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How To Repair Cracked Concrete Patio

How To Resurface A Concrete Patio

How To Repair Cracked Concrete Patio Slab

The are the steps required in the resurfacing process:

  • Repair – fix cracks in concrete patio with sealer or filler
  • Clean power wash and sweep away debris
  • Prep grind your surface for the overlay to bond better
  • Mix combine overlay components and add grit additive or coloring agents
  • Apply spread overlay onto area to be refinished
  • Seal add a protective coating that will keep your new patio looking great
  • Schedule A Free Concrete Repair Consultation

    If youre ready to fix your cracked concrete patio and want to know if slab leveling can work for you, contact a reputable local contractor like the team at Lift Right Concrete.

    As northern Utahs leading slab leveling and concrete repair company for over a decade, we can tell you if your cracked patio is beyond the point of saving. Were happy to provide honest advice, and we offer free, no-obligation consultations to homeowners and businesses in the greater Salt Lake City area.

    To learn more about slab leveling for a cracked concrete patio, or to schedule a concrete repair consultation, contact Lift Right Concrete in Grantsville or West Jordan today.

    Can I Have A Decorative Concrete Overlay

    Yes, this replaced old carpet and tile in a hotel lobby.

    The project totaled 4500 sq. ft. of stamped and hand carved stones.

    The overlay material was a total of 1/4 inch thick over an old concrete floor.

    An excellent stampable overlay mix is STAMP MIX.

    This stamped concrete overlay was installed over an old, worn concrete patio that sloped towards the house.

    We resurfaced the concrete with our overlay, stamped a cobblestone pattern into it, and sloped the overlay away from the house to shed water.

    A spray down or sprayed on concrete overlay is great when you need some texture on the surface for slip-resistance or if you use a stencil to create a pattern like the one below.

    Concrete resurfacing using an overlay can make an old, cracked and pitted concrete patio look like new again.

    On this patio, I repaired the small cracks, lightly ground the surface, applied the overlay with a hand trowel at about 1/16 inch thick, then dragged a broom across the overlay to give it a broom finished look.

    I would use the trowel mix concrete overlay if you are going to diy this type of project.

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    Add The Solid Crack Filler

    Assess the depth of the crack. If the crack is deeper than 1/4-inch, fill in the necessary sections to bring it up to a 1/4-inch depth. It is not desirable to use the liquid crack filler for deep areas as this extends curing time, can result in sinking filler, and adds to the overall cost of the project.

    One way to add solid filler is to dispense clean sand by hand through a funnel. One hand holds the funnel, while the other hand holds a small amount of sand and slowly drops it into the funnel. This method has the advantage of being very inexpensive and allowing you to vary the height of the crack filler as you go.

    Another option is to force a closed-cell backer rod into the crack. Three-quarter-inch backer rod is designed to fit into 1/2-inch cracks. Force the backer rod into the crack as much as you can with your fingers. Cut off the backer rod when you reach higher areas that do not need filler. If you reach sections where it is difficult to press the rod with your fingers, use a blunt tool such as a paint stirring stick, since sharper tools like screwdrivers may pierce the rod. Make sure that the backer rod is firmly in place before proceeding to the next step.

    What Causes Cracked Concrete

    How to Repair a Cracked Concrete Patio

    A cracked uneven concrete patio can be due to a number of reasons. One main cause is due to the soil beneath. The Dallas Fort Worth area is known for clay-based soil, which is highly expansive. The soil expands and contracts as it absorbs moisture. In turn, this causes the concrete to settle in various sections and often unevenly. This leads to sloping and eventually cracks.

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    Concrete Hero To The Rescue

    Concrete Hero offers homeowners looking to bring new life to their concrete patio or driveway a 4-step Revival System which includes raising settled slabs with our PolyLift system, power washing the surface clean, caulking cracks and joints and finally applying a sealer. The cost for a typical patio revival ranges $900-$1,600 depending on the amount of lifting needed and the work takes 1-2 days to complete. Below our some recent patios we completed.

    Before After

    Concrete Hero is a family owned and operated concrete repair and protection company that specializes in raising, sealing, coatings and replacement. Service area includes such cities Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Schaumburg, Algonquin, St Charles, Elgin and surrounding communities. If you are interested in receiving a free estimate for your patio or give us a call at 630-940-2805.

    Concrete Patio Repair Costs

    Fixing cracks, holes, pitting and performing proactive resurfacing and sealing avoids complete patio replacement costs of about $3,500. Filling cracks and holes are simple projects that only costs between $5 to $100. You can DIY the fix or hire a professional for as little as $300. Large repairs, where cement has sunk, cracked, or needs replacement, will cost about $5 to $20 per square foot, depending on the material type and the extent of the damage.

    Concrete, regularly referred to as cement, is an affordable and durable material. Once concrete does crack, it can be simple to fix either by a professional or yourself. Sealing and cleaning can fix small pitting and hairline cracks while epoxy fillers will help with larger cracks. Patch kits can repair holes while a complete concrete top coat will refresh the look and longevity of your patio. If your concrete patio is still in excellent condition, apart from a few cracks, you can also install interlocking tiles on top. This will give you a fresh patio without demolition.

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    How Do You Fix Concrete Collapsing

    Rub the bristles of a stiff scrub brush over the edges of the crumbling area to remove loose concrete and dirt. Apply a thin coat of concrete bonding agent over each of the crumbling areas, using a medium to large paintbrush. Apply a layer of prepared concrete 3/8 inch thick with a pointed metal trowel.

    When To Call In A Professional

    How to repair your Cracked Conrete and make your Patio look NEW!

    There are times youll need to call in a professional to repair cracks in your patio concrete. Depending on the severity of the damage, they may be able to fix the crack in your concrete, and theyll have the advanced tools and equipment needed to repair or replace the concrete altogether. The following conditions might be a reason to call in professional help:

    If you have a concrete patio, has it cracked? Which method will you be using to repair it?

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    Prepare The Cracked Patio

    Use a chisel and small hammer to eliminate any loose concrete, cracked concrete, or crumbling concrete from the crack.

    Make sure you chip as deep as one inch beneath the surface plane.

    Once you are done with that, rinse the surface properly, scrubbing the area with a wire brush to remove any remaining debris or lingering particles.This process is quite dusty, and thus to help an efficient cleanup, you might need to spread a tarp below the work surface as well as wear appropriate protective gear.

    How To Repair Cracked Concrete

    Sponsored article

    Unsightly cracks in concrete not only detract from the look of a garage or patio, they can also lead to further problems as moisture seeps into the concrete.

    Luckily, theres an easy way you can repair a cracked concrete slab or wall and prevent further damage down the track.

    Sikadur Concrete Fix is a two part epoxy adhesive and filler that can be used as a bonding bridge adhesive paste for concrete and most building materials.

    Its simple and easy to apply and can be used for repairing cracks, holes and voids in concrete floors and walls.

    It also works as a structural adhesive for a range of materials including stone, ceramics, fibre cement, masonry, metal and timber.

    To repair cracks in a concrete floor, first ensure that the area is free from dust, grease and surface contaminants.

    Concrete fix can be applied to both dry and damp surfaces, but standing water in any voids, pits or pores should be removed prior to application.

    While wearing safety glasses and chemical resistant gloves, pre-mix both parts separately, then mix equal parts of each together in a suitable container. Mix thoroughly for three minutes with an electric drill and paddle mixer.

    Use a trowel to apply concrete fix to the prepared substrate and smooth it into the crack or to form the desired shape.

    Apply Sika Concrete Fix to corners using a shaped trowel

    The paste cures rock-hard, so make sure you clean all tools and surfaces using Sika Colma Cleaner before it hardens.

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    Trowel Out The Resurfacer

    • Spread the resurfacer until it’s between 1/8 and ¼ inch thick.
    • For a slip-resistant finish, wait 5 minutes, then sweep a nylon-bristle concrete broom across it, 90 degrees to the foot traffic.
    • Remove the weatherstripping after 20 minutes. Wait 6 hours before walking on it. Cover only if rain threatens in the meantime.

    Patio Finishes For Existing Concrete

    Concrete Leveling

    If you are looking to add an element of your own personality to your patio, there are a variety of options available. You can use color, patterns, textures, or even borders to take your design to the next level.

    • Colors bring a realistic look to your patio with popular earth tones
    • Patterns stamp your patio to resemble natural materials like wood or stone
    • Stencils use stencils to create logos and graphics on your patio
    • Borders introduce a cost-effective design with a contrasting color or pattern

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    Insert Foam Tubing Into Large Cracks

    The crack I had to repair was about 1/2 inch wide.

    Although Sakrete crack filler can be used for cracks up to this size its best to fill in large gaps with the foam tubing.

    The foam tubing should be slightly wider than the crack to create a tight fit. I used a 5/8 inch wide variety.

    Place the tubing in the crack and push it down. There should be a 1/4 inch space between the top of the foam tubing and the top of the concrete crack.

    This 1/4 inch space is where the concrete crack filler will be poured.

    Click on this link for more details on the polyfoam caulk saver.

    Its made by Frost King who also has a ton of other great weatherizing products.

    Check out their website because youll get a lot of great ideas of how to keep the cold weather from increasing your heating bill.

    Fixes For Your Cracked Concrete Patio

    While concrete patio installations can be beautiful and functional, they often develop cracks, and patio repair is something many homeowners face with their outdoor patios. Cracks in concrete not only detract from the look of your patio, but cracks can also lead to potential problems in the future as moisture begins to seep into the concrete. Luckily, there are a few easy ways you can repair your cracked concrete patio and prevent further damage.

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    Fill Cracked Uneven Concrete Patio

    If the concrete patio is cracked and uneven, use the methods below:


    Also known as slab jacking, mudjacking is a method of fixing cracked and uneven concrete surfaces by drilling a hole into the concrete and pumping mortar mix into the hole below. As the mixture hardens, it fills in the gaps left behind by settling and sinking.

    You can also use solutions such as polyurethane mixture to fill the gaps beneath the concrete.

    Concrete resurfacing

    This method is a non-invasive and inexpensive process of fixing cracked and uneven concrete patio. It is also easy to administer though this method is only short-term and will just mask the underlying problem since it doesnt address soil settling below the concrete flow.

    Replacing concrete

    Another method is replacing cracked concrete, though it is usually expensive compared to other methods, and you will need a technician.

    Watch this video about fixing cracked uneven concrete patio. In the same process, you can fix cracked uneven driveway.

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    How Do You Raise A Sinking Concrete Patio

    Patio Concrete Crack Repair

    You have three options: coat the sunken section with a sand-and-cement mixture to make the surface higher, raise the sunken section using a process called mudjacking, or raise the sunken section using expanding polyurethane foam. Patching fixes the safety issue without costing much, but the patch is sure to show.

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    How To Make A Concrete Patio Look Better

    My gramps made these DIY adirondack chairs and couch. Isnt he talented? I told him we are going to make some more for my side of the yard and Ill be taking pictures of him to post on the blog. I think we need a tutorial on these, dont you?

    We gave them a fresh coat of water-based stain and I think they are looking pretty snazzy!

    What do you think of that DIY lattice privacy screen to hide the air compressor units? My dad and I recently made it one Saturday afternoon, I will post the tutorial soon!

    My mom loves black and sand colors together so we used her existing cushions along with some DIY bolster pillows from the fabric I had left over from our dining room makeover.

    My mom is loving her new space! Especially the Cape Cod Gray cement color.

    Learning how to repair a cracked and old cement patio can seem overwhelming. One of the biggest tips I can offer no matter what product you use is to prep your surface properly.

    This is where my mom drinks her coffee every morning. Its a pretty cozy spot!

    New To Real Estate From Framingham Ma

    If you’re still planning on having a concrete patio, rip that one out, and build a solid and even slab base to receive a new concrete slab. All those cracks on existing patio was caused by a poor slab base, and lack of any reinforcement . A new concrete patio needs to have a solid-compacted and even base in order to receive a new concrete flatwork that will stand for decades. Resurfacing any concrete surface is never the best option, eventually it will tip off, etc…

    In a situation like this one, the best thing to do, is to demo the existing concrete, build new base and place a new concrete patio, or use other type of material such as brick pavers to build your new patio. Do not place stones on top of it, you will have problems later. Hope it helps you.

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    How Do You Cover Up An Old Concrete Patio

    You cant turn back time on spalling or cracks, but you can cover them up with the right concrete repair products. For example, a layer of Quikretes Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer will give your patio a smooth and wear-resistant finish with the look of freshly poured concrete, but with a shorter working and wait time.

    Resurface Or Repair Your Existing Concrete With A Concrete Overlay

    Give Your Worn

    A concrete overlay can give your old, worn, or damaged concrete a brand new look.

    Overlays can be applied from feather edge up to 1 inch thick in some cases. They can be finished smooth, broom finished, or even colored & stamped.

    Application is done with a trowel, squeegee, or a gauge rake & smoother. Making it easy to give just about any concrete surface a brand new appearance at a much lower cost than removing and re-pouring new concrete.

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    How Do You Level A Sinking Patio

    To fix a sunken patio, first pry up the paver with a thin screwdriver, pounding on adjoined pavers to vibrate packed sand loose. After a few years, paver block patios and walkways often develop low spots. However, these areas can be brought back up to grade with a few bags of sand, a length of pipe and a screed board.

    How To Fix Cracks In A Concrete Patio Yourself

    A concrete patio is beautiful and durable, but many patios develop cracks over time. And if the cracks are raised, they can be a tripping hazard in whats supposed to be your backyard oasis.

    If you have cracks in your concrete patio, its time to fix them. Unfilled cracks can become more extensive and deeper, turning a DIY project into an expensive repair requiring a professional. If the cracks or chips arent deep or causing separation of your patio, try the DIY fixes youll find in this guide first .

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    Contractor From Glen Cove New York

    Christian. You must ave stable compacted ground for an patio. the old must be removed. The foundation under the slab is important or the finish slab will shift, sink and crack. You can do concrete with gravel and do finished concrete on top, or concrete/gravel and then blue stone finish or brick. if you try and do a shortcut without a foundation they you will be wasting money. You may want to just clean it all out and plant grass. If the new owner wants a patio, they will install what They want.

    What If A Crack Cant Be Fixed

    How to repair cracks in concrete patio and deck.

    There are going to be stubborn cracks that cant be fixed for one reason or another. Maybe the crack is too big to fill, or the concrete was poured so poorly to begin with that new cracks are continually reforming.

    However, if the cracks are unmanageable, instead of continually re-patching the concrete, it may be best to completely replace the patio.

    Its up to your own discretion, but if the cracking is severe, it is likely going to be easier to replace the patio entirely for you.

    When it comes to fixing things around the house, there are things that can be intimidating for people. Plumbing and electricity are pretty good examples of this.

    However, for many people, you can add anything involving concrete to that list. This really shouldnt be the case, though. It is a fairly simple process to manage repairs to cracks in a patio.

    So, approach the challenge with confidence and make sure that you take your time on every step. If the cracks turn out to be too severe, or you fail to fix them properly, then it may be time to get a new patio for your backyard.

    In its own right, getting a new patio is an exciting adventure in upgrading your yard. Be sure to check out are other articles that also deal with concrete such has how you can make concrete countertops for your outdoor kitchen, as well creating a base for your hot tub sit on and how you can pour it over grass.

    There are many different uses for concrete, especially now that you know how to fix a crack in your concrete.

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