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How To Get Rid Of Flies Under Patio Cover

How To Get Rid Of Flies On Your Patio

Keep Flies Away From Porch | How to Keep Flies Away From House

Nothing ruins an outdoor gathering quite as fast as flies swarming your picnic area and covering your food. Flies gathering on the patio arent just annoying, but could also potentially turn into a health hazard. To keep your area free from these buzzing pests, try these tricks for getting rid of flies on the patio.

How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside In 4 Steps

When you are trying to enjoy a meal outside, it is so annoying to have flies swarming around or landing on your food. Flies can also invade your indoor spaces when you open and close doors. Flies are the least active during colder months and typically reach maturity during the spring. So, how to get rid of flies in your outdoor spaces? In this guide, we outline how to get rid of flies outside so you can enjoy your yard without worrying about an infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Cluster Flies

Are the flies in your home? Locate the openings and seal those cracks! Theyll likely be behind baseboards, around windows and nearby door trim. You can also use a hand vacuum to get rid of them.

Other options include hanging sticky fly strips or using a glass jar with sweetened water inside and a perforated lid to trap them. Just be sure you make the holes large enough for the flies to enter and change out the water every day. Keeping food covered is also important. Cluster flies especially love decomposing food and sweets! A contact pyrethrum spray like CB-80, which is approved for indoor use, can help, as well. Spray it lightly, as needed, for contact kill.

To prepare for the next season, you can spray areas where you suspect these pesky flies will cluster. In early summer, be sure all your suspect cracks are sealed up. You can also apply a residual pyrethroid-based insecticide such as Suspend SC or Demon WP on the exterior of the building in late August or early September, right before adult cluster flies show up.

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Use A Mosquito Swatter

If everything fails, you can always resort to the age-old technique of killing flies with a bug zapper or a mosquito swatter. This is the best solution for the situation when some flies entered your home, electrocuting this harmful insect will kill it in seconds.

Whats more, hearing the electrical sound when the flies incinerate is always music to the ears!

Entertaining Hack: How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside When Dining


How to Get Rid of Flies Outside This outdoor dining entertaining hack is one to bookmark! It turns out that getting rid of flies outside is as simple as buying a common $3 item

Okay, so talking about flies isnt exactly the most romantic dinner topic.

Lets be honest though, I think we can all agree there are few things more annoying than being swarmed by flies when youre trying to dine al fresco.

I actually learned this simple entertaining hack to repel flies when we were on our Harbour Island trip several years ago!

The beach life is all about enjoying the summer outdoors, which meant that every meal required us to be on pest management duty

We went to dinner at beachside restaurant when the locals showed us how the easiest trick to prevent flies!

I had almost forgotten about this token Bahamian secret until we got our new Article Teaka outdoor dining table and chairs this Spring.

Id even made a DIY battery operated outdoor light to enjoy lakeside meals at our new setup, but the nuisance flies were killing the vibe.

And if you know me, then you know NOT to mess with my love of entertaining! I mean, I literally wrote a small love story to this silver-grey teakwood table

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How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside And Enjoy Your Backyard

Keeping flies away using traps, bait, or plants will never succeed 100% of the time, but, with an outdoor structure, you can protect yourself from those that do fly your way.

Are you having trouble figuring out the perfect solution for your fly problem? Talk to the outdoor structure experts at ShelterLogic to get help in choosing the ideal solution for your outdoor pest issues thatll also enhance your backyard style.

How To Remove Flies From Your Patio

Fortunately, eradicating flies from your patio space isnt difficult, just requires some cleaning and perhaps purchasing some fly control products.

  • Step 1: You need to eliminate potential food sources and other materials from your patio that may be attracting flies. This means tidying your entire outdoor space. Wipe down your patio furniture with cleaning agents, and spray down your pavement to remove any sticky residue from food. Its also a good idea to remove nearby pet waste, seal up your garbage can, and also take rotting wood to the nearby dump.
  • Step 2: Its fly bait time! Every month, scatter some fly bait on and around your patio, as well as other areas that the flies are attracted to. Be careful though, some of these products can be toxic to humans and pets, so dont use them in areas where you directly serve food or somewhere that your pet can get into.
  • Step 3: Use some sticky flytraps and hang them from tree limbs, in your garage, on birdhouses, or other areas that the flies are attracted to.
  • Step 4: Spray insecticide around the exterior of your home. But like the fly bait, make sure you spray it in areas that wont endanger your pets or children.

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Use Citrus Peel Or Citrus Oils To Repel House Flies

Many commercial cleaners and bug repellents use citrus oils and kitchen herbs to clean and repel insects naturally. The pleasant smell we enjoy makes an appealing air freshener but is a repellent for house flies.

Use a citrus oil spray in fly-infested areas and clean with citrus cleaners. You can also repel house flies by putting out a bowl of orange or lemon peels. Stir the peels or rub them occasionally to release the oils.

We cover using citrus oils and citronella in our what repels mosquitoes tips in more detail. However, if you have a fruit fly infestation, avoid using citrus oils. Fruit flies are attracted to citrus.

My Experience It Works

How to Get Rid of Outdoor Flies – DIY Pest Control

Glass + Water + Pennies = crazy fly repelling abilities.

It was unreal. Id say it reduced the flies by about 90%. At one point we looked up and the flies were just sitting on the deck railing staring at all the food they couldnt ruin.


Weve used the fly trick each outdoor meal since. The more glasses full of water, the better the fly repelling ability. The kids think this is the coolest thing ever and have learned not to drink the water with the pennies in it.

Apparently it has something to do with flies thinking the pennies were compound eyes of a much larger bug looking back at them. To us, they just look like coppery decorations that glittered in the sunlight. Theyre so PRETTY! my kids sighed

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Best Way To Get Rid Of Flies Outside Or Best Way To Get Rid Of Flies Outdoors

img source:

A rotting rat carcass in a hidden section of my garden has given rise to a swarm of flies. The flies are still all over even after burying the rat a day ago. What is the best way to get rid of flies outside before they find their way into my house?

It is great that you have already discarded the rat carcass responsible for your woes as flies are usually attracted to rotting organic materials and meat . Your next course of action should be to trap and kill the adult flies. Spraying the flies with an aerosol spray such as setting a disposable fly trap is easily the best option for getting rid of flies.

You may as well consider other options such as fly traps , fly papers, and electronic fly zapper.

How Do I Stop Flies Gathering Under My Sunshade

  • Why are flies gathering on my covered patio in the same spot ……/q-why-are-flies-gathering-on-my-covered-patio-in-the-s…
  • Every year in the same spot we get tons of flies . …. I have never been able to kill a fly no matter how hard I tried – they are usually just too quick. …. We have the same problem. every year they appear underthe covered patio and just swarm.How to Get Rid of Flies on Your Outdoor Patio – Shading 23, 2017 – Nothing ruins an outdoor gathering quite as fast as flies swarming your picnic area and covering your food. To keep your patio enclosure area …

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Is There Any Food Or Perhaps Abandoned Drinks

Flies are opportunistic scavengers.

This means that they will use any opportunity to eat or drink the things they come into contact with.

Flies enjoy some of the very same things that humans do.

If someone has been eating on the patio and has spilled or left something behind, this could be your culprit.

Flies are attracted to strong odors, which is what rotting food will typically produce.

Look around for any plates or cups. Tidy up any leftovers or food and drink spills.

Wipe it down with bleach or a strong disinfectant.

Why Should You Fix This?

This is an ultra-fast step that you can take to get rid of the source of the flies on your patio.

Flies will also breed where they can.

So, the sooner you get rid of the food, the less likely you are to get additional swarms.

What Is The Best Outdoor Fly Repellent And Fly Killer

How To Get Rid Of Dead Rat Smell In Roof

Pest Control Products

When choosing an insecticide its important to find one thats effective but also family-friendly. Thats why we love using natural plant essential oils in our Maggies Farm Simply Effective Pest Control products. Plants dont like flies and other bugs any more than you do. The natural oils they produce to protect themselves are effective at killing and repelling pests.

Our Home Bug Spray and Flying Insect Killer are both effective for spot-treatments. For personal protection against flies , try our Natural Insect Repellent.

For longer term, more thorough coverage, you can treat wider areas of your lawn with effective hose-end plant oil-based pest control products like our Maggies Farm Yard Bug Spray.

Find more information here:

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Why Are There So Many Flies In My Backyard

First, let’s take a look at why you might have an infestation of houseflies. These aren’t extremely logical creatures, so there isn’t always an obvious reason. However, getting rid of them might be as simple as figuring out why they are there and taking away that geographic incentive.

For example, houseflies will be attracted to areas in which they can sense rotting material or feces. Do you have a dog that regularly eliminates in the backyard? How often do you clean up after them? If your backyard is littered with feces that you haven’t had time to grab yet, the presence of all these flies is telling you that now is the time.

Another common item that attracts houseflies is open or overstuffed garbage cans. Are your garbage cans placed in a part of your backyard where it is easy for the flies to get into the rest of your backyard space? Consider moving your trash cans so that they are further away from where you enjoy sitting. That is especially true if you enjoy eating outside since the flies will happily move from the trash to swarm around your new, great-smelling food.

Stage : Fly Removal Techniques

In stage 2 of the process, we are going to have a look at some methods to kill or repel the adult flies in the infested areas. In this section, we are going to see some quick-fire ways to eradicate flies.

When you talk about fly removal methods, there are hundreds of them but in this article, we will only see the best ones.

Also, for the sake of simplicity, we will classify these methods into 7 major categories. You can pick any method from any category to see if it works in your case or not. These categories are as follows:

Category 1: Fly Repellents

1. Using Vodka Based Fly Repellents:

For some reason flies hate Vodka. They just cannot bear its smell and hence some people use vodka-based repellents to ward off flies.

To make such vodka-based fly repellents you will have to mix the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup vodka
  • 2 tsp aloe vera juice
  • 1 tsp lemon eucalyptus oil
  • 1/2 tsp. essential oil blend

After mixing the ingredients, pour them into a spray bottle. Apply it over your skin or spray it near the infested area to repel flies.

Note: Only apply this repellent on your skin if you are comfortable with it. If you have any kind of allergies to any of the above ingredients then its better to avoid this method.

  • People with sensitive skin may get skin irritation after using it

2. Using Lemongrass Oil as a Natural Outdoor Fly Repellent:

To make this spray you will have to mix the following ingredients:

  • Lemongrass essential oil- 20-25 drops
  • Hot water about 1/2 cup
  • Water
  • Thread

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Tip #1: Fight Bugs With Bugs

Yes, the original metaphor is more flammable but the idea is sound. We use cats to get rid of mice so why not do the same with bugs? Lots of insects consider flies a delectable snack, so try breeding a few fly predators like wasps and ladybirds.

Lacewings and pirate bugs are other examples. Grow the type of plants these insect warriors like dill and basil are firm favourites. Other fly-feeders like birds and chameleons help too. But they introduce other issues to the garden bird poop is almost as annoying as maggots!

Use A Gazebo To Keep Flies Away


Houseflies live everywhere that humans do since our trash production is part of what helps them survive. Their survival instinct tells them to stick around us. The unfortunate aspect of this is that we can never get rid of all of them for long durations of time.

Instead of constantly trying to shoe them away, keep yourself, your guests, and your food protected under a backyard structure. Not only will this separate you from those pesky flies, but a quality outdoor structure can also increase the value and aesthetic of your backyard.

The following structures are best if you are trying to enjoy time outside but want to stay protected from the housefly nuisance.

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To Use This Method Mix About An Inch Of Apple Cider Vinegar And A Few Drops Of Dish Soap In A Tall Glass

Consider using common garden plants to repel flies. It was so simple to hang up, and i dont have to rely on the kids to keep the door shut. Here are 6 simple tips to prevent food borne illnesses. Deter flies, mosquitoes, moths and other airborne bugs by lighting some tiki torches and placing them along the perimeter of your garden. Lure flies away from your bin. This will also reduce the number of fruit flies. You cant just stick on on a pole and put it in the yard. To keep flies from breeding in your dogs business, either bury it immediately or use a pooper scooper and plastic bag to remove and seal the feces. An industrial air fan is recommended as they have a stronger engine and throw air from longer distance. Strong herbs such as lavender, mint and bay leaf can be planted in window boxes to discourage flies from entering windows. Also reduce the amount of mulch and manure used as fertilizer in the garden. Put the saucer far from your patiothe flies can congregate there while you enjoy your meal in peace. To keep the flies outside of the house, we use this awesome screen.

Hang Plastic Bags With Water

Okay so this one is strange, and I haven’t tried it yet. But people swear it works. Just fill a couple plastic bags with water and hang them on your patio, or wherever you’re eating your meal. Supposedly the water in the bag freaks the flies out. I’ll update this when I try it. Sounds strange, but TOTALLY worth trying.

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Tip #1: Protect The Porch

If you have any alfresco areas of canopied spaces in the garden, they may attract flies. Especially if you regularly use the space for barbecues, picnics, or general entertaining. You can hang ultraviolent lamps of the roof or branches at night theyll zap the flies for you.

You can also sprinkle cloves on any window sills, staircases, or ledges. Youll love the smell but the flies wont. If the spot is sheltered, you can light candles the fumes keep flies away. But never leave the candle unattended. You can also install fans moving air deters flies.

What anti-fly remedies are you using at the moment? Give us some tips in the comments!

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How To Inspect Your Property For Fly Attractants

Home remedies For getting rid of raccoons â trust our ...

Flies are gross, plain and simple. Theyre always looking for places to breed, and the dirtier and smellier the better. Adult flies are drawn to areas where they can lay eggs, such as compost piles, farms, roadkill, trash bins, and other areas where they can find organic matter.

Unfortunately, flies have a strong sense to detect odor, so even the smallest of food residue can bring in flies far and wide. If you like to entertain outdoors on your patio, there are more than likely traces of food or sugary residue from juices on the pavement or on your patio furniture. Flies will hone in on the smallest food available ! The patio is now their sweet haven.

When checking for the source of your flies, of course, look for potential food sources as aforementioned, but also try to discover where the flies are laying eggs. In addition to feces and food, flies are also attracted to birdhouses and outdoor lighting. Whether you own your home or rent your home through a local property management company, it is important to inspect your property regularly for flies.

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