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How To Hang Pergola Curtains

Curtain Call: The Guide To Pergola Curtains


If you find bliss in a morning cup of coffee or enjoy relaxing outside with a glass of wine at the end of a hectic day, theres a good chance youve built a pergola to create a tranquil outdoor space. However, there may be one element youve overlooked while perfecting your space.

Pergola curtains give any outdoor structure a charming and elegant finishing reminiscent of a beach side resort.

Benefits of Pergola Curtains

Pergola curtains not only add an element of romantic style to your outdoor space but are also practical. The drapes can block harsh sunlight or chilly breezes, hide unpleasant views, create a flexible room, protect outdoor furniture from rain, and add privacy. These features help you enjoy the outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. Even when the curtains are not drawn and simply bunched together, they add drama and sophistication to the space and make an outdoor room feel more inviting.

Types of Hardware and Fabrics

Before you go ahead and start choosing the fabrics you prefer for your curtains, first determine which type of hardware youll use. Basically, there are two options: track or rod. Tracks are almost flush against the surface they mount to, while rods are typically hung below the beams so drapes can slide back and forth easily. If you are coordinating the drapes with a pergola canopy, tracks are the better option.

Cost of Pergola Curtains
Measuring Precautions

Retractable Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

Price List included

Youll Need A Curtain Rod

Note that the package does not come with a curtain rod. However, these grommet-style shades are very easy to hang on any standard curtain rod. Ive listed a suggestion below.

These outdoor curtain rods come in either a brown or steel color and a variety of adjustable lengths from 28 to 144.

The metal finish is weather resistant, just like the curtains. Therefore, be ready for easy care and low maintenance. They also give you the nice option of being ceiling or wall mountable. Just in case you are wondering, all of the hardware that you need comes in the package.

Because this curtain rod is easily detachable, it makes it really easy to take the curtains off to wash, move or pack for the winter. Plus, if your pergola is portable, you probably want your curtains to be too. =)

As you can tell by the top photo, these designed-for-the-outside drapes can really dress up a deck or even a front porch. Curtains have a way of making an outdoor room look plush, luxurious and inviting. No design experience needed!

Create A Hybrid Space

Because a pergola features an open-ended design, you can integrate it with other outdoor structures. For example, a trellis or arbor would work perfectly with a backyard pergola.

With a pergola-trellis hybrid, you can enjoy the superficial shade of the pergola while the trellis conceals you from prying eyes around. A pergola-arbor combination enables you to create more hanging space where you can grow vines and flowers on the pergola.

Even better, you can opt for a three-in-one design combining a pergola, trellis, and arbor. Either way, your backyard pergola remains the perfect retreat for special events, self-care, parties, and cozy personal retreats.

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Fill Your Pergola With Plants & Flowers

Above all, outdoor plants make the perfect addition to your backyard pergola. Here, you can feature all types of stunning greenery. Be bold and decorate with hanging, potted, and even drape plants over the top!

Try thinking outside the box with these Artificial Silk Wisteria Vines instead. This way, you wont need to worry about maintenance or the annoyance of critters.

Not only do they add a stunning decorative look, but the pop of color adds vibrancy to your outdoor space. Also, these Floral Grapevine Wisteria Clusters make the perfect addition to your backyard pergola.

Mark For Bracket Positions

Make Your Own Outdoor Pergola Curtains!

Will you mount the brackets on the inside or the outside of your structure?

Outside mounts provide the cleanest view from the inside and offer a few inches of extra space within your structure.

Measure and mark the location where you want the brackets to go. If necessary, use a level to ensure the brackets align correctly.

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The Need For Outdoor Patio Curtains

Today, Im going to give our outdoor patio curtains some much-deserved recognition for their contribution to our outdoor space. Its time for a curtain call for these DIY curtains.

The deck got a major DIY overhaul a few years back on a pretty tight budget. We knocked down railings, stained, and painted some outdoor rugs.

Then we built a pergola and made a DIY chandelier out of vintage cans.

It was a project that truly transformed the outdoor space. However, the pergola needed a finishing touch to make it feel completesomething to soften all the hard lines and edges. Thats how the outdoor curtains were brought into the plan.

We did the deck projects on an ultra-low budget, and one of the easiest, most inexpensive parts of the DIY deck equation was making the curtains and the wire DIY curtain rods.

Final Thoughts & Tips

In the evening, the sun comes in so bright through this side of the patio So far, its been great to be able to close the drape and get some shade, so we can still enjoy the patio in the evenings!

Ive received many questions about the outdoor room. Im planning an FAQ post on it soon, so if you have questions about the drapes, leave a comment, and Ill answer them in that post!

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Rated For Outdoor Use

There are many different sources for curtain tracks, but not many of them are made for outdoor pergola curtain applications. A curtain can be very heavy depending on the height and the mil of the material that it is constructed from.

Ensuring that its easy to move forward and backward with ease is very important. Most outdoor curtain rails will rust and deteriorate after a few seasons and render the track unusable. The Akon line of curtain tracking is designed from galvanized steel. This ensures that the track will resist corrosion and allow for many years of worry free use.

Ways Patio Curtains Transform Your Space

How to Hang Curtains Outdoors | eHow

Outdoor curtains are a multipurpose design feature. Looking to create a private corner in your backyard for shaded naps? Let your curtains down and enjoy an escape from neighbors and mosquitos. Want to add some architectural, customized shade to your patio? Look for curtains with tiebacks to control the amount of sunshine you let into your outdoor space.

There are so many benefits to outdoor curtains! But if we had to narrow it down, three of our favorite ways hanging outdoor curtains can transform outdoor living include:

They create privacy. If you want a private space where you wont have to worry about getting berated by your neighbors, outdoor curtains are your solution. With the curtains down around your pergola, no one will even know youre there.

They add shade. The biggest natural element youre usually fighting against for creating comfort in outdoor spaces is the sun. With quality outdoor curtains, you can comfortably lounge in your yard on hot summer days.

They enhance the design. Outdoor curtains give patios a beachy, modern ambiance, which can youre your backyard the feel of a tropical resort. Plus, once you learn how to hang outdoor curtains to create architectural shade, you can add beautiful, organic shapes to your yard.

In addition to these transformative qualities, outdoor curtains come with the added bonus of providing an additional barrier from sunlight and moisture for your furniture.

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Make Easy Diy Outdoor Curtain Rods In Just 10 Minutes

Ah summer! Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, the sunshine and the summer breeze! Our summers are really short here in the north so we love to spend as much time as possible dining al fresco in our gazebo at our DIY wood trestle table or sitting on our porch with a glass of ice tea!

This summer I hung up some beautiful white flowey drapes to our gazebo to add some whimsey and bring the indoors outside! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Today I want to share with you how I hung them in a jiffy with no power tools involved!

Outdoor drapes add such beautiful ambiance to outdoor spaces but hanging them can be tricky and time consuming! There are outdoor rods made from pipe or pvc that require a lot of time to put together and to mount too.

BUT: I have an easy and clever cheat way to hang outdoor curtains so you can enjoy them quicker!

In just 10 minutes you can hang outdoor drapes like these Ill show you how!

white curtain panels

Instructions to make easy DIY outdoor curtain rods:

I added these 2 curtain rods to our outdoor wood gazebo. You can add them to a porch, deck or patio if you have a wood frame to attach them to.

My DIY bamboo curtain rods hang from a wooden brace at the top of our gazebo as you can see in the photos. They have never fallen down in the wind because the cup hooks hold the rods in place.

1. Hang the curtains onto the bamboo poles.

3. Put one end of the bamboo pole into the cup hook and mark the other end of the bamboo pole.

Tall black resin planters

Are These Curtains A Good Value

Whats interesting to note is that these curtain panels are actually made with commercial grade fabric. However, they are available to consumers at a price that wont overwhelm you.

Yes, they are priced higher than other cheaper competitors who produce lighter weight versions that are not weatherproof. After a couple of years, you can really tell a difference in the quality. I wouldnt recommend them if I didnt think they were worth it.

** That said, here are some 1/2 price outdoor curtain panels that are very good as well.

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Easy Diy Curtains And Diy Curtain Rods

Have you seen the price of outdoor curtains? Save yourself some money by making your own DIY curtains for your patio. Its easier than you may think!

Sometimes its the easiest of DIY projects that make the biggest impact in our homes. And if you get very lucky, its the projects that are easy AND inexpensive that make the biggest difference.

In the case of our outdoor DIY curtains and DIY curtain rods, thats definitely true. Find out how we made them , their cost, and all the materials youll need to tackle your own set.

*This post contains affiliate links. Please read our full disclosure policy HERE.*

Quickly before we get started if youre trying to transform your own home decor on a budget then you should definitely grab this free guide, Builder-Grade To Beautiful: 10 Totally Transforming Decorating Projects, All Under $100!

or on the image below and Ill send your copy right away

How To Hang Curtains With A Rod

9c5092f4c552369c224fcd202a28feb8.jpg 1,089×1,936 pixels ...

A classic curtain rod is the easiest method if your patio or pergola has wood columns or posts to allow you to drill into it. Make sure you pick an outdoor curtain rod, which will be more durable than indoor rods and treated to be fade and rust-resistant. To create a cohesive outdoor space, match the rod style and color to your outdoor door handles and patio furniture.

You can also use curtain rods that work through tension, but these will only work if your drapery is lightweight. If you want to hang outdoor curtains without drilling holes, tension rods are the way to go. This method is especially helpful for patios with columns made of stone or brick.

You can also use ceiling-mounted hardware for brick or stone patio walls. These will screw into your patio ceiling or beams and extend down with a loop to put the curtain rod or wire through.

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Hang Your Diy Outdoor Sheer Curtains

Determine how wide you want to space your knobs. You can go as wide as your panel, or space them in a bit to give a more eased look. Our balcony is L-Shaped with one arm deeper than the other . I hung both panels the full width of the balcony arms, so one is rather taut at the top and one is more eased.

I seem to be the only one that notices this. And here I am pointing it out to you.

Obviously, I trust you with my dirty secrets and consider us good friends!

Measure and mark the placement for your knobs. Start a pilot hole with a drill .

Now screw your drawer pulls onto one end of your dowel screws and then into your pilot holes.

Stating the obvious, hang each ribbon loop over a knob.

Once hung, tie a decorative ribbon loosely around the panel and determine what height you want your locking cup hook.

Now fluff your panel so that the edge by the cup hook hangs down straight and then becomes more loose as it goes out creating the soft drape. This is where, if you have the length the do a loose knot in the panel itself, then slip your ribbon through the knot on the back and into the cup hook. It will hold that drape better for you in blustery weather.

How To Install Your Diy Outdoor Curtain Rod

Obviously the placement of your curtain rod will depend on your patio cover, but with mine we have 2 beams, so we decided to hide the rod between the beams.

On our short rods we placed the hangers on the main beams of the patio cover.

And on the sides with the long rods we hung the hangers a few inches in from one of the top slats to get the placement we wanted.

Then, we placed curtain rod clips on each rod and clipped our Outdoor Curtains up. This will make them really easy to take down in the winter too.

If you havent already, check out how I made these Outdoor Curtains here!

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How To Hang Outdoor Curtain Rods

Before you buy any supplies, decide where you want your curtains to hang: on all sides of your structure or balcony, or just some? That way, you can determine how many curtain panels, rods and brackets you need.

Note: Curtain panels usually come in pairs, but you can also buy them individually. Make sure you purchase the correct number based on your need.


Tip: Want to hang outdoor curtains without drilling holes? Try Kwik-Hang no-drill curtain rod brackets.

Option #: Drop Cloth Outdoor Curtains

How to Install Outdoor Curtains with a Steel Tension Rod

Do a search on DIY outdoor curtains and youll find drop cloth curtains galore.

So that was the next option we considered.

But drop cloths must have gone up in price since everyone has started using them for DIY projects. We couldnt find any of the $5 per panel options that everyone talks about.

And they have a couple of other strikes against them:

  • Drop cloths are intended to soak up stains . I read that they tend to stain easily and show every mark.
  • They are usually made of cotton, which is fairly susceptible to mold and mildew .
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    What Do You Hang Inside A Gazebo

    32 Extraordinary Gazebo Decoration Ideas Hanging planters with red flowers. Hanging planters make for stunning accessories to gazebos that quickly amplify the color and appeal of the structure. Bottle lanterns. Red and white bird house. Flowing vines. Jar lanterns. Empty air plant terrariums. Sea glass windchimes. Shrubs.

    Privacy Panels And Mosquito Netting

    In addition, there are 2 other curtain options that I think are worth looking at: privacy panels and mosquito netting. Although not as attractive, they definitely offer comfort benefits.

    The 10 Privacy Panel

    This privacy panel looks similar to the pergola curtains above. It differs in that it costs significantly less . Plus, it has a middle zipper that secures the drapes together securely.

    While the photo shows a gazebo, you can also use these curtains on a pergola as long as you have a rod or pole to hang it on. For that matter, it can be used on virtually any deck structure. It attaches with loop straps.

    This 10 x 12 Mosquito Netting is designed for use with gazebos. However, as long as your pergola has a canopy or enclosed rooftop, this attachable netting can help keep the bugs out.

    Unlike the privacy panel above, this package includes all 4 sides. In addition, it has convenient zippers. Some gazebos include rods on which you can attach the netting. If your gazebo or pergola does have curtain rods, you will need to install some first.

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    Pay Attention To The Wire Youll Be Using

    Wires for hanging curtains outdoor is definitely an affordable route to go for. But dont miss out on looking for a quality wire for your outdoor curtains. Or else after mere a few days of installation, it may end up on the floor with no surprise.

    You can pick a wire made from wrought iron, brass, copper, aluminum, or stainless steel. Aircraft cables are a good choice to go for that will stay strong enough to handle those curtains.

    How Do You Hang Pergola Curtains Outside

    7 Easy {&  Creative!} Ways to Hang Curtains

    4.8/5installoutdoor curtainpergolaCurtainoutdoormountfabricoutdoor

    Take one of your 3M Command hooks, take off the paper backing on the adhesive strips, and line the hook up on the wall using the pencil mark for guidance. Press it on the surface well, holding for at least 30 seconds, then let it be for at least a half hour. Repeat the same for the other side. Don’t be in a rush.

    Similarly, should outdoor curtains touch the ground? The fabric should just touch the floor or hover half an inch above. This is also a great approach for cafécurtains , which work well in spots like the kitchen and bathroom, where long drapes aren’t practical.

    Subsequently, one may also ask, what do you hang on a pergola?

    So, take a look at the amazing hanging decor ideas for a pergola:

  • Hang a Timeless Chandelier.
  • Add a Color Pop with a Painted Metal Lantern.
  • Hang Shades That Beautify The Pergola and Provide a Cover Too From The Sunlight.
  • Add Natural Beauty with Vines.
  • Hang Weather Resistant Round Lanterns for a Fun Look.
  • Hang Some Drapery.
  • What is the longest curtain rod length?

    Rods measures 1.25 inches in diameter. Curtain rods projects 3.5 to 5.5 inches from the wall. Adjusts from 144 inches to 240 inches long. Available in White, Gold, Metallic Gold, Ant.

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