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Do I Need A Permit To Build A Patio Cover

Whose Responsibility Is A Permit

How to Build a Grey Freestanding Elitewood Patio Cover

Unless your project is extremely complicated, and often even if it is, you seldom need a lawyer.

In most cases, you merely need to fill out a form, pay a fee and present the information that a permit official requests.

If you are doing it yourself and using a kit, the engineering specifications should be available with the manufacturers information enclosed with the kit, or from the manufacturer. It might be on the manufacturers website. Its important to buy a product that will meet local standards, so learn the standard before you buy. Renaissance Patio products, for instance, meet up to 175 mph wind requirements and Colorado snow load standards, which means they can meet code anywhere in the country.

If you are hiring an installer who is supplying the materials or kit, the installer should have all the necessary information.

In your contract, specify that the installer will obtain the permit paperwork, appropriately complete it and submit the information to the proper officials. A good installer will do this routinely and suggest it. You will have to pay the fee and pay the installer for his time.

Pour The Concrete Into The Forms

If youre using a wheelbarrow, build a temporary ramp over the forms so that the wheelbarrow wont knock them out of place. Start in a corner and dump the loads of concrete against each other. Have a helper with a shovel spread the concrete into corners and against the forms and expansion joints.

Lay a wide board across the forms so you can reach the interior of the pour. If the concrete causes the wire mesh to sing, pull it up with a rake so that its in the middle of the slab.

Work a shovel or rake up and down to remove air pockets, especially alongside the forms.

Do I Need To Hire An Architect Or Engineer For My Project

Per the California Business & Professions Code, section 5537, an unlicensed person may prepare plans for projects that conform to conventional construction as specified in the building code, for residential structures not to exceed two-stories and a basement in height.

If the construction will deviate from these standards, a licensed Architect or Engineer will be required to prepare, stamp and sign the drawings.

There are several reasons to hire an architect, even for smaller projects. Licensed Architects are highly trained in all aspects of creating a safe and livable building, not just the artistic aspect. The licensing process requires education, training and testing, as well as an apprenticeship requirement. The process takes many years. A do-it-yourselfer, designer or contractor will simply not have the depth of understanding of a licensed Architect. Be aware that by law, only a licensed professional can call themselves an Architect. If someone calls themselves a designer or other designation, they are not an Architect.


  • This chapter does not prohibit any person from preparing plans, drawings, or specifications for any of the following:
  • Single-family dwellings of wood frame construction not more than two stories and basement in height.
  • Garages or other structures appurtenant to buildings described under subdivision , of wood frame construction not more than two stories and basement in height.
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    How Much Are Building Permits In Santa Clarita

    The cost of each building permit varies greatly and depends on the projects cost specifically. For example, a patio cover valued at $3,000 may cost you $150 for a permit and cover which is valued at $4000 may cost you $175.

    In order to obtain the exact pricing for your specific project, you will need to visit your local building and safety department and present them with your drawings, plans, layout or engineering at which time they will review the project and provide you with pricing at that time.

    Set Up The Guide Strings

    Do I Need a Permit to Build a Patio in Maryland?

    Set up guide strings to represent the edges of the patio, using stakes and masonâs lines. Start by driving two stakes at each corner of the patio area, placing the stakes about 1 foot beyond the edges of the patio. Tie masonâs lines between pairs of opposing stakes to create a square or rectangular layout. The points where the strings intersect mark the patio corners. The strings should be at least 6 inches above the ground.

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    Can A Patio Sealer Be Colored

    Most clear water- and solvent-based sealers can be tinted, allowing you to add another layer of color to a decorative concrete finish. Some manufacturers offer pre-tinted sealers, while others provide tint concentrates that you can add to the sealer at the jobsite. A tinted sealer can also be used as a stand-alone, low-cost decorative finish if just a hint of color is desired. Get more advice on tinting sealers.

    A pressure washer is a great way to clean your decorative concrete patio before sealing. Chutima Chaochaiya /

    Top 10 Common Activities That Would Require A Permit

  • Porches or decks. Where the floor or deck is more than 30 inches above adjacent ground measured at any point within 3 feet horizontally off the floor or deck, and wherein the case of a covered porch, the covered portion of the porch comes closer than 3 feet to a property line.

  • Tool or storage sheds and playhouses. Non-habitable one-story detached accessory structures where the floor area exceeds 200 square feet and is higher than 10 feet measured from the finished floor level, to the average height of the roof surface.

  • Fences. Installations, except for barriers around swimming pools as required in Appendix G of the ORSC, over 7 feet high and typical field fencing over 8 feet high not constructed of woven wire or chain link.;
  • Patio covers. As defined by the ORSC AH102, and porch covers over 200 square feet that are supported by an exterior wall. Any freestanding patio cover or similar structure with a roof.;
  • Door and window replacements. Where a structural member is changed.;
  • Roofing. Re-roofing are required where more than 15 percent of the existing space sheathing is removed to facilitate the installation of new sheathing.;
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    Verifying Local Patio Cover Requirements

    Contact your local Building Department or governing agency and ask:

    • What is the required live load or snow load* for an Aluminum Patio Cover for my area?
    • What is the required Wind Factor for an Aluminum Patio Cover for my area?
    • Does your dept./agency accept the product specific engineering for the Patio Cover?

    * Snow load is based off of ground snow load. The actual roof snow load is based of off a percentage of ground snow load which is equal to roof design load. Make sure when consulting your building department you get this clarified as it will relate directly to design which equal cost.

    Drive Stakes Along The New Layout Lines

    How to build a patio cover

    Drive stakes along the layout lines, putting them at the corners of the patio and every 2 feet in between. Drive the stakes straight up and down, firmly embedding them in the ground, trim them to height later.

    The patio must slope away from the house at a rate of 1/8 to ¼ inch per foot-check local code for the proper rate.

    Measure down from the batterboards and mark the two end stakes at the finished height of the patio. Hold a chalk like tight at the marks you made and snap it to mark the rest of the stakes.

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    When Is A Permit Required For A Deck In Bc

    Each municipality has slightly different guidelines for permitting.;When youre building a new deck you almost always need a permit unless the deck is unattached and less than 100 square feet.

    A permit is usually required in BC if: You probably dont need a permit if:
    • Your new deck will be more than 2 feet off the ground.
    • Your new deck will be attached to the home.
    • Your new deck is 100 square feet or more.
    • Youre changing the footprint of your deck.
    • Youre adding a patio cover.
    • Youre not changing the size, location, or height of your deck.
    • Youre not adding a patio cover.
    • Youre not attaching the deck to your home.
    • Your deck is lower than 2 feet.

    Its easy to find out definitively if a permit is needed by visiting your city halls building permit department .

    Do I Need A Building Permit To Build A Patio Cover Or Ramada In My Yard

    Short Answer: Maybe; it depends on the city you live in.

    Each Arizona city makes its own rules about building permits, and most require one for any kind of roofing, including a patio cover.

    You probably wont need a permit if youre building a small, detached structure that doesnt have any water or electricity. Still, know the zoning rules for your area, as you may have to leave at least six feet between structures and your property line.;

    Cities require building permits to protect you and your neighbors from work that doesnt meet minimum construction standards. In most cases, youll pay a small fee per square foot of the roof or structure. Once you get a permit, you;will have a;visit from a building inspector who will ensure that the work performed on your property is safe, complies with city building codes, and meets environmental standards.

    Getting a permit before you build will save you a huge headache if you decide to sell your home later and find out that your patio cover isnt up to standards. Most contractors are willing to do the legwork to get your permit for you so you dont have to.

    NOTE:Hire contractors who have licenses from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Ask your contractors if they have licenses to perform the specific kind of work you need. A contractor with a plumbers license, for example, is not allowed to build your deck unless he also has a permit for that kind of work.

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    Building Permits For Patio Covers In Santa Clarita

    Adding a patio cover structure to your house as an additional structure requires building permits, its that simple. Whether you are building a patio cover with wood, vinyl or aluminum, a building permit is necessary. Most building and safety departments provide handouts which are basic layouts for those individuals who are building patio covers which do not require any additional engineering.

    These basic handouts require the homeowner or contractor to document the location of the proposed patio cover as well as any property lines, hill slopes, oak trees and so on

    Work That Requires A Zoning Permit

    Do I Need a Building Permit to Build a Patio
    • Build or install a garage or carport less than or equal to 200 square feet in area and less than 10 feet in height measured from the finished floor level to the top of the top plate to confirm the location on the site complies with zoning code requirements
    • Create a new or enlarged parking area or driveway, or pave a previously graveled parking area
    • Make any improvement required as a condition of your land use review approval which does not require a building permit
    • Make any alteration to the outside of the home, including site work like building a patio or , clearing trees, or installing landscaping in any zone with restrictions on development

    Get more information about zoning permits.

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    Red Tag Building Or Color Tagging And What It Means

    According to Wikipedia, a color-tagged structure is a structure in the United States which has been classified by a color to represent the severity of damage or the overall condition of the building. The exact definition for each color may be different at local levels.

    Tagging is performed by government building officials, or, occasionally during disasters, by engineers deputized by the building official. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and mudslides are among the most common causes of a building being red-, yellow- or green-tagged. Usually, after such incidents, the local government body responsible for enforcing the building safety code examines the affected structures and tags them as appropriate.

    In some areas of the United States, buildings are marked. Typically, these markings are by a rectangular sign that is red with a white border and a white X. Such signs provide the same information as red-tagging a building. Tagging structures in these ways can warn firefighters and others about hazardous buildings before the buildings are entered.

    Do I Need A Permit To Build A Concrete Patio

    The short answer is, It depends. If the concrete patio youre building is on-grade or less than 30 inches from the ground, you will most likely not need a permit. There is a chance that you might need to pull an excavation permit in that case to make sure youre not digging in any utility pipes or cables.;

    However if the concrete patio youre building is above-grade, you will likely need a permit. Other cases where a permit might be required are if you are located in an area with development restrictions, if external structural changes that will be made to the house interfere with land zoning regulations, if you decide to cover a concrete patio, and if you decide to add lighting provisions.

    Its always important to adhere to regulations when remodeling your outdoor space. With All Pro Decks, you dont have to worry about whether or not youre following all local regulations. Our team is fully trained and up-to-date on the safety regulations that must be followed in order to build a patio.

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    To Permit Or Not To Permit: That Is The Question

    With winter behind us, many are thinking about 2019 home projects. We are looking forward to re-designing or making those long overdue maintenance tasks that have been on the list. Before you get started, you will want to answer the question: to permit, or not to permit? Building permits help protect you and your investment and ensure the thoroughness, quality and life/safety provisions are in place.

    How Do I Cover An Old Concrete Patio

    How to Demo and Build a Insulated Elitewood Patio Cover in One Day

    An old concrete patio can be the most boring part of an exciting backyard. You dont have to live with that plain concrete patio, though. A little creativity and a liberal helping of elbow grease, and you can breathe new life into that old patio.

    Cover an old concrete patio with a wood or composite deck to bring a warm, organic look to the backyard. Build the new deck with wood or composite decking and attach the deck directly to the concrete patio.

    There are several considerations regarding the kind of deck you build over your concrete patio, as well as a few other options for patio covering. Keep reading to pick up some tips and ideas.

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    Not Obtaining A Permit

    Patio Covers are an investment to your home; making both your back yard enjoyable and increasing the value of your home.

    The last thing you want is to have a patio cover up that is considered to be of no value to your property because it is not engineered properly; if a permit cannot be obtained it will not be considered an asset to a buyer; the building dept. could make you tear down your patio cover if you do not have a permit.

    Using The Wrong Tools

    Strong, heavy-duty tools are absolutely a must when working with concrete. Using the wrong tools results in a shoddy-looking concrete slab.

    Before mixing the concrete, have these tools ready: a pressure washer, safety goggles, a large wheelbarrow, an electric concrete mixer, a bull float to flatten the surface, a magnesium float for bumps, tools to create the concrete form, a broom, a brush, an edger, a finishing trowel, gloves and buckets.

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    Do Aluminum Alumawood Products Require Building Permits

    Aluminum is significantly different than wood. ;Alumawood patio covers are engineered for multiple different configurations and applications. As a result, the company has already produced standards for their products installation for just about any situation or condition. Not to mention, that the Alumawood standards meet or exceed local Santa Clarita building standards. So obtaining patio cover permits for aluminum pergolas is extremely easy because most of the paper work is already done for you. works closely with the city of Santa Clarita and obtains wood patio cover, wood decks and aluminum pergola permits weekly.

    Do I Need A Permit To Install A Pergola

    Do I Need a Permit for a Deck Build or Renovation?

    Patio covers are a fantastic way to freshen up the look of your backyard. Not only are they an attractive visual centerpiece, they provide much needed shade to make a back patio more livable. However, before you rush to your local lumber store or dig your first footing, youll have to get your permits squared away.

    Heres what you should know to make sure your new patio cover meets code requirements.

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    Work That Requires A Residential Mechanical Permit

    • Install or change any part of a heating or cooling system which has duct work or must be vented into any kind of chimney or vent
    • Install a wood stove or fireplace insert
    • Install, alter or repair gas piping between the meter and an appliance
    • Install a fuel oil tank

    Read more about residential mechanical permits.


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