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How To Attach Patio Umbrella To Fence

Large Square Umbrella Base Plate

CANVAS Bala Patio Umbrella Table video review by Tara

This umbrella base plate is about 2-feet square made of steel with a powder-coated finish.

What is good about this particular base is that it has the 4 holes in the corner so you could screw this plate into your wooden deck for extra support.


  • wide base to help stabilize your umbrella
  • fits a variety of umbrella diameters


  • its large footprint means you cant have your umbrella pole flush to your deck rail because the base would overhang the edge of your deck

How To Use The Delta Compound Miter Saw

Compound miter saws are a great improvement from the older miter box and saw. They allow you to cut flawlessly specific angles with a rotating blade. Delta Compound Miter Saws combine the convenience of an electrical tool and the accuracy of a miter box. Heres how to use one.

Step 1

Place the miter saw on a table or workspace. Attach the dust collection bag behind the saw blade by squeezing the metal prongs together and slipping the bag over the sawdust exhaust tube. Proceed to unlock the miter saw using the steps we saw above.

Step 2

Plug the unit into a power supply using an appropriately sized extension cord if necessary.

Step 3

Adjust the angle of the miter saw to your desired angle. The unit has a half-circular attachment beside the saw bed that is marked with degrees.

Step 4

Place the piece of wood you want to cut on the saws bed. Clamp it into the beds side edge using your hand. Remember to keep your fingers a safe distance away from the saw blade.

Step 5

Wear protective glasses, hold the wood with one hand while placing the other on the saws handle, and press the button that spins the saw blade. Hold the button and let the blade spin for about 3 seconds before lowering it to cut the wood. Then, slowly and carefully cut the wood.

Step 6

Final thoughts

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How To Hang Outdoor String Lights From Diy Posts

Café lights add a gorgeous glow to an outdoor living space, but they can be tricky to hang if you dont have trees or other tall objects to string them from. Heres a freestanding solution for hanging lights that uses planters and wood posts. Its totally temporary, so its perfect for renters.

  • spray paint in desired color
  • drop cloth
  • 2 x 2 x 8 posts
  • coordinating paint color, if desired
  • painters tape
  • 50 lb. bags of quick concrete mix
  • water
  • gravel or other drainage material
  • potting soil
  • 100 feet of patio string lights

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How To Hang Outdoor Lights From Trees

If youve got big trees near your patio or deck, youre in luck! You can use eye hooks, cup hooks, or coaxial staples to secure them to the tree.

Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange anchored her patio lights to a tree in this beautiful outdoor dining space.

Ariel from PMQ for Two made use of some nearby trees to hang lights over her super-fun outdoor living room.

Or drape them in the lower branches of a tree, like my friend Kippi did for this gorgeous backyard 4th of July party.

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How Do You Hang Edison Lights Under Covered Patio Deck

Image result for how to attach patio umbrella to fence ...

To hang Edison lights under a covered patio, youll need to have hooks or screw eyes that are drilled underneath the ceiling of the covered patio or deck. Next, use silicon to do preventative shielding for water damage. Hang the string lights without the bulbs. Once the string lights are hung up, add the bulbs on along with an extension cord and automatic timer.

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Wind Strength: How Strong Is Too Strong For Patio Umbrellas

According to the National Weather Service in the USA they will announce a Wind Advisory when sustained winds of 30 mph for one hour and/or frequent gusts of at least 45 mph are occurring or expected within the next 36 hours.

Wind speeds are not constant they are changing all the time. As explained by the MetService, if you measured the wind speed at one-second intervals, you would often get different measurements from second to second. When they discuss sustained winds it is actually the mean wind speed, which is given as the average of the wind speeds over the last ten minutes.

  • Gust: a brief increase in the strength of the wind, often only lasting a few seconds.
  • Lull: a brief decrease in the strength of the wind, also usually only lasting a few seconds.

Beaufort scale it relates wind speed to observable conditions from Force 0 where smoke rises vertically to Force 12 which is hurricane conditions above 73mph and causes devastation.

  • Force 4: a Moderate Wind 20-28 Km/hr will cause small branches to move and lift dust or loose paper
  • Force 5: a Fresh Wind 29-38 Km/hr will cause small trees to sway and flags would be fully extended

Using the Beaufort scale above I would suggest that gusts around 20-25 mph are about the maximum for sitting outside and indeed many automatic awnings are designed to be closed at that wind speed.

Umbrella Deck Clamp By Railhookz

Railhookz makes this popular umbrella clamp that helps you secure your umbrella to the vertical balusters of your decks railing.

But note in the picture that the deck balusters are quite thin. The manufacturer states this will only work on balusters that are less than 2 & 1/8 wide. So quite narrow.

Carefully check the product description and measure before ordering.

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Patio String Lighting Ideas For Yards And Open Spaces

You have a big open yard thats perfect for spending time in. Maybe you have a fire pit in one area, a table in another, a sitting area, and even a swing set. All of these features are useless once the sun sets if theres no light in your backyard. Hang string lights and bring all of these areas together under one cohesive set of string lights.

If you have a privacy fence around your yard, you have the perfect setup for string lights. String them from your roof to the top of the fence. Do this several times and create a canopy of soft light. You could balance the light by adding more strings over high trafficked areas and fewer strings over less utilized space.

If your fence isnt tall enough or if its too far away, then use posts. You can have them installed directly into the ground to give them stability. Youll want to place them in strategic areas to give your lights the most support and the most freedom in how you string your lights. Most people choose to place them along the perimeter or have one centralized post.

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The Easiest Way To Hang String Lights On Your Deck

The Patio Umbrella Stand That Saves Space!

Learn how to hang outdoor string lights on a deck. Its a simple task with only a few materials needed.

How To Hang String Lights On a Deck

Weve been using our deck space so much more this summer now that we can spend our evenings out here, even when the sun sets and it gets dark. Thanks to this pretty string lights overhead, weve created a really beautiful ambience and glow on our deck that keeps up out here until late every night.

Can you see the wooden stake on the top right hand side of our deck? Thats all you need to hang string lights! If like us, you dont have an sort of overheard structure like a gazebo to hang lights from, then this easy DIY will be something youll love. In only 30 minutes, youll have those pretty string lights draped over your deck or patio and you can start to enjoy them!

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Reasons For Keeping Pergola Away Fence Lines

There are several reasons why you may want the pergola to be at least 5 meters from your neighbors fence.

  • Firstly, there are aesthetic and design reasons. A beautiful and well-designed pergola enhances the appeal of your home as well as providing privacy for you and your family. Building it near a fence may reduce its beauty benefits.
  • Secondly, you need to keep people off of walkways and patios around your pergola so they dont damage or damage plants or decorations when they walk by it on their way to their own backyard.
  • Finally, if a tree grows up near the fence , it can block its light which may reduce any beauty benefits of the shade structure.

Adjustable Deck Umbrella Mount Stand

This umbrella deck mount stand can be adjusted so that you can tilt your umbrella up to 45-degrees either right or left.

The manufacturer claims the umbrella hole diameter is 1.75-inches so make sure your umbrella pole has a diameter less than this or it wont fit inside the tube.


  • sturdy metal base once screwed into your deck
  • adjustable


  • there is no knob to tighten against your umbrella pole
  • the tilt adjustment is done with a bolt and nut, so it isnt a quick adjustment

Regardless of what umbrella deck mount base they have, some people still like to have a way to stabilize the umbrella pole higher up.

They want it secured to the deck, but also stabilized on the pole either by going through a table or secured to a deck railing.

Below are some ways to secure your umbrella pole to your deck railing.

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Are There Any Preferred Places To Build A Pergola

Its always better to build a pergola on your own property line or at least 5m away from any buildings or fences. This way you wont have trouble building it or adding fixtures like lighting because nobody else has an issue with it being built in that specific place. If you plan on making changes or additions in the future, you will also have more flexibility to design and improve it in ways that work for you.

You should also remember that every pergola built on your property line will affect how you can design and modify anything else on your property because of its proximity to it.

A pergola built too close to your house will limit any changes you want to make in the house or garden. If you want a pergola, remember that its not always possible or practical to build one in close proximity to other things so be prepared with an alternate plan for when that happens.

How To Keep A Patio Umbrella From Falling Over

Umbrella Mount Universal Flag Pole Clamp Upright Patio ...
1. Use a Reliable Patio Table

Using a sturdy patio table can make all the difference to secure your patio umbrella.

Not only do outdoor tables offer support for your umbrella, but they are also a great accessory for social gatherings, placing food or drinks, and much more.

Make sure that the patio table has a hole in the middle to support an umbrella pole and is made of durable material. We recommend using this patio table made of solid cast aluminum.

2. Invest in Air Vents

Although most patio umbrellas feature air vents, its extremely important to check or get an umbrella that has these on the canopy.

These vents allow air to come through not only to make your patio umbrella more secure but to also keep you cool underneath.

If your current patio umbrella doesnt have an air vent, you can take it to a tailor or consider buying a new one that already has vents.

3. Be Prepared For Powerful Winds

Sometimes all the added protection isnt enough when a powerful wind storm hits. If you live in a windy area that frequently has high winds, be proactive to avoid unnecessary damage.

Its best to find an area close to a fence or building structure that will block winds from your patio umbrella. However, if there is a large wind storm coming we recommend closing your umbrella and storing it inside to be safe.

4. Avoid Wooden or Plastic Frames
5. Get a Heavy-Duty Base

The most important accessory to have in order to keep your patio umbrella from falling over is a heavy-duty base.

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Ideas For Backyard Privacy

From gazebos and pergolas, to hedges and privacy fences, discover all the ways to create a secluded backyard. You can grow your garden to new heights with planter boxes or retaining walls, or gain some privacy from above by installing a massive patio umbrella. Read on to find even more ways to add privacy to your backyard.

How To Stop Umbrella Post From Spinning Or Rocking

If your Umbrella is able to spin in its base then it is not suitably attached. In most cases, this is due to either not using the locking mechanism on your base or because the umbrella pole is much smaller than the base tube. You can easily avoid this happening by wedging pieces of wood down alongside the post. as mentioned above) They need to be tight but be warned that it is possible to crack to the base tube if you wedge them too much!

TIP: I would always leave an inch or two of wood above the top of the base tube to help me remove the wedge for when packing away.

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Umbrella Holders For Decks

Umbrellas also may provide a splash of color to your patio and add some life to your furniture. Many different types of outdoor umbrellas are manufactured that may be perfect for your space. Patio umbrellas can be free-standing, set under outdoor tables or tilted by a swimming pool. They’re often large enough to cover a family of four. Deck-attached umbrellas are a popular choice, however, for their ease of use and simplicity of storage.

Deck rail umbrella holders come with different mounting systems. The RailEZ system attaches to the top rail, and it can be used two ways: with the pole fully extended or partially extended. It works best with light- to medium-weight umbrellas. The kit includes an Allen key and wrench, which you can use to loosen the holders five adjustment points. The holder can then be placed in your desired railing location simply squeeze the front and back plates together, keeping them flat against the railing.

Patio String Lighting Ideas For Dining Spaces

Install Base for patio umbrella – “BEST Choice Products”

No one wants to eat in the dark. Theres something especially unpleasant and unnerving about not being able to see the food on your plate. Especially when youre eating outside. String lights can eliminate this problem and make your outdoor dining area more inviting.

More is better when illuminating your cooking or dining area. This means buying string lights with more bulbs and hanging more strings than you would in other spaces. You can then supplement your string lights with other more decorative accent lighting, such as candles, lanterns, or smaller sets of string lights.

If you choose to hang your string lights over the dining space, make sure you cover the entire dining area. You dont want some guests eating in full light while others struggle in the shadows.

If your dining area is near a fence or wall, you can hang several rows of lighting on it instead. Just be sure to hang it high enough that it isnt in someones face and that the light can carry over the entire table.

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How To Hang Outdoor String Lights On Your Patio

There is nothing quite like spending a relaxing night out on your back patio. There is something about sitting, listening to the sounds of the evening, and watching the sun go down. Many homes all over the world are taking advantage of creating outdoor living spaces that can give you the same amount of comfort and relaxation that an indoor living space could.

In fact, many are even going so far as to add different lighting features, such as string lights, on their patios to help set a calming tone. We are going to talk about the different aspects of string lights that can be used on your patio just like outdoor solar lights for backyard, and how to hang them to make your backyard patio an amazing outdoor living space.

Why Do Patio Umbrellas Blow Over

For most people, sitting outside under a patio umbrella when the wind is blowing hard is not what they are after. There are a number of Patio Umbrellas that have been tested in wind tunnels that show they are capable of withstanding 100Km/hr winds, when still up! For most of us, this is of limited benefit, as I have no intention of sitting outside in such conditions.

The main reason people are frustrated with there umbrella blowing over is when it happens due to an unexpected gust of wind, not when it is blowing a regular hurricane.

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Ways To Keep Your Patio Umbrella From Falling Over

Theres nothing more frustrating than having your patio umbrella fall over from the wind and get damaged or harm someone nearby.

Spending time outside under your patio umbrella is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable on a sunny day, but you constantly find yourself worrying about it falling over.

So, how do you keep a patio umbrella from falling over?

In this article, we are going to walk through everything you need to keep your patio umbrella secure so you can stop worrying and start enjoying your relaxation time outside.


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