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How To Cover Patio Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Covers Buying Guide

Tips On Using Patio Furniture Covers

Outdoor furniture covers are the first line of defense against damage and wear when outdoor furniture is not being used. Outdoor elements such as light, heat, and moisture all work to weaken the structural integrity of outdoor materials including metal, wood, and plastic outdoor furniture. A furniture cover helps to maintain and extend the longevity of your outdoor investments, so that you can your outdoor furniture for decades. PatioLiving offers an outdoor furniture cover guide to help determine the different types and features available for high-quality outdoor furniture covers.

Different Types Of Outdoor Furniture Covers

PatioLiving always recommends purchasing coordinating outdoor furniture covers produced by your outdoor furniture manufacturer. Corresponding furniture covers guarantee the perfect fit for specific outdoor furniture, including bulky furniture pieces such as chaise lounges and sofas. The manufacturers recommended outdoor furniture cover will thoroughly protect your patio investments from outdoor elements. As a general guide, measurements can help determine the correct size cover for any outdoor furniture from seating, tables, and umbrellas.

Measuring For Seating

Width: Measure entire right-to-left distance across the width of seating surface, including armsHeight: Measure from the the topmost edge of the back of the seat to the ground to determine depthLength: Measure across from the edge of leg rest to the back edge of the seat

Measuring For Tables

Width: Measure right-to-left distance from opposite edges of table topHeight: Measure from the top of the table to the ground Length: Measure entire distance from edge to edge of tabletop

Measuring For Umbrellas

Height: Measure from the top of the umbrella to the ground

Diy Dining Chair Slipcovers From Old Tablecloth

I normally cover my dining room chairs around the holidays you know, for added décor, but have you thought about making actual slipcovers for them? These may be among the easiest of all slipcovers to make and they add such a lovely look to your dining room. You dont have to tuck and hide seams as much with dining room chairs as you do with sofas and other upholstered furniture and this is a great way to cover up any dinginess that your dining chairs may have gathered over the years and you can make these from an old tablecloth.

Tutorial/Source: schoolofdecorating

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Furniture Covers Come With Tie

All your patio furniture can now have strong, long-lasting, and durable covers that fit them like a glove. Our covers come fitted with air pockets that prevent the formation of mold and mildew on the furniture surface. More importantly, these covers stay in place during windy days. We provide several tie-down options to keep the covers secured properly these include a drawstring, elastic to secure the underneath, and push clips to secure the legs. Next time the wind blows, you need not step out to check if the covers are secured. They will be.

Properly Maintain Wood Patio Furniture

NEH® Outdoor Patio Furniture Table and Chairs Dark Gray ...

Wood patio furniture maintenance is particularly important, since wood is more susceptible to environmental damage than metal, plastic, or resin. Regularly stain or paint wood furniture to keep it looking fresh and to keep surfaces smooth. Follow the paint or stain with a waterproof sealant to further protect your wood furniture and extend its useful life.

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Duck Covers Elite Patio Sofa Cover With Inflatable Airbag To Prevent Pooling 79

: Duck Covers Elite Patio Sofa Cover with Inflatable Airbag to Prevent Pooling, 79-Inch : Outdoor Couch Covers Waterproof : Garden & Outdoor. : Duck Covers Elite Patio Sofa Cover with Inflatable Airbag to Prevent Pooling, 79-Inch : Outdoor Couch Covers Waterproof : Garden & Outdoor. PATIO COVERS: Fits patio sofas 79W x 37D x 35H Two-year limited warranty Water-resistant fabric, Like water off a ducks back Lightweight material is breathable, UV treated and easy to use Reinforced tie-downs to hold cover in place Easy to fold and store Ideal for use in moderate to harsh weather conditions. Elite Series provides breakthrough protection to keep patio furniture looking like new. Our innovative multi-layered material creates superior airflow between your cover and outdoor patio furniture, eliminating condensation that can damage furniture. Our patent pending Duck Dome airbag inflates into low points of outdoor furniture creating a dome-shaped cover to repel water, snow and debris, much like water off a ducks back. Cappuccino color. Two-year limited warranty has you covered. Migrate to today!

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Clean It Before You Put It Away

Make sure you clean your wicker furniture before storing it away for the winter. You can follow these instructions to learn how to clean wicker furniture the right way. This will help preserve the finish and remove any dust or debris that may have settled. This will also keep bugs, spiders, and bees out of your patio furniture so that it looks brand new when Spring and Summer roll around next year.

Additionally, its important to remove any cushions from your wicker furniture. Its common to put decorative throw pillows on the cushions, remove those as well. Removing these from the furniture gives you an awesome opportunity to clean them. We have a great blog post about properly cleaning cushions here! Clean patio cushions can really refresh your patio when summer rolls back around.

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How Can I Measure My Furniture For A Cover

The covers for your patio furniture should fit snuggly without being too tight to allow for easy removal when the weather warms up. The best way to find the right fitting cover is by carefully measuring each piece of your patio furniture.

For larger pieces of furniture such as sun lounges, deck chairs, coffee tables, and outdoor armchairs, measure the width and depth, as well as the height of both the tallest point in the lowest point on the chair or sofa.

Outdoor tables and chairs can be covered together with a round or square cover. Tuck the chairs into the table and secure with a rope. Using a soft tape measure, measure the circumference of the table and chair set for a round table or the height width and depth of a square or rectangular set.

Maintain Metal And Aluminum Pieces

How to Protect your Patio Furniture (3 steps)

When it comes to metal or aluminum patio furniture, its important to bring these pieces in during winter. They can rust thanks to the snow and freezing rain, and the rust can weaken the material. Use water and detergent to clean the surface, and take a brush and hose to wash and rinse. Touch-up the finish with spray paint if needed and apply a thin coat of car wax for extra protection.

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Ultcover Rectangular Patio Heavy Duty Table Cover

The ULTCOVER furniture cover comes with a significant advantage when it comes to protecting your furniture in all seasons. It is made of polyester that is not only water-resistant but also protects your furniture from UV rays that could fade your outdoor furniture. The fabric is also scratch proof, making it ideal in the winter because ice can get pretty sharp. It comes with both plastic buckle-clip and elastic drawstring fasteners to tightly secure your furniture from precipitation and prevent the covers from being blown by the winter winds. It also has two side air vents to allow airflow and prevent moisture from forming within, which is very important during the winter season. If left damp after loads of snow and melting snow your furniture can get moldy.

Material: Polyester

Best Budget: Ckcluu Patio Furniture Set Cover

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Waterproof coating

  • Thin material

If youre seeking a wallet-friendly pick, this CKCLUU design is a great option. Available in nine sizes, the universal design can accommodate tables, chairs, and loveseats of all shapes and sizes. Made of sturdy polyester with a waterproof, UV-resistant coating, its designed to stand up to year-round weather. Whats more, this cover has buckle straps for securing it over the legs of your furniture so it stays in place on the windiest days.

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The Best Patio Furniture Covers

You’ve put the time and money into finding the best patio furniture for your backyard, and now it’s time to do the same for your patio furniture covers!

We’ve sold over 3,000,000 patio furniture covers over our 15 years in business, so we know all the answers when it comes to covers. Learn more about our best patio furniture covers of 2020 to find what you need. Plus, we’ve included some frequently asked questions about patio furniture covers.

Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Patio Chair Cover

Square Patio Furniture Set Cover by Seasons Sentry 84â ...

Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Chair Cover is a perfect waterproof seat cover that will secure your furniture on heavy rains. However, its nylon fabric is thinner than the polyester ones. If you experience really heavy snows, this might not be your best option. Its also not known for its UV protection. Better not use it during summer. However, all those aside, this is still one of the most trusted covers out there. Its breathable material and air vents make sure that your patio chairs are safe from unwanted mold forming in because of moisture. It also comes with elastic seams and drawstrings, plus buckle straps to secure itself on the furniture.

Material: Nylon

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How Do You Prepare Outdoor Furniture For Winter

Prepare outdoor furniture for winter by giving it a good cleaning. Use dish soap and water for wicker, iron, or plastic furniture, or a wood furniture cleaner on wood. Once your furniture is clean, choose a protective cover that properly fits your furniture piece. Finally, you’ll need to find the right outdoor furniture storage space. Some furniture can be stored outdoors during the winter, while other furniture will do best stored in a garage or shed.

Patio Watcher Patio Chaise Lounge Covers Heavy Duty

The Patio Watcher Chaise Lounge Chair Cover is a great cover for long outdoor lounge chairs. Its made to cover the entire length of a chaise lounge chair including the legs! While it looks plain compared to most cover designs, it doesnt lack in functionality. It is made of waterproof woven polyester fabric, and it uses high-density stitching on its bounded seams and edges. Its side air vents also reduce moisture inside the cover and help prevent mold after the cold and wet winter season.

Material: Woven Polyester

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Best Covers To Use For Your Furniture

The best outdoor furniture covers are the ones that can shield your patio set from the elements all year long. Avoid cheap covers made from plastic or thin vinyl they won’t last. Opt for quality materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and changing weather. At RST, we provide custom outdoor furniture covers crafted from the finest materials and made to withstand sun, snow, rain, and whatever else the outdoors can throw at you. No matter which covers you choose from RST, you can count on durable, lightweight fabric that will preserve the quality and appearance of your outdoor furniture. All of our covers are made from a reliable blend of polyester fabric, polyurethane coating, and nylon straps that won’t tear or fray. The RST furniture covers are perfect for protecting furniture made with wood, metal, rattan, teak, and even vinyl.

Are Outdoor Cushions Water Resistant

Replacement Sling Cover for Patio Furniture — Make Your Own

Some furniture sets are made from water-resistant materials, but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely waterproof. Even acrylic isn’t totally invincible to water damage and can suffer cracks, tears, and discoloration if exposed to too much moisture. Even if the manufacturer claims that the cushions are waterproof, we urge you to play it safe with treatments and proper storage.

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What Is The Best Material For Outdoor Furniture Covers

Treated polyester is the fabric most often used for outdoor furniture covers because it is lightweight, durable, and water -resistant. Although polyester is water -resistant, it allows moisture to pass through in a hard rain. Vinyl that is laminated onto fleece or polyester offers durable, waterproof protection.

Easy Diy Armchair Slipcovers

If you are planning to redo your couch with a DIY slipcover, you want to be sure to cover those old armchairs too, right? These chair slipcovers are so easy to make and are perfect for older chairs that need a facelift. Maybe you need a new chair and you want to pick one up at the thrift store. Even if its outdated and worn, you can make a new slipcover for it that will make it look brand new again, and this is such an easy project.

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Modern Industrial Entry Courtyard

An entry courtyard for a home-based work/art studio designed by Homes by Monticello in Missouri features cedar decking and slat walls. A corrugated plastic roof adds rain protection and allows natural sunlight to filter through. The home is built around a grain silo, giving it a modern industrial sensibility.

The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

Black Waterproof Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture Covers ...

the price is right and the quality is top notch

Oh, and by the way, its important to note that this is not a sponsored post. I paid full price for our v-shaped sectional cover. Then, after living with the sectional cover for several months, I bought a loveseat cover, too. Also on my list?

Now, lets take and look and find out why theseoutdoor furniture covers are a great value.

1. Versatile

Most products come in several sizes. Take the measurements of your furniture and choose the closest fit. In the case of our sectional cover, its a little large. However, the size down would have been too small. Since the cover includes clasps and pull ties , I wasnt concerned about sizing up.

2. Water Resistant

The covers seem to be practically waterproof as in, my patio cushions dont get wet. Its been a rainy spring , but our cushions have stayed dry. I have only experienced water seepage once and I believe it was due to my error in covering the sectional.

3. Quality Seamsand Durable Fabric

These patio furniture covers are made from heavy-duty canvas fabric with a water-resistant layer. The seams are high quality and will not tear easily. In the past, I had only purchased patio covers from big box stores. I was accustomed to wimpy seams and thin fabric you can imagine how pleased I was when I felt these the first time!

4. Pull Ties and Clasps
5. Easy Handling

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Storing Wicker Furniture For Winter

As the winter weather rolls in, many homeowners are trying to figure out the best way to store their outdoor wicker furniture. Although most resin wickers are advertised as all-weather there is really nothing that is exempt from the forces of Mother Nature.

Water and more particularly snow can lead outdoor wicker furniture to deteriorate over time. Raging winds are capable of lifting lightweight aluminum frames and rubbing them against surfaces that can damage your furniture. To prevent this, youll want to make sure you store your wicker furniture away this Winter Season.

Honey, did you bring in the patio furniture?

Price And Other Details May Vary Based On Product Size And Color

  • The Best Patio Furniture Covers

    Mar 18, 2021 – 5 RecommendationsPatio furniture covers help protect your furniture from weather-related damage and come in various sizes to match loungers, couches, and patio dining sets. To help you keep your furniture dry for your next outdoor gathering, the This Old House Reviews team researched the best patio furniture covers on Amazon. Here are our top picks.

  • Best for dining sets
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    The Best Covers For Weather

    How to Make a Cover for a Curved Patio Set – Sewing Outdoor Furniture Covers

    Outdoor furniture protective covers are the best way to protect your furniture from the elements. Snow and unexpected rainstorms can permanently damage fabric and warp wood and wicker. Prolonged sun exposure will fade bright colors and patterns, causing new furniture to look old and worn. Many homeowners choose to keep their patio furniture in storage whenever they’re not using it, which can be a waste of your investment and your time. Instead of dragging your patio furniture out of storage and dusting and wiping before every small outdoor gathering, you can save time by simply removing your covers when you’re ready to use your furniture again. If you live in a dry climate that receives very little moisture, use a simple, thin fabric to protect against sun damage. If you get a lot of rain or snow where you live, then opt for waterproof patio furniture covers that will double as sun-blockers on those beautiful, cloudless days. If you have a patio cover to protect your furniture from the elements, make sure it’s opaque. Glass patio covers may shield a portion of your patio from rain and snow, but they can intensify sun damage on your fabrics.

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