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How Much To Enclose A Patio

Patio Building Permits Costs

Another use for shower curtains. Inexpensive Way to Enclose Your Patio

If youre building an enclosure rather than attaching something thats not permanent, its highly likely your local government will have stipulations around its design. Enclosures will need to be a certain distance from other structures, have a limited square footage and height, and have adequate clearance from dividing walls. Your HOA might also have rules around it, so submit your plans to both and wait for permission before you go ahead with construction. If you dont, the city could make you tear it down if its not up to code. Expect to pay around $100$300 to get the proper permits to build.

How Much Will It Cost To Enclose A Patio

The total cost toenclose a patio depends on the size, materials used, the contractor you choose, regional pricing trends and the extras you add to enhance your patio’s functionality.

For this cost guide, we will base our calculations on a 200 sq ft area.

Most projects come in at around $5,000$23,800 to complete, but, not surprisingly, the main factor influencing the total cost to enclose your patio is the size of the area you have.

If you would like to add special features, such as custom windows or interior decorations to create an honest to goodness living space with some furniture and some other decorating touches, the costs of your projected new patio enclosure will fall on the higher end of the scale, and could be in excess of $55,000.

As you can see, the costs will vary drastically, coming in at anywhere between $25 – $275 per sq ft, and will ultimately depend on the design choices you make.

Patio enclosures increase the square footage of your home’s living area, and can vary drastically in their price range. Be sure to understand exactly what look you will be going for, and then discuss all your options with a local contractor.

Typical Porch Vs Enclosed Porch: How Much To Enclose A Porch

While a typical porch and an enclosed porch are the same covered shelter that is usually attached at the front of a house, these two have distinct differences.

A typical porch is commonly described as an outdoor living space.

This space that is usually roofed is used for various reasons.

The most obvious use of a porch is that it serves as an extension of the living room. This may be used by the family or visitors to relax while enjoying the outdoor view and weather.

Furthermore, a porch can also be used as a space for various activities. Working at home in the time of pandemic inside the four walls of a room can get pretty suffocating. That is why a porch can be a great alternative working space for some people.

However, since a typical porch is open, unwanted elements such as insects and leaves from a nearby tree can be a distraction.

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How To Enclose A Patio Without Breaking Into A Sweat

The pandemic restrictions have forced many Americans to spend more time at home. Now, families are attending school, working, and vacationing at their residence. Moreover, industry experts expect trends in improving and utilizing outdoor spaces to continue. This development has led many homeowners to research how to enclose a patio to extend their living space.

With homeowners now considering outdoor spaces an indispensable extension of their interior, many are searching for reliable, skillful contractors. Structurally Speaking has established itself as a leader in the construction of outdoor living spaces. Since 2008, we have been helping homeowners create unique and functional outdoor living spaces.

Tearing Down Of Old Porch

This retaining wall is a great way to enclose a patio ...

There are some enclosure jobs that would require you to demolish your old porch. This is usually done as a result of old age, as doing any more additional work, or adding more things to these porches would add more weight, that might eventually result to the entire structure falling or caving in under its own weight. For cases like this, expect to spend a whopping $20,000 or more, depending on the factors for price determination that were mentioned above.

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How Much Does It Cost To Turn A Screened Porch Into A Sunroom

One way to go about the enclosed porch vs. sunroom debate is to start with the former and upgrade to the latter at a different time when you have the money.

Its complicated to convert a porch into a sunroom without first demolishing the porch. Since sunrooms are typically attached to the house and have electricity, you cant exactly build over any existing structure.

Given that, the cost of demolition can range anywhere from $5 to $15 per square foot. Once thats taken care of, youre looking at a minimum price of about $10,000 to construct and outfit a sunroom in the porchs place.

As such, it takes approximately $12,000 to take down a 200 square foot porch and erect a sunroom in its place.

How Much Does It Cost To Enclose A Patio

We all look for more reasons to spend time outside, but unpredictable weather and those mosquito-swarming evenings tend to deter us from taking full advantage of our outdoor spaces. By enclosing your outdoor patio or decking, you eliminate exposure to those pesky bugs, while also providing more shade and shelter from whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

If you decide to enhance your home with an enclosed patio, you may be wondering how much it will cost you.

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How Much Does It Cost To Enclose My Patio

Certainly, creating additional living space in your home can be priceless. Your enclosed patio provides room to spread out so that everyone isnt on top of one another. While you cant put a financial value on your peace and happiness, you still must consider your expenses.

Undoubtedly, the best way to determine the cost of your project is to make an appointment for our free estimate. During our meeting, well discuss your plans and budget. Well explain how each factor will affect your cost:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Amenities

Jim Brennan, our owner, personally meets with each new client. Moreover, Jim presents 2 customized design recommendations using a 3-dimensional computer program to envision your new space. Our priority is to design an enclosure that you love within your budget.

Screened In Patio Costs

How to Build a Patio Enclosure with Seating Walls

Not the same as full walls, screens can block almost everything from crossing your patio spacebugs, leaves, etc. The better kind are firmly attached to your patio frame/beams and can withstand any type of weather, the most common material used being fiberglass mesh. An average 270sqft screened in porch costs approx. $4.50/sqft, which would bring you to a total of $600 to $3,510 .

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How To Enclose A Porch With Windows

  • How much does it cost to turn a screened porch into a sunroom?
  • How to Enclose a Porch With Windows

    • Measure the area you want to enclose to determine how many and what size windows you will need and also how much lumber is necessary for the project.
    • Measure and cut your bottom plate.
    • Measure from the bottom of the top plate to the top of the bottom plate to obtain the length of your upright end post .

    Wood & Hardware Patio Enclosures

    While wood frames seem the most obvious and cost-effective choice for roofing your patio, many homeowners are saying that wood rot and termite damage mean it will need to be replaced within years. They are opting for composite, metal, or vinyl roofs and frames instead. That said, you can build with treated wood and delay the damage.

    Another option is custom-built wood covers. Have your patio roof and frame custom built, or order the kit and have a contractor install it for you.

    Companies like J& W Lumbar offer many options when it comes to building your patio cover. Choose your wood, wood thickness, roofing option, post sizes, hardware package, and stain option to get the exact look you want.

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    How To Enclose A Patio Cheaply And Make It More Useful

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    If you have a patio on your home that you only use occasionally because the weather often keeps you indoors, investing in enclosing that space may be worth the money for you.

    There are many different ways to enclose a patio, but some are significantly more expensive than others. Learning how to retain your space without spending more than necessary will help you get the results youre looking for.

    There are a few different options worth considering, but it will be up to you to choose the one that will help you accomplish your goals. Look at the most affordable options below, and decide on the one that fits your needs best.

    There are different types of patio enclosures, but its up to you to determine which is best for your needs.

    Beautiful Glass Enclosed Patio

    A Simple Guide To Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas BW06zu ...

    With both roof and walls are made of glass, your patio area will give you the best of both outdoor and indoor space.

    This glass enclosed patio allows you to enjoy warm summer days while dining out with your family and friends or while reading your favorite books.


    • The white couch offers both style and functional seating area to get relaxed.


    • This design works better with a spacious patio area.


    The cost of this kind of glass enclosed patio designs is starting from $20,000.

    Well, congratulations! Now you know some best enclosed patio designs along with the approximate cost for each of them. Find yourself the best design that matches with your liking and whole scale concept.

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    X3 Aluminum Screen Frame

    Increasing the size of the frame to the stronger 2 x 3 posts allows you to increase the size of the openings while still maintaining up to a 40psf snow load rating. They are similar in style and function to the 2×2 system, but can support more roof load due to the larger construction. These systems have engineering available, so the preferred choice when a building permit is needed.

    Costs By Enclosure Type

    Here are the most popular enclosure styles and their general cost ranges when hiring a contractor to build the enclosure. Weve included stick-built options as well as other patio enclosure types for comparison.


    • Roll Shades | $15 $600 based on quality and size.
    • Privacy Screens | $40 $250 based on size.
    • Ceiling Fan | $55 $400+
    • Lighting per Fixture | $20 $200+
    • Electric or Propane Space Heaters | $15 $450
    • Propane Fireplace | $700 $1,500+
    • Fireplace and Chimney | $1,250 $4,000
    • Screen Material | $.15 $1.10 per square foot. Your options from cheapest to most expensive include fiberglass, vinyl mesh, aluminum and stainless steel.

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    Advantages Of Having An Enclosed Patio

    If youre still unsure whether or not you want an enclosed patio, knowing the advantages of having one might help you. That way, you can decide the best course of action for your lifestyle.

    • Enjoy the outdoors without being outdoors. Having an enclosed patio space will allow you to have an area where you can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, such as the noises of nature, fresh air, and sunshine, without being stuck outside exposed to bees or mosquitos.
    • Shade or cover anytime you need it. The enclosed patio space provides you with cover from the sun as well as rain or wind if you wish. Additionally, for those who love to watch thunderstorms, this is a great way to do it. You can crack the windows to feel the wind while getting a first-row seat to the lightning and thunder.
    • Never cancel events due to weather. Weve all been affected one way or another by inclement weather. Maybe youve had a canceled family function or gathering because it randomly rained, or it got chilly rather quickly. By having an enclosed patio, you would simply move the party inside. No more rain on your parade!

    Finish Wallboard Screw Holes And Seams

    How to Install a Paver Patio like a Pro

    Begin the finishing process by filling the screw holes with joint compound. This may take several coats, with a light sanding job in between. The seams will require drywall tape to finish correctly. Coat the seam with joint compound, and then press the tape into the seam with a putty knife, pressing out any excess compound. It usually takes 2 or 3 coats to completely finish the seam, using a wider knife for each coat.

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    Find Out Exactly How Much A Patio Builder Could Cost You

    You have a beautiful patio, but rarely use it because it is too hot, raining or you are bothered by insects. Why waste all that space when you can buy a patio enclosure? How much it costs will depend on the enclosure you choose, but you have some surprisingly affordable options.

    A patio enclosure is a type of outdoor room. If you’re starting from scratch, you need to calculate the costs* of pavers, your patio cover and the enclosure. Add lighting and furnishings and the cost can be between $10,000 and $50,000. If you already have a paved patio and want to provide it with a cover and enclosure, you can probably enclose your patio for well under $10,000.

    Whats The Difference Between A Covered Patio Covered Porch Lanai And Veranda

    The difference comes down to the placement of the structure and its design elements.

    • Covered patios and lanais: They are both extensions of a home’s existing room. Typically occupy the side or back of a home.
    • Covered porch: Usually sits in the front of a home. Open to the outside. Holds the same design elements as a covered patio and lanai.
    • Veranda: An open-air structure connecting to the outside of a building. Enclosed by a railing that extends across the front or sides.

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    Types Of Patio Enclosures

    Welcome to our guide to the types of patio enclosures including different options, cost and designs.Once the weather turns warm and sunny, people enjoy using their patio for barbecues, parties, and visiting. Yet, depending on the climate they live in, not everyone has the chance to enjoy their patio year-round.

    Once a homeowner decides they want to use their patio more often, they need to research the types of patio enclosures to find the best options. Patios are versatile, and it seems no two are alike. A patio design depends on a homes style, size, construction, and yard size.

    Enclosing an existing patio includes decisions such as the type of construction materials, screened or glass windows, how many seasons the homeowner wants to use the enclosed patio, and what weather and elements the patio will be exposed to.

    Enclosing a patio provides a more functional outdoor space to relax and enjoy your home and yard. This informative guide will discuss patio enclosure types, options, materials, and costs to help you make the best decision once you decide to enclose your patio.

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    Porch With Brick Wall And Wood Beam Ceiling

    2017 Enclosed Patio Cost

    This porch features a lot of coordinating colors and patterns: dark furniture on red tile against a brick wall with taupe paneling and natural wood ceilings. It also features a ceiling fan and recessed lights. The one detractor here is the footpath that goes past the furniture. If you can, leave the walkway open. This is an example of someone adding a porch rather than converting an existing porch. You can tell by how theyve used their existing exterior brick wall and built around it.

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    Benefits Of Working With Uglydeckcom

    At UglyDeck.com, we have installed and completed many customized patio enclosures and provided maintenance-free decking solutions for homeowners. We want to help you achieve the relaxing oasis you want with your enclosed patio or deck, and with over three decades of experience from the UglyDeck.com owners, you can rest assured that your enclosure will meet all safety and building code requirements, ensuring your new addition is both safe and stylish for you and your family to enjoy. Contact us today to learn more!

    Factors That Determine The Cost To Enclose A Patio

    • Materials Used in Making Enclosure: There is a wide array of materials that you could make use of in creating the enclosure for the patio. Some people use bricks and cement, as a means of integrating the patio as an extension of the home interior, the cheapest of all means, which would cost you $0.15-$0.3 for each kilogram, with bricks costing an average of $0.5-2.00, depending on type.

    Some make use of thinner materials such as nets or screen panels which costs about $2-$15 for each meter, and in further cases, there even are instances where people make use of costly glass panels to allow ample light through, with offering a full list of glass panels, with theirs costing $39 to $49 for each panel.

    Should the porch or patio not have any roofing prior, people tend to use G.I., or galvanized Iron sheets or a roofing material which is similar with the rest of the house, which would cost around $5-10 per square meter. For glass panels, there also are specialized glass roofs that match the walls. Some people could also get creative with the enclosure, and use metallic panels with a set of holes, wood, so on and so forth.

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