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What Is The Standard Height Of A Patio Umbrella

Are All Patio Umbrellas The Same Height What Is A Good Patio Umbrella Height

Small patio table with umbrella

Not all patio umbrellas are the same height. Cheaper umbrellas are shorter (they save money on manufacturing by cutting materials where possible.

The lowest edge of your patio umbrella should sit 7 feet from the ground, or higher.

If most of your family or friends play for the Toronto Raptors, opt for 8 feet of clearance.

What Is A Rectangular Umbrella

A rectangular patio umbrella provides an alternative shade solution to anyone seeking to style their outdoor space in a nontraditional aesthetic. Sleek and simple, these umbrellas possess the same functionalities as traditional round umbrella styles, with options from cantilever to center pole to aluminum.

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Standard Sliding Glass Door Size Dimensions And Measurements

So far, we have seen that the standard dimensions for the glass sliding door are taken as 80 inches as for the length and 60 72 inches for the width.

But, what if you have a multi-panel sliding glass door for the patio? Ideally, how wide can be a sliding glass door in that case?

So, here are a few details and dimensions you need to know in case of the panel sliding doors. If you are searching for a substitute or are searching for mounting a spanking new glass door in a newly built mansion of yours, you might need to be equipped with the following information to get started.

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Measuring For A Patio Umbrella Based On Patio Size

Another thing to keep in mind when buying a patio umbrella is the size of the space where it is going to be placed.

When figuring out how to measure for the perfect patio umbrella, consider where you are going to place it.

If the space where you are placing your umbrella is very compact and very cramped, you likely need to get a smaller umbrella in the 6-8 feet range.

If you have a larger space to fill you can buy a larger umbrella that is going to help cover more space and provide more shade.

Some great umbrellas today use booms and heavily counterweighted bases to provide a HUGE amount of shade for a large gathering area on your patio.

Consider possibly getting 2 or 3 umbrellas if your space if very large and make sure they are positioned so as not to hit each other when fully opened.

How you are placing the umbrella also makes a difference.

For those that are placing an umbrella on a table you need to consider the table, as mentioned before, and if you are placing your umbrella in a stand you do need to make sure you are getting the right size stand to be able to support both the weight and size of the umbrella.

The larger the umbrella, the more likely it is to tip over if the base is not large enough.

For large counterweighted cantilever style patio umbrellas make sure to account for the amount of space the BASE will need and where the base will be positioned relative to your patio furniture.

Standard Front Door Width

9 ft Height Adjustable Outdoor Patio Umbrella

According to the Internal Residential Code, the primary door to the house must be at least 36 inches wide. The primary door is usually the front door, which means the most common width for them is 36 inches. However, front doors are available in several standard sizes:

  • 28 inches

If would like double front doors fitted with sidelights, this will increase their overall width again.

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Types Of Outdoor Umbrellas

When you go shopping for an umbrella, don’t get confused and buy a beach umbrellait just won’t do the job. The types of umbrella that you’ll most likely find online or at stores include:

Umbrella frames are traditionally constructed from wood, aluminum or fiberglass. The most common material is aluminum, which is also the material you will see most often on umbrella poles. If made correctly with the right finish, it resists all kinds of weather conditions. Wood frames, especially an outdoor-tolerant wood like teak, ipe or eucalyptus, is also a popular material for umbrellas but is more costly. As an alternative to aluminum, fiberglass is lightweight, flexible, non-corrosive and holds up in various weather conditions.

Turkington Windows: Double Glazing In Ireland And Much More

No matter the size of the project, weve got you covered. Turkington has an array of products including windows, doors and home extensions to improve the value and aesthetic of your home. Since opening our doors back in 1982, we have built a reputation for our high-quality products and expert knowledge and service across Ireland. To see what we could do for you, contact us online or get a free online quote today.

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What Type Of Umbrella Is Best For My Space

There are many commercial umbrella styles to choose from Superior Shade has 5 styles and that doesnt even include the different shapes that are available! Based on where you are installing the umbrella and what it is being used for, there are go-to umbrella types for those locations. For example, if you are wanting to shade guests lounging by the pool opt for a cantilever umbrella that allows for unobstructed views of the water. If you are wanting to shade a bench or one table, wed suggest opting for a dual-column umbrella. Likewise, if youre looking for splash pad umbrella, a single post or tilt and swivel umbrella may be best. Heres a quick overview of the types of umbrellas that are offered:

Poles Cranks And Levers

Galtech 9-ft. Aluminum Tilt Patio Umbrella – Product Review Video

At this point, youre probably excited to choose a canopy fabric, but there are some important functional choices youll also need to consider. With a variety of frame options to choose from for designer and market umbrellas, like teak, silver and bronze, youll easily find one that suits your decor. And no matter which you choose, you can rest assured it will hold up as all our umbrellas are crafted to resist weathering and rusting. They are also easy to open, close and tilt with hand cranking or lever mechanisms. Market and designer umbrellas with teak frames feature a simple pulley system to open and close.

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The Ultimate Size Guide For Buying Your Next Patio Umbrella

  • The Ultimate Size Guide for Buying your next Patio Umbrella

Investing in a quality patio umbrella for your home can be a very fulfilling experience. Its more than just a backyard ornament, patio umbrellas are involved in countless precious memories and meaningful moments, spent with families and friends. So, if youre planning to buy your next patio umbrella and are wondering about the size thats appropriate for your desired location, read this ultimate size guide!

Patio Umbrella A patio umbrella serves a unique purpose for your homes outdoor atmosphere. You can use it for your garden, backyard, or patio to make it look beautiful, as well as for UV sun protection. Umbrellas can be made of different materials such as fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. Durable ribs and fancy waterproof canopies, in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, makes any patio appear more attractive.

The Ultimate Size Guide Buyers often get too excited upon purchasing a patio umbrella, based on the uniqueness of designs, patterns, shapes, textures, and colors. However, one of the most important features to consider when buying your next patio umbrella is its size. The size of your patio umbrella is truly vital to the overall appearance of your garden, backyard, or patio. Below are some practical and useful tips to consider.

Patio Umbrella Size Guide Find The Perfect Umbrella

Updated: Eric Clark

When shopping for a patio umbrella, there are many variables to consider. Do you want a traditional patio umbrella or cantilever umbrella? What shape umbrella do you want? Octagonal, rectangular, or square? Does it need to tilt? And finally, what sorts of materials and colors are right for your needs and design directions? But perhaps the most important property of an umbrella to consider prior to purchase is the size! You want to make sure your umbrella will fit with your furniture in terms of scale, and in terms of shade capabilities. We have put together this Patio Umbrella Size Guide to cover all the basics for umbrella size questions.

Whether youre looking to upgrade your patio umbrella or your furniture, this guide will show the appropriate sizes for different furniture scales and scopes.


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Umbrella Extension Pole For Bar Height Table

45″-long extension pole makes an umbrella tall enough for a bar height table. Round pole has an outside diameter of 1 1/2″. Sold individually. See Description tab below.


45″-long extension pole makes an umbrella tall enough for a bar height table. Round extension pole has an outside diameter of 1 1/2″ and fits an umbrella pole with a 1 3/8″ outside diameter. US standard size, not metric. Center of the hole is 2 1/16″ from end of the pole hole measures 3/8″ in diameter the notch is 4 1/4″ from the end of the pole. Fits our 9-Foot Aluminum Push Button Tilt umbrellas. White, black, bronze or champagne computer monitor may not accurately represent color. Click on additional part views to help confirm if this is the item you need.

Sold individually. No minimum quantity required.

What Size Umbrella Should I Get

Galtech 9

According to the open diameter confirm what size you need. if you need 35.5 inch open diametral, please choose 38 inch umbrella. if you need 38.5 inch open diametral, please choose 42 inch umbrella. if you need 40.5 inch open diametral, please choose 46 inch umbrella. if you need 43.5 inch open diametral, please choose 50 inch umbrella. if you need 48 inch open diametral, please choose 54 inch umbrella. if you need 51 inch open diametral, please choose 58 inch umbrella. if you need 52 inch open diametral, please choose 60 inch umbrella. if you need 64 inch open diametral, please choose 62 inch umbrella. if you need 60 inch open diametral, please choose 68 inch umbrella. if you need 62 inch open diametral, please choose 72 inch umbrella. if you need 66 inch open diametral, please choose 76 inch umbrella. if you need 70 inch open diametral, please choose 80 inch umbrella. if you need 74 inch open diametral, please choose 84 inch umbrella. if you need 78 inch open diametral, please choose 88 inch umbrella. if you need 86 inch open diametral, please choose 96 inch umbrella. if you need 94 inch open diametral, please choose 104 inch umbrella. if you need 102 inch open diametral, please choose 112 inch umbrella. if you need 110 inch open diametral, please choose 120 inch umbrella.

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Square And Rectangular Umbrellas

Rectangular umbrellas are ideal for, obviously, rectangle and also oval shaped tables. Square umbrellas are ideal for, obviously, square tables. They come in a variety of sizes not sure what size you need? Add an approximate 2′ to each side of your table to determine what size umbrella will keep your dining guests in the shade.

For example, an 8’x11′ rectangular patio umbrella works for patio tables 60″ 100″ long, seating 8-10 people or a pair of small round or square tables.

Pick A Durable Fabric Designed For Outdoor Use

Patio umbrella fabrics need to be lightweight, strong, stain proof and easily foldable. Thats a tall order, but there are fabrics out there that can handle it. One of our favorite umbrella fabric producers is Sunbrella, which allows you to pick your own patterns and colors while still providing the durability that you need. Plus: DIY Outdoor Lighting Tips for Beginners

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Section C Fabrics & Materials Best Patio Umbrella Fabric

Click here to view all Sunbrella Fabric Options.

Just like the fabrics of your outdoor furniture, you need to make sure that the fabrics and materials used on your umbrella meet all-weather requirements. If you live in windy areas, you may want to consider fiberglass umbrellas that are flexible and are designed to bend slightly. Likewise, aluminum is very durable and is still a viable option.

As far as fabrics go, youll want to look for a few key phrases that will indicate a quality outdoor umbrella. All-weather, waterproof and UV resistant fabrics, and breathable designs that prevent mold and mildew are highly recommended. Sunbrellais the most well-known name in outdoor fabrics. They began making awning in the early 1960s. They now make fabrics for umbrellas as well. Learn more about Sunbrella Fabrics.

What Pole Or Frame Material Should I Use


Choosing the material for your umbrella frame is really about deciding what your priorities are. Are you trying to match the look of your outdoor furniture set? Are you most concerned about durability in a moist or windy environment? Or, do you really want to complement the landscape and architectural design of your home? Heck, you might simply want to help your favorite canopy fabric really pop. The three primary materials used to construct patio umbrella poles and frames are wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Each material has its own benefits and characteristics, so youll have to decide which one best suits your needs.

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French Double Doors Inswing

French doors are designed for access to a patio, deck, or porch on the side or rear of the house, or perhaps as a secondary door on the front of the house which isnt intended as the main entry door. French doors are available in the same sizes as the primary entry door but are meant for convenience to the people who live in the house and their guests.

Why You Need To Measure For A Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are a great way to make those super scorching days a bit more bearable.

The sun is a great thing, we need it for vitamin D and to help our food grow, if we are deprived of sunlight we can become ill, we can suffer mentally, and we can become unhealthy.

UV rays can damage the skin and cause skin cancer, a patio umbrella makes it possible to get out and enjoy the sun, without the harmful effects and does provide some relief from the heat when you are outside.

A patio umbrella is a fantastic addition to any patio or outdoor space and can make it more useful to those that might not want to be directly under sunlight or that just want some shade to relax in.

Patio umbrellas are varied in size, shape and overall materials, making selecting the right umbrella harder than you might imagine.

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Canopy Fabric And Care

Most of our umbrellas are made with 100% Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic fabric that resists fading, stains, mold and mildew. To extend its life and as a safety precaution against tipping, always close your umbrella when not in use. Spot clean with mild soap and water as necessary and place in a protective cover when out of use for an extended period of time. And should you want to change the look of your umbrella in a later season, replacement canopies are available in a variety of colors.

How Are Patio Doors Measured

Darlee 9 Ft. Aluminum Auto Tilt Patio Market Umbrella ...

Measure the width of the door at the center, horizontally from one end of the door panel to the other. To measure the height of the door, extend your tape measure vertically from one end of the door panel to the other. Be sure to capture both width and height measurements.

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Climate / Wind Resistance

What type of climate do you live in?

Windy Areas Umbrella canopies are not unlike the sail on a boat, so locations with high wind require certain considerations. Wind gusts can bend or break canopy ribs, snap poles, or pull umbrellas out of their bases and send them flying three doors down. If you live in a windy area, here are some things to consider:

  • Buy a quality patio umbrella with flexible, replaceable canopy ribs, a large diameter pole, and an extra-heavy base.
  • Keep your umbrella closed when not in use. And an umbrella cover can really help increase the life of the canopy.

Seaside areas If you live near the ocean, consider a patio umbrella with an aluminum pole that will not rust or deteriorate from the moist, salty air. Look for canopies available in fabrics that are UV-protected, resistant to mildew, and easy to clean.

High Altitude Higher altitudes mean closer proximity to the sun and more intense rays beaming down on your umbrella canopy. Over time, this can result in fading and accelerated deterioration. All of our umbrella canopies are designed for intense outdoor sun, but Sunbrella fabrics in particular are renowned for their enduring color and UV protection, and offer a 5-year warranty against fading, mildew, and more. Spuncrylic fabrics carry a 2-year warrenty.

Some of our Bambrella brand products are rated up to 78 mph for areas that really get a lot of wind, like off a lake or on the ocean.

How To Measure A Patio Umbrella

The size of a patio or pool umbrella is determined by its width, not by its height. Heres how to measure an outdoor umbrella in 3 easy steps:

  • Open the patio umbrella so that its shade canopy is fully extended.
  • Using a tape measure, measure along one of the rib arms on the top of the patio umbrella from the center to the outside edge.
  • Multiply that number by two and this will give you the correct size of the patio umbrella.
  • If you are planning to use a patio umbrella with an outdoor dining table or bar, you may also need to know the crank height of your patio umbrella. To determine a patio umbrellas crank height, measure from the base of the umbrellas pole to the bottom of the crank mechanism.

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