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How To Raise Patio Furniture

Adorable Diy Pallet Couch And Table With Wheels:

patio chairs

Is it sorting out the perfect sitting furniture set to organize your terrace or balcony space? Then do make exceptionally beautiful ones at home using free recycled pallets! Look at this amazing L-shape white and blue pallet sofa set on the wheel and is super easy to put together using pallet skids!

How To Paint Or Stain Your Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture receives the worst of Mother Nature’s extremes. Over time, wood, metal and plastic furniture pieces can begin to look worn from the weather. But , there’s no need to replace what isn’t broken. You can refinish your outdoor furniture with paint or stain and make it look new again.

Segments Covered In The Report

This report forecasts revenue growth at the global, regional, and country levels and provides an analysis of the latest industry trends in each of the sub-segments from 2015 to 2025. For the purpose of this study, Grand View Research has segmented the global outdoor furniture market report on the basis of material type, end-use, and region:

  • Material Type Outlook

  • Wood

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Tomokazu Northpoint Solid Wood Bed Riser

This product is sold as more a multifunctional item with a little more style. The idea here is to add a little class to the office, but this really does have great potential for the homes of the disabled or seniors. The extra height from the blocks and their shape should be fine for beds and sofas.

The build of the blocks also means that this time they really can be used on beds with greater peace of mind. An immediate difference with this product is that we have a set of 4 furniture lifters that are solid wood all the way through.

This should mean that they are a little more stable. There is the promise that the rubberwood is from an eco-friendly Thai source. These risers should lift the furniture by 2 inches.

The pros and cons of this bed riser.


  • The nice use of rubberwood
  • The quality of the solid block
  • It should be durable
  • Only one style and color
  • Only one height

There are some clear advantages in the security and the look of the product. There is a nice grain and finish in the wooden blocks. Users feel that the grain and integrity of the blocks should prevent against any cracks and splits over time.

Yet, there are downsides in that there is only one effect and type of wood here, so they may look out of place on some beds. Then there is the fact that this is 2 inches, not 2.75 inches. Still that all depends on just how much extra height or storage space you really need.

Is it recommendable?

Some Chair Legs Are Too Skinny For Decks

Pin on Garden Benches

Before we bought a house with a yard, we lived in a small rental that had a wood deck. It was our first bit of outdoor space and we loved it, dressing it up with planters, a Weber grill, a lounge chair, and a vintage dining set that we scored at a garage sale. The set was charming and well-made, but the legs on the chairs were skinny, which meant they could easily sink into the gaps between the decks wooden planks. We had to be vigilant about placing the chairs just so and constantly had to remind guests to do the samenot exactly the best setup for spontaneity and fun.

The Lesson: If youre shopping for an outdoor dining set for a wood deck, consider the chair legs and make sure they wont get trapped in a gap when you pull the chair out.

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Plant A Hedge To Buffer Against Wind

Adding greenery to a garden or patio area is almost never a bad idea, unless you hate shade! You could consider building a hedge, or wind break, along the path the wind primarily flows through your property. Assuming youve determined the wind direction, think about how a hedge would look as a break along the windward direction.

Personally, were fans of boxwood hedges, but there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Take a look at this list from Better Homes and Gardens for further hedge ideas.

A couple of aspects to consider before you plant a hedge are:


Consider the target height of the hedge, and how the hedge will impact views and sun exposure. Depending on how large the plants are when you plant them, the hedge may take years to grow in to a satisfying amount.


Hedges are a lot of work to keep under control. If you dont, they become a forest, and it can be very hard to prune them back once theyve gotten out of control. If youre not much of a gardener, and dont really want to pay landscapers to take care of your hedges, you may want to look into other strategies to help keep your furniture in place.

How To Make A Diy Gravel Patio

Compared to stones, interlocking bricks or a wooden deck, a gravel patio requires less effort when it comes to installation. It can be an easy Do It Yourself project since it does not require special skills or any technical knowledge.


  • Pea sized Gravel
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Crushed stone
  • Edging material
  • Weed block rolls
  • Rake
  • Wheel barrow

A bright and inviting place for relaxation, this pea gravel patio offers a full view of the surrounding garden. The colorful printed pattern of the furniture and the accents pillows instantly brightens the space.

Steps on creating a DIY gravel patio for your home:

Plan out the size and shape of your patio. When it comes to the design and shape, you can choose anything which fits your sense of style. This phase offers freedom to exercise your creativity and gives you flexibility in forming the perfect concept for your patio. Size, on the other hand, will greatly depend on the existing conditions of your backyard and other factors.

The amount of space you need for your gravel patio will greatly depend on the purpose you intend to use it for. Determine the activities you will be doing here, the number of users in the area and how you want to furnish it.Small spaces are appropriate for bistro style patio set up which contains at least 2 chairs and a table.

Prepare the area. Clean the area by removing weeds and spraying with grass killer if needed. Remove obstructions or debris such as roots, sticks, rocks, etc.

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Gravel Patio Pros And Cons

Here are some of the benefits of having a gravel patio:

Loose gravel surrounds this paving stone sitting area with a portable fire pit, creating an excellent spot for relaxation and socializing.

Here are some of the cons of having a gravel patio:

  • Relocating. If you plan on changing the location of your gravel patio, it is a task which is hard to manage. Since it is made up of loose stones, everything needs to be collected and transported carefully from one place to another.
  • Hazard to children or pets. Small pieces of stones in a gravel patio may be a potential choking hazard for pets or toddlers. Be extra careful if you have young kids or pets at home.
  • Cannot be used for high traffic areas.Loose stones in a gravel patio can become easily lodge into shoe soles. Small stones such as pea gravel is not advisable to be used in walkways.
  • Gravel can be easily transferred or scattered to other areas of the yard or home. Be sure to use an edging or border for your patio to prevent it from spreading.
  • Requires repeated raking to smoothen the path. Heavy footmarks causes dips in the gravel and can sometimes shift the small stones form its intended place. Prevent this by putting a base layer of rocks in your patio before laying out gravel.
  • If putting furniture in your gravel patio, it requires an added base.
  • In some cases, gravel need to be replenished in 3 to 4 years as it starts to soak into the soil.

Forgetting It’s Outdoors Not Indoors

How To Make An Easy DIY Patio Stool DIY Outdoor Furniture

Some enthusiastic decorators get so carried away that they forget they are furnishing an outdoor room. Maybe you’ve seen someone’s patio that looks like they pushed the living room sofa, lounger, coffee table, and even fake plants outside. Or, they’ve relegated the old sofa from the den to the patio or backyard. Don’t even think about it.

It’s always good to reach for a seamless transition between your interior and exterior, but using the same furniture is taking it too far.

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What Is Rust And Why Does It Occur

There are two factors that cause patio sets to rust: the material that theyre made out of and the elements that theyre exposed to.

Rust is an iron oxidei.e. the result of iron meeting oxygen and water, a process known as oxidization. In the beginning stages, it appears as small spots of reddish-brown flakes. If left untreated however, it can expand to cover a larger surface area, eventually eating away at enough of the iron that it impacts the structural integrity of your furniture.

Only iron can rust, which means that this a problem youre liable to face if your patio furniture is made out of wrought or cast iron, or if its steel with an iron coating. If you want to avoid it entirely, look for patio furniture made out of non-rusting materials such as aluminum, teak, or all-weather rattan.

Stain The Concrete To Look Like Tile

If you love the look of tiles but not the hard work or the expense, you could stain the concrete to look like tile! Use 1/2 inch tape to create grout lines on the floor and then stain over it. Peel off the tape and ta-da, instant tile! Just make sure to clean it beforehand and seal it afterwards and youll have a concrete patio that looks nothing like concrete.

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Best Gravel Patio Ideas

Welcome to our gallery featuring the best gravel patio ideas. A gravel patio is an excellent addition to any home not only because of the added beauty it gives, but also because of the multiple purposes it can offer. It can easily transform your backyard into an extension of your living room space, a place to dine and bond with the family, to enjoy a grill out with friends, or a personal sanctuary to enjoy a book or relax after a long tiring day.

The contemporary themed gravel patio in the picture above evokes an inviting and cozy ambiance, perfect for spending the afternoons outside. Make the most of your gravel patio design by furnishing it with woven outdoor furniture, neutral drapes and a white pergola. The accents of blue from the pillows add a calming effect to the overall style of the space

Among the available materials in the market, gravel is one of the most desired ground cover for patios. It is well loved because of the numerous advantages it gives. If looking for a more practical solution and alternative to an expensive stone patio, wooden deck or interlocking bricks pavement, pea gravel is your best option. Design it however you want, either alone or mixed with other types of stone aggregates or incorporated in your landscape setting. Since it also offers ease in installation, making your own gravel patio can be one of your next DIY projects.

Flagstone And Gravel Patio

Vintage Glider Color Questions And How We Raised The Seat ...

A flagstone is a flat stone slab of slate, sandstone or limestone which is rectangular or square shaped used for paving. It is a preferred material for patios because of its narrow packed joints. Flagstones come in a variety of colors such as gray, brown, reddish or blue. It usually costs around $15 to $30 per square foot.

Flagstone and pea gravel patios are constructed by dry laid method wherein the large stones are set in a bed of sand or pea gravel. The recommended depth for this is 3 inches. The excavated area for the patio is filled with coarse sand and gravel then flagstones are placed in a specific pattern. The joints are filled with the specific gravel of choice or sometimes, mortared or planted with grass.

Flagstone and gravel patios have a natural and organic look and works for both informal and formal design styles. If you are aiming for a casual patio setting, use irregularly shaped flagstones and arrange them in a random pattern. While if leaning towards a more formal vibe for your patio, lay rectangular flagstones in a uniform pattern.

Rectangular gray slate laid out in a mosaic like pattern give this slate and gravel patio an interesting focal point.

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Ezprotekt 12 Inch Bed Risers Solid Steel Bed Or Furniture Post

Do you ever get pissed that your loved ones house is not complete with sufficient storage space? Well these Ezprotekt bed risers provide an extra 1.2 inches and allow one to have additional storage below their bed or even get their home arranged.

These bed risers can help create some space beneath the bed, sofa, couch, etc. Made for strength and endurance, a set of four of these strong Ezprotekt furniture risers can hold up 20,000 pounds while the strong carbon steel design guarantees these furniture risers to never crack.

Ezprotekt 1.2 Inch Bed Risers can help sustain the best height for all your needs. If your loved one is having trouble sleeping because of a health condition, they can use these bed risers to change the height of the bed. This will effectively save you time and enable you to be more effective by feeling healthier and finally having more sleep.


  • Only comes in 3 colors black, white and brown

What Are Bed Risers

Bed risers are furniture accessories that are either made of metal, wood or plastic, that support the weight of the bed while elevating its height. The only real need you have for the bed risers is when you have once bought a lower bed, and now due to health or comfort reasons need to have the bed lifted higher than before. While we do recommend buying a higher bed in the first place, in some cases this is not an option and bed risers offer a much cheaper alternative than buying a new bed.

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Start Digging A Trench

As I mentioned before, youll have to build a retaining wall for your raised patio.

Continue digging until you reach the required depth.

Ensure whether the depth is enough to support your patios retaining wall or not. Youll bury the support and base of your wall here.

Therefore, the depth of the trench should be able to provide your wall enough stability.

Make sure that the corners of your trench are square.

How To Make Outdoor Pallet Sofa:


Make every of your stay at outdoor special by building this grand L-shape wooden sofa set with pallets! It will be zero in the cost price and will be super quick to build also!

Stack 2 pallets for a seat and use a single pallet board with removed dice section as a backrest! Pretty simple and easy peasy! DIY Pallet Sofa

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How To Remove Large Covers

  • Find at least one other person to help. If you have no one to help, you will need to remove the cover one side at a time.
  • Release the cover clamps, buckles, and drawcord.
  • Carefully roll the cover off the piece of furniture with your companion.
  • Clean your cover if it is dirty so it is ready for the next time you need to use it.
  • Set Of 4 Furniture Risers


    Selling fast! Only 1 left.

    Hooray! This item ships free to the US.

    • Depth: 3 inches

    Made from Eco-Friendly Hardwood, these furniture risers will add 2 inches to your item. They are unfinished, solid and sturdy. The wood is smooth and ready to painted or stained to match the color of your item. The block is square and is 3inches on every side. The hole is 1 inch deep and 1.5 inches wide/ in diameter.Pack of 4.Not the size you are looking for? We can customize risers and have square blocks ranging from 2 inches to 6 inches. Send me a note and I’ll let you know if I can help.

    There was a problem calculating your shipping. Please try again.

    This seller usually responds within 24 hours.

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    Use Patio Furniture Weights Or Sand Bags

    The cheapest way to weight down your furniture is to pick up a few sandbags from your local home improvement store. Just place them on the furniture pieces, and you should be good to go. But they can break and get sand everywhere, and they generally arent pretty.

    Going beyond simple sandbags, you can use outdoor furniture weights like these ABCCanopy Weight Bags to hold down your furniture. The ABCCanopy bags work wonderfully on gazebos, tents, cantilever umbrellas, patio umbrellas, and really on all sorts of patio furniture. Each bag can hold up to 40 lbs of sand, and they can easily attach to furniture legs with hook and loop straps. They are also much more secure than simply using sandbags, and are less likely to break and spill sand everywhere.

    You can even place individual bags on chairs as chair weights.

    Of course, youll need to pick up some sand from your local home improvement store to fill these.


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