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Do You Need A Permit To Build A Patio

Outside Home Repair Projects

How to Build a Grey Freestanding Elitewood Patio Cover
  • Install insulation in existing homes
  • Install storm windows
  • Install window awnings, not more than 54 inches deep and not in a design zone, that are supported by an exterior wall and do not project beyond the property line
  • Install gutters and downspouts
  • Replace or repair siding
  • Replace or repair roofing, including replacement of no more than 15% of the existing roof sheathing
  • Replace doors or windows if the existing openings are not widened or reduced in size
  • Install swings and other play structures
  • Build a fence up to seven feet high
  • Pave a walkway
  • Build stairs, patio, or deck that is not more than 30 inches above grade
  • Build a shed or other non-habitable one-story detached accessory structure, provided that the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet and a wall height of 10 feet measured from the finished floor to the top of the top plate
  • Repave driveways where expansion is not proposed
  • Build a patio or porch cover not over 200 square feet and supported by an exterior building wall

Please note: If your property is in a flood hazard area, additional requirements apply. Contact Site Development to discuss your project.

When Is A Permit Required

A deck or related structure requires a permit if any of these conditions apply:

  • It is higher than 0.6 m above grade at any point – if it is under 0.6 m please review our section for patios.;
  • You are replacing, rebuilding or extending an existing deck or balcony, that is higher than 0.6 m above grade at any point.
  • You are replacing any structural components of an existing deck or balcony that is higher than 0.6 m above grade at any point.
  • You are adding stairs to an existing deck or balcony.
  • If your deck or balcony has a roof that is attached to your house, visit the;additions;page.
  • If your deck or balcony has a roof but is not attached to your house, visit the;garage, shed, greenhouse, carport;page.

In most situations, decks or related structures only require a building permit . If your;location;or;design;does not meet the land use bylaw specifications, you will also require a development permit . The development permit would be applied for;prior to;submitting a building permit application. Further information regarding the development permit process can be found by visiting the;development permit process;page.

Work That Requires A Residential Electrical Permit

You must be both the owner and occupant of the home in order to do electrical work yourself. If the home is intended for sale, lease, rent or exchange in the near future, work must be done by a licensed electrical contractor. A permit is required to:

  • Install, change or repair any hard-wired electrical system
  • Run any additional wiring, put in an additional electrical outlet or light fixture, or change your fuse box to circuit breakers
  • Install or alter low voltage systems such as security alarms, central vacuum systems, or low voltage lighting
  • Add or replace electrical wall/baseboard heaters

Read more about residential electrical permits.

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You Have The Plan; Now How Do You Apply For The Deck Permit

Again, if you hire professional deck builders, they can take care of all this for you. If youre doing it yourself, or your deck builder doesnt offer this service, applying for the deck permit is not difficult. First you must find out who issues permits. Usually its the city or county office. Most places will have their own building code or inspection department. If youre not sure, start researching permits in your city and something will come up online.

Once youve reached the right department or website, you should be able to find a list of what is required and general instructions on how to apply for the permit. Some might have a downloadable form on their website for the application itself that is to be submitted with the required drawings.

These instructions will include specific zoning requirements. For example, your deck must not be within a certain distance from property lines or utility lines. You should get your local utility providers to come and mark their lines in your yard. This way you can be sure on where your deck will have to go, and you wont have to worry about hitting any power, water, cable or gas lines. This will all be included in your deck building plan.

What If I Hire A Contractor

Do You Need a Permit to Build a Deck in Queensland?

Many homeowners decide to forgo the DIY route and hire a contractor to save on time, money, and stress. Licensed contractors face the same permit requirements as homeowners when building a deck.

A contractor can face consequences for building without a permit, but you may also have to deal with trouble if your home is found with an unpermitted deck. A qualified contractor should be able to take care of the entire permit process, but you can ask before they begin the construction process to provide you with a copy of the permit.

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Youll Still Need To Get A Permit

In additional to the fines, youll have to pay for the cost of the permit. In most cases, your contractor wont have a set of proper plans as required by your county, so youll have to pay for those and wait until they are put together. If its a rush job, it will cost more, and in most cases, it will set you back around two weeks.

Realities Of The Permitting Process

The realities of the permitting process, when it comes to answering the question, Do I need a permit to build a patio in my backyard, is that you would need a permit for many backyard building projects, one being a patio cover.

Governments, being governments, have an array of municipal, county, and district building requirements designed to ensure that any permanent structure is up to code and safe for use and occupation.

Owing to the fact that each state and locale has differing rules and regulations regarding what they consider permittable will vary so widely as to make any blanket statement meaningless.; That said however, finding the information you need for your locale is relatively easy if you have an internet connection.

Just about every county jurisdiction offers a webpage explaining the building permit process, and the application process is fairly straightforward.

As a rule, however, whether you would need a permit is determined by where you live, the size of the patio, and even the material you will be using in the patio build.; You can use as your baseline of knowledge the final generalities:

As mentioned, these proscriptions will be listed on your county building website, so you will be able to plan accordingly based on what your outdoor patio vision.;;

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What Is Required To Get A Deck Permit

In most cities, to get a permit you need to supply one or two copies of a to-scale drawings of the deck plan. Usually the overhead view is required, but sometimes theyll need a drawing of the elevation from the side or front of the structure.

When you hire a deck builder, theyll have computer software that can create these drawings for you. Not only is this handy for obtaining a permit, it will also give you a great idea of how your new deck will look in your yard in relation to your house and other structures.

The plan you submit will have to include locations, sizes of your frost footings, spacing, beams, joists and so on. The inspectors, or the people going over your plans to provide the permit, will have to make sure the deck plan will meet local structural building code requirements. Sometimes theyll need information regarding the railings, stairs, ledger board and other structural components of the deck so they can ensure its safe. The materials used, including decking, rails and hardware will also be submitted in your plan.

Financial Security May Be In Jeopardy

Homeowners Questions – Do I need a PERMIT? // The Ultimate Deck HIGHLIGHTS

If your structure is built without a permit, there may be no consequence in the short term, but there are several instances that can affect your financial security by not obtaining a permit.

  • If your structure is, in fact, unstable, and its failure hurts someone, you can be held personally responsible for damages and medical bills.;
  • Suppose you file an insurance claim for damages due to a faulty structure, and it is discovered that there was no permit obtained when it was built. In that case, your insurance company can choose not to cover any damages, holding you financially responsible.
  • If your city finds your structure built without a permit, you can be ordered to tear it down or even pay back property taxes on the structure.;

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Do I Need A Building Permit To Build A Patio Cover Or Ramada In My Yard

Short Answer: Maybe; it depends on the city you live in.

Each Arizona city makes its own rules about building permits, and most require one for any kind of roofing, including a patio cover.

You probably wont need a permit if youre building a small, detached structure that doesnt have any water or electricity. Still, know the zoning rules for your area, as you may have to leave at least six feet between structures and your property line.;

Cities require building permits to protect you and your neighbors from work that doesnt meet minimum construction standards. In most cases, youll pay a small fee per square foot of the roof or structure. Once you get a permit, you;will have a;visit from a building inspector who will ensure that the work performed on your property is safe, complies with city building codes, and meets environmental standards.

Getting a permit before you build will save you a huge headache if you decide to sell your home later and find out that your patio cover isnt up to standards. Most contractors are willing to do the legwork to get your permit for you so you dont have to.

NOTE:Hire contractors who have licenses from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Ask your contractors if they have licenses to perform the specific kind of work you need. A contractor with a plumbers license, for example, is not allowed to build your deck unless he also has a permit for that kind of work.

How Big Can Our Concrete Patio Be Before It Needs A Permit

In most cases, the key measurement in dictating whether you need a permit or not is the height. In most cases, anything less than 30 inches from the ground will mean you do not need a permit. However, you should check this with your local authority, as some differ.

Unless you are planning an extremely large concrete patio, its unlikely that the length and width will present you with any building permit problems. However, again, you should double-check this with your local authority to check that what you have planned meets all local regulations.

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What Can Be Built

A patio can be freestanding or attached to a dwelling and if enclosed, will normally only be closed on 1 or 2 sides. There are restrictions when it comes to the maximum allowed height of posts and roofs. Most patios have either a flat, gable or a combination roof with a gable roof allowing more height allowance. When a patio is being built in a residential zone, you must also consider boundary limits and if youre dwelling is on a corner block.;

Do I Need A Building Permit To Build A Patio

Do You Need Deck Building Permits?

Whether you are looking for a place to read a book and enjoy warm spring days or an entertainers delight to host a barbeque, a patio can be built to suit your lifestyle. With a large range of options when it comes to colour, size, and design, a patio makes the ideal addition to any dwelling.;

A common question asked by home owners when building a patio is will they require a building permit. Here is some important information to consider:;

What Can Be Built;

The Size of the Patio


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What Design Elements Do You Want To Incorporate

If you envision an outdoor entertainment area on your patio, an outdoor kitchen may be part of the plan. Cooking spaces outdoors requires an extra degree of planning since you will need to run utility services to the outdoor kitchen area.

Adding extra electrical service, gas service, water service, and drain service to an outdoor kitchen area all involve added planning and preparation. In most areas, any utility additions or expansions to your home require you to have a permit. Your sub-contractors can give you better advice about your local building codes. Consult with your sub-contractors before any work commences.

What Do All Pro Decks And Patios In San Antonio Offer

All Pro Decks and Patios offer a wide range of services and types of installations. The company focuses on designing perfectly planned outdoor spaces and walks you through your new dream decks design and installation.

All Pro offers clients access to multiple types of deck installations. If you are looking for a wide range of composite materials, All Pro has you covered. Not only are they pro certified with manufacturers like Deckerators, but they also offer options that give a more traditional wood look with a robust and durable material that has an excellent strength to weight ratio.

They also offer the classic look of timber with their all-wood installations. If the allure of real wood is something you are looking for, All Pro Decks and Patios can provide a clean and professional installation that will last you and your home for years to come.

Outside of decks, they also offer clients outdoor kitchens and patio enclosures. Regardless of if you are looking for a deck, a patio, or even a place to grill and chill outdoors, All Pro has some great options to explore.

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Zoning Codes And Rules

Dont forget any zoning codes or rules that may affect your patio project. Zoning rules and regulations are different and separate from building codes. The use of the land is controlled by zoning and the addition of a patio may impact the zoning of your property.

Zoning rules can affect your patio installation inf various ways.

  • Setback rules specify how close to your property line you can put structures and hardscaping.
  • You must take into consideration powerline and utility easements that cross your property.
  • Some zoning laws may restrict your patios size based on the size of your lot and other structures that exist on the property.
  • Environmental rules can be a problem if your patio impacts a drainage area or protected waterway

How Natural Landscape Group Helps With Your Building Permit

Do I need a permit to build a shed in my backyard?

Sometimes, getting a permit for your project can be a pain.

It takes time. Youll be asked questions you might not know the answers to. Theres plenty of technical information that needs to be supplied.

Heres how well take care of it all for you:

  • BCIN: Your project design plans include a Building Code Inspection Number.
  • CITY RELATIONSHIPS: Weve built outdoor living spaces throughout Southern Ontario. We know the information each city needs and will ensure its included in your project plans.
  • EXPEDIENCY: The sooner you get your building permit, the sooner your project can start, and the sooner you can enjoy it once its finished.

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How To Find Out If A Permit Is Needed

You may be able to find permit information on the municipal website. Its probably listed under permits, building permits, or construction permits.

But theres really only one way to know for sure if you need a building permit for a patio roof, gazebo, or screen enclosure: Ask your local officials. Ultimately, its your responsibility to make sure you have a proper permit if required.

Permit Requirements And Building Codes

Building permits and codes required to create an outdoor patio will typically depend on where you live, the size and cost, and the materiality of your patio.

You will most likely require a permit if you are building a sizeable deck or if youre planning on enclosing the patio with a roofed pergola. If you live in a heritage area or if youre creating a freestanding patio, you may need a building permit.

Best to inquire with your local council as to what building permits and codes need to be met before you start any works.

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Do You Need A Permit To Build A Patio In Maryland

Patio ConstructionPatiospatiosconstructionpatiopermitrequiredconstruction

A building permit is required for patios greater than 10m2. Patios that are less than 10m2 and under 2.4m in height do not require Council approval unless there is already a patio situated on the property and/or the patio is going to be attached to an existing building.

Also Know, how do I get a permit to build a patio? Check with the local authority as to whether a permit is required to build a patio. A permit isn’t automatically required to build an on-grade patio, whether it’s concrete, brick or any other material. Requirements vary widely in local governments, ranging from relaxed to stringent.

Also to know, do you need a permit to build a deck in Maryland?

A building permit in is typically required for all that are supported by footings, this is regardless of how tall or what grade the is built. Keep in mind that each County has it’s own permits and regulations, not every counties zoning requirements are the same.

Why do I need a permit to build a deck?

State, City, LocalAs complex as the process can be, permits are in place for a reason, to ensure your hardwood leads a long and most importantly, safe, life. Permits are issued by governments to ensure that any outdoor building project adheres to building codes, which are in place to ensure structures are safe.


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