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How To Decorate Outdoor Patio

Create Your Own Outdoor Cinema On Your Patio

How to Decorate a Patio

The cutest of all the patio ideas. What more perfect a spot is there to create an outdoor cinema? All you need is a blank white wall or just suspend a white sheet and you’re good to go.

As for chairs, you’ll need the right ones for movie nights. The Vago chair is for sure one of those indoor/outdoor pieces: great on a balcony, great in the corner of the kitchen. The design is just a classic.

Embrace Organic Lines For Your Patio Layout

When defining your patio’s layout you can go for a softer finish by zoning your seating area with flowers and by careful placement of garden furniture too. Choosing natural materials will help a patio area feel a little more organic, perfect if your garden is lush with trees and more greenery to complement this area. Teak, whether new or reclaimed, or timber is the most durable of all garden furniture and you’ll be able to find a finish that suits your style too.

  • Find all types of garden ideas to complement your home in our edit.

Small Patio Outdoor Seating Ideas

Bring the comfort of your living room outside with a cushioned seating set. Choose a small sofa or two lounge chairs, then add an ottoman or coffee table if your space can accommodate these pieces.

Outdoor loveseats are available in an array of high-quality materials like dark wicker, woven steel and acacia wood. Accent the furniture with outdoor pillows and outdoor rugs in whichever color or pattern best fits your style.

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Fresh & Functional Coastal Patio Spaces

These coastal patio decor styles live comfortably with salt water, sunshine and sand.

10. Coastal Colors Decorate your waterfront patio with a classic coastal palette or throw the rules out the window and create your own color scheme with performance pillows from Wendy Jane by Gabby. Pair these colorful cushions with worry-free Summer Classics N-Dura resin wicker collections, like the Skye Collection, our contemporary take on coastal furniture. Hot Tip: These eco-friendly pieces help keep our oceans clean!

11. Brass Details Coastal luxury is always understated. Thats why we love the subtle shimmer of brass hardware. Constructed from marine-grade teak, the Summer Classics Croquet Teak Recliner features brass detailing which nods to our nautical roots.

12. Ocean-Friendly Teak Sustainable, durable teak wood is an excellent choice for those who favor wooden patio sets. Summer Classics has a number of best-selling teak furniture styles, from the transitional Malta Collection to the modern Coast Collection. Click here to explore more inspiration for your oceanfront oasis.

Which Patio Color Should You Go For

15 Patio Decorating Ideas for Every Outdoor Style

Shades of earthy brown, honey, dark grey and deep brick red work well with most materials used in British architecture, especially older buildings. And they are sure to look good in suburban US homes also. Around modern glass-clad or wooden exteriors, decking looks good. Subtle is always best pre-cast concrete imitation garden paving in pink or yellow slabs is a common offender. Rainbow-colored sandstone can look odd, too.

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Stretch Your Patio Space Further With Steps

We spoke with Chris Moorhouse, Category Director for Timber, Building, D├ęcor and Garden at Wickes about the best patio ideas and he suggests ‘A great way to ensure your patio looks stylish and well-presented is by breaking it into zones. This can be achieved by adding steps, laying different materials or the addition of plants and paving circles. This will help to differentiate between dedicated areas e.g. grass, play area, relaxation, dining area.’ Not to mention the planted contour adds heaps of character to this patio space. ‘Finally, opting for low maintenance materials that require minimal cleaning, such as porcelain paving, all weather furniture and shrubs will ensure your patio looks great all year around!’

Western Style Screen Patio With A Floral Touch

If you want to give that indo-western fusion touch to your enclosed Patio, this has to be one of the most popular ideas. Decorating with some classic artwork and accent furniture can be a very innovative and personal touch to your space and yet quite inexpensive.

You can add in a few floral cushions and curtains that perfectly go with the overall aesthetics. This will also create a very welcoming and warm vibe for your guests, and we are sure they are going to love it.

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Best Apartment Patio Ideas

If commonly a patio is always decorated by some pieces of furniture like chairs and table, but this one is unlike the others. It only has some rugs and throw pillows for the sitting area that everyone can use. The patio looks chic with some decor items that style it up. A small accent table, however, completes the decor as the spot to put your drinks and snacks.

Bring A Holiday Vibe To Your Garden

How to Decorate a Deck or Patio with Flowers

A chic set-up from George Home

Why not theme your patio ideas to your favorite vacation spot? This set-up gives us all the Ibiza vibes with its white-washed walls and poolside-worthy lounge chairs.

Plenty of greenery soften the look.

Fancy recreating the scene as part of your patio ideas? Our guide to the best sun loungers is a good place to start.

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Stay On Top Of Weeding

While were talking patio ideas on a budget, keeping on top of the weeding is a cheap way to make any patio a whole lot lovelier. Its inevitable that weeds will take the opportunity to make themselves a home between the pavers, so get in the habit of rooting them out as soon as they appear.

We like this Patio Weeding Knife from Annabel James because its specially made for the job, helping you hook the offenders out from narrow spaces. Itll work beautifully on moss, too, so you can keep your patio greenery-free.

Install A Cool Water Feature

A water feature can add great value to a patio. If you choose to have a fountain, the sound made by the cascading water is very soothing. Here are some fountain styles to consider:

  • Add color to your liking as a finishing touch for your patio project.chuckcollier/E+/Getty Images

    As a finishing touch, it is always fun to play around with color. The owner of the patio in this photo clearly has a thing for orange. Patio furniture is one thing plants are another. Working with plant colors is more complex, but here’s some help in choosing a landscape color scheme.

    Continue to 48 of 49 below.

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    Opt For Patio Furniture In Statement Shapes

    We adore these playful Panton chairs by Verner Panton from Vitra

    Traditional styles aren’t for everyone. So, if you prefer a more modern vibe, then go bold when it comes to your patio furniture. There are plenty of statement options on the market including these eye-catching designs.

    We love the pleasingly-curved lines for their sculptural effect. Mix and match colors to add to the playful look. Add a geometric-patterned tablecloth and a vase of fresh blooms and you’ll have a delightful spot to while away an afternoon.

    Forgetting It’s Outdoors Not Indoors

    How to Decorate Your Patio with Plants

    Some enthusiastic decorators get so carried away that they forget they are furnishing an outdoor room. Maybe you’ve seen someone’s patio that looks like they pushed the living room sofa, lounger, coffee table, and even fake plants outside. Or, they’ve relegated the old sofa from the den to the patio or backyard. Don’t even think about it.

    It’s always good to reach for a seamless transition between your interior and exterior, but using the same furniture is taking it too far.

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    Your Own Pretty Enclosed Rooftop Patio

    Do you want your own cuddly tiny space where you can sit with your comfort food and enjoy the scenic views? Then a rooftop deck patio will be the best choice for you. You will get all the privacy you want as well as you can enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape outside your home.

    You can read, vibe to your favorite music, or take a good silent nap out here without any distraction at all. You can also add in some houseplants and warm shades to make them look more appealing.

    Create Shade With A Pergola

    Photo via

    A pergola is a fantastic idea for your dream backyard. Clear out an area on a deck or in your yard and build your own pergola with this guide from DIY Network. Planning to spend a lot of time outside with your backyard remodel? Add curtains for extra shade to create the ultimate outdoor living room!

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    Too Much Or Not Enough Furniture

    You’re thrilled to finally have a designated outdoor room. Inside those three-or-so outdoor walls, you have amassed your favorite patio furniturethat Brown Jordan Tamiami set you scored from an estate sale last year, along with Grandma’s porch glider, your husband’s beloved couch from the deck of his former frat house, and the kids’ plastic dining set. No wonder it looks more like a patio furniture yard sale rather than a cohesive, carefully curated and arranged outdoor room.

    Apartment Patio Ideas: Stylish Earthy Decor

    LEARN & DO How to Decorate Your Patio this Spring – Martha Stewart

    Though the balcony of this apartment is really small, it still fits to become a stylish and cozy patio which is so inspiring to copy. A small pallet sofa with thick mattress and some pillows is the only sitting area which also becomes the main focal point. A round coffee table complement it to give a more comfortable atmosphere. A string light and plants beautify the overall look of the patio in a very admirable way.

    A small bed with pillows simply makes this small patio look and feel so inviting. Wood as the main element which decorate the area create a warmly cozy atmosphere and a beautiful natural overall look. The combination of the earthy and greyish finish of the planks give a stylish nuance in a very mesmerizing way.

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    Where To Find Affordable Outdoor Furniture

    Not sure where to find the most affordable outdoor furniture and accessories?

    I’ve found awesome deals at Target, World Market, , HomeGoods, and similar budget-friendly stores. Thrift stores, yard/estate sales, and flea markets are another great resource, especially if you’re crafty and able to fix things up. I’ve also found deals at grocery stores, which are often a good source for plants and smaller items. Scour your apartment for fun accessories, too. You’ll want to visit plant stores, too, although you can even find these days!

    Check out my article on where to buy affordable furniture for more ideas on where to shop.

    Select The Right Tree To Grow Near Your Patio

    It is a real treat to be able to appreciate a dazzling fall-foliage display from your own patio. Just be careful in your plant selection if you will be growing the tree right near your patio, since, as mentioned earlier, tree roots can damage hard-surface patios. Japanese maple trees double as great fall-color trees and relatively safe trees to grow around patios.

    There are also shrubs that you can grow for fall color. Being smaller than trees, shrubs also are generally less threatening to hardscape structures.

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    Dine Alfresco In Style On Your Patio

    A colorful set-up from Habitat

    Outdoor dining ideas are all the rage right now, and it’s a trend that’s only going to get bigger. So, use patio ideas to create a place fit for a feast with a new table and chairs set-up.

    And check out that gorgeous ochre-hued wall it adds an instant dose of sunshine to the scene, whatever the weather. Patio furniture is also a great way to add a splash of color, but if you’re feeling a little less brave, channel your inner maximalist through bold patterned dinnerware instead.

    Know How To Deal With Uninvited Guests To Your Patio Meals

    Colorful Outdoor Patio With Spring Decor

    This spread of tea and dessert treats suggests a wonderful time on the summer patio, doesn’t it? And the flowers on the table are a nice touch. But bees can be drawn to those flowers. And those pesky yellow jackets are sure to horn in on the desserts in late summer, claiming their share. Make sure you know how to treat insect stings, just in case your flesh gets in the way of one of those stingers.

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    Opt For A Sleek White Cover

    This standalone parasol is from Ikea

    As much as we love the sun, spending all day basking in its rays can be harmful. But a sleek parasol such as this will provide protection as well as a chic look for your patio.

    It’s also perfect for those days where you want to work on your laptop outside without having to squint at the screen. What’s more, this one is surprisingly affordable perfect if you’re on the lookout for budget garden ideas.

    Flip Burgers In An Outdoor Kitchen

    Photo via

    Let your backyard be the supreme spot for entertaining guests with a kitchen! There are plenty of ways to build an outdoor kitchen that fit within your budget. Add a charcoal grill and table on a patio for a simple look. Or install a kitchen kit under a pergola, which includes an island, grill, storage, and refrigerator.

    Photo via

    Say goodbye to making multiple trips inside with a bar cart! Load your cart up with glasses, small appetizer plates, a pitcher for lemonade or water, and an array of snacks to have a convenient fueling station right in your backyard. And if it starts to rain, you can easily transport it inside to keep the party going!

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    String Up Some Mood Lighting

    Photo via

    If youre looking to have one of the most beautiful backyards on the block, invest in outdoor lighting. Drape string lights down from a pergola or across your outdoor living roomto give it a starry-night feel. You can also line any DIY patio or garden path with torches and lanterns for soft lighting.

    Mix Up Bright Shades For Your Patio Ideas

    Outdoor Patio Decorating Ideas Tips

    Combine complementary hues for an invigorating look

    Dare to be creative when it comes to the color palette for your patio ideas. A splash of lime green against deep violet and pale sage might sound like an unlikely mix, but the result feels fresh and totally on-trend.

    Paired with fuss-free paving and a sumptuous living wall, this teeny urban courtyard is transformed into a vibrant oasis. Add a vase or two of freshly cut blooms for a final flourish.

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    Apartment Patio Ideas: Catchy Colorful Decor

    The colorful planters, linens, accessories, and plantations decorate this patio with faux grass field base attractively. A vintage Boho bench and accent table are the main focal point of the area which is enough to make your afternoon tea time feel so cozy. Of curse, those greeneries work very well to freshen the nuance of the patio which even makes you love to stay around the area for a long time.

    Summer Patio Decorating Ideas

    Today, I wanted to take you on a little tour of our backyard patio. In case you missed it, last summer we did a BIG patio makeover. We completely tore down our old wooden patio and put in a much larger, partially covered deck. With the new design, weve been able to use it so much more and I could pretty much live out here all summer long.

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    The Thatched Patio Enclosure

    Do you love the idea of a tropical island charm in your backyard? Give your Patio a touch of serenity and old romance by creating a gazebo with a thatch roof design. They can infuse the ethereal vibe and look gorgeous. Place in contemporary furniture to create a stark contrast that is sure to grab eyeballs.

    Apartment Patio Ideas: Fun Joyful Decor

    18 Best Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

    A Boho-style hammock becomes the main focal point of this apartment patio which will make your relaxing time feel exhilarating. A vintage chair is added which flows beautifully with overall look of the patio itself. The lattice screen surrounds the patio to provide a better privacy so you can enjoy some activities comfortably.

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    How To Build A Backyard Patio On A Budget

    To build a cheap backyard patio, youll need to equip yourself with the patio material you prefer along with a few other materials and tools and youll be ready to go.

    Start by marking out the patio area using pegs and string. Then dig out the area to a depth of 5 inches plus the depth of the pavers. Compact the soil with a tamper and then spread gravel across the area to create a 4 inch layer. Add 1 inch of builders sand and compact and level again.

    After that you can lay the pavers, tapping them down with a mallet. Put them as close together as possible. Spread sand over the area and sweep it into the areas between the pavers so theyre filled.

    Patio = beautiful.


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