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How To Make A Patio Cover

Wood Patio Cover Cost

How to Build a Non-Insulated Elitewood Patio Cover in One Day

A wood patio cover averages $15 to $35 a square foot installed. Wood is a very versatile material. This allows you to create a wide range of different looks and styles for your patio. The wood can be formed into a lattice, pergola, gazebo, or any cover type. There are many wood types to choose from as well. Some are more costly but longer-lasting. Each also has its own color and grain pattern to consider.

Lattice Patio Cover Cost

The costs of a lattice patio cover range from $5 to $38 a square foot installed. Lattice is not technically a material because lattice can be made of wood, vinyl, , or aluminum. Lattice is more of an open-patterned style for the roof. Like a pergola, a lattice cover will not completely block the sun. Instead, it offers sections of sun and shade. To get more shade, add a cloth to the top or train vines to cover it.

How To Build Roof Over Deck

A deck can transform your house, add extra living space outside, and boost the overall value of your home. The downside is that a deck isnt a permanent living space it is weather-dependent. Recently Ive seen some neighbors try to solve this problem with a roof. Ive considered it myself, but I wasnt sure exactly how to build a roof over a deck.

To build a roof over a deck, you need to connect the new roof framing to the existing home. The easiest way is to use posts and beam construction with rafters connecting the beam to the home. Other ways involve removing a portion of the existing roof, adding trusses, and other framing options.

In this article well cover all your options when it comes to adding a roof to your deck. While a deck roof entirely depends on how your current deck sits with your house, well also give a general overview of DIY deck room construction.

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Japanese Style Patio Roof

This patio roof conjures up images of Japanese houses. The wooden posts support the exposed beams that overhang a little bit.

The latticework allows natural light to pass through so that you will be covered partially. The lanterns hanging over the green couches accentuate the Japanese style of this patio.

And to make it look like a Japanese traditional house, some bamboos are grown next to and in front of the patio.


  • The latticework does not completely block the natural light so that it can still pass through the patio roof.


  • The roof cannot protect you from the rain.

How To Easily Build A Diy Patio Cover

The Butler Family Patio Cover: Day

A DIY Patio Cover can be easier than you imagine.

There are many possibilities to plan and build a patio cover; every area is uniquely different. In spite of the differences from project to project, in most cases, in less time than the average turkey takes to bake, you could build a gazebo, pavilion or pergola to cover your patio. We have had families enjoying lunch or dinner beneath their newly erected ShadeScape kit the same day it was built.

Covering a patio can extend your home and provide shade while reducing cooling costs. It also is perfect for multi-level homes/buildings, great for apartments and condos, entryways, existing patios, balconies, etc. to give more livable space. Best of all, it does not have to be a stressful or strenuous task. A patio cover can be quick and easy, built to last and stand against strong winds.

It looks awesome!! Only took about 3 1/2 hrs. My brother said this is a GREAT kit!!! Said if you ever needed anyone to install in our area that hed be more than happy to do it. Just wanted to let you know how excited we are!Karen Reynolds Enterprise, AL

You may be wondering how building a massive, oversized timber frame structure can be as fun as our ShadeScape families tell us.

For many reasons, but firstly,

there is an essential element that makes a Western Timber Frame architectural ShadeScape timber kit far superior to conventional and ancient time-proven architectural timber frame structures.

Secondly,we do all the hard work for you.

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Hang Plants And Lighting From Your Pergola

Pergolas are a wonderful choice for patio cover ideas

Giant pergolas are a great choice for larger gardens and families who love to entertain outdoors. This wooden design is certainly striking, but its ample height keeps the space feeling welcoming and airy.

Not only will a structure like this provide cool relief from the hot sun, but it will also come in handy for decorating your seating set-up. Here, hanging basket ideas and a gold-toned pendant light offer extra visual interest to the vertical space, but you could also try festoon lights, or even bunting.

Increase The Value Of Your Home Find Out Your Patio Cover Purchase Options

Whether you wish for a simple outdoor breakfast area, a small spot for your BBQ, or an open-concpet dining area to entertain, our Lumon patio covers are a great investment. We take your vision of your outdoors, and create it to keep your patio looking clean and crisp. Get in touch with us to discuss budget and pricing, our patio cover costs will vary on size. We recommend taking advantage of our free in-home consultation to give you the best price possible.

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What Are Patio Covers

There is nothing quite like transforming your backyard with a patio cover to spruce up your home. Lumon’s versatile and elegant roofing systems enhance the enjoyment that you get from your own property, breathing new life into your outdoors. Our patio systems are an affordable and easy way to extend this year’s patio season for your home.;

Building A Porch Roof

How to build a patio cover

Building a porch roof or screened in porch roof over an existing deck or patio can be fairly straight forward or very complex depending on the type of roof you choose.We show you how two different roofs are constructed so you will know what is involved.Most porch roofs are typically shed roofs or variations of hip roofs.The biggest challenge is determining the rise and run and cutting a birds mouth at the outer end of the rafters that rests on the header.

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Building Over An Existing Slab

If you are building an overhead to cover an existing patio, you must first determine if local codes allow setting it directly on the slab and, if so, is the concrete thick enough to support the weight. Otherwise, you will have to create original footings for the overhead. If you need help with this project, get free bids from local patio roof construction pros.

In many areas, an overhead on a concrete slab is allowable if the slab is at least 3 1/2 inches thick and each post can support combined live and dead loads of up to 750 pounds .

To secure an overhead to an already-existing slab, you must place each post in a post anchor. Standard anchors work with rough and surfaced 4-by-4, 4-by-6, and 6-by-6 posts; any other size anchor will have to be specially ordered.

Browse Materials for This Project on Amazon Masonry Drill Bits

To install a masonry anchor, use a drill with a masonry-bit attachment to make a hole large enough for a 1/2-inch expanding anchor bolt. After inserting the bolt, secure the post anchor by adding a washer and nut and tightening with a wrench. Cut the end of the post square, sit it in the base, pre-drill holes in the post, and then nail the anchor to the post.

Another way to fasten the post anchor is by securing a short piece of threaded rod in a hole with epoxy cement. Start by drilling a hole slightly larger than the threaded rod.

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Beginning Construction On The Patio Cover

Early the next morning the materials arrived at my house. Once the materials were unloaded, I began carrying the ten-foot-long boards and corrugated metal sheets to the backyard, laying them out in a pattern to roughly match how they would be assembled.

I also separated the corrugated metal sheets, wiped each one down with a light coat of vegetable oil, and then re-stacked them. This was something I had seen a neighbor do a long time ago when I was a child. I dont know if it served any purpose other than making me feel better. Its a step I probably could have skipped, but who was I to doubt the wisdom of the ancients?

Ledger Board Installation

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Insulated Roof Panel Patio Cover Kits

Are you sick of feeling the heat in your outdoor space? Insulated roof patio coverings may be exactly what you are looking for. These are some of the most popular patio-covers for many homeowners for good reason.

Three-inch insulated panels can reduce the heat that filters through them by up to 15%, a big difference on a sunny day. As a bonus, they are strong enough that you can walk on them, which is a huge benefit for all kinds of home maintenance tasks.

There are a wide variety of design options for you to choose from. Premium columns improve the look of your home and match the style of your architecture. Skylights provide pockets of light wherever you want them for patio plants and to provide natural light to your space.

Fans and lighting can create an outdoor living space that will make you feel like you have an entirely new room in your home. You may be amazed by how much more time you spend outside both during the day and night with insulated roof panel patio covers. Dont hesitate to let us know if you are interested in one of these patio covers so that we can provide you with a free quote.

DIY Modern Patio Cover.

If you are looking for a sleek, modern way to make your home look its best and provide increased functionality in your outdoor spaces, a modern patio cover may be perfect for you. This design is ideal as an addition to a new home or as a welcome update to your existing home design.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?


Getting A Building Permit For Your Patio Cover

How to Build Free Standing Patio Cover

Its just a simple patio cover with a corrugated metal roofI dont need a permit right?


A building permit is legally required if you want to put together a patio cover, or any permanent outdoor structure on your property for that matter.

It is another step to make sure everything is done safely and it gives your town a record of the work youre doing.

A permit doesnt raise your taxes nor does it require a licensed contractor to apply for.

Take your drawings and plans to your local permit and licensing office. Theyll have some papers for you to fill out and a small fee to pay .

Many times you can find these online at your county or citys website and fill them out ahead of time.

A building inspector and structural expert will review the plans and your current structure.

Theyll make recommendations and finally stamp your drawings. Only with a stamp can you start building.

If you start building without a permit and an inspector drives by or a neighbor calls it in, the county can come make you tear the whole thing down and charge you a hefty fine on top of it.

So better to get your paperwork in order beforehand.

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Sun Shade Sail Canopy Cost

The cost of a sailcloth canopy over a patio is between $100 and $200 on average. This makes the average total cost for a 12 x 18 patio between $1,828 and $5,600. This assumes that the patio is ground level and not raised. Costs range for the finished patio, depending on the rest of the patio features. Sailcloths can be installed freestanding or attached to the house. They can also be combined with pergolas for additional shade.

Wood Frame With Translucent Cover

Patio covers made entirely of wood and that have wooden slats going all the way across a concrete patio are simply too expensive to make.

They also take loads of time and planning, and possibly some professional help to create properly. Thats why instead you should build just the base frame of your patio cover with wood and then place a polygonal translucent ribbed panel on top for weather protection.

The type of translucent panel we are referring to is sometimes used for constructing greenhouses because of how durable it is. It will also do a great job at insulating the area that covered.

Typically, it is for areas with warm weather, but it works great in all climates.

Its a quick and easy process. Build wooden vertical supports with wooden planks in between.

Lay a few more across the middle to further support the plastic panel youll be putting over the top. Then all you have to do is get some help to push the panel up onto the support beams, attach it, and voila! Youve successfully covered your patio!

These panels are plastic. Even for large patios, theyre cheap to buy.

Online, many options are under a hundred dollars and work perfectly.

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Covered Patio Cost By Size

The patio size drives much of the costs. While a standard patio costs $8 to $25 a square foot, a covered patio costs significantly more. The average range for a covered patio is $14 to $87 a square foot, although most fall within the $25 to $40 a square foot range.

Patios are generally designated by their size and usage. For example, if you plan to use your space as an outdoor living room, you need more area than if you plan on using it as a bistro setting.

$9,728 – $29,400

Opt For Retractable Awning For Versatility

How to NOT build a patio cover….

Patio cover ideas can be super versatile to match your needs, just like this Cuba patio awning from Caribbean Blinds

‘If your outside space requires a quick yet effective transformation, retractable patio awnings guarantee instant shade and shelter’, says Stuart Dantzic, Managing Director of Caribbean Blinds UK.;

It’s a perfect solution for providing cover when needed, meaning you can make the most of indoor-outdoor living throughout the seasons.;

Opt for neutral hues for an elegant look, or go for funky patterns or bold colors whichever suits your style best.

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Diy Aluminum Patio Cover Kits

Do you love being outdoors, but hate being driven inside when it gets hot or when a sudden storm arrives to ruin the fun? A DIY patio roof kit may be the perfect solution for you.

You can choose from an incredibly wide array of patio cover designs, whether you want to install it yourself or have a professional do the work for you. You can even choose from patio covers that provide you with the versatility to choose whether you want full sun, full shade, or something in between.

High-quality patio covers can stand up to the weather and elements for many years. They can even withstand the force of a hurricane. Here is everything that you need to know about patio covers and your options for installing one in your own home.

Keep The Chef Dry With A Mini Gazebo

This view features the Rowlinson Roma BBQ gazebo from Cuckooland

Adding a small gazebo to your patio is ideal for creating a sheltered area for your best BBQ. That way, even if there’s an unexpected rain shower the head chef can stay dry. No one wants to huddle underneath an umbrella whilst trying to grill burgers!

Need somewhere for your snacks? Look out for designs with bar tables on each side to give you plenty of space to keep your sauces, food, and drinks close at hand.

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Where Should You Build Your Patio Cover

While the answer to this question seems obvious , there are shade and functional considerations that need to be taken into account.; Most patios are typically off the back door but that location may not provide an adequate shaded area.; Covered patios are ideal for outdoor living areas, dining areas, built in fireplaces or outdoor kitchens. It is best to consult with a design professional to determine where the maximum amount of shade and functionality can be achieved in your backyard with your new patio cover.

One other major factor in location of any new structure is city building codes and Home Owners Associations restrictions.; All cities have certain guidelines pertaining to where an attached or detached structure can be built.; In addition to the City requirements, HOAs will have a set of guidelines pertaining to design, finish material and height restrictions among other things.; Once again, it is best to consult a design professional that is familiar with your citys requirements and HOA guidelines.

Secure Tarp To Temporary Post

How to Build a DIY Covered Patio

Maybe you dont have a tree or structure to tie one of your corners to. We decided wed tackle that problem with a temporary post. Near the top of a four-by-four post, we installed three sturdy screw eyes. One will be for the rope that leads to the tarp and two will be for the straps that keep the post upright when tension is on it . To keep the bottom of the post firmly on the ground and avoid it kicking out, we drilled a 6-inch-deep, ½-inch- wide hole in the bottom of the post and stuck a short piece of rebar in it. This is essentially a spikeso be careful with it once its sticking out.;;

To keep our;temporary post upright, we will use ratcheting straps that run from the top of the post down to stakes driven into the ground. Mounting a screw eye near the top of the stake will allow the hook of the ratchet strap to attach easily to the stake.;Find a spot for your stakes and drive them in place. Using two people, we strung the fourth corner of the tarp to the top of the post. Then, with one of us holding the post upright, the other person ran the ratchet straps from the top of the post to the stakes and tightened them.;;

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