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How Much Is It To Make A Concrete Patio

Average Cost Of Concrete Patio Installation

How to Pour a Concrete backyard Patio Slab [Beginner Guide]

The price to build a concrete patio varies greatly depending on the size of the patio and any special features such as curved shapes, built-in concrete stairs to the yard or pigment that can make your concrete almost any color you want. This brings our total range for building a concrete patio to anywhere from $3 to $12 per square foot.

This concrete patio price estimate does not include acid-stained or stamped concrete patios or those accented with embedded tiles or other materials. All those upgrades push cost a little higher than our current estimate for basic, finished concrete.

$3.00 $5.00 per square foot$8.00 $10.00 per square foot

What Is The Cheapest Patio To Build

Concrete patios are typically one of the least expensive to build. Assuming proper installation and maintenance, they are one of the most durable, too, though like brick, concrete is subject to cracking with freeze-thaw cycles. Since poured concrete follows any form, unlimited patio design options are possible.

Best Diy Concrete Patio Ideas That Beginners Can Do

Every time you wish to transform your patio, the concrete is an ideal choice. It is durable, affordable, and much doable. So, get the outstanding patios with these 12 best DIY Concrete Patio Ideas that involve using the concrete to make concrete patio pavers, concrete patio tiled walkways, and solid clean concrete pathways. You can use the custom forms, stamps, and patterns to give too many variations to your concrete patios like the cobblestone pattern. To check out all stunning patio transformation, just check out these 12 DIY concrete patio ideas that are adorable and will require much low maintenance. You can build a concrete patio around a pool around deck, and it will be great to feature in your outdoor landscaping. You will get the much-needed home outdoor improvements with these concrete patio ideas in a budget-friendly way.

The concrete patio ideas will not merely involve building the concrete patio floors and pavers, but they will also involve doing the decorative makeover of old, tired, and cracked concrete floors. Use the whitewood or 2x4s planks to set up the concrete pavers form and then pour the concrete in them. Smooth them down, float, towel, screed, and add joints if necessary. Finally, finish them off with decorative edging. Install the concrete patio with a gravel base and build the concrete patio pavers with gravel lining.

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Broom Finished Concrete Patio Cost

This is a concrete surface finish that is broomed before it dries. An easy and cheap way to add a decorative edge that is slip resistant. Add on $0.40 to $1 per square foot.

  • Appearance: With this finish, you can see the brushstrokes left behind when a stiff yard brush is dragged across the almost set concrete. The resulting finish is safe in all conditions because it is very difficult to slip on.
  • Pros: Affordable, fast to complete for the installer, slip resistant
  • Upkeep: Gentle pressure washing, and, like most sealed patio surfaces, should be resealed every couple of years to keep it in top condition.
  • Summary: Great way to add an interesting and safer finish to concrete slag. Fast to complete and very affordable.

How Much Does A Stamped Concrete Patio Cost

11 Genius Ideas How to Make Concrete Patio Ideas For Small ...

Getting a stamped concrete patio can double your cost, says Arturo Ochoa, owner of A& C Concrete in Fremont, Nebraska. For example, depending on the job, installation for a plain concrete patio cost might start at $7 per square foot but the cost for stamped concrete might start at $14 per square foot.

Stamped concrete requires the crew to create a detailed design in the concrete and then come back the following day to apply staining and sealer to the patio, he says. However, stamped concrete can mimic the look and color of brick or brick pavers, stone, tile or even wood at a lower cost than you’d pay for those other materials.

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What Is The : : 3 Mix Ratio For Concrete

The mix ratio of 1:2:3 consists of 1 Part cement, 2 Parts sand, and 3 Parts stone to make a concrete mix you can use for most any building project.

The way you measure the ratio could be in shovels, buckets, or wheel barrows. As long as you’re consistent you’ll get a good strong mix.

Generally, when the stone ratio is more than the sand, this concrete cures a little stronger than a 1:3:3 ratio. The difference is in the workability of the concrete. The sand tends to make the concrete a little more easier to work with. The less sand the rockier the mix is going to be.

Diy Concrete Patio Costs

When you DIY, you should have the following tools, supplies, and materials:

  • 2 x 4 and 1 x 6 wood to create forms
  • Wood stakes
  • Geotextile, sand, and gravel for the base
  • Concrete mix or delivery
  • Leveling trowels
  • Concrete sealant

The materials will cost about $500 $600 for mid-sized 12 x 12 patio. You can use stencils and dyes after your concrete is dry, multilevel slabs with or without steps, pea gravel or stone borders, and much more. Your imagination and budget are the only limits to the design possibilities.

However, when you do not feel comfortable with a concrete project, you should consider hiring a professional. You only have one chance to get the finish right.

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Stamped Concrete Versus Pavers Cost Range

If you dont think you can swing a stamped concrete patio cost, you may consider pavers. Stamped concrete allows you to have a look that mimics different materials, and this includes stone pavers. Pavers are individual pieces of brick or stone that you lay beside one another to create a driveway or patio. Its a nice low-maintenance landscaping idea. Pavers come in several colors, and you can lay them out in different patterns. You do have more limits on the style and color than you do with concrete, but it can mimic the look of stone or wood.

However, pavers are slightly more expensive than a basic stamped concrete patio cost. On average, pavers will cost between $11.00 and $15.00 a square foot. So, this makes them less expensive than a more complex stamped concrete design, and it puts them right up to the cost for a mid-range concrete patio. Pavers also offer the benefit of being more authentic because you use actual brick or stone rather than attempt to recreate them. This allows you to get a natural variation that youll pay a nice price for to try and recreate by hand painting concrete. They also dont crack like concrete. Pavers do shift and loosen, so this means youll have more maintenance. You can compare prices below:

  • 100 Square Feet
  • Stamped Concrete $1,200 to $1,800
  • 150 Square Feet
  • Stamped Concrete $1,800 to $2,700
  • 200 Square Feet
  • Stamped Concrete $2,400 to $3,600
  • 400 Square Feet
  • Stamped Concrete $4,800 to $7,200
  • 500 Square Feet
  • Pavers $5,500 to $7,500
  • Retail Concrete Patio Costs

    How To Form, Pour, And Finish A Concrete Patio Slab

    Here is a list of the materials and tools needed to frame, pour and finish a concrete patio.

    • $2 $4 per Square Foot | Concrete by the bag costs more than by the truck, but unless you pour a large concrete patio, a full truck load likely wont be required
    • About a $1 per Linear Foot | Lumber to frame the perimeter of the patio for pouring the concrete lumber prices remain volatile, so this is subject to change
    • $12 $15 per Box | Duplex nails used to fasten the framing together
    • $15 $25 per Cubic Yard | Youll want about 4 inches of it, unless youve had to dig out more topsoil. One yard of gravel covers about 80 square feet 4 inches deep.
    • $.25 $.33 per square foot | Steel or Fiberglass concrete reinforcement
    • $15 $30 | Edging Trowel for working the concrete along the edges
    • $25 $40 Finishing Trowel of Float | Required for finished concrete to give it a smooth surface
    • $35 $40 per Gallon or $170-$200 for a 5-gallon Pail | Concrete Sealer with 200 square foot per gallon coverage
    • $300 $500+ for purchase $50 $100 per day Rental | Concrete Saw with Diamond Blade

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    Cost To Replace Concrete Patio

    If you already have a concrete patio in place, dont forget to include the price to remove concrete in your estimate. This will add about $550 to $1,575 to your overall budget. The size of the slab you need to remove and the associated disposal fees will determine where in this range your project will fall.

    Haul Your Own Concrete

    You also have the option of hauling your own concrete, typically up to 1 cubic yard at a time. You will need to rent a small concrete mixer that is attached to a trailer which adds $10 per cubic yard to your concrete price, or a flat fee of $120 per day.

    In many projects, concrete should be poured all at once else, it will produce a âcold seamâ that weakens the structure. Keep this in mind if your project requires more than one cubic yard of material.

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    Can You Pour Your Own Concrete Patio

    You can but it you will only save the cost of the labor. Concrete straight from the plant costs around $140 per cubic yard. The labor involved in pouring a concrete slab is very demanding. Worst case scenario the concrete dries before you smooth it out and you are left with an unfinished slab that has humps and rocks sticking up.

    There are plenty of times we have been called when the homeowner has started forming and decided it was too much for them. Other times they or an inexperienced contractor poured and the concrete got away from them. Either way we can help you out just give us a call.

    Create An Atmosphere With A Fire Pit Or Chiminea

    Stamped Concrete Patio Saving Much of Your Budget

    Your patio is where you can enjoy the outdoors at home. A fire pit or chiminea can bring your patio to life. They can be used for cooking, socializing, warming up, and enjoying your view of the outdoors. A professional can install a fire pit with your choice of fuel and materials. If you dont want a fire pit, chimineas are much more affordable, and sit above the ground. Your fire pit or chiminea should be placed where the wind is not too strong and there is little foot traffic.

    Both fire pits and chimineas need to be covered and kept dry when not in use. If you are having a fire pit built, make sure there is space underneath for water to drain out. Stay safe by keeping a fire extinguisher nearby.

    When it comes to designing your patio, there are options for all tastes and budgets. Pops of color, cool designs, protective screens, and stylish arbors and pergolas are all at your disposal. Whether you are trying to build your own patio sanctuary, or hiring professionals, remember to keep safety and comfort in mind!

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    Striking The Diy Concrete Patio

    Move a strikeoff across the form to level the concrete. On large jobs, do this batch-by-batch, rather than after all the cement is placed. Move the board slowly along the form, using a side-to-side, sawing motion be sure to make two passes. Even on narrow forms, two people will make the work faster and more efficient. If necessary, a third person can shovel extra concrete into any corners to save time.

    Smoothing concrete patio surface

    If you’re working on a very small walkway leading to your patio, you can skip this step.) After striking off, use a darby or bull float-depending on the size of your project-for the initial finishing, to smooth down high spots and fill small hollows left after striking off.

    Use the darby on small DIY concrete projects. Move it in overlapping arcs, then repeat with overlapping straight, side-to-side strokes. Keep the tool flat, don’t let it dig in. For larger jobs, use a bull float . Push it away from you with its leading edge raised slightly. Pull it back nearly flat overlap your passes.

    Edging concrete

    Giving your Do It Yourself concrete slab or sidewalk a curved edge will help it resist chipping and prevent stub-toes or tripping accidents. To edge the cement, begin by running a mason’s trowel between the concrete and the outer edges of the slab form . Follow with an edger . Run it back and forth to smooth and compact the concrete. Unless the tool has a toboggan end, raise the leading edge slightly as you move it.

    Do You Need A Permit To Build A Concrete Patio

    A permit generally is not required to pour a concrete slab for a patio. However, a building permit may be required if your patio project involves electrical or plumbing work or if you plan to install a pergola, patio covering or wood deck. It’s always a good idea to check with the building and codes department of your city, county or town to verify permit requirements in your zip code.

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    Cool Things You Can Make By Mixing Your Own Concrete

    For very small projects, such as setting a mailbox post or doingrepairs, you may want to purchase a packaged concrete mix. Such a mixcombines cement, sand, and gravel in the correct mixing ratios andrequires only the addition of water to create fresh concrete.

    These bags are basically a 1 : 2 : 4 concrete mix ratio.

    These concrete mixture ratios are designed for the concrete toreach full strength at or around 28 days old.

    Curing the concrete can bedone by keeping it wet after the first day until the concrete is 7 daysold.

    Curing is an important step to take for the concrete to achieve fullstrength by 28 days.

    Watch my video talking about what concrete mixing ratios and what it takes to achieve 3000 psi, 3500 psi, 4000 psi, and 4500 psi concrete.

    I also break down the equivalent 20mpa, 25mpa, 30mpa, and 35mpa concrete mixing ratios.

    See the video HERE.

    Can I Use Quickrete To Pour A Patio

    How to Make a New Concrete Patio

    Pouring a concrete patio with Quikrete ready mix bagged concrete is much more difficult than having concrete delivered in a truck. You will have to hand mix in a wheelbarrow or use a portable concrete mixer to mix water with bagged concrete. If you choose this method, have plenty of labor on-hand and stick to smaller concrete patios and projects.

    If you find using bagged concrete is too labor intensive and time consuming and theres no budget to hire a concrete contractor, consider building a gravel stone pathway leading to a patio area made of decomposed granite in another area of your backyard.

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    Over 1000 Satisfied Customers Lets See What Some Say

    With over 10 years in business we continue to work as hard as day one to deliver high quality patios at reasonable prices!

    Next Level Concrete designed and installed a beautiful stamped concrete patio for us a few years back. It still looks gorgeous and we were happy with everything.

    Ashley P

    Next Level Concrete did a fantastic job on an exposed aggregate patio for us last year. They are a company you can trust and rely on for a good job.

    John D

    Next level Concrete did a bang up job on a 500 square foot stamped patio 3 years ago. They are top of the pack.

    Justin L

    Can I Extend A Concrete Patio

    Yes. You can absolutely extend an existing concrete patio. During your set up process, you will need to use a hammer drill with a concrete bit and drill dowel holes in the existing patio slab. Once the dowel holes have been drilled, install rebar into these dowel holes with rebar ties and secure to rebar grid in the new patio extension area before pouring the concrete.

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    Concrete Patio Edging Costs

    Edging is a fast way to increase your concrete patio costs because they have to be done by hand. The molds the contractors use dont fold, bend, or allow them to use them on any surface that isnt totally flat. So, you have to bring the molds as close to the edge of the patio as you can before you continue the pattern by hand. The cost range has a large fluctuation depending on the pattern, whether or not you have a border, and the patios shape. Youll usually price out edging as a separate entity from your original concrete patio cost, and it starts around $6.00 per linear foot.

    Concrete Patio Pricing And Installation Cost Checklist

    DIY Concrete Patio in 8 Easy Steps
    • Get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a Concrete Patio contractor estimates are typically free, unless its a service call for a repair.
    • Expect the Concrete Patio prices to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.
    • Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractors down season.
    • Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out I.e difficult configurations, patterns, the additional complexity of your home will add to the Concrete Patio costs.
    • Visit every supply house that sell your particular brand of Concrete Patio and try to negotiate a better price with each supplier I save on average 20%.
    • Remember, there are multiple styled homes in the U.S from: Contemporary, colonial, cape-cod style, ranch, bungalow, victorian, etc. So keep that in mind and try to budget a little more, before starting your Concrete Patio project.

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