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How To Repel Birds From Patio

All In One Bird Pest Service

No More Bird Poops – EASY DIY Birds Deterrent Repellent Prevention For Porch Deck Balcony

As a licensed bird pest control specialist, the very first thing we do is a thorough inspection of the property. After highlighting entry points, perching and nesting sites, we work out the best method to ensure your patio is a poop-free zone. However bad the infestation is, we have the know-how to sort it out for you.

Height is no problem. We use a cherry picker or boom lift to reach and secure an effective solution.

We dont just get rid of the birds. We always use specialist cleaning equipment and products to clean and disinfect the area ready for you to use again.

We offer a 24/7 service. Every job is guaranteed, and we dont cut corners.

The products we use are of the highest standards and comply with health and safety regulations. Having seventeen years of experience, you can be confident that you are getting a top-quality service.

So if youre wondering how do I keep birds from pooping on my patio, give us a call for a no-obligation quote at a price you can afford.

How To Keep Birds Off Your Porch

There are few things worse than a build-up of bird poop splattered across your deck or porch. Walking outside to shoo them away is never permanent. They always come back, flaunting their feathered behinds to mock you.

Well, no more.

Today is the day you get the upper hand. Today is the day you become the ruler of your porch and take back whats yours. No longer will you be the victim. They may have won all of the battles. But, you, my friend, will win the war.

Today you will learn heaps of tips and tricks to prevent birds from coming to your porch and how to make it unpleasant for them if they decide to take the chance anyway.

I know its been hardconstantly cleaning up bird poop is no easy task. But if you have persevered through that, you can take the time to implement these ideas and keep the birds away for good!

Tapix Bird Blinder Repellent Pinwheels

If you are looking for something that runs on wind power and uses the shine of a tape ribbon, then Tapix Pinwheel is the best visual bird deterrents out there.

These pinwheels are made of shiny tape ribbons that will keep those pest birds away from your patio or garden.

Each of these pinwheels is 15-inch in size and each pack contains 10 of these pinwheels, so you get to cover plenty of space.

This product is highly effective against different kinds of pest birds, including pigeons, geese, blackbirds, crows, and woodpeckers.

It also works as a yard decoration and when winds blow, these pinwheels will give you quite a view.

You wont have to deal with any noise. It is one of the most humane solutions that you can find to deter birds from your area.

  • Very simple to use and install
  • Good for decoration
  • Prevents perching and roosting effectively
  • Save time and money
  • Need to be prominently in the sight of the birds
  • You need a lot of them even in a small area

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Can Insect Killer Kill Lizards

Even though a mosquito spray like Raid Max, Baygon, or HIT may not work to kill the lizards instantly, these bug sprays if used in sufficient quantity do hurt them a lot and can slowly cause death. These sprays and insecticides are so powerful that they can harm human beings, so they can surely kill the lizards.

Move Or Get Rid Of Your Bird Feeders

Keeping Birds Away

When folks ask me how to keep birds away from their patio, I always start with this first. Its often easy to overlook the solution staring you right in the face. If you dont want to completely remove the bird feeders, you have two options: move them or remove them.

You could first try to move the feeders to the very back of your yard or to your front yard.

However, this requires you to have a larger yard and wont be an option for everyone. If youve moved the feeders as far back as theyll go and youre still dealing with bird excrement, youll likely have to remove them completely.

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Top 7 Ways To Keep Birds Away

If you’ve found nuisance birds on your property, you’re probably wondering what kind of pest control steps you can take to protect your garden, home, and property from the damage that birds can do to your home. Unfortunately, birds can be highly destructive between their roosting habits, nasty droppings, damage to your gutters, and more.

Here are our top recommendations for keeping birds away from your home:

Izbie Z1 Ultrasonic Bird Repellent

Here comes an ultrasonic bird repellent which is a product of up-to-date technology, the Izbie Ultrasonic Bird Repellent. This model is appraised as a breakthrough, scare not only annoying birds but also rodents, snakes, deer and other intruders.

This bird repellent is designed to deter some kinds of animals away with the effects of sound and light. The birds would detect the ultrasound and flashlight as dangerous sources, so they would fly away, even do not dare to visit this area again. It is totally cruel-free to animals.

This model comes with 5 settings ranging from the smallest up to the loudest sound and flashing light. Normally, mode 3 is proper to cast the pesky birds away without frightening my pet dog and my neighbors cats. If other larger animals are wandering your garden, I guess mode 5 should be used.

I do not pay much attention to watch when this device runs out of battery as it is maintained by a solar panel. It could restore enough electricity to run throughout the night, then charge with the sunshine on the next day. On top of that, there is a USB charger as well, which is a life-saver during the grey days of the winter.

This model works an amazing job when it is able to cover an area of 10 metres in open space. I set the device by the fence of my backyard and the sound reach out full of it. In fact, the sound can be detectable in my house, but it is not that noisy. My family feedback that the sound does not bother them much.

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Make The Surface Sticky

Fortunately for homeowners, annoying the birds is an easy task. Another thing that these feathery pests really hate is the sticky sensation on their feet they would rather spend their time on the firm and dry surfaces. Youll want to use this to your advantage. After all, not all surfaces can be covered with bird spikes, but most of them can be made sticky.

So, in case a particular surface frequented by birds doesnt allow the installation of spikes, youll want to get yourself something like Bird B Gone Transparent Bird Repellent and use it on the said surface. This particular product is colorless you dont need to worry about the gel ruining the appearance of your porch.

Youll want to use a pair of gloves while applying the gel, though its really sticky and its bound to put you on a washing spree if some of it ends up on your hands.

How To Get Rid Of Bird Poop On Concrete

NO HARM! DIY Bird Repellent

It is not very easy to get bird poop out of concrete patios. However, this doesnt mean that it cannot be done. Here are the steps that will assist you to successfully remove the poop from concrete.

  • Before you start scrubbing or anything, hose off the bird poop with a garden hose.
  • Use liquid soap, preferably dishwasher soap, to cover the stain on the concrete patio.
  • Next, use a strong brush to scrub the soap into the concrete, which will make it easier to remove the poop.
  • After scrubbing the poop area, cover it with sawdust to absorb the solution. Wait for about 20 minutes. You could wash the mixture into the garden, but that would not be good for your environment.
  • After the sawdust has absorbed the mixture, then sweep it off.
  • If there is discoloration on the stained area, you can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to remove this discoloration.
  • Use the hard brush to scrub the mixture into the concrete and wait for some minutes.
  • Once again, pour sawdust on the mixture to absorb it, after which you should sweep it away.

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Wind Chimes Are There For A Reason

Wind chimes are also excellent ways to get rid of birds on the porch. Its a bird scare due to the sound it produces when its hit by a breeze. You can also choose one with shiny chimes to reflect light and discourage birds from landing on your porch.

Wind chimes are good options aside from distress signals since it produces sounds that are pleasant to the ear. The higher the sound produced, the better. You can also come up with a DIY chime using old CDs and other sparkly material.

This method of sending birds away from your porch works on pigeons, brown grass birds, and other smaller fowls. If youre in the hunt for the best bird chime, check out the YLYYCC 12-Bells Chime. Its guaranteed to produce a loud but pleasant sound.

Prevent Birds From Nesting

Bird nests can be unsightly and unsanitary, making it an unwanted feature in your home.

And while you might want nothing more than to toss the nest in the trash and be done with it, there are many good reasons not to.

If you have existing nests, its best to wait for the eggs to hatch and chicks to mature before you touch them.

There are strict laws against touching the active nests of certain migratory birds, but as a matter of principle, it would be best not to disturb any birds nest if they have youngsters in them.

Once youve made sure the nest is empty and abandoned, you can remove the material. Make sure to wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself.

Spray an anti-bacterial solution and allow it to dry before removing the materials. If theres waste nearby, make sure to scrub it off, too, as that can be corrosive to certain building materials.

To avoid future nesting, prevent access to the area using bird netting. Install it on overhangs to protect eaves and other corners where they can comfortably build a nest.

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Place A Bird Feeder Away From Your Porch

For once, stop feeding the birds and then complain about the droppings they leave on your porch. Feeding the fowls dont just make them poop, they also keep them coming back. If the birds still havent stopped landing on your doorstep, place a feeder somewhere in your backyard where they can be less invasive. However, this will still leave some bird droppings youll have to clean later on.

Some homeowners arent worried about getting the hidden parts their yard get dirty as long as the porch stays pristine. To add another diversion to the perching birds, add a birdbath near the feeder so the fowls would be isolated within one area.

Dont forget to remove any food sources on your porch, otherwise, the birds will also peck on it even in the presence of a separate feeder. Thats one of the crucial ways to get rid of birds on the porch.

How Do I Protect My Deck From Bird Poop

How to get rid of Birds, Aves control, catch &  repel birds ...

thethebirdsthethethe birds

  • Hang reflective bird diverters from strings along your fence or from the trees next to your fence.
  • Attach a plastic hawk or owl on or near your fence.
  • Tack shiny pinwheels the brightly colored ones children play with along the top of your fence line.
  • Install a sound deterrent system on your property.
  • Secondly, how do I protect my bird from a balcony? Other pigeon deterrents include aluminum foil pan, Mylar-type balloon, or regular balloons. Poke a hole in your aluminum foil pan and fasten to your balcony railing by string. Try tying a Mylar balloon to your patio table. A decoy owl or hawk, or some shiny rubber snakes can also scare the pigeons away.

    Similarly, you may ask, how do I keep birds from pooping on my balcony?

    In a pinch, you can make a few yourselves by using strips of aluminum foil. If you know of any specific places around your backyard that you want birds to stay away from, you can use the same trick with aluminum foil to keep them away.

    What smell do birds hate?

    Birds dislike the smell of hairspray, perfume and after-shavethey can be toxic. While birds possess olfactory glands glands, enabling them to smell, they do not rely on this sense as much as humans or other animals. Birds primarily use their sight and keen sense of hearing to find food and detect predators.

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    Strategies To Keep Birds Away

    In this article, I discuss three main strategies you can employ to keep birds off patio furniture:

  • Use scare tactics to scare away the birds
  • Make the birds uncomfortable so they don’t return
  • Remove bird attractions from your home
  • First, I’d like to share my experience in dealing with invasive starlings. As I’m sharing my story and making recommendations based on my personal experience in keeping birds off patio furniture, this article is more conversational.

    There are three main strategies for keeping birds away from your furniture.

    Annoy Them With Roosting Conditions

    There are bird repellent sprays and gels that you can apply on your patio furniture where the birds roost. This will make the furniture undesirable since birds don’t like foreign sticky stuff on their feet. Some of there sprays and gels have citrus fragrance. Birds hate citrus so it can keep them away.

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    How To Get Rid Of Birds Pooping On Patio

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    So you have invested hours and effort into making your patio look just perfect you got yourself some beautiful patio furniture, maybe a barbecue grill for special occasions, some attractive looking patio ornaments and even an awning for protection. But the next morning your worst nightmare strikes, you find bird poop all over your beautiful patio. If you are wondering how to get rid of birds pooping on patio, this article will tell you everything you need to know, and more! You will learn all about the homemade tricks as well as read reviews of some fantastic products such as the Zovenchi Solar Powered Animal Repeller you can get from Amazon now!

    Tips On How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Deck Porch Patio And Pool

    Deter birds from garden areas with Wind-Action Owl (STV965) from Defenders

    Birds are lovely creatures, and theyre an important part of natures ecosystem. However, the droppings they leave behind are certainly not pleasant. Not many of us have time to fully pressure wash our deck and patio before spending time outside on a nice day. And if youre a pool owner, you dont need me to tell you that seeing bird droppings float on by as youre swimming is unsavory.

    If youre wondering how to keep your outdoor spaces clean, check out these 12 tips for keeping birds from pooping on your deck, porch, patio, and pool!

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    What To Look For When Buying A Bird Repellent

    Once deciding to purchase a garden bird repellent, you will soon get lost in the matrix of selection. You should keep in mind some criteria before putting any bird control devices into your shopping bag.

    Bird safety

    Remember, people chase unwanted birds away without any harm to them. You have to consider carefully whether this bird control technique is dangerous or fatal to birds or not. If it is a chemical bird repellent, do read all the ingredients and understand the mechanism to cast the birds away.


    each type of bird deterrent indeed has a different mechanism. Some may work based on the chemical or physical reaction. And the mechanism also affects how long we can see that bird control is effective in our garden or. For chemical spray, you may see the instant results.

    Human Safety

    For some circumstances, people are affected by bird deterrent as well, particularly bird spray or supersonic devices, when the anti-bird area mingles with human habitat. Hot chili pepper spray may cause some irritation to the eyes and nose if people accidentally expose themselves to it. The plangent sounds of bird moaning may harm our hearing ability too.

    The Area




    Your Budget

    Proven Methods How To Keep Birds Off Porch

    Domestic birds such as sparrows or pigeons are lovely animals they form one of the most vital parts of natures ecosystem. However, having birds such as these welcoming you on your porch is the last thing you want the droppings that your feathery friends leave behind are far from pleasant.

    Unfortunately, not many homeowners have time to constantly clean up after birds. Whod want to pressure-wash his entire deck every time he wants to spend some time outside on a beautiful summer day? In addition to your porch, patio, or deck, the birds easily can ruin your pool, too.

    Another important thing to mention here is that birds flocking to your porch can and will set the image of what your house is from the outside. You know the old saying first impression lasts. After all, your porch is the very first part of your house that the visitors will see and step into, and it can be a truly unsightly welcome if it reeks of droppings.

    How to deal with this problem? Is it even possible to keep the birds away from your porch? Dont worry were here to help you out. In this article, well be taking an in-depth look at a couple of different strategies that can deter the birds and make them build their nests somewhere else.


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