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Should Patio Doors Open In Or Out

Why Outswing Doors Are Safer

Should I choose Bifolding Doors or Sliding Patio Doors?

One of the main benefits of using an outswing door is that it’s a safer option than doors that open inward. Safety is especially important for public buildings, as an inward swing door can make it nearly impossible for a group of people to exit due to an emergency.

On the other hand, entry doors that swing open allow for a quicker exit. The one drawback of using an outward front door opening is unintentionally hitting someone in the face. Always staying careful while you open the door is a good idea to avoid this situation.

Other Factors To Consider

Ease of Operation


An inswing door has a sweep gasket to keep drafts and water out. This type of gasket relies on friction between the sweep and threshold to create a seal. While extremely effective, this can make the door a little stiff.


On an outswing patio door, a positive stop and compression gasket are responsible for the weathertight seal. Because friction isnt needed, the door is fairly easy to open and close.

Weather Protection


The threshold design that works best with inswing doors can make them more vulnerable to damage from wind-driven rain, so care must be taken to ensure the gasket is snug. Weatherstripping must also be in good condition.


Outswing doors do not suffer much from wind-driven rain and water leaks. Also, because they push against the frame when shut, they are better able to resist hurricane-force winds.



With inswing doors, hinges and security features are inside your home, which is a big security plus. But they can also be forced open from outside because of the direction in which they face, so you need to make sure you have good-quality deadbolts and strike plates.


Outswing doors are very difficult to force open. While their hinges are outside the house, they do have non-removable pins and are therefore not vulnerable to burglars.

Good luck on your project!



Should External Doors Swing In Or Out

Shopping for an external door can be trickier than it might first appear. As well as considering the surrounding décor and type of wood to choose, youll also need to think about the way your door will impinge on its surroundings as it opens and closes. After all, doors that open into confined spaces can make life difficult. Unless youre opting for a sliding door that runs along a single plain, youll need to therefore consider the direction in which your door will open.

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Should Interior French Doors Open Inwards Or Outwards

French doors opening outwardinward opening French doors

. Also question is, do French doors open inwards or outwards?

Generally people will choose a door that opens outward as it take up less interior space. Where there’s plenty of space in the room, French doors that open inward can appear very inviting. Outward-swinging exterior French doors have become much more common than they were in the past.

One may also ask, should exterior doors open inward or outward? No, really – why are residential exterior doors designed to open inward? It makes sense that interior doors do not open into hallways. But for exterior doors, it makes more sense to open outward, especially the metal insulated doors that no longer need storm doors.

Regarding this, can interior doors open outwards?

The home building industry is ruled by codes, but the International Residential Code doesn’t have a requirement for swing direction. The rule of thumb is to hang interior doors to open into the room, not out into a hallway or other common area.

Why do French windows open inwards?

Outward opening doors and windows have the advantage that they will move tighter against their seals when there is a strong wind blowing against them. Inward opening ones will tend to let in a draught if not extremely well fitted.

Should Interior Doors Open In Or Out

Should Patio Doors Open In Or Out?

Interior doors tend to open inwards. This is because outward opening doors are likely to encroach upon a hallway or common area of some kind. Doors that open into these areas might also knock into those walking by. Here at Reddish Joinery, we manufacture made-to-measure internal doors in a range of styles and materials.

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Both Hinged And Sliding Patio Doors Can Create A Functional And Beautiful Access Point Between Your Home And Patio But Each Type Of Patio Door Has Different Features To Consider

Patio doors create a convenient entryway between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The differences that distinguish hinged and sliding types of patio doors are important to consider when shopping for a new or replacement patio door to complement your space.

With the right information about each offering, you can transform the look and function of your room. Read on for more information about what separates hinged and sliding patio doors.

When choosing the right door for your homes patio, many people are not sure if they should go with a hinged or sliding patio door option. Therefore, understanding the pros and cons of each door type can help make your shopping experience a lot easier. Especially when deciding on what is convenient and optimal for your home. Keeping this in mind, it is now time to analyze both the advantages and disadvantages of hinged vs. sliding patio doors. Before we do this, however, let us define the two door types.

Hinged Patio Doors:

A hinged patio door typically consists of either a solid wooden panel or a hollow-cored door affixed to a door jamb with two or more hinges. Quite usually, new hinges are generally required to support taller doors that are beyond average height. For these exceptions, stronger and sturdier hinges are needed for heavier and bigger doors. Of course, the door size will depend on your homes patio size and relative size of the room it is installed in.

Sliding Patio Doors:

Advantages of Hinged Doors:

Exterior French Doors: Questions You Should Ask

  • DIY or hire a pro? While a seasoned DIYer might be comfortable swapping in a new set of prehung doors for old ones, most homeowners will want to call a pro especially if a new opening is needed.
  • How much do they cost? From $400 for a stock steel set to more than $3,000 for semi-custom in fiberglass or aluminum-clad wood .
  • How long will they last? Warranties run anywhere from 2 years to 20, and some can be transferred to the next homeowner.
  • Where to buy? Home centers stock low- to mid-range models. But for the widest selection, visit high-end lumberyards and window and door showrooms.

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Are There Any Height Limits

All manufacturers will advise the individual height their systems are able to achieve. Normally the maximum height is 2.4m, although some manufacturers offer taller systems with a higher specification on the running and hinge mechanisms.

When it comes to opening sizes, bear in mind that most off-the-peg FSDs cover only a maximum of around five metres, so for a floor-to-ceiling wall of glazing you may need to go bespoke. The latest bespoke designs can be used to create stunning curves, and even navigate around corners, so you can open up your entire ground floor. Such designs will need extra structural support.

Which Way Should An Exterior Door Swing

How to Install a Sliding Patio Door

Traditionally exterior doors have always swung inward for a few different reasons, including security. Doors that swing inward will have hinges on the inside of your home, making them harder to access from outside. This is less important these days with security hinges widely available, but its still pretty customary to swing inward.

In harsh climates where tornadoes and hurricanes are common, exterior doors are often built to swing outward. An outward swinging door will have more stability for high wind events where there is a lot of exterior pressure pushing the door against the house. In Canada, these events arent as common, so youll almost always see exterior doors swing inward.

Some exterior doors, like doors that lead to a deck, balcony or patio, or sometimes french doors, may swing outward for a few reasons. Balcony doors on apartment buildings are a great example of doors that can swing either way. Generally, you want the door to swing in the least obtrusive way, and sometimes thats outward if the door is in the middle of the room.

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Garden Doors Versus French Doors

A garden patio door, also known as a hinged or swinging door, is a term for a double patio door with swinging capabilities. French is just one style of garden model.

These offer options about where to install the hinges.

  • Side hinges, both panels inswing or outswing
  • Side hinges, one panel inswing or outswing
  • Center hinges, one panel inswing or outswing
  • Do Both Doors Open On French Doors

    For a set of French doors, both doors open but dont get used regularly. One door has the moving hardware and handle, and that door is the one that is used daily. The other door typically remains shut for pass-through traffic. However, there is a latch that keeps the second door shut. This latch is at the bottom of the door. When you need both doors open , just flip the latch to release the stationary door.

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    What Is A Side By Side Vs French Door For Refrigerators

    A side-by-side refrigerator has two vertical panels. These swing open to reveal the fridge on one side and the freezer on the other.

    A French door refrigerator is divided horizontally to separate the refrigerator from the freezer. Two panels on the top half swing open from the center to reveal the fridge, and drawers on the bottom half pull out to reveal the freezer. are similar for either model.

    How Long Does Installation Take

    When Should I Get New Patio Doors

    The system and size of the doors will determine how long your doors take to put in. Ideally, the installation should be one of the last elements of a build process to ensure the doors, and probably most significantly the track, are protected from ongoing construction work, explains Carl Farrow, technical development manager at ID Systems.

    A typical installation would see our engineers arrive on site first thing in the morning, and pack out the opening before installing the outer frame of the system. This would then be followed by the track installation and fitting the doors. The final stage is a test and adjustment of the system to ensure the doors are running perfectly, before spending time with the customer to ensure they know how the doors operate, and how to look after and maintain them.

    Typically, a bi-fold door of up to six panels would be completed inside a day by a single team of engineers, says Carl. A larger system, including doors with bigger panes of glass and complementary products such as glass roofs, may take multiple engineer teams two or three days.

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    What Are Sliding Doors

    Sliding doors open by moving to the side, with the panes fitting behind one another. They wont be able to fully open the room in which theyre fitted to the outside but, hidden pocket versions are possible, allowing the sliding doors to be inserted into the wall to create a complete open wall. They are a popular option when space is limited because they dont require room to manoeuvre inside or out.

    ‘Sliding doors are essential in any space that requires a large opening, such as a back patio or a yard. You can easily slide them, so that they don’t obstruct your view. It is a beautiful choice if you want a clean-lined, minimalist design.’ Says Daniel Adams, CEO & Home Improvement Contractor of Cosier.

    Sliding doors with a powder-coated aluminium frame and solar-controlled double glazing, from £15,000,

    Sliding doors are worth considering if your priority is your view and you wish this to be as uninterrupted as possible by framing. With a sliding door you get the benefit of larger expanses of glass and the view isnt impaired by as many frame lines when the door is shut, adds Higgs.

    Usually, a sliding door does not provide a 100 per cent opening unless it can slide into a pocket, in which case you might end up with more solid wall than you want within the room.

    Are There Different Types And Styles Of French Doors

    Originally differentiated only by their number of panes, or lights, French doors are available in myriad styles and materials, ranging from single pane to 10-light styles set in frames made of wood, steel, aluminum, and even fiberglass. Clear glass is most common, but in settings where some privacy is desired, opaque glass may be used.

    French doors are traditionally hinged. You can also find sliding, louvered , and pivot French doorsthere is some debate about whether these variations are really French doors, but regardless of semantics, theyre options worth considering.

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    How Do You Determine Which Way A Door Should Open

    Think hard about the doors in your home. You can probably think of a great deal of exterior and interior doors, but can you identify any trends in the directions in which they open? It may seem like their orientation is arbitrary, but in reality, there are a few guidelines that homeowners and door installation professionals can follow when designing a rooms layout. Generally, you should think about three things when considering new door placement: safety, practicality, and space. These considerations are in order of decreasing importance, and they can help inform your choices.

    The History Of French Doors

    Sticking Patio or French Door? Adjust Hinges to FIX

    So, what exactly is so French about French doors? From what little factual information exists, we’ve learned that French doors originated in the south of France towards the end of the Renaissance period in the 17th century. The style then spread throughout the country and the rest of Europe over the course of the 19th century.

    They were originally used on balconies to allow more natural light into the room before the days of electricity. They were initially known as French windows and were essentially large windows with single panes of glass.

    As time went on and electricity became the norm, French doors were designed more for their aesthetic value. As such, you’ll notice that the original French doors were much larger, but modern ones tend to be a lot more compact and with more panes.

    It’s interesting to note that Renaissance architecture generally focused on symmetry, proportion and geometry. There was also a heavy emphasis on light, so glass was obviously favoured during the period. French doors were originally made with wood and iron framing, which housed one large, single pane of glass.

    But over time as the glass industry developed, small, individual windows became the fashion. Today, French doors are generally made with hardwood, PVC and aluminium, because these materials are not only light, but deceptively strong.

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    Who Invented French Doors

    No individual can take credit, but French doors have a history rooted in France. Theyre said to have been influenced by Italian Renaissance architecture and its emphasis on light and symmetrya style that migrated to France after the Great Italian Wars of the 16th century. Aesthetics combined with a pre-electricity dependence on natural light and the increased availability of glass led to more windowsand an expansion of those windows into doors. Because glass was fragile and expensive, it was installed in small panes with mullions in between. The mullions and door frames were typically made of wood or wrought iron for structural stability as well as for looks.

    How Should You Install Your Doors

    Since there really arent many rules, you can pretty much do as you like here. However, the best way to install a door is the way that makes the most sense for the flow of the home. You dont want to install your doors in a way which is uncomfortable for you or your guests. As yourself which direction wont obstruct common paths and areas, and which way will keep the door out of the way when open.

    If you have any questions about door placement, dont hesitate to reach out and contact us. We know its not something everyone may think about, and were happy to point you in the right direction!

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    Pros Of French Doors Vs Sliding Doors

    ⦠Classic Design and Versatility

    If your home style is classical, cottage, traditional, or rustic, French doors provide a timeless addition to your overall look. A full door frame is more traditional than the narrower sliding glass door frame.

    They also are versatile in their design. French doors are not only designed for luxurious homes, although there are luxury options to choose from. Customers can find French doors in laid-back and rustic styles, too.

    Since French doors are standard doors with glass, they come in virtually any type of material and colors. You can also find them with traditional or modern window styles.

    Historically, French doors are made up of mullioned windows, which look like multiple small windows panes. Today, manufacturers make the door with one single large pane on each door. This style is popular for allowing in more light and comes with various glass styles and designs.

    ⦠Inward and Outward Opening

    As mentioned earlier, you can open French doors outwardly or inwardly. This provides an exceptional advantage to other door options, as you can decide which way to open the door based on which way you are entering.

    This efficiency makes French patio doors wonderful for easily moving large objects to or from the interior of the house.

    ⦠Prettier Handles

    ⦠Save on Your Energy Bill

    Both types of doors can be opened up to allow a fresh breeze into the space. Using natural airflow can help reduce heating or cooling bills.


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