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How To Make Cushion Covers For Patio Furniture

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How to Deconstruct Patio Cushions

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Are Your Patio Cushions Looking A Little Dated And Ragged Learn How To Make Your Own Drop Cloth Patio Cushion Covers To Inexpensively Update Them

We have had our patio furniture for many years now, but it is such good quality furniture that is has held up excellently! However the cushion covers were starting to look a little faded, and not to mention dated! I knew it was time to either replace the cushions or make some new covers. I figured I would try my hand at making some DIY drop cloth patio cushion covers first. After all, if they did not turn out, I could always buy some!

Our furniture is very deep which makes for a nice big chair to sit in. However after seeing the cost of new deep cushions sets, I was glad I decided to try making them! I checked out different fabrics as well. I wanted to go with a neutral tan color for the cushions so I could easily change out the pillows and accent colors if I wanted. Looking at outdoor fabric and the amount I needed, those costs were going to add up quickly too!

I have made other things out of drop cloths in the past like curtains, pillow covers and table runners so I knew it was a sturdy fabric. Now granted it is not an outdoor fabric but I had plans to add some Scotchgard on the covers if needed. Luckily we have a covered patio that the furniture is under all of the time so it does not get exposed to too many elements. Here is the before picture of the patio furniture.

And here is an after much better, amirite?

Enjoy Your Diy Drop Cloth Patio Cushion Covers

All that is left is to put the cushions on and admire your hard work! I am super happy with how they turned out and held up. I did not end up adding any Scotchgard to them, I had all intentions to, but never got around to it. If yours are going to be exposed to more elements, I would absolutely suggest it.

I will be back soon to share our whole patio update, until then have a great week!

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Ready To Thread Your Bobbin And Make Furniture Magic Heres How To Sew Removable Patio Cushion Covers Whether Theyre For Your Porch Your Back Deck Or Somewhere Inside Your Home

Start by cutting a piece of fabric thats at least two and a half times longer than your cushion and 2 wider on each side.

Lay the cushion in the middle of the fabric and fold each end over the cushion so they overlap. If the fabrics a bit too long, just fold the ends under a bit. You want them to overlap by at least four or five inches so the back of your pillow doesnt puff out of its cover.

If you want the cushion cover to have ties to secure it to a chair, now is the time to add those ties! Theyre easy to make just take a couple of strips of scrap fabric and sew two long skinny strips. Fold each strip in half, so youre hanging onto the middle, and stick one strip in each of the top corners.

You want the strips hidden INSIDE the cushion cover and just enough peeking out so you can stitch over them to keep them in place.

Pin up each side of the cushion cover and stitch. If you want a really snug cover for maximum poofiness, stitch a full inch away from the edges. If you like a looser fit, just use a normal seam allowance.

This final step is optional, but it really makes your cushion covers look as good as store-bought ones. If youre covering a squared-edge cushion, fold and pin the corners of your cushion cover so the side seams run down the middle and stitch straight across the bottom of the triangle.

It feels funny the first time you do it, but once you turn your cushion cover right-side out, youll love the nice crisp edge you get from this little trick.

Four: Gather The Fabric

No Sew Patio Cushions And Pillows

If the cushion is going to have corners, sew in gathering stitches for the 4″ of seam line surrounding each corner on both pieces of fabric. Place the foam piece on top of each piece of fabric individually, with the fabric wrong side up. Adjust the stitches so that they line up with the angles of the cushion but leave about a quarter inch of extra space.

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How To Make Outdoor Chair Cushion Covers

At the end of this post you will find a listing all my cushion cover posts so you can choose which one will work the best for the seating cushions in your home.

If you are a seamstress or simply a better sewer than I am, then I know you will have your own way of making boxed style cushion covers for seating cushions.

I never learned to sew like a pro. The only instruction I received was in 7th grade Home-Ec class where we didnt learn a lot, only how to make an unflattering skirt that the teacher made everyone in the class make. 🙂

For anyone who may be saying, I cant sew or I dont have the time, I know you can do it and maybe seeing all the different types of cushions I have made may inspire you and give one a try.

supplies needed:

  • straight pins
  • Scissors

1. Measure your cushion and determine how much yardage you will need. I usually eyeball this and look at the whole process as if I were wrapping a gift box with wrapping paper.

2. Lay cushion on a small table or stool. Place fabric right side down on cushion. This allows the fabric to hang down so you can easily work on all four corners.

3. Bring two sides of the fabric together at one corner. Use straight pins to fit the fabric to the corner. This will become a seam. Repeat on the other 3 corners of the cushion.

4. Cut away excess fabric at each corner, leaving about 2 inches of fabric away from line of pins.

5. Remove fabric from cushion and sew all the seams on a sewing machine. Turn fabric right side out.

Fourth: Shop For Fabric

Think about where youre going to put the outdoor furniture.

  • Will the area be covered or uncovered?
  • Will you store the cushions inside our outside when you arent using them?
  • Will they stay in the elements?

Answering these questions beforehand will help you shop for fabric that will meet your needs.

Consider such things like:

  • fade-resistant
  • how you clean it

Check out this video by to get some information on the different types of outdoor fabric to determine what will best fit your needs.

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Supplies And Materials To Sew Cushion Covers

The actual supplies may vary depending on the finished look youre trying to achieve.

The following list will give you a good idea of what youll need to make your own cushion covers.

Note: You may be able to salvage some of the supplies from your existing cushions.

  • outdoor fabric
  • 20:37 Attach Welting

The video demonstrations end after the welting demonstration.

Good news! This blog post contains all of the information shared in the above video as well as all the steps not shown.

So, keep reading!

Learn How To Recover Outdoor Patio Cushions The Easy Way

Easy Patio Cushions Tutorial

Are your chair and patio cushions looking a little sad after the long winter? Do you want to recover patio cushions for the summer? Just the thing to sit in to enjoy your garden and DIY birdhouse! I can show you how to do it quickly and easily.

First, my story: Ive wanted rocking chairs on my big porch for years now. A couple of weeks ago, Greg bought us two beautiful wicker chairs. They were a brown that didnt go with our house, so he painted them white for me. But the cushions were still the boring beige the chairs originally came with. I am NOT a beige kinda girl. So we went to the fabric store and picked out a bright and cheerful outdoor canvas. But the fabric sat around for a while without me working on it at all. Sound familiar?

But yesterday afternoon was a glorious day and I knew it was time to recover those ugly cushions. It took only about an hour to recover both patio cushions, from start to finish. This is a super easy sewing project and if you dont want to sew, there are options for that, too. And my patio cushions were not even perfectly square. Let me show you how you can recover patio cushions quickly and easily, too!

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BEST DIY boxed cushion cover tutorial

Stitch The New Cover Closed

To finish off the back of the cushion, fold it like youre wrapping a present:

And hand sew it up:

Heres to another fabulous year!

My pillows got a makeover too


Oh how we love the after:

So new!!

I wasnt crazy about the stripe at first because I used a stripe last year. I really wanted to use the geometric fabric I used on the pillow for the cushions, but there were only two yards left on the bolt.

The stripe is so classic, though and it is really easy to sew with, so Im happy with how it turned out!

It took me almost eight yards to cover all the cushions. That includes a total of eight cushions.

Thats approximately one yard per cushion, but I was able to cut two side-by-side in my fabric. These are quite thick so you should be able to do the same.

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Instructions And Directions For Making Your Own Cushion Covers For Your Patio

Measure the length, width, and depth of your cushion. Use the calculations to determine your panel size.

Cutting the fabric will be easier if you use a drywall square. For longer pieces, this thing comes in so freaking handy!

Squaring fabric can be tricky, but you want to make sure your pieces are square.

In each corner of the panel, cut a square out half the size of the depth of the cushion. For example, if your cushion has a 4″ depth, cut out a 2″ x 2″ square on each corner.

Sew the squared sides together.

It should end up looking like this. They should be puckering towards each other:

Sew on the zipper to one side. To do this, take the face the right side of the zipper to the right side of the fabric. Using a zipper foot, sew on the zipper as close to the teeth as you can get. This tutorial will not require you to stitch the top because we’re assuming you are not removing your cushions very often.

Open the zipper halfway, and sew on the other side. Make sure you take care to not sew the other side of the fabric. Stitch the bottom and top part of the zipper to secure it.

Straight stitch other sides. Ensure that you open the zipper before doing this. Make sure you straight stitch the other side of the fabric.

Create the other box corner pairs.

This is what it will look like when you are done:

Sew the box corners together. You’ll want to open the area you just cut, and flatten it out. Sew to secure both pieces of fabric. Do it again on the other corner.

Add a few pillows:

Cheap Diy Outdoor Cushions

How To Sew Patio Furniture Cushion Covers

Detailed tutorial shows you exactly how to make cheap DIY Outdoor Cushions. Thick, comfy, and waterproof, theyre exactly what you want in your backyard!

Once Id decided to build an outdoor sofa for my porch, the first thing I went about doing was finding cushions.

Why? Because cushions are expensive.

I wanted to find the cheapest cushions I possibly could, then build my couch to fit those cushions.

After a ton of research, I had a Plan A

Id start at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore, where they frequently sell used couches for $10, and see if theyd let me take the cushions home for that price, but leave the couch frame behind.

Low and behold, they let me. 30 minutes and $8.75 later, I left the store with a car full of couch cushions ready to be converted into cheap DIY outdoor cushions. Heres what I did.

Note: This blog contains affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I may receive compensation

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Durable Fabric Options To Use

There are lots of fabric options to use for making outdoor cushion covers. Here is a list of some durable fabric options:

  • Sunbrella Sunbrella fabric is fine being placed in the direct sun, it is 100% waterproof, and it is chlorine safe. Because it is chlorine safe, you can place it near a pool without worrying about it getting ruined.
  • Olefin Olefin is a synthetic fiber. Besides sunbrella, olefin is one of the most durable fabrics you can buy for your outdoor cushions. It is resistant to water, sun, mold, and mildew. It is also easy to clean.
  • Canvas Canvas covers are a good choice if you want to decorate your cushions, as this material is easy to dye. However, this materiel is not naturally water or mold/mildew resistant.
  • Duck Cloth Duck cloth features a tighter weave and is very sturdy. Just like the canvas, this is not naturally water or mold/mildew resistant. However, you may be able to treat it.
  • Acrylic or Vinyl These are the cheapest cover fabric options on the market today. Vinyl is durable and easy to clean, but can become hot to the touch in the Summer. Acrylic is more breathable than vinyl fabric, but it can easily rip.

Adding Filling And Closing Cushion

Step 1

Use silk film and cover the cushion on all sides. This is done so that it will be easier to insert the cushion into the cover later on.

Step 2

Using a vacuum, compress the pillow insert until its reduced into half its former size.

Step 3

Insert the cushion with the vacuum still on. Once done, you can turn off the vacuum and watch the pillow slowly expand. You can leave the silk film inside to render your cushion water resistant.

Step 4

To sew the opening, create a folded hem to simulate the rest of the sides of the cushion. Fold the fabric in along with the edges of the fabric and start sewing about ½ from the corner and 3/8 from the folded edge. With the fiber fill stuffing closing, sewing up the opening is not too difficult.

And your cool pillow is done!

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Diy Patio Cushionsfast And Budget Friendly

When we moved into our home four years ago, my husband and I promised each other that we would do more home projects to put our personalities into our home. Four years later, we dont have any family photos on the wall, and while I have a concept in mind for each room, I never want to redo a room unless I can do it all at the same time. I want instant gratification.

Remember Trading Spaces? One room, two days, and a tight budget to transform it. Okay, okay . . . it was $1,000 and they had Ty Pennington and professional designers . . . but thats the kind of instant gratification I want in a weekend project. Unfortunately, thats rarely do-able with our budget, busy schedules, three young kiddos, and running an in-home daycare that requires rooms to be functional.

Last month, I looked outside at our deck and cringed. The original stain was nearly gone. The surface was packed with kids picnic tables, random toys, and cushion-less furniture. It was a mess. I wanted a place where my family wanted to be outside. My kids were outgrowing some of the kid furniture and I desperately wanted something that was colorful and inviting, but most importantly kid-friendly. So, I gave myself one weekend and a tight budget .

I finally found a project that anyone could do. Its incredibly affordable, versatile, and most importantly, its fast! I mean, like, once you have your supplies ready to go, you can throw this together in five minutes. No joke.


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