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How To Make A Patio Privacy Wall

Privacy Screen From Faux Hedges

Here, the artificial boxwood hedges work as privacy screens for patio. They are built of long-lasting elements. Moreover, they spruce up the outdoor space. Since the faux hedges are nearly natural, the units develop a timeless style.

The black planters team well with boxwood hedges. Without a doubt, the long chair and fire pit represent contemporary style.

Install A Pergola Or Patio Cover

If you have the room, a pergola or patio cover is an attractive way to create a more private patio without making the space feel smaller. Depending on the design, a pergola also makes a functional frame for outdoor fabricthe shade and cover from neighbors are nice bonus features.

The pergola I chose for my patio is metal and came with an adjustable shade made of outdoor fabric. The shade and open frame of the pergola give me the cover from both the sun and the view from my neighbors deck that I was looking for while maintaining the open feel of the space.

If you decide on a more permanent shade structure, such as an attached patio cover or a retractable awning, contact a professional for design guidance and installation.

Wood Panels Privacy Screen

To put in location something a bit more robust, utilize wood boards. Choose the spacing, the measurements, and the color. Procedure and mark the panels, trim them to size, sand, and stain them and after that, connect them to vertical anchor boards.

A truly low-cost and easy idea is to utilize wattle as a fencing product. The motivation originates from England, where the wattle fencing was initially woven with willow or hazel branches. You can integrate a range of branches, reeds, and branches to obtain the appearance you desire.

Combine Lattice And Planks For A Unique Wall

I love this privacy screen because its adaptable to the slope of the yard. Its created through a series of different wooden panels, with a mix of planks and lattice work. The individual sections add a measure of privacy while still having a lot of space.

To fill in some of the gaps, some tall grasses and plants have been added and the result is a beautiful garden and a bit of the view of the road blocked.

Plant Tall Grasses Or Bamboo

How to Build a DIY Cedar Privacy Screen

Tall grasses or bamboo are an excellent way to create some privacy in the yard, and theyre lovely plants to have on their own. In this example, the tall grasses have been planted in large tin planters so theyre already starting up quite high off the ground.

The planters can be moved to the right spot to offer a bit of privacy to your patio or yard if you choose to have a get-together.

Get Growing With Grasses

Create a low-profile moment of intimacy in a larger outdoor area by planting ornamental grasses, as in the space surrounding this cozy fire pit and Adirondack chairs. This little idyll demonstrates that just a bit of gardening can go a long way: because these seats are so close to the ground, cultivating a bit of privacy is as easy as choosing plants that grow waist-high.

Planter With A Privacy Screen

This is a perfect way of combining a balcony privacy screen with your planter. The planter box is built to provide a shade area on your balcony that gives you comfort and a little privacy. This affords you the privilege of lounging on your balcony receiving fresh air while reading a book and at the same time enjoy the beautiful scenery of the environment. The planters add a special touch of nature to the privacy screen. To make the planter box for this design, you could use a slatted wood or cedar wood. The cedar wood is a great choice because it can sustain weather, lasts long, and looks beautiful.

First off, measure the size of the space available on your balcony or porch. Then cut boards of wood and make a planter box. Drill holes in its bottom. Cut two slats of wood, and attach them to the two sides of the box, a little away from the corners. Measure the width of the planter box. Cut wood slates according to the width and height dimensions of the box. Make sure to cover the two supporting slats completely. Start fixing the horizontal slats on the vertical supporting slats. Keep all the slats about an inch apart from each other. After this, apply stain to the planter box privacy screen. Plant the flowers in the planter box. You can also hang small flower pots from the slats using hooks or wire.

Modern Lattice Privacy Screen Idea

Lattice privacy screens are not only suitable for contemporary houses. They can also fit in with a modern style.

In this modern backyard, the lattice panels do not act as a screen that provides more privacy for the homeowner because this is the role of the wooden fence. The screens become epic trellis that support climbing plants.

Simple design and a symmetrical look are the heart of a modern home. That is why you can see the organized arrangement of the planters and lattice screens here.

To highlight the climbing plants, you can install one or two spotlights in front of each panel.

Decorative Outdoor Privacy Screen

The decorative outdoor privacy screen is essentially for lovers of decoration. You can infuse your decorative styles into this DIY privacy screen. Install two wood posts in the ground. Keep them apart according to the width of the screen you want. Then build a wooden frame according to the width required. Build a second frame which will hold the decorative panels. Measure the combined size of the decorative panels and build the second frame accordingly. Fix the panels on the frame. Mount the first bigger frame on the two wooden posts. Fix the frame with the decorative screen on the first frame. Voila! A privacy screen like this will look as if you have bought it from a store. It will cost you far less than those fancy laser cut panels.

Living Outdoor Privacy Screen

Instead of using synthetic materials, you have to invest your time building a living outdoor screen. It doesnât only help you obtain more privacy, but also offers protection from sunlight and heat.

The climbing vines can grow up to 12-30 feet high. When it comes to a living screen, you should look for the right plants. You need to anticipate their maximum width and height as well.

Add A Solid Screen Garden Sign

This is a pretty simple DIY project for a solid screen garden sign that doubles as the perfect privacy wall. Better yet, this will help keep out unwanted pests into the garden such as dogs that can dig up vegetables or rabbits who will gobble everything up.

This is also a more artsy concept since you can add some interesting decor along the fence. Get really crafty and add some chalkboard paint for a little fun. See the tutorial.

Portable Hot Tub Enclosures

Portable hot tub enclosure options are a budget-friendly way to create privacy without the high cost of a permanent freestanding structure. Portable options include:

  • a canopy tent
  • moveable or retractable walls
  • inflatable domes
  • The main benefit of portable enclosures is more flexibility in how much privacy you want and when.

    Use Wine Bottles For A Splash Of Color

    Design Ideas for Outdoor Privacy Walls, Screen and ...

    Empty wine and beer bottles can be repurposed in a clever way to create a privacy screen at the end of the porch, like in this example. Its a great way to recycle the material and also to add a splash of color to your porch. 

    You can either look for a mix of different bottle colors, like in this example or try to find all different shades of the same color for a more uniform privacy wall.

    Go Green For City Living

    Urban living often means cramped quarters both indoors and out so make the most of the space you have by thinking vertically. Designer Dan Faires repurposed wood beams from a New York City building that was slated for demolition to create this privacy wall with shelves he filled with potted plants.

    Bring The Indoors Out

    The first step in developing an entertaining-ready space is creating a pretty place to gather, of course. Update tired outdoor cushions with graphic outdoor fabric, and don’t be shy about redeploying older or mismatched furniture on the patio; this look comes alive through quirky combinations. Pull your arrangement together with an assortment of hardy container plants.

    GET THE HOW-TO: How to Prep and Refinish Indoor Furniture to Use Outside

    Sliding Outdoor Privacy Screen Panels

    Talking about outdoor privacy screens, put moving colorful glass panels into your consideration. They grant adaptability and look clever at once. In addition to that, they bring this rooftop patio to life.

    Since the panels can slide, they enable you to modify their position depending on your choice or sun exposure. Compared to other panels, they take up much less space. A patio umbrella completes the wooden furniture setup.

    Why We Chose To Do A Chevron Privacy Wall Versus A Herringbone Privacy Wall

    Well, to be honest we chose the chevron pattern because it was easier to do! At first, I wanted to create a fancy herringhone patterned privacy wall and offset the angles of the boards as they went up the centre but as soon as we sat down to sketch it out, it felt like it complicated matters.

    So we stuck with the basic chevron or arrow pattern instead.

    If you wanted to do a herringbone pattern, you wouldnt be able to use all the same length boards and your angles would be slightly different.

    Bring A Curtained Canopy Bed Outside

    Bearing in mind that most people dont have a single curtained canopy bed to say nothing of a spare canopy bed that could be deployed as a 90s-music-video-inspired place to take a private outdoor nap wed like to draw attention to how incredibly cool it would be to cultivate outdoor privacy in this particular way. Give the idea a chance if you run into a piece like this at a flea market, is what were saying.

    Shop This Look

    Item Have Been Added To Cart

    • Dig five holes for the posts 4 feet apart in a straight line. 
    • Each hole should be 12 inches deep with a 10-inch diameter. 
    • The entire length should be 16 feet.
    • Pour the concrete to the depth specified in the manufacturer’s instructions in each hole. 
    • The instructions on our fast-set concrete bag called for one gallon of water for each hole. 
    • Place the post brackets on top of the wet concrete and let dry for 24 hours.
    • Attach the 4- x 4-inch post to each bracket. 
    • This will create your 8- x 16-foot stud wall.
    • Cut the 2- x 4-inch x 12-foot boards into sixteen 2- x 4-inch x 4-foot pieces.
    • Attach the 2- x 4-inch x 4-foot boards at 2-foot increments on your stud wall using the nail gun. This will add stability while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of the design.

    Using exterior wood glue, attach the smooth ¾- x 4-inch x 8-foot cedar boards where they meet the stud wall.

    • Reinforce each smooth cedar board with 1- x 4-inch galvanized finish nails. 
    • Completely cover the stud wall with the cedar boards.

    • After completing the two-dimensional wall, you can add three-dimensional elements to it, making your privacy wall stand out.
    • Make a diagram like the plan shown above. 
    • The shaded pieces in the plan are additional pieces of cedar cut at various lengths that are attached to the flat wall. This creates eye-catching texture. 
    • You can light the wall from below for dramatic shadows.

    Yard Sculptures & Totems

    If youre an artist or know such a craftsman , then think about several taller sculptures or totems for your yard. These are also great if youre looking to add color outdoors but you dont really have the green thumb necessary for flowering plants. Double duty! They interesting to stare at, and theyll contribute to your sequestered lawn.

    How Do You Make An Easy Patio Privacy Screen

    How to Build an Outdoor Privacy Wall

    Building a patio privacy screen could he extremely easy even if youre a beginner. Although there are very many different patio privacy designs, the steps are pretty much the same as building every other outdoor privacy screen. Refer to the step-by-step guide provided above to build an easy patio privacy screen.

    Lattice Privacy Screen And Divider

    If you have a spacious deck and want to split it into two different functional rooms, try a lattice privacy screen that doubles as a partition. By doing this, you can separate the outdoor living area with a mini garden.

    You can also use this idea to stash away the unwanted view, like a condenser unit, so that you can enjoy shooting the breeze with your friend or family without being distracted by it.

    Privacy From Neighbor Ideas With Curtains

    In case you are on a low budget, use drop cloth curtains for an outdoor privacy screen. Even though the curtains are inexpensive, they can change the atmosphere of your porch or deck.

    Furthermore, curtains are quick to set up. They offer defense from your neighbors and harsh sunlight, too. In this example, the red curtains bring energy to space. Flowers and hanging plants liven up the scene.

    Build A Tin Accent Wall As Privacy Fence

    Using a tin accent wall as a privacy fence is a great idea for that backyard that has an industrial-chic flair to it. Dress up your backyard space with an added tin square and interesting accents to add a whole new patio sitting area, on top of adding a layer of privacy.

    This is a great idea for homes that dont have a lot of backyard space, but just enough to create some conversation or sitting areas. Check out the tutorial.

    Cozy Up To A Fire Bowl

    Add ambiance, encourage s’mores roasts and discourage bugs from hanging around with this balcony-friendly feature. If you’ve got access to a drill with a masonry bit and an orbital sander, you can DIY a one-of-a-kind fire bowl that will suit your space perfectly.

    GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Concrete Fire Bowl

    Drapery Panels As Privacy Screens

    Not enough time to build a privacy screen? No worries. Just buy off-white drapery panels. Then, connect them to the metal framework. They offer privacy and exude a sense of class at once.

    During the summer months, drapery panels make the deck more pleasurable. They protect yourself from the heat and glaring sunlight, too.

    Use Some Gorgeous Hanging Vines

    This vine display is amazing for creating a natural green privacy wall at the end of a patio. Although it can take a bit longer to achieve, its well worth the wait as it provides privacy while still letting light come through. 

    To do this, youll need to put up railings or wire, like in this example so the climbing vines have somewhere to keep growing upwards and create the wall effect.

    Patio Privacy Screen Ideas With Awning

    This bold awning is not just stunning, but also elegant and practical. It also provides much-needed privacy from spying eyes.

    Moreover, the awning structure itself is constructed from terracotta pots and poles of bamboo. The concrete weights down it as well. I also love the simple furnishings and yellow accents on this patio.

    Classic chairs and round tables make for an intimate outdoor dining area. The stone flooring and plants lend some nature-inspired textures to space.

    Or Fake A Rustic Dining Table

    How to Build a Simple Chevron Outdoor Privacy Wall

    Permanent outdoor dining tables aren’t necessary when you have the skills to craft your own, on the fly. Here, a castoff barn door + wood stumps = a long, low outdoor dining table that can be broken down between uses. Get more tips for throwing a boho-style bash, below.

    Learn More: Follow These 6 Steps for the Best-Ever Outdoor Bash

    Container Gardens For Deck Privacy

    Pro2Pro Tip: For a long-lasting container display, combine showy annuals with ornamental grasses, shrubs that change leaf color in the fall, or dwarf evergreens. Go for a mix of colors, textures, and foliage types.

    Potted plants such as arborvitae or clumping bamboo can be positioned to create a green screen around a raised deck seating area. Ideally, pots should be raised up on casters or made of lightweight materials so you can easily move them for parties or deck repairs.

    Buy A Planter With Trellis Attached

    These planters with attached trellis are a great option to build or buy because it serves a dual purpose of creating a garden as well as a privacy screen. 

    As you can see, it can take time for the growing plants to cover the trellis and add some privacy, but the finished result will be worth it. In the meantime, you have a lovely garden in planters to enjoy.

    Supplies For Diy Privacy Wall

    • 4×4 posts
    • Cement

    As soon as the One Room Challenge started last fall, I tore off all of the old lattice panels, leaving just the three 4×4 support posts .  If you wont have existing posts to work with, you would just sink them about 2-3 into the ground as you would if you were installing a fence or a pergola .

    Now, for some reason, these 1 boards are way more pricey than their 2 counterparts so if you have a table saw and are able to rip some panels down or something that may help, otherwise just get them as you can.  I had some gift cards which helped, but it was worth it to me since they were the exact size I needed.  If you make multiple trips though, just double check youre getting the same sizemy last batch I accidentally got 8 ones, stained them before I realized it, and had to take them back to the store and beg them to rip them by 2 for me .

    I used the same SuperDeck stain that we used on the pergola so theyd all match in the backyard.  I stained the posts first, then got to work on all the boards.  Some tunes, a rainstorm from tropical storm Patricia, and a ton of stain and I was ready to go.

    We leveled up the very top piece and nailed it in with our new awesome nail gun.  The husband rarely gets involved in my projects but if a nail gun is involved hes all over it, so you can see who got to put the inaugural nails in with my new fancy gun :/

    Whats with the tape you ask?  Youll see later!


    Backyard Privacy Ideas For Screening Neighbors Out

    My house has a small city yard where the neighbors have a clear view into my backyard. One of my top priorities, when I moved in, was to come up with some backyard privacy ideas to screen that view. Using some of these ideas and some backyard shade ideas, Ive been able to create the secluded secret garden of my dreams.

    If you have a standard sized city lot like I do, then your house is pretty close to your neighbors . As in, if you go out your back door, you can easily say good morning to each other if they happen to be going out their backdoor at the same time.

    I dont know about you, but when the weather is nice, I like to drink my morning coffee out on the deckin my pajamaswith no makeup onand bedhead hair. The last thing I want is to be saying good morning to my neighbors as they let their dog out . So one of my top priorities, when I moved into my house, was to create some privacy in my backyard.

    I discovered that in order to create drink your coffee in your PJs type of privacy without making your yard feel like Fort Knox , you really need layers of privacy screens. They all work together to create an inviting Secret Garden look and feel that will make you want to spend time in your yard.

    So in case you are also looking for ways to make your yard feel a little more like a private retreat, here are my favorite backyard privacy ideas.

    Artificial Hedge Outdoor Privacy Screen

    If you cant go natural, you can at least simulate it using the artificial hedge. Using the DIY artificial hedge outdoor privacy screen removes the stress and efforts of having to maintain the natural plants used in the rain gutter and green garden wall ideas. To set this idea, all you have to do is purchase the artificial hedge from nearby stores and spring them up. There are several hedge patterns available for your selection, but the wood box design is the most common. You can spice things up a bit by adding flowers to the hedge.

    Privacy Screen With Water Feature

    Pictured above is a backyard patio with a simplistic cinderblock fence. The medium-toned wood wall nicely camouflages it. Furthermore, the screen improves the privacy level.

    The artificial waterfall increases the backyardâs beauty and creates a zen-like ambiance. Light fixtures cast a relaxing glow after dark.

    Easy Outdoor Privacy Screens

    When youre on a budget, and you dont have any spare time, but the privacy issue is coming, you have to deal with it by creating your privacy screen easily.

    First of all, you have to collect the old wood you have. If your neighbors are kind enough, you can ask them to have some. After you get the wood you need, you can create a simple chevron screen. That easy way can make your work still looks great. It will help to boost your privacy.

    Lattice Panel Privacy Screen

    Modern Wood Slatted Outdoor Privacy Screen: Details On How ...

    Another idea is to utilize lattice panels to develop privacy screens for the deck or patio. Produce frames each, discolor or paint them and stick the panels to the wood frame.

    Drill holes on completions of the frames and put eye screws in them. You can then utilize chains and S hooks to hang them at the wanted height.

    Three rectangle-shaped lattice pieces guard this vibrant deck against the side; however, they still let a dosage of sunlight in.

    Include some hanging vases full of fresh flowers and a flowerpot on the base for a quiet background. Utilize your imagination to embellish the area and pick your preferred colors and information.

    Cost Of A Diy Deck Privacy Wall

    This can be adapted whether you have a stone patio surrounded by dirt and grass, a balcony or a free-standing deck like we have. The best part is this wall cost us about $150 to build!

    Dan is a PLANNER. Which is good. He keeps me in check. He is the measure twice guy. Thank goodness.

    So when we decided on chevron, he scurried away to his planning desk in the rec room for a good few hours to mock up some options for us.

    Build A Beautiful Wall On Your Patio Or Deck For Privacy And Decor

    Build this eye-catching privacy wall for your deck to enjoy peace and quiet. It can block unsightly views, reduce outdoor noise and add aesthetic appeal to your backyard. Incorporate new patio furniture and a fire pit to complete the look of your outdoor oasis.Made from hardy cedar, this privacy wall will stand the test of time. Follow our step-by-step instructions below for the full deck privacy wall project.Note: Before starting this project, check your local ordinances to see if you need a construction permit for this privacy wall.

    Simple Planked Diy Privacy Wall

    Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope you guys have enjoyed Spring Patio week and have found some inspiration for getting your outdoor spaces all pretty and ready for spring!  In case you missed it, Im sharing the tutorials for all of the DIYs we did for our patio makeover project last fall for the One Room Challenge.  Click the images below to go to the other tutorials from this week:

    Bookshelf to Bar Cart

    No-sew Outdoor Curtains

    Rustic Patio Makeover

    Today is the finale of this little series and Im showing you how we updated what rivaled our old pergola as the biggest eyesore in our backyard, this sh*tty weathered old lattice privacy wall.  Im not a fan of lattice, but Im definitely not a fan of weathered splintering lattice.

      *affiliate links included for your convenience, to see my full disclosure policy


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