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How Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work

How Do Smokeless Firepits Work

Does My DIY Smokeless Fire Pit Really Work? Truth Revealed!

Is there anything better than a bonfire in summer? Gather the essentials: good people, a few marshmallows, some boxed wine, and youve distilled the very essence of summertime! With your very own fire pit in the back yard, that heavenly vision is yours all summer long, steps away. And for that matter, a fire pit can extend the outdoor season so let the good times roll right on through October!

But if theres one any downside at all to having a fire pit, its that lingering smoke that can upset the vibe and irritate everyone around the fires. The problem gets even worse on chillier nights when you want to move in close and soak up the warmth of the fire. And cooking? Forget about managing your grill or your cast iron pans on the flame. The smoke can get in your eyes and sometimes make it impossible to use your pit the way it was intended.

This isnt a problem for every backyard host, however. All you need is a constant breeze that doesnt change direction and smoke isnt usually a problem. But lots of people arent that lucky. For anyone whose outdoor living area happens to situated in a place where it doesnt catch much breeze, the smoke can take the fun out of your summertime gathering. Or if the evenings are typically calm and breezeless where you live, its the same problem: lingering smoke that hovers around your party like an unwelcome guest that just wont go away.

Do Smokeless Fire Pit Creates Smell

Some people have expressed that they dont like the smell that is created by smokeless fire pits. They argue that its not healthy because of the smell. It also detracts from their experience when enjoying the outdoors. Smokeless fuel can be expensive so some are looking for an alternative or at least a way to reduce the amount of smell when using a smokeless product.

The Environment Thanks You

Smokeless fire pits effectively reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, which is the by-product of incomplete combustion. Specifically, BioLites CampStove touts a 90 percent reduction in carbon emissions.

To learn more about outdoor air pollution and the dangers of carbon emissions, here is a well-written article on the subject by the World Health Organization.

Wood burning fire pits, even smokeless fire pits still produce particulate pollution into the air, if you are looking for something that does not emit this particulate matter then a natural gas or propane-fueled fire pit may be a better option for you.

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Can You Use A Smokeless Firepit During A Burn Ban

To ensure safety, some areas establish a no-burn ban. To find out if you can use a smokeless fire pit in such locations, you will have to make inquiries. But if a solid burn ban is established, you should not use the fire pit.

A burn ban may be established in places like campfires to prevent any fire hazards and maintain safety. It may also be to preserve the air quality and protect wildlife. Always know the rules concerning fire pits in the region where you stay.

What Are Smokeless Fire Pit Sand How Do They Work

How does a smokeless fire pit work?

Full disclaimer: smokeless fire pits aren’t actually 100 percent smokeless. It isn’t possible to eliminate all smoke if your burning medium is wood. However, the construction of a smokeless fire pit allows it to burn hotter and more efficiently, which produces less smoke.

Smoke is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. Complete combustion of wood produces only carbon dioxide and water. Incomplete combustion, when there is insufficient supply of oxygen, produces carbon monoxide, soot, and carbon dioxide. Needless to say, incomplete combustion creates ait pollution, which is bad for our health and for the environment.

Smokeless fire pits use a double-wall construction with added ventilation, which creates the right conditions for near-complete combustion, with ash collecting at the bottom of the firepit instead of sooty smoke being released into the air. This won’t be a perfect process, but it’s close enough for residential fire pit burning.

The most popular smokeless firepits right now are made by Solo Stove, and you can buy them on Wayfair and lots of other places.

As it happens, the design isn’t very complicated and you can make one if you have decent DIY skills and a few hours to spend making it. If you know your way with a drill, this project is for you.

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What Fuel Do You Use In A Smokeless Fire Pit

Most smokeless fire pits burn firewood. You can find outdoor stoves that burn everything from charcoal briquettes to sawdust bricks, but theyre designed for their specific fuel type and probably arent smokeless.

If youre supposed to burn sawdust, wood pellets, or other materials, the manufacturer will note it on the packaging. Burning other fuel sources in a smokeless pit designed for firewood could create a large amount of smoke.

Can I Burn Any Type Of Wood In A Smokeless Fire Pit

In general, most smokeless fire pits will allow for any type of wood to be burned in them however, some do have limitations on what types they can burn. Most experts recommend using only hardwoods like oak, ash, and beech.

While it is possible to burn softwoods like pine or cedar, these are best saved for your indoor fireplace unless you want the hassle of dealing with excess ash that will result from burning them in your smokeless fire pit.

These types of woods also introduce bad flavors to your food, so if youre planning to cook over your fire pit stick with hardwoods that are ideal for cooking like hickory or applewood.

There are some fire pits out there that can even burn pellets which is a great option if you regularly use this type of fuel in your home to heat your house or cook your food.

Its also important not to overload the pit with wood because it could cause too much pressure on the air channels, preventing the air from getting to the fuel efficiently.

If you are unsure of what woods to use in your pit, then it might be best to consult with the manufacturer or look on their website for more detailed information about which types they recommend burning and which ones should be avoided. They usually have a product manual that will include this information along with other helpful tips on how to get the most out of your fire pit.

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Cut A Hole Through The Lid

To ensure a snug fit, measure the dimater of your smaller pot and cut a hole in the larger pot’s lid that is the same diameter. This means that you won’t get heat escaping from the sides of your fire pit while you’re using it. When you want to clean the ash from your fiirepit, you’ll just lift the lid and the smaller pot will come out easily.

The best way to dirll the hole through the lid is by drilling lots of small holes right next to each other, until the center just pops out, a bit like the top of a can.

Voila, your firepit is ready to use.

Its Quite Fascinating That A Smokeless Fire Pit Exists But How Does A Smokeless Fire Pit Work

A DIY SMOKELESS Fire Pit That Actually Works!

Most Smokeless fire pit has its own Airflow technology that allows for more oxygen to feed the fire and a Double Wall construction allowing fresh air to enter cavity at the bottom, air super heats as it rises. Hot air then exits the cavity, feeding super-heated oxygen to the flames. Next would be the Reburn, this pressurized, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke. This reburn is what causes your fire to burn smokeless, giving you a premium experience.

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Are Smokeless Fire Pits Safe

As we mentioned in our guide to safely setting up a fire pit on your deck, you must keep objects and overhangs away from a fire pit, but this is especially important when using a smokeless fire pit.

Because of how hot the fire burns, the flames stretch up much higher on a smokeless fire pit than a standard fire pit. Plus, the fire heats items that are directly over the fire.

Smokeless fire pits are safe, but make sure there is nothing above the smokeless fire pit that can catch fire from the fire below, including trees, overhangs, and any ceiling or roof structure.

Best Smokeless Fire Pits Review

The Breeo X series comes in two versions: corten steel and stainless steel. We will go for the corten finish version. Here is why.

Corten steel is a steel alloy usually used for bridges and other heavy infrastructure. With age, the material builds a protective layer of rust or patina.

It makes the material endure any corrosion. Simply put, you can have this Breeo X series for a lifetime. Then the fire pit has its own patented smokeless design.

Users have found its X airflow system too effective on regular use to reduce smoke drastically. Also, these patented cutouts systems make a perfect exit to remove ash with a simple brush wipe.

Here proper airflow and doubled walled design complement this fire pit insides cross-lifted structure. It keeps the wood log well lifted and circulates enough air around. You can stuff the fire pit with much more logs than usual it will still be smokeless.

Unlike similar models, the fire pit is wide and short, so it spreads a little or no heat straight up. This one will make you feel the warmth on your feet. And you can consume the full heat of the fire pit within its 2 feet radius.

Moreover, a sear plate covering the fire pits opening is spacious enough to cook food. It also has a dedicated hole to hold cooking accessories.

Things we liked

Things we liked

  • Efficient venting and smokeless design.
  • Portable and easy to set up.
  • Its an effective smokeless option for good heat.

Final verdict

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What Are Some Of The Best Smokeless Fire Pits

Are you considering a smokeless fire pit for your backyard, patio, or camping trips? While Breeo is a fantastic brand if you have the budget, there are many other options too. Lets take a look at some fantastic picks now.

Solo Stove 27 Yukon Smokeless Fire Pit

Another brand that you should keep an eye out for is Solo Stove. These manufacturers make smokeless fire pits in a variety of sizes like Breeo, and they also make them in a sleek and durable stainless steel design. This particular listing is for Solo Stoves largest fire pit, a 27-inch beauty.

Full of convenient air holes, this pit is perfect for achieving a smokeless experience, no matter where you are. Because this particular model is quite portable, it is a good choice for those of you who camp or entertain in different locations.

While it has a bit of a price tag and weighs almost 40 pounds, this model from Solo Stove is built to last and can make any backyard or outdoor area more elegant- without the need for any set up at all.

Inno Stage Smokeless Fire Bowl

Ive already mentioned this particular fire pit from Inno Stage, but it deserves another mention- namely because it is available in two finishes. Choose between a handsome painted matte black exterior or a polished stainless finish.

This fire bowl also comes with a convenient carrying case and handles on the pit itself. The bag is waterproof, and there is a convenient ash catcher attached to this pit.

Flame Genie Portable Smoke-Free Wood Pellet Fire Pit

Can I Make An Existing Firepit Smokeless

How does a smokeless fire pit work?

If you already have taken advantage of fire pit ideas and have a fire pit a brick one, say, you can drastically reduce the amount of smoke it produces with a few simple tricks. Lenny Brickowsy, an ACHP-certified handyman from Cleveland and a consultant at , recommends the following:

  • Use only dry wood with a moisture content below 30%. This means that the firewood has to be kept out of the rain.
  • Keep your firepit clean, dry, and ready to use take the time to build a proper fire with teepeed wood because it burns longer and puts off less smoke. Basically, if you put larger logs at the bottom and smaller ones at the top, the fire will travel downwards, producing less smoke overall.
  • Use hardwoods such as oak, ash, hickory, and maple.

Brickowsy also has a hack for making a brick or paver firepit smokeless by inserting a fire ring into it. You can buy a , or you can use something like an old cake tin.

Now, ‘drill holes into the fire ring around the top and bottom rates at least a few inches in diameter. This is where cold air is going to enter the fire ring and keep the fire burning. Make sure you remove enough pavers so that the fire gets adequate air.’

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Keep Your Firewood Below The Secondary Combustion Holes

The secondary combustion holes found on the inner lip of modern smokeless fire pits are the key to its smokeless design. Remember, thats where the extra oxygen is being introduced. Any firewood placed above it may cause smoking. You may have seen marketing images of firewood placed above that point, this is merely a marketing choice. Im one of those people where I often skip the instruction manual, so I had to learn this the hard way!

Alternative To A Wood Fire Pit Propane Fires

I wanted to wrap this up by offering another solution for smokeless fire pits, a propane fire pit! Propane fire pits are different because they do NOT burn wood and therefore are completely smoke free. They burn propane from a propane bottle.

A propane fire is worth considering because you can often use a propane fire during a burn ban. This is not always the case, make sure to check locally to find out what types of open flames are and are not allowed.

Another benefit of the propane fire is that you dont need wood. You can also just turn it on and off, no need to wait for wood to burn down. It puts out quite a lot of heat, but isnt really an option for cooking. If youre mainly looking for the ambiance of a fire, this is a great option to consider.

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How Does Smokeless Fire Pit Work Here’s What You Need To Know

A smokeless fire pit may seem like an oxymoron. While its true you cant have fire without smoke, you can significantly reduce the amount of smoke your fire pit produces by using a smokeless fire pit.

What exactly are smokeless fire pits, and how do they work?

Heres everything you need to know about smokeless fire pits!

How To Build A Smokeless Fire Pit

How To Build a DIY Smokeless Fire Pit That Really Works!

Posted on Last updated: June 27, 2022

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Languid evenings spent outdoors around an open fire are a treat until we get smoked into some weird version of musical chairs. If youve shrieked in dismay at how bonfire smoke seems to smother you? Youre not alone.

Thanks to science and a few clever industrial designers, theres a solution to this smoky bonfire problem a smokeless fire pit! With our tips and DIY smokeless fire pit design top, its super easy to build one yourself.

Smokeless fire pits are wildly popular right now, with several off-the-shelf models selling like hot cakes on Amazon, but they are pricey. The good news is you can build a smokeless fire pit for your garden at a fraction of the price of commercial fire pits, with minimal DIY skills.

Read on to learn how!

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Do Smokeless Fire Pits Smell

The concept of low smoke, less smell applies. The smokeless fire pit is engineered to produce more heat and warmth while using less fuel. You get to enjoy the allure of a bonfire but without the odor. This is how it happens

The engineering design of the smokeless fire pits enhances airflow, which feeds the fire and fuses with the rising smoke. The smoke never reaches your clothes or nose as it is burned off in the secondary combustion process. There are compounds known as PAH that emit the smell of smoke from a wood fire.

If you use the right smoke fire product, youll achieve fuel efficiency with low smoke output. Opt for wood that has dried properly. The more moisture content, the higher the number of PAHs. Enjoy a backyard night fire without your hair smelling like the aftermath of a California wildfire.

The smell of a burning fire can get irritating. Plus, some people are adversely affected by smoke. Perhaps you have an asthmatic child or an elderly parent who enjoys the outdoors, but smoke triggers episodes of labored breathing.

A smokeless fire pit is a perfect solution to this problem. When there is minimal smoke, there is less odor.

Inconspicuous Heat Aka Fire What Fire

This one is mainly for my city folks. Not having to worry about about smoke is one thing, but not having your neighbors worrying about your smoke, thats almost as good.

Some neighbors are overly curious or overly cautious about smoke, maybe they want to make sure youre safe, maybe they are environmentally conscious and do not like the pollution, in either case, they will no longer be notified by the smell nor the smoke that comes from using a fire pit, and they can rest easy knowing youre being environmentally friendly.

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