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How To Make My Patio Look Better

Set A ~magical~ Mood With Some Waterproof Solar Lights To Adorn Fences Pergolas And Other Outdoor Structures Plus It’ll Help You Enjoy That Deck A Bit Longer After The Sun Sets

Reviewers note that you should remove the bulbs before stringing up the strands and then install the bulbs.

Promising review: “These lights were perfect for my patio, I’ve recieved plenty of compliments so far. The Edison light bulbs and beautiful and offer the perfect amount of lighting for any occasion…the clips were ideal for my eaves, the overhang of the roof, which made for simple installation…now just need to find a dimmer capable of handling the required wattage and the package will be complete.” —

Get a strand from Amazon for .

Opt For A Sunshade Triangle Rather Than A Canopy You Can Rig Up Over The Patio Or The Kids’ Sandbox To Block Up To 95% Of Uv Rays And Keep Things A Bit Cooler

Promising review: “My pool is awesome when it gets into the hundreds of degrees here in California. We decided to grab a 20x20x20 triangle and holy cow does it do a number on the backyard! Not only does it keep my pool better-shaded, but it also keeps the sun off of my back patio during the hottest part of the day.”

Get it from Amazon for .

Or Cover Up With Interlocking Teak Tiles You Don’t Need Tools To Install That Concrete Patio Slab Is Older Than You But It Doesn’t Have To Look That Way

Promising review: “Living in Hawaii you have to select wise items that are weather-, salt-, and red dirt–proof, etc… In total I ordered 11 boxes to complete my yoga deck. I have a few left over to make steps on the back. Very pleased and happy. May order more for an outdoor shower project!” —

Get 10 sq. ft from Amazon for .

Add A Pretty Focal Piece In A Seating Area With A Celestial Fire Pit That’ll Look Great In The Daylight And Downright Magical When Lit At Night

Promising review: “I ordered the Star and Moon wood burner. I am a little nervous about fire…but this was so easy to use. I love the way the stars and moons glow in the dark. It is beautiful and relaxing to sit and smell the wood burning. It was affordable, and not as small as it looks on the Wayfair site. I am truly pleased with this purchase.” —Carol

Get it from Wayfair for $112.99.

Pull Together Decor For An Outdoor Room Or Just Cover Up An Ugly Surface With An Indoor/outdoor Rug Built To Weather Rain And More

Staining your concrete patio to look like tile.

Promising review: “Love this rug. These were recommended by a friend for use on my outdoor patio. They are terrific. So easy to clean and no matter what the weather brings, they always look fantastic. And they make my outdoors look like a living room. Great, inexpensive way to spruce up a backyard.” —

Get it from Amazon for .

Or Spruce Up Stained Concrete Patios Or Walkways With Some Concrete Paint For A Refreshed Look That’ll Make A Huge Difference

OK, so painting your concrete patio may not sound like the easiest upgrade but if you’re no stranger to painting and want a big impact, give it a try!

Promising review: “Excellent, easy to use and clean up. My outdoor patio is a little rough and it took a full gallon to cover 200 square feet.” —

Get it from Amazon for a gallon .

Install Some Smol Picket Fencing You Can Place Around Your Prized Garden Beds To Deter Kids And Pets From Getting Into Them

Promising review: “I have been looking for fencing to keep skunks out of my ‘patio pond’….this fit the size, is good quality and is ‘flexible’ enough to bend around corners. Problems with the way they attach to each other but that seems to be common to these types of fencing. The manufacturer should look into some sort of clips to keep the pieces connected……decent price for as many as I got!” —Roseann from Dayton, OH

Get 18 composite pieces from Wayfair for $41.99.

Stash Recycling Bins Bikes A Lawnmower And Other Hefty Tools You Have No Other Place To Look In This Nice

Note that this includes just the umbrella, not the table!

Promising review: “I normally don’t like buying products like this sight unseen, but I’m very pleased with the look and especially with the solar lighting. We enjoyed a pleasant evening on the deck with just the right amount of ambient light tonight, and we are hopeful that it will prove to be durable.” —

Get it from Amazon for .

Bonus Ideas Recommended To Our Makeover Concrete Patio For Small Backyard Improvements

From number 12 and beyond, next, you’ll get relevant images I exported from Tavernierspa, that we hope will give you new inspirations that you need. Take our apology if this next section is not enriched with video or long explanation. This time, we hope “1 image represent 1000 words” is truly something

Image Source: imaginebc.co

Create A Waterproof Frame Filled With Flat Stones To Wash Your Feet After Frolicking

Frolicking outdoors can create mess, and the last thing you want to do is tread this back into your house. So after a day playing with your children or gardening, why not rinse off your feet and hands outdoors with a DIY frame? Simply craft a wooden box and coat it in waterproof sealant before filling it with flat stones and placing it near your back door. You can then wash using a fresh water supply, while also giving your feet or hands a smooth massage.

Budget Garden Ideas: 28 Brilliantly Cheap Ways To Style Your Outdoor Space This Year

Make your garden beautiful on a budget this year. These DIY, nice and cheap garden ideas from expert landscape designers will have your space styled in no time.

Budget garden ideas that are big on impact but easy on the pocket are more obvious than you think. After all, a great looking outdoor space isn’t only achieved by throwing mega bucks at them and it’s perfectly possible to achieve a beautiful and cosy garden, on the cheap.

Think cheap but totally chic garden ideas – whether you are just sprucing your patio area or completely redesigning your outdoor space. If the latter is your project at hand then hard landscaping will be the most expensive – and often inescapable – part. But, there are lots of ways to cut costs when both landscaping and decorating if you just want to brighten up your garden for the warmer months.

Small Patio Decorating Ideas That Will Turn Your Deck Into An Outdoor Oasis

Wanda Simone

Just because you have a tiny deck doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy outdoor living. Use these space-saving tips and small patio decorating ideas to create an outdoor oasis out of whatever space you have.

If you are like me, the best part of summer is relaxing on an outdoor patio with a couple of friends and a cool refreshing drink and feeling like you don’t have a care in the world.

No matter where I have lived, even in apartments, I have always wanted to have at least a little bit of outdoor space where I could go to unwind when the weather is nice.

Since I’m a city girl, however, most of the places I have lived haven’t had a lot of room for large decks or patios. And I always felt like those small and crowded outdoor spaces cramped my outdoor living style.

So when I moved into my current house , I decided to build a deck and patio that would be big enough to handle all of my entertaining needs. And it does.

But you know what else I found? A really large open area feels really big and empty when you don’t have a lot of people around I came to the realization that smaller patios and decks are more cozy and inviting.

And so, inside of my big outdoor living area, I now have many small spaces that require the same kind of small patio decorating ideas that my old city ones did.

I thought I would share some of my space-saving tips and small patio ideas that help make the most of the space you have.

Install Exterior Mirrors To Create The Illusion Of Space In Your Garden

Sawdust 2 Stitches: Paver Patio Makeover

While this may sound odd, clean and simple mirrors can be strategically placed in your garden to create the illusion of space. Whether you want to use interior mirrors or create a product that has been recycled from old windows is unimportant, as long as you fit them securely and position them in a way that makes your back garden appear bigger in size.

St 10 List How To Makeover Concrete Patio For Small Backyard Entries :

10 Ideas How to Makeover Concrete Patio for a Small Backyard Poster

Next list is basically transcription version of video our team have uploaded and pasted above this section. It comes with reference link that you can find on the bottom of this post. We hope you can enjoy complete learning experience from this post and let’s start the count down.

10. Bamboo Outdoor Dining Room Project Idea

Do you happen to see your weary concrete patio with mossy surface? It’s no longer as appealing as it used to be, right? Don’t worry! You can resurface it so that you get a brand new concrete patio on the cheap.To resurface a concrete patio, you need to clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt, oil, grease, and moss. Try to do perform this task with a high-strength pressure washer. Mix the concrete resurfacer and begin to apply it. Bear in mind that concrete resurfacer sets quickly. Therefore, you will need to section your working area so that you’ll have enough time for the finishing touch before it begins to set.Once the resurfacing process is done, cover the pergola posts with bamboo panels to get a brand new look as well as privacy. Besides, the panels will also provide a little bit of Asian style in your backyard.

9. Paint the Concrete Patio

8. Erect the Pergola

7. Wrap the Pergola around with Climber

6. Prep it for a New Social space

5. Stain It

4. Cover It with Deck

3. Opt for Geometric Style

2. Stencil It

Lastly number 1. Complete it with A Rug Made of Concrete

Invest In Low Cost Rope Lighting To Line The Boundary Of Your Garden

Available online from sites such as Amazon, rope lighting is sold in fixed lengths. Consumers can usually purchase up to ten meters for as little as $30. This is waterproof and can be used to line the boundary of your garden, creating a chain of light that illuminates the space at light. You can even put it on an automated timer. You can also use ropes as dividers to separate the rope from the lawn or decking.

Nd 10 Ideas On How To Makeover Concrete Patio For Small Backyard :

Although next list is not completed with a video, I believe you can take a valuable idea or two that you can adopt to improve your backyard landscape

2nd 10 Ideas How to Make Concrete Patio Ideas for Small Backyards Thumbnail

1. Create the Paver paradise.

Transforming your neglected and dull backyard can be your pleasing purpose – means that you lifting the heavyweight. You really do heavy tasks when you decided that you need the right canvas for your entertaining outdoor space. You can spread out the sand and gravel as your base, then you can put various types of stone steps. Wonderful DIY wood planters along with the string light can soften your bricks in a home and add cleaner appearance as well.

2. Temporal Tranquil sensation.

It does not sound weird when it comes to huge house projects, but you need opposite elements when working on your small patio projects. They want to keep simple things since you may have bigger plans for the road. Then this idea can be your best idea. You can pull out your wooden deck for the first time, followed with the great landscapes. You can add lights, sturdy outdoor pieces to make this look.

3. You can make a Multi-purpose Backyard.

Recommended Ideas :

5.5. 10 DIY Small Living Room Decor Ideas

6. You can break things up with the Multi-Level Design

7. You can try the Pergola Patio

8. Small Backyard but it looks Spacious

9. Try Modern Life Design

10. Elevation Design

11. You can place a Small Fountain

Use Wooden Stakes And Material To Create Outdoor Lounge Hammocks

Hammocks offer an ideal resting place during the summer. Homemade versions can be easily be made using wooden stakes and your material of choice. Simply take your wooden stakes and fix them securely in the ground, using a total of four to create a triangular shape. Then take your material, like recycled nylon hammocks or simply use discarded bed sheets, and attach them to the stakes to create three individual resting places.

Outdoor Chaise Lounges Are The Ultimate In Reclining Relaxation

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs are a great option for outdoor seating. They offer full-body support and adjustable reclining options. You can adjust the angle of the seat to sit up with a book, or stretch out for an afternoon nap.

They sit closer to the ground than other chairs and benches, making them easier to get on and off. For extra comfort, look for a padded chaise lounge.

Since chaise lounge chairs take up more real estate than other chairs, they may not be the best fit for smaller patios. Make sure that your patio can accommodate a chaise lounge before taking the plunge.

Use Part Of A Dismantled Trampoline As A Makeshift Diving Board

Sometimes, the best DIY ideas can be created free of charge using existing household items. If you have ever owned a trampoline, for example, you will know that this is a product sold in single parts that need to be fitted together to create the finished product. By taking the surface of the trampoline, you can align it with your pool to create a safe and makeshift diving board. If you do not own a trampoline, simply head online and buy a flat jumping mat for between $50 and $60.

Create An Outdoor Shower Using Just A Hose And Homemade Rigging

As recent reports concerning the dangers of radioactive exports from Japan prove, the U.S. and European nations are fortunate to enjoy an uncontaminated supply of water and food. If you want to capitalize on this to turn your garden into a makeshift campsite for the summer, you can use a standard hose and a ladder to create an outdoor shower. The hose itself will connect to an outdoor water supply. The ladder can be made with tree branches to create secure rigging.

+ Nice Ideas How To Makeover Concrete Patio For Small Backyards

Patio Tiles: How to Build a Patio With Ceramic Tile

Making your own wonderful patios mean that you need more efforts than just preparing some chairs and expecting for the best result. It means that you need to shape the artistic vision and transform that vision become a true reality. Many experts add some elements such as rattan, teak and white wood with the beautiful prints and your garden will look so great around the pool. While those elements may out of your reach, at least now, you can add DIY string lights, firepit and so on.You can check some ideas below.

As always this list is compiled for you by Simphome.com and to complete your experience I have completed the list with relevant video, texts, and also images from our sister site Tavernierspa.

showBonus Ideas Recommended to our Makeover Concrete Patio for Small Backyard Improvements

Intro : Concrete is renowned for its durability. For this reason, many people use this material to make driveways, pathways, stepping-stones, or even patios.Although concrete patio is durable and long-lasting, it doesn’t mean that it will always look standout. Just like other materials, it can be worn and weathered due to the prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, and weather conditions. This is why you have to do a makeover to bring back its striking look. Related to that concern, check out these next 10+ project ideas on how to makeover concrete patio for small backyard. For more ideas or different learning experience, follow reference link or play next awesome video.

Create Grand And Innovative Outdoor Lighting Using Solar Power

Even if you are unfamiliar with how solar energy works, this technology offers a sustainable way of lighting the exterior of your home. With this in mind, consider replacing all outdoor bulbs with solar lights. Place this in a waterproof frame or case that can be hung from a tree or the facade of your home. If you use a simple wooden case, be sure to treat this with a suitable and protective varnish.

Build A Wooden Bar And Drawstring Cover To Form An Outdoor Bar

Whether you are relaxing or working in your garden, there is always a pressing need for liquid refreshments. To this end, why not create a basic wooden bar that can house your favorite tipples and a selection of glasses? You will simply need to construct a basic, wall-mounted shelving unit and easily attach this securely to an exterior wall. Then add a drawstring door using two pieces of rope. This way you can keep the bar closed when necessary and also provide a flat service to pour beverages.

Use Discarded Pallets To Create Additional And Diverse Seating

We spoke earlier in the article about how full-size pallets could be used to create a multi-person swing in the garden. Discarded pallets also have additional purposes, as they can be sawed or cut into segments to create additional seats of various shapes and sizes. Simply use a wood-cutting tool to create the desired shape and number of seats. Then you just need to add some cushions so you can sit and relax.

Develop Dens And Play Pods From Shower Curtains And Hula Hoops

In terms of creating an interactive and fun space where children can play, it is important to offer them a colorful den or hide away. This can be created extremely cheaply, simply by suspending hula hoops from a tree branch using string. Then attach a shower rail using clips to the perimeter of the hoop. Now your children have a play pod that they can make their own. These can even be decorated to embellish them further.

Use Inexpensive Cladding To Cut The Cost Of Garden Landscaping

Terrace sloping spaces for more usable space. This bespoke border from South Hams Fencing and Landscaping works perfectly in a country setting as a retaining wall to split levels, £175 per metre

An expanse of concrete or an unattractive boundary wall doesn’t always require removal and replacement; you could cover or clad it instead. For vertical surfaces, close-knit trellis, woven hazel hurdles, thinly spaced cedar strips attached to wooden battens behind, coloured concrete render.

  • We have plenty for you to consider. 

How To Make A Concrete Patio Look Better: 7 Ingenious Ideas

You’re going to be hosting the family outdoor BBQ this year. As you look around at your concrete patio, you realize that it’s not in the best shape for guests. It’s not horrible to look at it’s just a little plain.

A lonely concrete slab with nothing on it but a table and few chairs. We can teach you how to make a concrete patio look better. It only takes something small like a colorful rug or a fresh coat of paint to transform it. You can try out specialist concrete painting services in Brisbane to make your patio look admirable.

Check out this guide to learn more about livening up your patio and getting it ready to impress your guests.

Use Exterior Latex Floor Paint To Bring Your Patio To Life

The concrete tiles on your patio are an often overlooked aspect of your garden, but typically they can present a dull and faded aesthetic. You can correct this with a single tin of exterior latex floor paint. This will add color to your patio, while giving the surface tough and long-lasting protection. Be sure to apply two coats, and use non-glare paint to create a low level of sheen.

How To Make A Concrete Patio Look Better Than Ever Before

5 Great Ways to Make Your Concrete Patio Look Better

Concrete patios are pretty durable. They don’t rot or break under harsh weather conditions like some other materials. If you don’t do something with it, however, it sort of looks like a boring gray slab.

Use these tips on how to make a concrete patio look better to upgrade your backyard and impress all your guests.

Looking for more ways to improve your home? Check out our blog daily for more articles like this one.

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How Do I Brighten My Patio 11 Easy Tips For Pretty Patios

 Nothing beats warm, summer days hanging out on the patio. Your patio serves as a meeting spot, a dining place and a lounge area and for some of us, our outdoor office space. So why not make it cozy and welcoming? But how do I brighten my patio?

There are lots of different ways that you can make your patio warm and inviting. Read on to learn about all the different features for small patio ideas and pieces that will brighten up your outdoor space so you’ll look forward to spending time on your patio.

Add Steel Pipe Edging Around The Perimeter Of Your Garden

When creating your garden layout, you may want to section off any designated planting areas. This can be done simply using discarded steel piping, which is cut into sections of a desired size using bench sheers. These pieces of pipe are then inserted into the ground and filled with soil, in which you are able to plant smaller seeds and succulents. If you are not keen on the rustic look, be sure to treat your pipes first using a colored primer.

Surround Porcelain Tiles With Gravel For An Organic Feel

Image credit: Tile Giant

For a more organic look that feels less set in stone try a more free-form approach to how your patio tiles are laid. These stylish outdoor porcelain tiles can be laid directly onto gravel, grass or sand to create a softer feel for the layout. These robust porcelain tiles are robust and practical, both algae and moss resistant and fade resistant too. Plus they don’t require maintenance , other than a seasonal clean to keep them looking their best. These particular tiles cost from £30 per square metre.


Amazing Patio Makeover Ideas That Will Beautify Any Home

June 10, 2016 By Vanessa Beaty

The weather is warming up outside, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining! Birds and butterflies are everywhere; it’s springtime! This is the perfect time to hang out on your patio with a cold, refreshing glass of lemonade and a good book. Your patio also makes the perfect spot for a spring or summer barbecue.

Of course, if your patio looks like mine, it may not be the perfect spot for anything! Over the winter I have let it go; right now it’s being used to store some stuff I don’t have room for indoors. It certainly doesn’t have a whole lot going for in terms of décor and ambiance.

So I have been looking up patio ideas online to see if I can find some inspiration to turn mine around! I don’t want to waste any more of this beautiful weather indoors. And guess what—I have found some gorgeous patios to share with you all. Check it out; maybe you will find the gem of inspiration you need to redo your patio this year.

Coat Planters And Plant Pots With Glow In The Dark Paint

Whether you are an avid gardener or not, most households have access to large planters or smaller scale plant pots. Furniture brand IKEA stores even sell basic plant pots for as little as $1. You can transform these into affordable and sustainable night lights using glow-in-the-dark paint. The whole project can cost as little as $5 to add a definite wow factor to your garden.

Fashion A Makeshift Splash Pad Using Tarp And A Spinkler

If you have a garden slide but are struggling to find a suitable landing space, you can create an effective splash pad using some tarp and a sprinkler. Tarp can be purchased for up to $20, depending on the precise area of material that you require. If you do not have sprinklers in your garden, you can achieve the same effect with an outdoor hose and running water.

Offer Birds Comfortable And Colorful Nesting Materials

Birdhouses add a loving touch to any home exterior, but you can also create structures that add color and character. With this in mind, you can buy colorful yarn in bulk for a pittance and add it to your birdhouse or station. Gathering birds will then take this and use it in their nearby nests, adding dashes of color and hue to various areas of the garden. This is also a good way to reuse any excess yarn that you may have in the home.

Save On Clearance Costs By Repurposing Old Landscaping

Yard Clean

Demolition and site clearance can cost a lot, especially if access is tricky and work needs to be done by hand. A small garden that needs a lot of clearance, and that has poor access, might cost thousands. So, wherever possible, DIY, reuse or recycle is key – an old concrete pad for a shed you’ve pulled down could be reused or used as a base for a deck. Garden designer Christine Barve explains, ‘If you have old bits of slab and bricks, upcycle them into a simple path or small area for a bistro table and chairs. Bed them firmly into soil, checking their level with each other and you’re ready to go.’

Or, if it’s thick and the surface is sound, it could be the perfect sub-base for attractive exterior tiles, as long as adding them won’t raise the height so much that the damp-proof course of an adjoining house is compromised.

General Ideas How To Make Your Concrete Patio Awesome

Idea 1. Make your Concrete Patio your Outdoor Living Room

Put couches and chairs that are comfortable enough to sit on and lie in. Line them with pillows to make for a completely cozy experience. You can also add a coffee table so you can drink tea or coffee outside while enjoying a good book or listening to fantastic music. When you have couches and chairs on your patio, you can also use this as your personal space for meditation or your mindfulness practice. Consider adding shade if you don’t have it already so you can protect your furniture from the elements. Keep in mind that heat and rain, as well as possible snow, can drastically shorten the life of your furniture if you’re not careful.

Idea 2. Set Up your Patio as an Additional Dining area

Idea 3. Install a Firepit

If your neck of the woods gets quite cold during the winter, it may be a good idea to add a firepit on your concrete patio. The great thing about having a firepit is your whole family, and some friends could camp out in that area. If you can still fit small chairs around it, that’s even better. If not, you can still enjoy the heat by sitting around the fire and savoring the firepit-prepared food like simple barbecues, hotdogs, and of course marshmallows.

Idea 4. Add a Small Fountain in the Middle of your Concrete Patio

Idea 5. If Money is not a Big Concern, you can also put a Hot Tub on your Patio

The Final Word

Our latest lists releases:

Amazing Backyard Patio With Fire Pit And Lush Garden

Here is a professional project by Alderwood Landscaping that I am positively in awe of. Originally, this home had a totally plain, standard backyard. Afterward, the landscapers transformed it into a lush garden paradise. It has a feel of privacy, comfort, and even a sense of the exotic. What a way to get away from it all without going anywhere!

How To Transform An Old Tired Cracked Concrete Patio

1 Blog Posts Featured·Deck·DIY·Exterior·Outdoor Series·Outdoors·Outdoors·Uncategorized


If you’ve been following along for a while, then you might remember that we’ve been working on projects to fix up the exterior of our house since the spring.

I shared the whole “before” of our exterior as well as our plans to improve it early in the season. So far we have worked on the deck; the pea gravel fire pit, the siding , the exterior trim, and the front yard lawn, river rock garden,  split rail fence, and side shade garden.

One of the last things we managed to squeeze in this year before “the weather” arrived was the makeover of our lower patio. The before of this area from when I shared all my plans for the exterior of our house and the yard shows how it looked mid-way into the deck reconstruction process…

We started with a very tired, very damaged, very ugly, old patio area beneath our upper deck.

At some point it had been painted with concrete paint , and it had NOT held up well. It actually made me cringe every time I looked at it.

We started out by giving it a serious power washing. We got up as much of the old concrete paint as we possibly could in order to leave a clean, fresh surface for our new treatment. The prep steps may seem like the boring part but they are super important!

We bought this Subaru Power Washer in the spring and LOVE it…


Next: The Primer!

After allowing the primer to dry for at least 24 hours, we were ready for…


Next: !





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