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Replacement Canopies For Gazebos

What Is The Essence Of A Gazebo Replacement Canopy

Replacement Canopy for Allen & Roth 10 x 12 Gazebo – LCM1018

A gazebo is a summer-house or a roofed and separate porch-like building that is usually stationed on parks, lawns or yards. This looks like a tent placed outside the house, often used to serve as coverage from the sun or rainfall.

The essence of a gazebo replacement canopy revolves around the critical role that the gazebo plays for the owner. One among the plentitude of the functions is the shield it provides for the inhabitants who want to feel the warmth and coolness of the outside world.

Some serve as coverage or extension for halls or outdoor activities. These gazebo replacement canopies are even affordable and cheap for those who intend to purchase them and place them in their yard.

Is A Hardtop Gazebo The Best Choice

Depending on how many months of the year you want to use your outdoor living space, you might want to skip the canvas roof and opt for a hardtop gazebo. These structures offer either polycarbonate roofs or steel.

Each has its advantages. Polycarbonate hardtops offer shade and UV protection, and many even reduce heat transfer so your space stays cooler. These roofs also allow some sunlight into your space, so they definitely make it brighter.

Metal roof gazebos are more bombproof and can handle all kinds of weather without issue. From downpours to snow storms, these hardtop gazebos will be with you for the long haul.

On the downside, they are definitely darker, so you’ll want to think about whether you want to add candles or light fixtures to your gazebo decor to make the space more usable.

In the end, both steel and polycarbonate are good hardtop options because they’re virtually maintenance free, per the pundits at Hunker.

Do I Have To Install And Disarrange The Canopy Depending On The Weather Condition Of My Location

Gazebo replacement canopies come in different forms and distinctive features. Some are engineered so perfectly that the canopies are capable of withholding the roughness of the storm, and others are prone to incur huge damage beyond repair. It is also dependent on the material resources used in the production of the canopy.

Some canopies come with a water drainage system . Others are equipped with a water-resistant being the stronghold that makes it stand the chance of facing rainy periods.

Others do not have this characteristic this makes it so important to dismantle the canopy to ensure it lasts but those without a water-resistant do not have to be packed.

Some replacement canopies also do possess fire-retardant features this makes it not to cremate so fast that you have to purchase a new canopy.

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Allen Rothgazebo Replacement Canopy For Beige Dome Gazebo

During the period 2010 2016, Lowes has manufactured several models of its famous popular beige dome gazebo. Overall, all models are compatible with each other however, some parts may have different look and the newer models got some features improved.

Check what gazebo model you have and see below what canopy model you need to buy.

Canopies for Gazebo Models GF-12S004B, GF-12S004BTO

Here, you can find canopies for the Lowes 10×12 ft dome beige gazebo item #355094 that was sold approximately in 2010-2015.

This first Allen Roth Dome gazebo replacement canopy in classic beige is sold by APEX GARDEN.

Dont get scared off by the name!

Apex Garden is a company that has been providing replacement canopies and assorted parts for many years, which can fit some models was sold at Zellers, the Bay, Home Outfitters, Lowes, RONA and Giant Tiger. The beige dome gazebo is one of the models this company makes replacement parts for.

The replacement gazebo is made of UV treated polyester that is water resistant. Water resistance makes it waterproof so not a single drop of rain goes through it!

If you are looking for a different color option for this canopy replacement, check out the list below with canopies with various patterns and colors ranging from green to beige to midnight blue.

These ones are made by another great company, Garden Wings. All of them are also treated for UPF 50+ protection and are water resistant and CPAI-84 fire retardant.


Alternative To Top Pick: Flexzion 10 X 10 Gazebo Canopy Top Replacement Cover For Outdoor Patio Backyard Garden

Garden Winds Replacement Canopy Top for 10x10 Wicker Gazebo

Here is another gazebo replacement canopy to look out for possession. This is a dual-tier accessory with attributes of a 110g PA polyester that is made to be water-resistant and to appropriately fit most 10 x 10 gazebo.

This two-tier is a top and a lower-tier which holds a mosquito netting in-between for proper passage of air into the interior part of the canopy.

Its not too complex a replacement canopy that will provide you a cozy outlook where you could stay for refreshment and recreational purpose either to sit and meditate individual or spend time with others as a form of outdoor activity.

This tent comes with a brown color cover a top tier dimension of 36 x 36 a base upper-opening dimension between 28 x 28 and a base tier dimension of 120 x 120.

What do we like about this product?

Double tier canopy: This is a two-tier canopy that ensures the holding of the mosquito netting that comes with the gazebo replacement canopy.

Mosquito netting: The firmness of the mosquito netting is facilitated by the two tiers, which stabilize and pave the way for its usefulness. The presence of mosquito netting is a germane feature that could make the owners enjoy pleasurable moments at any time of the day.

Easy passage of air: The easy passage and proliferation of air is an interesting feature of this replacement canopy which gives the inhabitants a sense of warmth and coolness.



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Alternative To Top Pick: Garden Winds Tiverton Gazebo Replacement Canopy Riplock 350

This type of summer house is wired with no mosquito nets and has no metal structure that contributes to its erection.

Although, it has various quality features such as the existence of elastic straps, which makes it possible to give more space to the entrance of cool breeze on windy days and also the straps give it a good posture and firmness during a windy storm.

The fabric of the gazebo canopy is a polyester that resists water and does not go aflame swiftly when it catches fire . One other thing to note about this gazebo canopy is that the installation of the canopy is not as technical as others.

What do we like about this product?

Water Resistance: This replacement canopy for a gazebo is fashioned to resist water and it comes with enabling features that make it stand firm during rainy hours.

Installation is extremely easy: The installation of this canopy is made easier compared to other varieties. It requires no special expertise for its installation and not much of manpower is required to get it fixed.

Presence of Elastic Straps: The elastic straps present in this canopy make room for the firmness of the canopy and also create a wide opening for the entrance of the breeze. It comes with small snug which makes it cozy and better.



Should I Settle For Gazebo Replacement Canopies That Come With Mosquito Netting

A gazebo replacement canopy with a mosquito netting device is a wonderful feature of a canopy, no doubt. I do not want to influence your decision but the mosquito netting is principally built with gazebo replacement canopy to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the canopy.

There are times you could decide to stay outside the lawn, feel the coolness of the night and the reflection of the moon but it wont be greatly felt if there is an intrusion or perhaps a buzzing mosquito that could disrupt those sensational moments.

This, perhaps, could be a reason you should purchase gazebo replacement canopies with mosquito netting devices. If it is that you do not need it because your gazebo wont be erected during the evenings, then you should settle for those without mosquito netting devices.

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Alternative To Top Pick: Eurmax Replacement Canopy Top For Lowes Allen Roth 1012 Gazebo #gf

Are you in search instead of a specific gazebo canopy? Lowes Allen Roth 10×12 Gazebo #Gf-12s004b-1 canopy comes with a soft fabric and 4 valances at the edge which stops the entrance of rain from dripping inside.

The canopy possesses a double roof which gives it a solid erection even when the wind blows heavily. This replacement canopy has no metal frame but has an air vent for free passage of air.

It is 100% Polyester and repels water, but it is not totally waterproof. The edge also comes with 4 mesh that protects the entrance of leaves and other things and also serves the purpose for better ventilation.

What do we like about this product?

Double Roof: The stability of the canopy is relatively dependent on the double roof that the canopy is made up of. This also gives it a wonderful exterior outlook apart from the firmness that the double roof provides to the canopy.

4 Valances and Mesh: These are protective measures engineered on the canopy to prevent water entrance and other filthy substances into the canopy. This provides a better ventilation system for the inhabitants of the canopy.

100% Polyester: The Polyester is a critical part of every canopy and with the presence of such, one can make bold to say that the derivation of a scintillating moment is possible under such canopy.


Mosquito Netting Replacement For 10 X 10 Gazebos

Replacement Canopy for the Tiverton 10 x 12 Gazebo – LCM541

If you have a 10×10 gazebo, this replacement netting is for you.

Lets take a look at its characteristics:

  • The set includes 4 zippered mosquito netting panels
  • Each panel has a zipper so you can open all four sides
  • The netting is made of weather-resistant and fire-retardant polyester fabric
  • The color is brown for both netting and fabric trim
  • Each panel measures 10 in length and 69 in height
  • On the setup side, its like a shower curtain with hooks it may require some time to install

Before ordering, make sure to double-check the size of your gazebo. Also, your gazebo must be equipped with installed curtain rods where you would hang the netting.

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Which Outdoor Gazebo Is Right For You

Naturally, your choice of gazebos has everything to do with your outdoor space, and whether or not you intend to use it on a year-round basis. If summer is the only season you spend time outside, consider the more portable gazebo models that are easy to assemble and take down.

There are even pop-up gazebos that set up in less than sixty seconds! Those are the perfect options to take camping, to the beach, or anywhere else you want some shade as well as protection from pesky mosquitos, bees, and bugs.

Wooden gazebos are often more permanent in nature. They usually require a substantial footprint as well as a solid, level surface structure. If you’re opting for a wood gazebo, we recommend you choose cedar or redwood as the main material as these woods are pest and rot-resistant, and can be sealed to last even longer.

Metal gazebos are perhaps the most popular and if you choose one that’s powder-coated steel or aluminum, you’ll never have to worry about rust and corrosion. While most of these gazebos aren’t intended for year-round use, there are a few that are durable enough to withstand a substantial snow load.

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Replacement Canopy For Gazebo: How To Measure Your Canopy Replacement

May 24th 2022

Perhaps your soft top gazebo has provided many years of shelter for you and is ready for replacement, or perhaps it didn’t last quite as long as you hoped. Either way, there’s no need to replace the entire structure when Canopies and Tarps provides a variety of Replacement Canopy Covers to meet your needs.

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Which Of The Color Of The Canopy Lasts Longer And Does Not Fade Easily

The color of a canopy is a thing most producers cannot assuredly vouch on this could perhaps be that colors fade easily when the rain falls so heavily or perhaps the fading is only in compliance with the dictate of wear and tear theory.

There are varieties of colors that exist and if you are lucky enough, you could secure a good canopy that the color wont fade so easily or swiftly. But do watch out for producers who at least, can say one or two things about the lasting of the color.

How To Use The Canopy & Frame Measurements

Garden Winds Replacement Canopy Top for Grill Gazebo Model L

Most of our heavy-duty replacement canopies are a bit larger than the frames, so please read the descriptions carefully. For example, our 12′ by 10′ Valence Canopy Replacement Cover works on 10′ by 10′ frames, as does our 12′ by 10′ Enclosure Canopy Replacement Kit. Shop our full line of Shelter Logic replacements, including the most popular 10′ by 20′ White Shelter Logic Canopy Replacement Cover, which comes in a 1 3/8″ frame as well as a 2″. Lastly, please contact us with any questions you may have. We’re happy to walk you through the measurement process and help you choose the design you need.

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Replacement Mosquito Netting For Allen + Roth Model #gf

  • Netting fits Allen + Roth #GF-18S112B gazebo.
  • Clamp system ensures easy installation.
  • Made of quality weather and fire-resistant fabric.

Has your mosquito netting completely torn off? You dont have to suffer mosquito attacks anymore! I have found replacement netting for your Allen + Roth gazebo model #GF-18S112B. It fits perfectly!

This Allan + Roth replacement mosquito netting is made of 100% polyester and is resistant to outdoor elements, like moisture and heat. On top of that, it also meets the CPAI-84 US fire-retardant standard in case you are ever grilling near your gazebo.

The netting comes with all parts to fit your Allan Roth gazebo model #GF-18S112B. It even includes the top net for the air vent and the triangular net for the triangular roof.

Installing this replacement netting is as easy as it gets. No tools are required! The net simply hooks and ties to the gazebo posts and includes a slider rail.


  • Side netting feels cheaper than top netting

Are They Different Sizes Of A Gazebo Replacement Canopy

Yes! There are differences in the size of a gazebo replacement canopy. This is why if we do not know the exact size and code of our gazebo, the canopies we may purchase later wont fit well, exposing it to quick damage.

In this regard, we must familiarize ourselves with the height, weight, length, and breadth of our canopies to avoid undersize or oversize of a replacement.

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Allen And Roth Gazebo Corner Curtain Cover Replacement

If you are looking for a new set of corner curtain panels for gazebo that protect the gazebo poles from rusting, you are in the right place!

The corner curtain set seems to be universal and can be attached on many gazebo models. For example, if you are looking for replacement corner curtain panels for Sunjoy gazebo, this set may fit it, too.

In terms of Allen+Roth gazebo, heres the list of the models it fits:

How To Fix A Ripped Allen Roth Gazebo Canopy

Replacement Canopy Top for Easy Setup 2017 10 x 10 Gazebo – LCM1329

Sometimes it happens that you just bought your new gazebo of canopy replacement and the exactly next storm damaged it.

What to do? Should you buy a replacement right away?

You can

But I would suggest you try something else first. How about fixing the canopy?

There is an excellent repair solution exists, its called Tear-Aid and it can be used on polyester, the material the canopy is made of.

t is basically a heavy load sticky clear film that adheres super well to many surfaces. No need to use glue or anything else. The film can be cut with scissors.

Each kit box contains:

  • One 3 x 12 TEAR-AID Patch you can cut it to any size
  • One 7/8 x 7/8 Patch
  • One 1 3/8 x 1 3/8 Patch
  • One Reinforcement Filament of 12 length to repair tears at edges
  • Two alcohol preparation pads
  • Illustrated instructions.

The film is UV resistant and it means it wont turn yellow after being exposed to the sun for long period. Thanks to the fact the film is clear, it will work on any color. However, it wont seamlessly blend with dark colors you would always see where the patch is applied.

Oh and make sure that for the canopy repair, you get the Tear-Aid Type A only this type will work with polyester.

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Why Would I Want A Backyard Gazebo

For the most part, it’s all about creating a special space outdoors, according to this article from The Spruce. Sure, gazebos provide shade, and there’s no question, they look pretty cool too. But you have to admit, when you create a covered living area outside, it’s an especially cozy place to curl up with a book, take a leisurely nap, or stage an intimate candlelit dinner.

Gazebos are also important if you don’t have much shade in your yard. If you have big trees that already provide shade, you’ll want to place your gazebo in a wide-open area to maximize its benefits, says Amish Mike, a custom gazebo manufacturing company.

Measuring Your Replacement Canopy

Your first task is to measure your current canopy, so that you can order the correct gazebo canopy replacement cover. Grab a pencil and paper so that you can write down your measurements. The first measurement you’ll need is the canopy length from the inside leg to the inside leg. Second, measure the canopy length from the inside leg to inside leg. The final measurement is the most important, as it offers the most variance and often separates one manufacturer from another. To obtain this measurement while the canopy is up, measure the length of one side of the roof rater by measuring from the bend in the corner fitting to the middle of the high center fitting. You can also remove the legs on one side the canopy and measure the peak length that way.

The industry standard is a 10′ by 20′ canopy with either a 5.8″ or 5.4″ roof rafter. The 5.8″ measurement is typically found in brands like King Canopy and P.T.M. Inc., and the 5.4″ measurement is usually found in Shelter Logic brands. For Shelter Logic replacements, you’ll also need to measure the diameter of the frame and choose your replacement accordingly.

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