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How To Keep Patio Furniture Clean

How To Prevent Rust From Forming

How to Clean Patio Furniture | The Home Depot

In most cases, getting rid of rust is quite easy. The same goes for preventing it from forming in the first place though, so might as well make yourself familiar with some of the things that you can do prevent oxidation and keep your patio furniture rust free.

Start here:

  • Protect it from moisture Cover your patio set when not in use to keep it dry. You could also store it inside, such as in a shed or your garage, if you have the space.
  • Dry off furniture right away It doesnt take long for iron oxide to form, so if your patio furniture does come into contact with moisture, dry it off immediately with a clean towel.
  • Use a rust-resistance paste wax Pick up a bottle of rust-resistant wax and give your patio furniture a good rub down. This provides a protective barrier between the iron and the outside elements, and as a bonus, it also keeps your furniture looking extra glossy and clean.
  • Keep your furniture clean Set aside some time at least twice a year to give your iron patio furniture a thorough cleaning. Warm water, a gentle detergent, and a clean rag are all that youll need, after which you can dry the pieces off with a towel.

The more extensive the rust damage, the more youll have to do restore your furniture. However, most instances of rust can be easily removedand preventedwith a bit of care, so stay proactive and keep an eye out for any rust that does form so that you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

How To Clean Oxidized Plastic Patio Chairs

When most plastics oxidize, they leave behind a grey or black stain, unlike the red of rusted metal. This staining makes the furniture unsightly and will get worse if it is left alone. So, you should remove the oxidization with a simple soap solution. One option is to take a bucket of water, add some dish soap, and then soap up the chair. If that doesnt work, you can try a more aggressive cleaner. Be sure to rinse when youre done.

How To Clean Metal Patio Furniture

As you are cleaning your metal furniture, watch out for any areas of rust, especially at the joints. The quicker you can deal with rust, the better, so dont skip over those little rusty areas.

For any rust spots, use steel wool, a wire brush, or sandpaper to rub down to the bare metal. Then use a paint specifically designed for metal to patch up any spots that you sanded. Some furniture will actually come with touch up paint, but if not, just match as closely as possible. Finish the entire piece with a silicone sealant for added protection . If you have large areas of rust, it may be best to just repaint the entire piece just go for a spray paint and you will be done in no time! .

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Machine Washing Outdoor Cushions

Not all outdoor cushions are machine washable. Read the cleaning instructions listed on the manufacturers tag. If no tag is present, check the manufacturers website for detailed cleaning instructions before proceeding. Always vacuum the covers and cushions before tossing into the washing machine.

Vacuuming removes loose dirt and debris. If there is no time to vacuum cushions, give them a good shake before throwing in the machine. Pre-treat all stains before washing for better chances of removal.

Replace covers on cushions while slightly damp as it allows the cover to stretch back into place easily. If your machine dries the cushions, remove from dryer before completely dry and place them back over their inserts to prevent any misshaping while drying.

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What Is The Best Way To Clean Outdoor Cushions

Coleman Patio Furniture Covers

How to clean outdoor cushions will depend on what type of stain youre cleaning, what type of fabric youre dealing with, and what cleaning supplies/equipment you have access to. Most patio fabrics have been treated with special coatings to protect from UV rays and/or water so its important to first check any cleaning guidelines on the cushion tags for specific cleaning instructions and restrictions.

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How To Restore Sun Faded Plastic

Is there an odd chalky residue on your plastic? This develops from sun exposure and leaves behind a dull plastic surface that looks nothing like the shiny chairs you purchased. In order to resolve this issue, you should clean the chairs just as described above, but then finish them off with a boat wax or another substance that restores gloss, such as automotive wax.

Keep Your Durable Outdoor Dining Chairs And Tables Looking Top

Unlike your living room set, patio furniture cant just sit around looking good and feeling comfy. It has to stand up to the elements, from torrential downpours to bird deposits. Though materials can range from durable exotic hardwoods to delicate wickers, all patio furniture requires routine cleaning. Using the wrong products or techniques, however, could damage your outdoor tables, chairs, and lounges. Follow these guidelines to get the job done quickly and correctly.

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Remove Mold From A Concrete Patio Using Bleach

If youre wondering how to remove that icky mold from your concrete patio, bleach diluted in hot water is the way to go. Cleaning concrete is easy using this powerful household disinfectant.

Be sure to wear rubber gloves when combining one cup of bleach with one gallon of water. Rub away the mold and mildew using a soft scrub brush, and rinse away the cleaning solution with your garden hose.

As an alternative, combine bleach and water in the same proportion but add 1/8 cup of dish soap. Using a spray bottle, squirt the mixture onto your patio. Let it sit there for a few minutes, and then use a stiff brush to work the cleaner into the concrete.

How To Clean Patio Furniture: Teak Wood

How to Clean Patio Furniture – Sears

Teak is a beautiful, natural material and the best wood for outdoor use. It starts out a warm, golden-brown color and naturally weathers into a silver-gray tone.

We recommend using a gentle soap and warm water to clean teak. It may be tempting, but itâs best to avoid using a power washer to clean it. It can deepen any natural cracks in the wood, letting water and erosion in.

If mold has grown on the surface of your teak furniture, add a small amount of bleach to your cleaning solution . This will break down the mold, making it easier to remove.

To clean your teak furniture, youâll need a few extra tools to make sure you get the best results possible.

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Keep Your Outdoor Oasis In Top Shape This Season With These Patio Furniture Cleaning Tips

Diy network shares tips for cleaning and maintaining outdoor furniture. When it’s nice out, get patio and backyard furniture ready for company with these diy network tips. Fill a bucket with a gal. You’ll be glad you spent the time cleaning and weatherproofing now when you’re sitting wit. Get your outdoor furniture ready for picnics and parties with these clever cleaning solutions. Check out the best in patio furniture with articles like i need to replace the crank on my patio umbrella, teak oil alternative, & more! Baking soda most commercial cleaners are too abras. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. It’s also a time most of us chose to renew your garden furniture. Keep your outdoor oasis in top shape this season with these patio furniture cleaning tips. Follow our easy guide to get your patio furniture clean for summer at Place a generous amount of detergent on your plastic scrubber. The best way to clean a vinyl floor depends on the type of vinyl, as well as the type of stain.

Unless you have one already, you’ll need to invest in. Summer is the time to eat outside, spend time in the backyard with friends and family and enjoy the best of the weather. Get your outdoor furniture ready for picnics and parties with these clever cleaning solutions.

How To Machine Wash Outdoor Cushions

If you happen to have removeable cushion covers, machine washing is nice, easy option. Be sure to read all care instructions listed and follow any specific recommendations for your pillows. Before washing, give the pillow covers a good shake to remove any loose debris . Pre-treat any stains and wash the covers as recommended. Allow the covers to air dry and place them back on the cushions while still slightly damp to stretch the material back into shape. If you do place your cushion covers in the dryer, be sure to pull them out before they are completely dry. Place them back over the inserts for the final drying so they dont shrink or lose their shape.

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How To Remove Stains On Outdoor Cushions And Pillows

As with most stains, it’s best to treat stains on outdoor cushions as soon as possible. Use these instructions for specific types of spots:

  • Grass stains: If the above Borax solution doesn’t work on grass stains, use a liquid detergent that has stain-removing enzymes, such as Tide Heavy Duty Hygienic Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent . Use a soft brush to work the detergent into the stain and rinse with clean water.
  • Mold or mildew: Use a brush to scrape away as much of the mold or mildew as possible. Be sure to do this outside to avoid spreading the spores to other areas of your home. Spray undiluted distilled white vinegar over the affected area and wait at least 10 minutes. For stubborn stains, place a cloth soaked in vinegar over the spot. Scrub the cushions with a brush, then clean with a sponge dipped in water and a small amount of detergent. Rinse and let air-dry completely in a sunny spot.
  • Oil stains: Remove greasy stains from sunscreen, bug spray, and food by sprinkling cornstarch or baking soda on the fabric. Wait 15 minutes for the oil to be absorbed, then scrape off the powder with a straightedge like a ruler or credit card. Repeat as needed until the stain is gone.
  • Tree sap: Apply an enzyme-based stain remover to the stain, then sprinkle some powdered detergent on top to create a paste. Scrub gently with a brush and rinse with hot water. If the discoloration remains, wash with oxygen bleach to restore the color.

How To Clean Outdoor Cushions

How To Clean Patio Furniture

Without the cushions, your patio furniture would be all but useless. Just like with the rest of the furniture, your cushions need some TLC after a long winter with the elements. Not just washing or cleaning might be needed, but some extra search to get rid of any bed bugs might be a good idea.

On some garden furniture, especially if cushions and mattresses are left outside, check for grass stains and especially urine stains from your neighboring cats last visit. Urine stains on cushions or mattresses are easy to get rid of. Using basic cleaning ingredients is the best way to bring new life back to your cushions.

To remove oil stains from your cushions just follow our guide here. The following steps will help you clean the cushions of your patio furniture so you and your friends can enjoy them all summer long.

  • 1 quart of warm water

Using a spray bottle and mixing dishwashing soap, Borax, and warm water, saturate the material of the cushions. To get rid of any mold or mildew, be sure to soak both sides of the cushion generously.

Allow the pieces to completely dry. This process should take about 15 minutes. Once the cushions are dry, use a garden hose to spray off the solution and remove any dirt. Stand the cushions up so they can dry.

When the cushions are nearly dry, spray them with a fabric protector. The fabric protector will help protect your cushions from the elements and will make cleaning them in the future easier.

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How To Keep Outdoor Furniture Clean Longer

Once you’ve cleaned your outdoor furniture, the best way to save time in the future is to make it more difficult for your patio set to get dirty in the first place. Investing in good-quality canvas covers for your outdoor pieces will help protect them from the elements and keep them clean. Between deep cleans, hose down your furniture with water weekly to monthly .

How To Clean Patio Furniture: All

First up, letâs talk about wicker. Many pieces of outdoor furniture are made of all-weather wicker.

Not only is it stylish and versatile, but all-weather wicker is also extremely durable and easy to clean, which we love!

All Outer sofas and sectionals are made from all-weather wicker, but with a twist. Our all-weather wicker is made up of 30% recycled materials and is fully recyclable, so you can feel good knowing youâre making a sustainable choice for your patio furniture.

Every sectional and sofa, from our Outdoor Conversation Chair Set to our spacious 8-Piece Outdoor U Sectional, is handwoven from all-weather wicker using a special technique by our master artisans that results in a beautiful yet durable weave.

When it comes to cleaning your wicker patio furniture, keeping things simple is best to avoid damaging the wicker.

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Can I Reverse Water Damage

Like fading, you cant fix water damage. If your cushions and pillows get drenched from a storm, you need to dry them properly. Plus, the sooner you dry them, the less risk for mold and mildew.

If your cushions have covers, unzip them and drain out the water. Put the cushions on their sides so they can dry quicker. If its still wet outside, bring your cushions and pillows inside and blow dry them.

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How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

How To Clean Patio Furniture (Plastic, Wood, & Metal) | Sears Knowledge Center

In the fair weathered months, an extravagant outdoor getaway is an enviable asset to have. While shopping for the necessities to build the perfect outdoor oasis can be easy and fun, knowing the right way to care for your new outdoor set can be a little more challenging. Protecting your stylish new investment from water damage, elevated temperatures, and the scorching summer sun is easier than you think!

While most outdoor furniture features all weather materials like rust-free powder coated aluminum, UV-rated fabric and foam, and naturally rot-resistant wood, a little care and maintenance can really go a long way. Follow these helpful tips and tricks to keep your outdoor furniture looking fresh for several summers to come!

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Keep Furniture Away From Fire Features

Fire damage is difficult to repair. If a cushion is singed or plastic furniture has melted spots from flying sparks, your best option is to replace them. Fire-damaged wood furniture may be savable with sanding and staining or painting, but, if undetected, it could smolder enough to actually catch on fire, which could cause that fire to spread throughout your yard or even to structures.

The best way to avoid this is to keep patio furniture a safe distance from fire features. You should also make sure that your fire features have spark screens and that youfollow safety protocols to safely use your fire features. One of which is to always make sure you have a way to extinguish the fire or errant sparks that escape the fire pit or fireplace. Keep a garden hose or fire extinguisher on hand to quickly extinguish fire or sparks on your patio furniture or anywhere outside of your fire feature.

How To Clean White Vinyl Patio Furniture

This outdoor room offers additional square footage to the home. The best way to clean a vinyl floor depends on the type of vinyl, as well as the type of stain. Diy network shares tips for cleaning and maintaining outdoor furniture. a fixture of backyard barbecues and poolside parties, patio f. You’ll be glad you spent the time cleaning and weatherproofing now when you’re sitting wit.

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Caring For Wood Furniture

Most lumbers used for outdoor furniture naturally resist decay and withstand the elements. Although sealants help preserve color and protect against wear and tear, they aren’t necessary. Left unfinished, the wood acquires a silvery-gray patina and requires little maintenance.

Deep Cleaning

To remove stains or mildew, mix 1 gallon hot water with powdered oxygen bleach according to directions. Scrub the area with a soft-bristle brush, and rinse. To remove rust stains or bird droppings, or to restore original color, sand lightly along the grain using fine-grit sandpaper, and rinse. If the area is too large to sand, mix hot water with oxalic acid crystals according to directions. Apply with a soft-bristle brush, and rinse. Don’t use chlorine bleach, which can damage wood fibers.


To protect from ultraviolet rays, dirt, and moisture, or to preserve restored color, seal the wood. First, clean surfaces, and sand off any existing finishes. Touch up with paint if needed. Apply a clear water-repellent preservative, which contains a mildewcide, or a penetrating semitransparent stain. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how often to reapply in general, you’ll need to do so every 1 to 3 years.

How To Clean Patio Cushions And Pillows

How To Clean Patio Furniture Cushions To Keep Them Fresh

Some patio cushions and outdoor pillows feature removable covers that you can simply toss in the washing machine. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and let air-dry completely before putting the covers back on.

If you can’t remove the cover from your patio furniture cushions, refresh them using a simple cleaning solution and your garden hose. Be sure to do this on a solid outdoor surface, such as a patio or deck, to avoid creating new mud or grass stains on the cushions.

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