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How To Refresh Concrete Patio

What Is The Cost To Stain Stamped Concrete

Restoring color to a stamped concrete patio

The cost for a DIY recolor and seal stamped concrete project is about $0.32 per sq. ft. The easiest product to use to change stamped concrete color is our Antiquing Stain. The stain cost about $0.15 sq. ft. and a quality outdoor acrylic concrete sealer cost about $0.17 sq. ft. If you are hiring a contractor, prices will vary depending on where you live from $1.73 to $3.15 per sq. ft.

Refurbish Old Furniture And/or Add New Ones

If your old wooden patio furniture looks old and worn, sand and paint them to make them more appealing and conducive to use. For plastic furniture, enhance their appearance by using spray paint formulated for plastic.

In case you want to buy new chairs or a sofa, pick out benches that include storage underneath. They have a double-purpose and, at the same time, will give your patio a sleek new look.

If you dont have any outdoor cabinets or shelves, consider getting one or two for

your patio as well. These fixtures will help keep your outdoor room organized and free from clutter. Adding new outdoor pillows and an exterior rug will also make your patio more stylish and cozy.

Outdoor Patio

Tips For Building A Concrete Patio

Buying concrete in dry, premixed bags makes sense for relatively small patio slabs. To get an idea of how many bags you would need, a 50-square-foot slab at 4 inches thick needs about 28 80-pound bags or 38 60-pound bags. You can buy bagged concrete a local home center or lumberyard, and you can rent a concrete mixer at any large rental outlet.

For large slabs, consider ordering ready-mix concrete delivered by a concrete truck. Ready-mix is more expensive than bagged concrete, but its far more convenient, and you dont have the labor of mixing the concrete or the concern of getting the mix just right. Discuss your plans with local concrete companies to compare costs and to make sure your site is suitable for ready-mix delivery.

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When To Build A Concrete Patio

You can pour concrete within a fairly wide temperature range, but for beginners its best to wait for dry, warm weather. Rain can ruin a concrete finish, and freezing temperatures can ruin an entire concrete slab. To slow the curing process in very hot, dry weather, use a shade to keep the concrete out of direct sunlight, and mist the concrete with water as needed to prevent premature curing, which weakens the finished product.

Essentials For Prepping Your Patio

Fabulous ideas to look into #walkwayideas

Next, use a liquid cleanser and long-handled, nylon-bristle brush to scrub the patio clean of any remaining dust and dirt. You can buy cleansing solutions specifically made for masonry surfaces, but its more economical to make your own:

  • Add half a cup of TSP to one gallon of hot water.
  • Mix well to dissolve the TSP powder, then pour it onto the patio.
  • After 20 minutes or so, scrub the surface clean, then rinse with a garden hose.
  • Carefully check the patio for any holes, chips, or cracks. If you find any, fill them with a suitable concrete patching compound, such as Drylok Fast Plug.
  • Before proceeding any further, you must wait for the patio to dry completely. To determine when the surface is sufficiently dry, try this simple moisture test: Using painter’s tape, affix a 12-inch-square piece of aluminum foil or plastic wrap flush against the concrete surface, making sure to seal all four edges. Wait 24 hours, then peel up the square. If the underside surface of the foil or plastic wrap is dry and free of condensation, youre ready to apply the floor paint. If not, wait a little while longer and retest the surface.

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    Install The Gravel Base

    Fill the excavated area with 2 inches of compactible gravel. Rake the gravel smooth, then compact it thoroughly with the plate compactor. Add 2 more inches of gravel, and rake it smooth. Measure down from the layout strings and use the 2×4 with a carpenters level on top to make sure the gravel is level side-to-side and slopes end-to-end to follow the strings. Compact the second layer of gravel.

    I Love The Look Of Stamped Concrete Can An Overlay Also Be Stamped And Colored

    Absolutely! With stampable overlays, which are typically applied at a thickness of up to 3/4 inch, you can use the same stamping mats and texturing skins used for traditional stamped concrete to produce patterns and textures that mimic stone, brick, slate, and other materials. Texturing skins produce a seamless texture with no grout lines while mats produce a deeper pattern with well-defined lines. You can also add color using the same dry-shake color hardeners and antiquing releases used for typical stamped concrete.

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    Concrete Pool Apple Valley

    Very few investments make a statement like a concrete pool. Indoor or outdoor, your Apple Valley pool area should be uniquely your own. Make it happen with Lowell Russells stamped concrete and border designs. Your investment is worth too much to not use the best. We know that your concrete pool project is unique, challenging and important because of that, we would like to offer our help. Please contact a professional from Lowell Russell Concrete, a Apple Valley, MN based business, to find out how our services can to create a pool area that will not only look great but will be durable for years to come.

    Concrete pools are highly customizable and puts you in control of whatever design you like based on the topography of your property. It not only allows you the design freedom to think of whatever shape you want it to be but it also gives you the flexibility you need to design a swimming pool that can match the current theme and décor of your backyard and home. Compare that to a fiberglass pool, which is already pre-made in one piece and only comes with a limited availability of colors. If you have a concrete pool you can get the tiles you want in order to add color and personality for this area of your home. You can also easily match it with the tiles of your patio as well as the surfaces of the swimming deck.

    Build Concrete Patio In A Weekend

    Resealing And Restaining A Concrete Driveway And Patio In Dallas, Tx

    Willing to build a patio with a concrete walkway that will match your landscape patterns? Then just go with this concrete patio that will complete in a weekend. For this project, you need existing dirt, landscaping fabric, pavers, bags of polymeric sand, gray sand, and base rock. Tool list here medium

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    Install New Lighting Fixtures

    Lastly, keep the patio safe and functional at night by placing lighting in suitable areas such as above the table or seating area and walkway. You will have various outdoor lighting options to choose from so you wont have any difficulties finding the right fixture for your new outdoor room

    With a refurbished patio, you will have a new outdoor entertainment and dining area in your property perfect for gatherings or get-togethers with your family and friends.

    How To Restore A Stamped Concrete Patio

    This old stamped concrete patio was in desperate need of attention and renovation. It had been previously stained, but the it was worn, discolored and very unattractive.

    Decorative concrete can be fickle. Sometimes it can be overworked with different stains and look displeasing. Other times simplicity is best, which in this case, was the best thing. Kevin Brown was commissioned to restore this well used patio, by re-staining and and enhancing the stamped concrete to complement its surroundings and renew it.

    Kevin first started by prepping the concrete with Mean Klean EcoAcid to open the pours of the concrete to accept the new stain. He then used NewLooks Endura Stain in Sierra to fix the discoloration of the surface and make it all the same color once again.

    He then enhanced the stamped surface by spraying NewLooks Endura Translucent Enhancer and SmartColor in Dark Brown with an NewLook 4 round applicator brush and sealed with SmartSeal WB in Matte. It brings out the stamped pattern that was not visible on the concrete before and compliments the Sierra base. The surface is now refreshed and beautiful, perfect for entertaining or just to compliment the surroundings.

    Please visit our gallery for more project ideas.

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    What Can I Put Over Cracked Concrete

    Lastly, the most popular way to patch up cracks formed in concrete is with polymer resin. This option is the most expensive DIY option as it not only fills the entire depth of the break but also forms a permanent chemical bond with the concrete slab, gluing the slabs together to seal it from any structural moisture.

    Four Affordable Ways To Restore A Sunken & Cracked Patio

    How to Restore a Damaged Concrete Patio

    Research has shown that spending time outdoors has positive affects on our health, happiness and even creativity. So it makes sense to invest in a good concrete patio for your home. Plus, with such a small window of opportunity to use our patios in the Chicago-land area, we want to take full advantage of chilling, grilling and just sitting on our patios whenever we can.

    While concrete is an extremely durable material, its not totally maintenance-free like some may think. Over time a concrete patio can crack, sink and get moldy and dirty. Your once perfect outdoor oasis becomes a not-so-pleasant place to sit. The good news is most concrete patios can be brought back to life without the headache and extremely high cost of replacement. In this article, Ill describe a few simple and cost effective ways you can revive and extend the life of your sunken, cracked and dirty patio.

    1. Raising Sunken Concrete Patio Slabs

    2. Power washing Your Concrete

    3. Caulking Cracks and Joints

    4. Sealing Your Concrete Patio

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    You Can Build A Diy Concrete Patio Step By Step

    Its easy to pour and build a backyard patio made of concrete in this How To article. On a small scale, concrete is fairly easy to work with, but installing an entire patio can be a challenge. It is possible to build an attractive concrete patio yourself, but careful planning and preparation is necessary. Be sure to place all the concrete at once a big patio can be broken down into smaller manageable sections using 2×4s.

    Once concrete is in place, youre stuck with it forever replacement is costly and difficult. Planning is essential for a perfect DIY conrete patio.

    Build and install forms, making sure theyre level and properly graded for drainage. To prevent rain puddles from forming, design a 2% slope . Place and level a 4-6 bed of gravel you need a gravel base in areas of poor drainage or freezing temperatures. Be sure to compact the gravel base and rent a compacting machine if necessary.

    Check gravel thickness with a homemade template that extends down from the tops of the forms 4 of the finished patio when it just touches the top of the gravel, the base is thick enough. A taller slab will be stronger- we recommend 4 thick. Let the gravel extend under the edges of the forms.

    If the patio will abut an existing concrete patio or slab, install isolation-joint strips. Attach the strips flush with the top of an existing slab using hardened concrete nails or construction adhesive.

    Diy Ideas To Update Your Worn Out Concrete Patio

    February 25, by Larissa Coleman.

    Do you have a concrete patio that seems to need a facelift? Maybe that old cement slab has a few too many cracks, or just needs a new look. Either way this post has so amazing ideas to give your patio space a whole new look. Im definitely considering some of these for my back patio. How about you?

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    How Durable And Long

    When an overlay is applied properly and well-protected by a sealer or coating, it should last a lifetime, even under heavy foot or vehicle traffic. The key is to reapply the sealer if it begins to show some wear. Otherwise, wear patterns may begin to show, especially in colored surfaces. For more information, see Concrete Overlay Maintenance.

    Stain The Concrete To Look Like Tile

    How to Re-Seal a Stained Concrete Patio

    If you love the look of tiles but not the hard work or the expense, you could stain the concrete to look like tile! Use 1/2 inch tape to create grout lines on the floor and then stain over it. Peel off the tape and ta-da, instant tile! Just make sure to clean it beforehand and seal it afterwards and youll have a concrete patio that looks nothing like concrete.

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    How To Restore A Concrete Patio

    Here’s how to prep a patio that’ll withstand harsh weather, foot traffic, and soapy scrubbings.

    Once applied, a combo primer-paint product can withstand long-term exposure to harsh weather, foot traffic, and soapy scrubbings much better than standard floor paint, which can fade and wear out prematurely. Before applying the paint, its important to properly prepare the patio to ensure the paint bonds well to the concrete. Heres a detailed explanation of how to prep the surface and then restore it with a new coat of paint.

    Are You Looking For A Professional Concrete Company You Can Trust Have Questions About Your Project

    With more than 75 years of combined experience working with decorative concrete, we offer customized solutions and can promise you a safe, clean, and timely process. Whether youre looking to replace your old, cracked concrete driveway, install a new pool deck, or design a unique custom porch with incorporated lighting, well give you a beautiful, functional result that will last for years to come.

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    How Do I Cover An Old Concrete Patio

    Do concrete slabs get damaged? Yes, they do.

    Because most patios are not roofed, the floor becomes susceptible to damage caused by harsh weather conditions, which gradually evolve into subtle cracks and sometimes a sense of ruggedness and discoloration.

    Well, if the concrete slab of your patio is damaged in any way, then you could choose to repair the damage or to repair the damage and resurface the whole floor.

    But if your patio is not cracked, but you want to repaint, add or change color and style, then resurfacing or covering it is the way to go.

    To cover an old patio, here are 3 common concrete resurfacing types:

    What You’ll Need To Paint Your Patio

    Refresh Your Concrete Patio With A Colour And Protectant

    Brush the paint onto your surface.

    Apply the first, thinned coat of paint to the patio using a good-quality nylon/polyester-blend paintbrush. Its important to brush on the first coat, to ensure good adhesion to the concrete surface. Allow the first coat to dry for four full hours, though it may take longer if its a very humid day.

    Add the second coat.

    Once the first coat of paint is completely dry, apply the second and final coat. However, and this is important, do not thin the second paint coat apply it full-strength. And you can forego the brush and apply the second coat using a 1/4-inch nap roller screwed onto an extension handle. Wait four hours or longer, if necessary, for the second coat to dry before walking on the patio.

    Tip: One gallon of floor paint covers about 500 square feet.

    Give it style, if that’s your thing.

    Most people prefer to apply their two coats using the same paint color, creating a solid-color patio. But you can also apply two different colors to produce striking designs or decorative patterns. For example, to simulate a tiled patio, brush on a light paint color for the first coat. After the paint dries, use painters tape to lay out a pattern of equal-size squares then, use a darker paint color for the second coat. Once the surface is dry, peel up the tape to reveal a faux-tile patio that appears to have light-color grout joints and dark-color tiles.

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    How Much Will It Cost

    The cost of resurfacing varies on the detail and size of your surface. It is a more cost-effective option than removing the existing concrete and pouring a new slab. A new pour patio can cost anywhere from $3 – $15, or more, per sq. ft. depending on the size and detail of the design that is being installed. Resurfacing costs between $3 and $10 per sq. ft., making it a budget friendly way to get the look and feel of a new patio.

    How Can I Make My Concrete Patio Look Better

    Take a look at all of these fabulous concrete patio ideas.

  • Paint a Pattern. Yes, you can paint your concrete slab.
  • Lay Decking Flooring. Did you know you can lay decking over a concrete slab?
  • Add Curves With Pavers.
  • Stain the Concrete to Look Like Tile.
  • Add a Beautiful Outdoor Rug.
  • Paint Concrete.
  • Dress it Up.
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    Fake The Look Of Stone

    There are several different tools and ideas a DIY-savvy homeowner can try, to create a concrete patio that looks like real stone or brick.

    A supereasy way to get fast results is with a patterned rubber roller specifically made for concrete patio designs, says Mochelle.

    Its shaped like a giant paint roller, and is used when the concrete is curing to create indentations that look like stone or brick. Home improvement stores stock concrete rollers in different stone, brick, and graphic patterns, but theyre not cheap. Prices range from $900 to $1,700 at Home Depot.

    If you plan on installing a couple of stamped walkways in addition to a decorative patio, a roller may be worth the investment to some homeowners, Mochelle says.

    Concrete stamping mats are a less expensive alternative. They are flexible pieces of rubber with embossed patterns. Prices per mat range from $270 to $450 at Home Depot. To use, place the stamp on wet concrete and apply pressure lift, and repeat.

    One of the cheapest ideas for faking the look of cobblestone is with a concrete mold, which costs around $20 . Instead of stamping out the pattern, you place the mold on the ground and then fill it with concrete. Afterward, you pack it down with a garden spade and lift off the mold, and repeat the process until the backyard project is complete.


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