on my progress here:

    The one problem with doing outdoor projects is that you cant control the weather. And weve had a lot of rain.

    Which has totally messed with my schedule.

    So, while I didnt get the tiling completely done on my outdoor bar, I did get my outdoor dining table and chairs painted .

    But my metal patio table and chairs look so much better, its hard to believe its the same set. The white paint really makes them stand out.

    In fact, it almost looks the same as this really expensive furniture* set I ran across. But mine cost way less than that!

    I bought my set from Sears many years ago, so for this makeover all it cost me was some paint.

    So you might be wondering

    Final Thoughts On How To Paint Mesh Metal Patio Furniture

    Im sure by reading all of the steps above, you probably arent as scared as before. Cleaning the furniture, sanding it, putting the primer on, and then lastly, spraying it. Thats all it takes and really its that easy.

    You are now loaded with knowledge for a nice furniture makeover. Dont forget to make sure you are using proper precautions. We cant have you harming yourself.

    Was this blog helpful? Leave a comment below. We love your feedback!

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    Prime Outdoor Wood Furniture

    Primer needs to be applied in 2 steps on this old wood furniture

    For the 2 additional coats, you could use the oil-based primer with a brush, but I like to use my paint sprayer to make it faster. Washing out the water-based primer from the paint sprayer is a lot easier.

    It only took me about 1 hour for one coat of primer using the paint sprayer on all the 3 pieces instead of a whole day to paint the oil-based primer with a brush!

    Here is the bench after the first coat of oil-based primer.

    When I saw the white primed bench and chairs in the backyard, I knew I had to go with white paint!

    I just loved the freshness of it!

    How To Rejuvenate Faded Metal Outdoor Furniture Using Rust

    How To Paint Metal Patio Furniture

    One of the best ways to enjoy a backyard and patio is with a beautiful, welcoming space with furniture that catches your eye. But that furniture, especially metal outdoor furniture, can take a beating from the elements and look worn and faded. Today Im going to share with you one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update your outdoor space how to rejuvenate faded metal outdoor furniture using spray paint.

    Its an easy project that anyone can tackle in an afternoon. Plus refurbishing faded metal outdoor furniture this way will help your wallet, costing a fraction of the price of brand new furniture.

    This post contains affiliate links, including but not limited to Amazon Associates. As such, I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclosure located here.

    Heres my metal outdoor side table. I picked it up for free last year from a neighbor through a Facebook Freebie group. Its a small round metal outdoor side table. Very unassuming. But I see a lot of potential in it. It would be perfect in a corner of my patio to hold a small planter, or sit next to my chair for my morning tea or a good book. Or hold a Sangria pitcher and glasses for two.

    While it was in overall decent shape when I picked it up from my neighbor, I wasnt keen on the color. I wasnt necessarily repulsed by the color. It just didnt do anything for me. So I decided to refurbish this faded metal outdoor furniture piece and Im so glad I did!

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    Instructions For How To Spray Paint Patio Furniture

    Prepping your Metal Patio Furniture before Spray Painting

    Dont forget to prep your metal patio furniture by removing peeling paint & dirt before you spray paint patio furniture.

    A wire brush works well.

    A strong power washer would also do a great job to clean off your outdoor metal furniture set.

    I sanded off the peeling paint and rust as best as I could with a wire brush similar to this one, Purdy 140910200 Premium Wire Brush, 14 inch.

    Now its time to Spray Paint Outdoor Furniture

    After every piece of your outdoor metal or wrought iron patio furniture is clean & free of dirt, dust & peeling paint you are ready to spray paint patio furniture.

    After laying down an old sheet I started spray painting each piece of wrought iron patio furniture one at a time.

    The sheet was definitely not big enough & I wound up spray painting most of the floor on Jasons side of our garage. Whoops!

    The spray paint dries really quickly and I was able to bring the newly spray painted vintage wrought iron patio furniture up to our brick patio in just a few hours.

    Since there is no room in our budget for outdoor furniture this year, I love that I was able to remake this metal patio furniture in just a few hours for under $50!

    Now we have a spot to eat or play cards.

    Can you believe how easy it was to spray paint patio furniture to make it look fabulous!

    I hope to find an umbrella for the spray paint patio furniture wrought iron table soon.

    How To Paint Aluminum Patio Furniture

    I sand and grind all loose paint off the project and then clean the entire piece with 91% isopropyl alcohol using lint free cloth.If needed, the texture can be enhanced with a clean, dry brush after the paint becomes tacky .If you plan to add a new finish to your cast aluminum patio chairs, prepare the metal in the appropriate fashion first, or considerable peeling can result.because it is nonporous and very hard, cast aluminum is a poor candidate for new finishes.Introduction well, you can get a set of two cheap chairs and a folding table at any large hypermarket with no hassle whatsoever.

    Learn how to clean and paint outdoor metal furniture and restore metal outdoor furniture by removing rust and chipped paint with a wire wheel.Let the furniture completely air dry before painting.Many people arent even creative, or dont particularly bother.

    My parents have had this wrought iron patio set for a thousand years and boy, was it was hurtin.Next i prime the entire piece with a primer made for aluminum .Paint a thick layer of paint stripper onto the aluminum furniture and allow it to penetrate for 20 to 30 minutes.Paint a thick layer of paint stripper onto the aluminum furniture and allow it to penetrate for 20 to 30 minutes.

    Rinse the furniture with a water hose.Rinse thoroughly to remove all chemicals.So get your stuff ready and your team be it your siblings or kids.Spray a coat of epoxy primer over the entire surface of the furniture.

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    What Is The Best Way To Spray Paint Metal Furniture

    The #1 rule for spray painting is to do many light coats to avoid drips. It can be so annoying to do multiple coats of paint .

    However, it is worth it to do a slow, careful paint job and get a smooth finish.

    If you do get drips, you can dab them up quickly with a cloth. You will just need to paint back over that section.

    I like to let the paint dry fully between coats. Refer to your spray paint can for specific directions.

    After painting your furniture fully, let it dry over night. Then, flip it upside down. This will expose new angles and crevices that you likely missed.

    Let the paint dry over night before replacing cushions or tabletops or moving back into use!


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