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How To Build A Patio Bar

Pallet Bar Design In A Few Minutes

How to Build a Cedar Patio Bar : Episode 15 Part 2

This is a plan that will show you how theinside structure of a basic pallet bar is made. As you can see, its not just amatter of stacking pallets this time but you must reinforce your bar especiallyalong the corners to hold a heavy wooden top.

You can also see from the photo how thestructure is arranged to make room for the storage area found at the back ofthe table. This was actually a plan to make a very basic pallet bar as wellwhich can be possibly done in just a few hours.

Bar Rail For The Bottom Of A Home Bar

The bar rail is the foot rest that sits at the bottom a bar, but is optional.

I am yet to add this because they can be rather expensive, but I do think they take the bar up a notch.

A home bar doesnt have to be tedious or complex, and can be made without wood working experience.

The hardest part is just getting started, so go to the store and buy pieces for the frame.

After you have built the frame, then go back to the hardware store to pick up more wood for the next step.

Desk Upcycled Into Rolling Island Bar

An old desk gets a new lease on life when it is turned into a rolling island. This is perfect for an outdoor bar with all of the storage space. The top is made from reclaimed wood and rustic handles were added to the drawers. Wheels were the final touch to make this an amazing rolling bar. With so many different styles of desks available, you can definitely find a fun one in an antique store that you will love.

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Poolside Pallet Bar Design

This bar lets you drink from the pool,literally. It is designed to be placed near an elevated pool with only a smalltop, enough to hold drinks and some snacks. There is a lovely umbrella made from native materials to get that tropicalfeel. The bar also has pallet stools so that guests can enjoy a drink whetherin the pool or outside the pool.

Finishing Touches How To Stain The Bar

Build a Patio Bar

I sanded the entire bar and stained the bar Kona Semi-Gloss Stain.

It took 2-3 coats of Kona stain to get the shade shown here.

This stain has the stain and polyurethane built in, so I did not need to add a top protective coat to the stain.

I did add the LED light strip that you see in the top picture for added effect.

I can change the color on those or keep them off altogether.

Since its an LED strip, it is hidden underneath my Chicago Bar Rail.

This of course is optional but everyone seems to enjoy it.

We purchased bar stools that are 30 inches in height, which are perfect for our homemade bar.

If you like the look of our bar stools, then here are similar bar stools to ours.

The great thing about these bar stools is that they have a foot rest built into the bottom of the stool, so I didnt even need to add the bar rail to the front of my bar.

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Create A Vintage Suitcase Bar

View in gallery

An old vintage suitcase is a perfect base for a bar to cater to your family and friends this summer. Kate Beavis creates this fun open bar which is perfect for a summer barbeque or even a wedding this year. The great thing about this project is that its a really mobile bar, so once you are finished mixing your drinks, you can pack everything up and take it back inside. Fill it with glasses, a cocktail shaker, and drinks of your choice for the perfect display this year.

An Upcycled Diy Bar Cart

Check out this other cool-looking DIY bar cart design, this time from 2beesinapod. Its small but its practical and it looks pretty cute too, especially with that bright color on it. Theres a small drawer for storing tools and other little items, two open shelves right beneath it for bottles and a towel holder to the side.

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A Repurposed Microwave Cart

This eye-catching patio bar is actually a repurposed microwave cart. A fresh coat of paint made a huge difference and the bright metallic green is a nice fit for an open outdoor area, especially one surrounded by greenery. As you can see, the cart has casters, two storage shelves at the bottom, a drawer at the top and even a towel hanger on one side. Check out its transformation on 2beesinapod.

Transform A Junked Credenza Into A Beautiful Outdoor Bar Weather

How To Build An Industrial Rustic Patio Bar –

Credenzas already look like bars, so making an outdoor bar from an old scratched credenza is only logical. And its a great DIY project as you get to refurbish and put to use an otherwise throw-away piece of furniture. The only problem is if its placed on the patio, how do you make it withstand the elements?

Jenny at Days of Chalk and Chocolate blog had solved this problem and created a beautiful outdoor piece. And you can follow her tutorial to build one yourself.

A credenza is a great choice for a DIY bar the multiple storage compartments makes it very practical for storing alcohol, cups, utensils, and anything else you need to keep hidden. Refurbishing it in the right way will make it a perfect patio bar idea on a budget.

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Cutting Chicago Bar Rail Tips

When cutting the Chicago bar rail, you have to build a jig so that it gets cut exactly like it sits on the bar.

Constructing the jig is basically putting two pieces of wood together, with the same 1 ½ inch gap just like the top of the bar.

This should be explained further in the instructions of the bar rail if needed, which is probably easier than I can explain it here.

Even with the jig, I found it to be virtually impossible get the corners to line up perfectly.

I cut the wood multiple times and adjusted the angle, but I couldnt get it to fit just right.

To fill the gaps I used, wood putty then sanded it like crazy to get the bar rail smooth where other pieces joined together.

The wood putty and sanding really helped to join the pieces together, for a smooth finish.

If you want complete bar blueprints for this homemade bar with measurements, bar cut list, and shopping list, then you will like our DIY Bar Plan!

Diy Outdoor Bar Ideas

Partying outside is always fun, but who wants to go traipsing back and forth all day for drinks? Not me! Thats why an outdoor bar is a much-needed addition to any backyard or outside entertaining space. You can add any of these fun ideas to your patio, deck, backyard, or even front yard for entertaining or just to lounge with your friends and family. They are even great for weddings and birthday parties!

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Awesome Upcycled Patio Bar Cart

This bar cart actually began as a laundry sorter. The amazing transformation was made easy with some reclaimed wood and spray paint. The laundry sorter was already on wheels, making it simply perfect for entertaining. A bright-colored bottle opener and matching towel hook were added to the front to complete the look. You can customize the colors of the metal and the wood to match your personal style.

Dry Lay First Row Of Stones

DIY Like a Pro: Build a Beautiful Patio Bar This Summer ...

Set the First Course of Stone

Once the footing is dry, pull the forms and the protective cover from the gas line. Set the template down one last time to make sure your footing is on target. With a pencil, retrace the template to give you a starting point for the stonework. Stage your area so the stones you need are on hand to be set in place. Each piece is coded with a number and a letter that corresponds to that piece on the CAD plan . The plan shows where each stone is to be located in the project. Follow the chart and bring over the first course of stone to your work area . It is recommended that you dry lay the first row of stones to make sure everything lines up correctly . The stones are designed to have a dry set look. Measure any openings for appliances.

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Combination Outdoor Kitchen And Bar

This impressive stone structure is the perfect place to host a summer cookout. By combining a bar counter and chairs with the grilling station, everyone can visit while the food is sizzling. When planning an outdoor bar and grill combo, carefully consider the elements and proximity to your home. You dont want smoke from the grill getting in the house. And if theres a prevailing wind, you dont want it blowing smoke in the faces of your guests at the bar.

Exciting Outdoor Bar Ideas

The first step to producing this backyard space is choosing the bar type you want. Do you want a large bar for weekend parties that youre planning to toss, or will you need one thing thats smaller to accommodate your leisure needs after an extended day at the workplace? This post is meant to allow you to discover DIY outdoor bars youd want to have in your yard and help you develop your own. Today is a good time to bring on the fun with a task you can focus on in the great outdoors, one which can certainly help enable you to get prepared for the return of summertime gatherings. Whether you intend to plunk it under a shaded area in the backyard, or maybe tuck it out on the back patio or porch, a backyard bar not just neatens up the area, but, when accomplished correctly, will appear great.

To top it all, you do not have to become a master carpenter or perhaps invest a lot of cash to make your own backyard space. From simple to advanced, the following DIY outdoor bar ideas will have you drinking your wines stylishly quickly. Why settle for a solo chair over the lawn or back porch gatherings if you can open bottles like the professional bartenders, also at a portion of the price? An outdoor bar will be the perfect way to entertain in style and your houses comfortableness and intimacy.

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A Bar Cart Made From Scrap Wood

View in gallery

Scrap wood forms the base of this easy DIY bar cart project from Nifty Nest. Youll create a piece of furniture that adds more character to your living room or dining room and is ideal for a quick cocktail after work. To create this bar cart, the scrap wood came from old mattress support slats, but you could use anything you have hanging around your home. As its created with wood, you can stain or paint this project to fit your home décor.

A Rustic Beach Beverage Center

How to Make a Patio Bar – DIY Concrete Counter Bar with Wood Base

When trying to picture a bar, we all have different versions and different designs in mind. Some of these are more popular than others but at the end of the day, its completely up to you to choose the option which suits you best based on the space available, the main function the bar is meant to fulfill as well as your expectations in terms of the overall design and look. This DIY bar featured on ana-white has a bench-inspired design and looks really great.

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Double Cooler Cabinet With Cooler Tables

What a gorgeous choice for your custom outdoor bar! This is available with many upgrades including options for granite, drawers, and storage. Both side coolers include spouts for draining melted ice. Rollers on the bottom make it ideal for moving around. Customize yours to your style and preferences.

Source: Etsy

Outdoor Metal Bar Cart Makeover

This old metal cart was rusty and dirty, but it was given new life and looks just fabulous. You can use this DIY to transform an old cart too. With a little bit of scrubbing and the right kind of paint, you can make the perfect beverage cart for your outdoor entertaining area. The open shelves are perfect for grabbing what you need quickly. They could also just be used to display some favorite decor.

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Upcycled Vintage Door Beverage Bar Station

To keep the cost of your projects low, a great idea is to use reclaimed materials and repurposed items. There are lots of ingenious ways to do so. This, for example, is a lovely patio bar made from an old door. We often refuse to see the potential behind a lot of the things we throw away and this is great example showing what were missing out when doing so. If you want to find out more about this vintage door and how it became a beautiful outdoor bar, head over to findinghomefarms.

Very Sturdy Pallet Bar Design

Pin by Ben Parks on Bars

Now, this is a very large pallet bar which has a very long and smoothtop where drinks are served. Celebrate or party with your guests and have agreat time at the bar. You will find a large storage section at the back whereyou can place all the things you need conveniently. This large pallet bar canbe for a home or for a patio or backyard event.

And aside from the function of this bar,you can stain or paint this according to the color you want. In this design, the wood was treated with a dark stain to make it look dramatic and verywarm to the eyes. This is an easy design and does not require expertwoodworking skills and talents.

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Finishing The Bar Top

The first step in finishing the bar top is to apply 2 coats of Ultra-Seal to the plywood and the redwood on the top and the top trim, one coat in each direction. This seals off some of the pours in the wood so it wont bubble as much later when we apply the Ultra-Glo. The second step is to apply a third layer of Ultra-Seal to the plywood and stick your bottle caps to it. The way I recommend to build a bar top youll like is to first layout all of your bottle caps where you want them and then pick them up in small sections and glue them all down, and then move to the next section. Next you should check all of the bottle caps to make sure they are secure and re-glue down any of the loose ones. Now we are ready to prepare for the Ultra-Glo.

Buddies helping finish the bar top

  • If you followed our home bar plans, you will have built your DIY bar in two pieces. Sand the sides of the top where they meet if necessary in order to make them fit together smoothly. Do not sand the top surface or you will have to re-pour
  • Bolt the bar together
  • Attach the doors to the liquor cabinet using hinges by attaching one side to the left bar section and one door to the right bar section .
  • Place the Mini-Refrigerator and the fish tank in the bar.
  • Add any other personal touches that you please! Some additional extras I added are a rope light that goes around the front of the bar , a surge protector to plug things into , and a bottle opener, but feel free to add whatever extras you want.

Place Pieces Of Rebar Into Top For Extra Strength

Mix and Pour the Concrete

You may opt to rent a cement truck to mix the concrete instead of mixing by hand, which can be very time consuming on a job this size. A cement truck also ensures that you will get a consistent mix. Before you pour the concrete, make sure to shield gas lines, etc. by surrounding them with a plastic bucket or similar protection. Pour your concrete evenly into the footing using a trowel or rake. Then place pieces of rebar into the top for extra strength and support . Let the footing set overnight.

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Attached To The Wall Bar Design

Now is the time to give you a good exampleof a basic pallet bar that is attached to the wall. Like a spice rack, thispallet bar has room for 8 or more bottles of wine or any liquor you love. Itcan accommodate a number of glasses along its inverted wine glass storingsystem at the bottom of the rack.

This is a very basic design, therefore, youcan make adjustments depending on yourneeds. You can make the rack larger and wider, with more storage area for otherkinds of glasses. Use wood with natural stain or paint this according to thecolor you want.

Build A Diy Pallet Bar

CHEAP & EASY Backyard Patio Bar DIY Build for $30 / vlog 2020

Well start with this cool DIY pallet bar idea from instructables and not just because its a very cost-effective project but also because we really love the simple design and the overall look and we think it would look wonderful in all sorts of contexts, whether its a modern living room, a rustic backyard or a traditional party venue. Check out the details to find out how this particular bar was made.

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