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What Size Umbrella For Rectangle Patio Table

Best Rectangular Patio Umbrella

AI-LIN 10 X 6.5 Foot Rectangular Patio Table Umbrella With Solar Lights Review

For long outdoor tables and seating, choose an umbrella that will shade the entire furniture arrangement. This rectangular patio umbrella measures about 10 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, so it can even cover larger, 6-person dining sets. The sturdy fabric stands up well against wind and rain and provides up to 1,000 hours of UV protection with minimal color-fading. It comes in beige, dark green, red, and turquoise, and the umbrella base is not included.

Guidelines To Help Shed Some Light On Shade

Hot fun in the summertime is all well and good but everyone needs a little downtime; a cool place to relax; a few feet of respite from the UV rays. An umbrella or awning is a quick, portable, cost-efficient way to provide some place to chill during those doggie days of summer.

Buying the right umbrella for your outdoor space isn’t complicated; there are just a few things to know to make the best decision.

Think about where you need shade the most and whether it is only during certain hours of the day. Do you need to provide shade for your dining table, your seating area, or poolside? Is it a small area, like a bistro table, or a large area like sectional deep seating?

Normally, an umbrella that measures a 5′ diameter larger than the area you shading will be adequate. But here are some more specific guidelines to help you choose the best size of umbrella for your use:

Patio Umbrella Size Guide Find The Perfect Umbrella

Updated: ;;;Eric Clark

When shopping for a patio umbrella, there are many variables to consider. Do you want a traditional patio umbrella or cantilever umbrella? What shape umbrella do you want? Octagonal, rectangular, or square? Does it need to tilt? And finally, what sorts of materials and colors are right for your needs and design directions? But perhaps the most important property of an umbrella to consider prior to purchase is the size! You want to make sure your umbrella will fit with your furniture in terms of scale, and in terms of shade capabilities. We have put together this Patio Umbrella Size Guide to cover all the basics for umbrella size questions.

Whether youre looking to upgrade your patio umbrella or your furniture, this guide will show the appropriate sizes for different furniture scales and scopes.


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How To Measure A Patio Umbrella

The size of a patio or pool umbrella is determined by its width, not by its height. Heres how to measure an outdoor umbrella in 3 easy steps:

  • Open the patio umbrella so that its shade canopy is fully extended.
  • Using a tape measure, measure along one of the rib arms on the top of the patio umbrella from the center to the outside edge.
  • Multiply that number by two and this will give you the correct size of the patio umbrella.
  • If you are planning to use a patio umbrella with an outdoor dining table or bar, you may also need to know the crank height of your patio umbrella. To determine a patio umbrellas crank height, measure from the base of the umbrellas pole to the bottom of the crank mechanism.

    Pick A Durable Fabric Designed For Outdoor Use

    Rectangle 8

    Patio umbrella fabrics need to be lightweight, strong, stain proof and easily foldable. Thats a tall order, but there are fabrics out there that can handle it. One of our favorite umbrella fabric producers is Sunbrella, which allows you to pick your own patterns and colors while still providing the durability that you need. Plus:;DIY Outdoor Lighting Tips for Beginners

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    Best Small Patio Umbrella

    Perfect for a small patio or deck, this patio umbrella measures just over 7 feet wide. The patterned shade, which easily opens using a push-lift mechanism, is made of UV-resistant fabric and features a pretty scalloped edge. It’s compatible with standard center-pole umbrella bases and available in a watercolor-like floral pattern and a dotted print.

    Best Patio Umbrella With Lights

    Enjoy your patio well into the evening with a patio umbrella that features built-in lighting. This one is lined with 24 LED lights, which are attached to the umbrella’s steel ribs and powered by a solar panel on top. Operated by an on-off switch, the lights last up to 10 hours when fully charged. The tiltable umbrella design is currently available in beige, burnt orange, navy blue, and red.

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    Most Durable Patio Umbrella

    As a best seller on Amazon, this patio umbrella has thousands of positive reviews touting its durability and high-quality materials. One reviewer notes that it’s “easily storable and quickly removable from the pole if you need to take it down for wind.” The waterproof, UV-resistant fabric comes in seven colors, including solid and striped designs. Spanning 9 feet in diameter, this patio umbrella is right-sized for patio tables with four to six chairs .

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    Coral Coast 6 ft Square Patio Umbrella – Product Review Video

    A patio umbrella is the ultimate style meets function patio piece. The icing on the cake that completes your patio, but choosing right umbrella can be a difficult decision to make given all the choices presented. The following information listed below will help take the uncertainty out of your buying experience, while guiding you to the perfect patio umbrella to meet your requirements.

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    Pairing A Patio Umbrella With A Patio Living Set

    When considering patio umbrella sizes, its a good idea to think about the type of furniture that will be shaded.

    Typically patio umbrellas are paired with patio dining sets, though obviously this is not always the case. The natural pairing between a patio table and a patio umbrella makes this fit very workable, while combining outdoor living furniture sets with patio umbrellas isnt as natural.

    As this image shows, the patio umbrella has to be placed off to the side of the living set, which doesnt provide much shade, and essentially wastes half of the umbrella canopy.

    Its easy enough to find a free-standing patio umbrella base, so theres no need for a patio table for support. But the location of the patio umbrella can conflict with the location of the coffee table in the outdoor living set, or make the circulation around the chairs very awkward.

    In general, if a patio umbrella is sized for a table and four chairs, that umbrella will work with a four-seat living room set. But obviously, this all depends on how you choose to set up the outdoor living space.

    What Do You Want To Shade

    For 2-8 person dining tables, choose a traditional market umbrella. These umbrellas feature a center pole that mounts through a hole in the center of your dining table and rests in a weighted base. These umbrellas feature ribbed canopies and can be opened and closed via a crank or simple pulley system. Available in sizes up to 16 ft. in diameter, many market umbrellas have a tilt feature for optimum shade throughout the day. Canopies are available in a variety of fabric grades and colors.

    For larger dining tables or entire seating areas, a cantilever umbrella works best. This style of patio umbrella features a heavy-duty pole from which a long arm extends to hold the umbrella canopy off to the side. This enables you to shade a large area while keeping the pole out of the way instead of in the center of the canopy. Available in many sizes and shapes, cantilever umbrellas may also offer a tilt feature, and canopies are available in a multiple fabrics and colors.

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    Best Patio Umbrella Stand

    A patio umbrella is only as good as the base used to secure it. Keep your outdoor umbrella firmly in place with this cast stone base, which measures 18 inches wide and weighs just over 30 pounds. The bronze-finished base comes with couplers in two sizes, so it can accommodate umbrella poles with different diameters.

    What Size Patio Umbrella Should I Get

    8 x 11

    There could be several factors that you need to consider to determine what size patio umbrella should you actually get. Whats your budget, how much shade do you actually need, types of patio umbrellas, and so on.

    But if money isnt a concern and you just want to figure out precisely what sized umbrella you actually need, you need to consider two factors



    Talking about Diameter , a simple rule of thumb is you need to get an umbrella that extends over the table by 2 feet on each side. That means if you have a rounded table to a shade thats 4 feet, you should get an umbrella thats 8 feet in Diameter.

    However, this rule is an incomplete one without considering the shape of the umbrella. If you purchase a rectangular umbrella to cover a rounded table, this rule will be invalid.

    When it comes to shape, the best option is to get an umbrella that mimics the shape of the table . Say if you have a rectangular table that you want to shade, then a rectangular umbrella provides the best coverage over a round or square one.

    If you still find it difficult, heres a list for you thatll help you pick the right size for your requirements

    Navigate Quickly

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    Use A Tilting Umbrella For Rotating Shade

    A tilting umbrella can be angled to protect against sunlight coming from a specific direction. If you use your patio in the early morning or late evening when the sun is low in the sky, a tilting patio umbrella is a good choice for your house. They are also useful in wide-open spaces where there are no buildings nearby to add extra shade.

    Spend Time Outdoors After The Sun Goes Down

    You dont have to pick it in and head inside as soon as the sun goes down – at least not if youve got a patio space designed for evenings under the starts. Our patio fire table designs can help you stay warm around a crackling fire while providing the light and ambiance you need to enjoy an evening outside alone or with loved ones.

    Looking for a larger style for your oversized space? Try a patio table with a fire pit! Its sure to be a showstopper in your backyard.

    Ready to spruce up your patio? Shop The Home Depot online or visit a store near you to find an assortment of patio tables you can use all year long.

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    Square And Rectangular Umbrellas

    Rectangular umbrellas are ideal for, obviously, rectangle and also oval shaped tables. Square umbrellas are ideal for, obviously, square tables. They come in a variety of sizes; not sure what size you need? Add an approximate 2′ to each side of your table to determine what size umbrella will keep your dining guests in the shade.

    For example, an 8’x11′ rectangular patio umbrella works for patio tables 60″ 100″ long, seating 8-10 people or a pair of small round or square tables.

    Only Use Table Umbrellas On Level Patios

    The Better Half Patio Umbrella – Product Review Video

    Table umbrellas are a combination of a patio table with a hole in the center and a properly placed umbrella, typically sold separately but sometimes available as a single package. The two complement each other both in design and support, making this a common option. However, a table umbrella cannot easily be moved, and it requires a perfectly level surface to prevent wobbling. That makes this combination most suitable for level patios with plenty of open, unused space, large deck spaces, poolsides, and other highly developed areas.

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    Yescom 1065ft Rectangular Led Lighted Patio Umbrella

    Do you want to stay outdoors and enjoy what summer offers? You need the best rectangular patio umbrella if you want to enjoy summertime like you never did before. Among the top rated of this patio umbrella, youll love what Yescom patio umbrella offers. It is ergonomically constructed to provide performance, versatility, and a touch of elegance.

    Well, it includes an amazing LED lighting system. It has 4 LED bulbs on each long rib and 2 LED lights on each short rib. So, it is typically designed to offer sunshade during the day and energy-efficient lighting at night. Interestingly, it is equipped with a solar panel on the top and a built-in battery for maximum performance. Besides, it features a vertical tilt function which is easy to activate with a single press of a button.

    What Size Umbrella Do I Need

    That depends on how much shade you are looking for.; Patio Umbrellas are measured by their canopy diameter. Generally you would want your umbrellas canopy to be at least 3ft larger than the area to be shaded. Consider this table below.

    What needs Coverage?
    30 Inch or Smaller Café or Bistro Table and 2 Chairs 5-6Ft
    36 Inch or Smaller Café or Bistro Table and 2 Chairs 7Ft
    48 Inch Round or Square Dining Table and 4 Chairs 9-10ft
    60 Inch; Round or Square Dining Table and 6 Chairs or larger 11-12Ft

    Its best to have an idea of where youre planning on positioning your patio umbrella on your patio before you purchase it because you want to take into consideration any obstructions such as a tight balcony, tree limbs or anything that would inhibit the umbrella from opening to its full diameter. For clearance in tight places you want to allow for 6 inches of space on all sides between the umbrella canopy and any wall or obstruction. For example if you have an 8×8 balcony than you would purchase a 7ft umbrella, a 10×10 balcony you would purchase a 9ft umbrella.

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    Umbrella Size & Shape

    The important questions to begin with are what will you be using the patio umbrella for: dining events, outdoor lounging, extra shade? This will help you decide what size of an awning you’d need and how tall you need it to be. For the shape, you get the most coverage with a square or rectangle shape, wheras the standard circle shape provides less coverage. The first good rule of thumb when picking height is 7 feet tall is good for all. Bumping heads on an umbrella isn’t fun, so be sure your umbrella height is at least 7 feet. Another good rule of thumb is;2 feet wider than what you cover. So if you have a 4;foot;round table, an 8 foot;diameter umbrella would do you well. Here’s some more sizing to help you further:;

    • Table = 30-36 inches Umbrella = 6-8 feet
    • Table = 38-48 inches Umbrella =9-11 feet
    • Table = 54-60 inches Umbrella 11 feet or larger

    Here Are Some Umbrellas For You To Consider:

    Rectangle patio umbrella with lights ALQURUMRESORT.COM

    This 9′ Tilt Market Umbrella by Leisure Select features a bronze finish pole with a crank lift and push-button tilt. This is an entry level patio umbrella that will look great on any 4-seat dining table.

    A step up is the 9′ Aluminum Auto Tilt Market Umbrella by Leisure Select offers the convenience of an automatic tilt; simply crank the umbrella open. The heavy-duty steel cable does all the work. This umbrella is customizable with your choice of standard, premium and super-premium fabrics.

    This 11.5′ Cantilevered Umbrella, also by Leisure Select, gives the convenience and versatility of an off-set umbrella. Its available in henna, heather beige or canvas teak canopies to complement your patio furniture. The 11.5′ Cantilevered Umbrella offers 95 square feet of sweet shade.

    The 9′ Collar Tilt Umbrella by Treasure Garden. The exclusive collar tilt feature allows you to effortlessly adjust the position of the umbrella canopy; a simple twist of the wrist and you will have shade exactly where you want it!

    The European-styled 11′ Cantilevered Umbrella by Treasure Garden has a unique hanging design and Treasure Garden’s patented tilt and lock system which allows you to tilt the canopy at practically any angle. An accompanying foot pedal gives you the ability to rotate the canopy as well.

    Family Leisure has an umbrella to suit you; check out the complete collection;

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    Poles Cranks And Levers

    At this point, youre probably excited to choose a canopy fabric, but there are some important functional choices youll also need to consider. With a variety of frame options to choose from for designer and market umbrellas, like teak, silver and bronze, youll easily find one that suits your decor. And no matter which you choose, you can rest assured it will hold up as all our umbrellas are crafted to resist weathering and rusting. They are also easy to open, close and tilt with hand cranking or lever mechanisms. Market and designer umbrellas with teak frames feature a simple pulley system to open and close.

    Trademark Innovations Rectangular Solar

    Sometimes people find it quite hard to enjoy hot summer days. But, this can change if you have the best patio umbrella. This rectangular patio umbrella from trademark innovations has amazing features to help you enjoy the most during summer. It features a large canopy made of 180G polyester material.

    So, this canopy can withstand the test of time as the material is resistant to all weather elements, including UV radiations. Also, it is equipped with a hand crank system for smooth operation. The other incredible aspect is the tilt function. This allows you to change the tilting angle of the canopy. As a result, you can regulate the size o the shade you want to enjoy.

    At the top, it features a built-in square solar panel. This is the source of power for the LED lighting, which can last for up to 12 hours. On the other hand, it comes with a resin umbrella base to keep your umbrella stable on your deck or patio.

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