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How To Use Your Patio In The Winter

How To Use Your Patio In The Winter

Does your log cabin have a patio or porch? If so, you probably only use it during warm weather. Now that its winter, doesnt that mean your porch is unusable until springtime? Surprisingly, this isnt the case! There are actually a variety of uses for your cabins porch or deck in the winter. Keep reading to find out how to use your patio in the winter!

Preparing Your Patio For Fall And Winter Use

The colder weather can make being outside unbearable but if you hide inside all season, you may be missing out on enjoying the cool, crisp air, the bright red, orange and yellow hues of fall foliage or the peaceful moments of a gentle snowfall. If you want to experience everything the coming seasons have to offer but dont want to deal with the harsher elements, consider enclosing your patio or screening your porch.

Replace Missing Sand Or Mortar Pointing

Once you have swept and/or cleaned the surface of your paving, replace any lost jointing sand or cement mortar that may have been lost. Do this once your paving has dried.

You need to do this because replacing paving joint sand or cement pointing will stop the ingress of water into the sub-base of your paved area. This can also help stop any damage such as lifting of the paving being done by frost and ice. Which happens during the freeze and thaw cycle of winter.

Important: Remove Fallen Leaves & Twigs From Paving

Remove fallen leaves and twigs as soon as you possibly can. This could mean having to remove them from the driveway or patio on several occasions over Autumn. This may seem like hard work as you could just leave the fallen leaves until there are no more leaves to collect. But the problem is that the leaves that fell early will start to rot and then this will lead to staining on the surface of your paving.

If you have a garden, or the space to store a few bags, you could store fallen leaves in dustbin bags over the winter. They will rot down inside the bags over the winter months and provide fantastic leaf mulch and fertilizer at a later date.

Ways You Can Use Your Patio In The Winter

How to Make the Most Of & Enjoy your Small Winter Patio

Some people would love to have a cosy up-closeview of snowfall while on the patio or hang out in the outdoor space, but theenvironment can be quite discouraging.

As a result, patios often remain unused throughout winter. This is not necessary. Winter days, though cold, can be an excellent time to use your patio. Here is how you can use your patio in the winter.

Plant An Herb Garden On Your Winter Patio

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If you have an enclosed patio, you may have enough protection to support a winter herb garden. Many types of perennial herbs can tolerate winter temperatures well. Herbs lend your patio an alluring, earthy fragrance and can be mixed and matched for visual interest. This can keep your patio looking put-together while also giving you a source of fresh herbs for your winter stews.

How To Make Your Outdoor Space Comfortable In Cold Weather

Whether you are enjoying a socially distant hangout with friends or just soaking in the sunshine, having an outdoor space in your home is great right now. The weather is cooling down, though, and time outside might be a bit uncomfortable if your toes are frostbitten.

Luckily, there are many ways to make an outdoor space enjoyable during the chilly fall and winter months. Here are some tips from Maine designers about how to make your outdoor space comfortable in the cold.

Site smartly

If you are starting an outdoor space from scratch, you have the opportunity to choose a location and design that will best take advantage of natural heat sources.

The first thing you want to do is look at your site conditions, said Kerry Lewis, a licensed landscape architect based in Cumberland. Where is that sunny pocket late day or are you a morning person and you want to take your cup of coffee out? It really comes down to making sure that that sitting area is in a spot that will capture the light that you want.

Gail Gross, an interior designer based in Brunswick, said that even if you dont have any particular sunny spots, you should be able to find a nice covered location that will get you out of the wind.

Add heat

Heat is an obvious way to add comfort to a space in chilly weather. For outdoor spaces, one way to do so is to add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. The first step is to check with your local fire code.

Set up windbreaks

Close it in

Purchase cozy furniture and accessories

The Ultimate Gathering Spot

The updated backyard with water views includes an inviting seating area that offers an ideal spot to gather and watch the sunset and local birds who visit the property.

Photo by: Tomas Espinoza

Tomas Espinoza

We know, we know: St. Simons Island, Ga. isn’t exactly prone to winter weather . Still, with plenty of lounge chairs gathered ’round the fire pit, this enclosed patio from the 2017 HGTV Dream Home makes us excited for a chilly evening down by the marshlands.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Cast aluminum patio furniture is one of the most durable and weather resistant pieces of patio furniture that you can buy. Cast aluminum is basically rust proof so you dont need to worry too much about moisture. There are plenty of covers that are available that fit all sorts of different shapes and sizes of patio furniture. Another added benefit of cast aluminum is that its super lightweight. If youre concerned about a big windstorm or crazy snow conditions, it should be easy to move this furniture into a place away from the elements. In our Choosing the Best Material for Patio Furniture guide, you can see that cast aluminum is top of the line when it comes to sub par weather conditions.

San Michelle Sectional Set  $4,165.00

Outdoor Living In Winter

Is your family looking forward to spending the next few months trapped inside? We didnât think so. Lucky for you, now is the perfect time to begin winter-proofing your home, and that means your patio and deck area too!

According to architects around the country, outdoor spaces are moving past being the ânew trendâ and have evolved into being an essential element of the home. This new focus on treating the outdoor living area as an extension of the home means making it usable year round. Outdoor living spaces that can be used all 12 months of the year are slowly becoming the norm.

While some aspects of winter-proofing a deck may be much more labor intensive than others, it is important to take into account a variety of options. Take a look at the following winter-proofing recommendations to get your patio winter ready this year:

  • Invest in weather-proof furniture. From benches to tables and from couches to chairs, purchasing furniture that is usable year-round will save you money in the long-run. If youâre really looking to go all out, consider buying heated furniture for maximum comfort.

  • Assess your current lighting situation. Nothing feels quite as cozy as a well-lit patio space on a cold evening. Be sure to check your lighting now before the winter months hit.

  • Go for that patio and deck pergola cover system! Make sure you choose a pergola that is approved to handle snow-load and can be adjusted to control and minimize potential large accumulations of ice and snow.

  • Winterproof Patios: How To Equip Your Outdoor Space For All

    As summer days give way to cooler weather, good times had on the patio or balcony need not end especially, when outside is one of the safest places to be thanks to COVID-19. From simple additions to more elaborate fixes, there are many ways to winterproof outdoor spaces for year-round enjoyment.

    Right now, the biggest trend were seeing is any way to get heat into your backyard, said Krystin Pierce, assistant store manager at Barbecues Galore Calgary South. Were seeing a ton of interest in patio heaters.

    Current demand for outdoor heat coupled with COVID-related supply issues is seeing many products on backorder. Barbecues Galore is currently sold out of lower-priced patio heaters, but still has higher quality models available. Heaters typically start at a few hundred dollars, but high-end models can cost more than $2,000.

    Fire tables are also hot right now. They do double duty adding some heat, but also providing a functional table for year-round use throughout the day, said Pierce.

    Alternately, structural modifications can be used to keep heat in and the elements out. On the simpler end, options include covering the patio or adding a covered screen room.

    Right now, the biggest trend were seeing is any way to get heat into your backyard. Krystin Pierce, Barbecues Galore Calgary South

    Pricing depends on size, as well as other design features, such as roof type or added skylights and pergola trims. Those who want to go the extra mile can opt for a sunroom.

    Winter Entertaining Tips: Additional Tips For Staying Warm

    Portable patio heaters, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are not the only way to create a cozy atmosphere for your next party.

    Here are 10 tips for creating warm, welcoming outdoor entertaining spaces for your family and guests to enjoy.

    1. Add patio curtains to your covered patio to help keep in the heat. Outdoor curtains or roll-up bamboo shades can also help block the wind and add privacy to your patio. If you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, just be sure to keep your curtains at a safe distance to avoid a fire hazard.

    2. If you are planning an outdoor movie night or having a circle of friends around your fire pit, distribute inexpensive throw blankets to your guests for additional warmth.

    3. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with candles and soft lighting.

    4. Make sure you have some cozy cushions for guests to sit on so that they will not have to sit on cold patio furniture.

    5. Make warmth part of your party theme with an ugly Christmas sweater party or a funny winter hat party.

    6. Serve hot drinks, such as spiced apple cider, hot chocolate, hot toddies or flavored coffees to keep your guests warm.

    7. Purchase an outdoor rug to add texture and color to your entertaining space while also providing a soft layer between your guests and a cold stone or concrete patio.

    8. Provide plenty of table space so that your guests do not have to hold cold drinks all night.

    9. Make or buy fun drink koozies for your guests to use on cold drinks.



    Design For Outdoor Activity

    How To Keep Your Patio Or Deck Warm In Winter

    Palmer has always had more success luring people outside in the winter when there was some sort of activity, like roasting marshmallows or stoking a fire. This is not just something you want to consider when planning a gathering but also when designing the space. For example, you’ll want to think about whether or not you want a grill and what type, or something like a pizza oven. Palmer is planning an outdoor pizza party where each guest will top their own individual pizza grilled on her Big Green Egg. Even serving something like fondue helps people forget about being cold.

    Here Are 5 Tips To Enjoy Your Backyard In Winter


    In winter, the days are short and daylight is very hard to come by. A practical way to address this issue is by going with a neutral holiday light set and using it all winter long. Permanent lighting in your backyard is a great option to add extra light.


    With temperatures plummeting, you need heat to make your backyard more hospitable. There are a variety of options on the market that can address this concern. These options include purchasing patio heaters, having a fireplace installed or even getting a hot tub, which is more affordable now than ever before. These pieces are well complemented by other winter-friendly additions such as wooden furniture and gazebos. You can enjoy the still peace of nature while thawing out by an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. Bring the blankets and the hot chocolate for a relaxing time with your family or friends.


    When it snows, you often dread shoveling your driveway, cleaning off your car and dealing with other drivers on the road. Why not take a break from shoveling and go have some fun in your backyard? You can build a snowman, construct an igloo or snow fort and have a snowball fight.

    Therefore, you might as well make the most of the winter by enjoying the one gift it provides that many people dont actually mind, the snow. The opportunities for fun are limitless, whether you want to make snow angels, a snowman, or even have a snowball throwing contest .

    Fun Ways To Put Your Patio To Use This Winter

    The winter months bring a great time of the year. The air is crisp and cool. You throw on a light jacket, head outside and enjoy everything the fresh air has to offer. At night, though, it can get a bit challenging to enjoy your patio still. The temperatures make it complicated. What can you do to put your patio to use this winter? Are new doors an option for you? Lets take a closer look at how you can turn that patio into a Jacksonville, FL winter escape.


    Enclosing the Patio With Sliding Doors


    One of the more advanced ways of making use of a patio in winter is to enclose it with sliding glass doors. The doors can help turn an outdoor patio into a year-round escape. You can open and close as many of the doors as you like, enjoying the natural surroundings and letting that air blow. This can also work with floor to ceiling windows.


    Adding a Fire Pit


    Do you have a fire pit you utilize on the patio? If not, you may want to think about investing in one for the winter. The addition of a fire pit to a patio can make winter much more welcoming. It does not get that cold in Fernandina, FL! Once you get in front of the warm fire it should allow you to get cozy and comfortable fast.


    You can add a basic fire pit in the middle of the patio or take it up a notch with a fireplace. The fire pit can easily be a year-round staple. Either direction you go, you will enjoy a much warmer space outside.


    Add Pillows and Blankets



    Outdoor Heaters



    Ways To Use Your Deck In The Winter

    Wondering how to enjoy your deck on cold days? When the weather cools down, some people abandon their decks until the warmer months. But there are actually many ways to continue enjoying your deck year-round. With these winter deck ideas, and a little care and maintenance, its not hard to adapt your deck for the winter.

    Tie Garland For A Festive Winter Patio

    Winter is associated with the holidays, and nothing lends a classy holiday look quite like evergreen garlands. Fix these branches around on the railings of your patio to help give your outdoor space a festive air. If youre looking for a fast way to update the look of your winter patio without installing anything too permanent, some garlands are the perfect way to add some extra pizazz to your space. You can even use a glitter spray on the branches to add some extra holiday flair.

    Tip 2: Comfortable Seating

    While wicker may be great for sweltering summer heat, when the weather turns cooler, its all about the comfy cushions, solid construction, and deep seating you can really snuggle into. Select with cushions that are deeper, thicker, and lusher than your summer set, but dont stop there.

    Bring out a large, covered basket and fill it with . Dont worry a bit about whether everything matches. Theres something charming and homey about pulling together a mix-and-match offering of handmade quilts, buffalo plaid blankets, and fuzzy fleece throws. You might find that your guests are so comfortable they may not want to leave!


    Copper Garden Wall Weaved With Birch Trees With Row Of Succulents And Landscape Lighting On Asian Patio

    A striped floor leads to the highlight of this patio design featuring a 3D designed copper wall. Birch trees weave through the protruding panels of the wall integrating the design with the garden. A row of lush succulents lines the wall with landscape lighting shining up and reflecting off the metal finish.

    Photo by: Barbara Boissevain Photography

    Barbara Boissevain Photography

    Along those same lines, accent walls can also help you make the most of your patio in winter. In this Asian-inspired space from designer Randy Thueme, the 3D copper wall not only adds beautiful color and texture to the backyard but also protects the space from harsh winds.

    September 5 2020doug Murray

    Beyond Summer Hangouts: 15 Tips on How to Use Your Balcony All Fall and Winter

    One of the best things about summer is enjoying al fresco dinners on your balcony on sweltering evenings while admiring the city lights. However, you don’t have to retreat indoors just because summer has come to an end. A good balcony can be so much more than just a summer-time hangout. Here are 15 ways to use your balcony all fall and winter.

    Great Ways To Use Your Patio In Winter

    How to Make the Most Of & Enjoy your Small Winter Patio

    Dont wait for summer to use your patio! Outdoor spaces can be used all year round, particularly if theyre made of easy to clean materials, such as natural stone flooring. Keep your stone tiles swept clean of leaves and dirt, then youll be ready to make the most of the space when the sun shines. Here are four top ideas for having a bit of fun in the garden in winter.

    Ways To Enjoy Your Patio During The Cold Season

    Your patio probably sees quite a bit of use during the warmer months of the year, but many people shy away from spending lots of time outside in the cold. Dropping temperatures dont have to equal less time spent outsidethey just mean that you have to be a little more prepared for the weather. Patios are wonderful entertaining spots, so if youd like to continue taking advantage of your homes outdoor space once the weather turns chilly, read on for five winter patio ideas.

  • Use fabrics and plants for protection from the cold. Patios that are completely open to the elements may not be as comfortable as those with strategically placed plants and curtains. If your patio is not covered, look into installing a pergola or patio shade for protection from winter weather. Once the patio has a cover, hang long curtains or create a wall of potted shrubs to provide further protection from chilly winds.

  • Add a fireplace or other heat source.A heated patio will add to the allure of your outdoor space in the winter. Outdoor fireplaces lend a cozy ambience to a space, and they become an instant gathering spot for friends and family. If a fireplace isnt an option, look for a more traditional electric or propane outdoor space heater. These types of heaters come in different styles and sizes to suit your needs.

  • Protect Your Deck And Yourself

    Wood is a great insulator, but its also vulnerable to prolonged freezing temperatures. In the wrong circumstances, a few chilly nights can cause decks to suffer from warping or cracking. And the smooth surface of a deck can become quite hazardous under the wrong circumstances.

    While there are many kinds of winter deck protection, few are as important as keeping your deck clear of snow and ice. Whenever possible, try using a broom instead of a shovel because it can prevent scratching. Many people turn to salt as a means of how to keep wooden steps ice-free. But you may want to avoid using salt on your deck because it can dry out the wood.

    Instead, a better remedy for a slippery deck in winter may be grip strip tape. Make sure to confirm that these self-adhesive strips are compatible with your decking material before use.  Along with the aid of winter deck enclosures and heaters, these kinds of simple solutions can make it much easier to make your deck into the cozy winter haven of your dreams.


    How To Give Paving A Winter Clean

    Read our easy-to-follow guide to help give your patio or driveway paving a winter clean. This will help keep your paving safe to use over the winter months in preparation for next spring. Try to prepare your paving as early as possible. During autumn after the last of the leaves have fallen from the trees is an ideal time to clean your paving ready for winter.

    Try Adding Some Bold Colors To Your Winter Patio

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    With the lack of flowers and foliage outdoors during the winter, patios that are decorated in neutral or natural tones run the risk of looking washed out and bleak. Indulging in some rich jewel tones and luxurious fabrics can help your patio design pop and its a nice alternative to the same red and green decor youre likely to see elsewhere. Add in some metallic and natural wood elements to help round out the patios look and add a vintage touch.

    Winter Outdoor Decorations For Porch

    Using farmhouse style winter wreaths on the front door or simply hanging them on your porch will look good during winters. Painting small chairs with a snow theme or using plain white paint is also a better option. Matching pillows with a lantern will also add to the design element during the winter. Try to match the overall theme of the porch with a small grey rug.

    How To Prep Your Patio For Winter

    Five ways to make your outdoor living spaces more comfortable and functional when the weather turns cold.

    Weve been leaning hard on our outdoor rooms this year, transforming them into alfresco offices and home gyms, pandemic gardens, and gathering spots for socially distant dinners. But what will happen when the weather turns cold? We asked Alexis Sutton, the Denver-based COO and co-founder of Tillyan online platform that delivers affordable, custom, professionally-designed landscape plans to homeowners nationwideif hibernation is a must. Her answer: No way! Here, she shares Tillys best practices for making porches, patios, and decks more useful for more of the year.

    Consider the elements. If youre designing a new space from scratch, the first and most important step is to consider the natural elements and whether theyre working for or against you, Sutton says. In Colorado, the afternoon sun can be a source of intense heat in summer, but that warmth can be used to your benefit in the winter, so make sure youre not totally blocking it. One approach is to site an outdoor room for maximum solar exposure year-round, then mitigate the summer sun with pergolas, shade sails, vertical green walls, and/or deciduous trees. In the winter, those trees will lose their leaves, allowing the sun to come through, Sutton says, but in spring and summer, theyll fill out and provide a source of shade.

    #3 Let The Kids Get Messy

    Natural stone flooring is easy to clean, and thats just as true for patios as kitchen floors. Put the kids in warm, waterproof clothing and let them go wild with pavement chalk, water based paint and other art supplies. You can let them draw on the patio directly or roll out a giant piece of paper for their master work. Either way, use materials that the rain will wash off, and you wont have to worry about clearing up.


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