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Battery Operated Gazebo Lights

How Do I Fix Standing Water In My Yard

7 Best Gazebo Lights and LED Canopy Lights for All Sizes

A waterlogged backyard is upsetting and can lead to asking how to soak up water in your backyard. You have options available, and these can include landscaping to using plants that soak up lots of water.

It can take some work to remove water from your backyard, yet once you fix the problem, your garden can recover and thrive.

Here are a couple of things you can do, to begin with, to see if they help resolve the issues.

What Should I Do With My Lights In The Winter Months

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall in the winter months then this guide to protecting your outdoor lights from snow may be helpful. However, if you live in an area thats colder, wetter, or more prone to heavy snow than your average US state, then you might want to take extra steps to keep your lights in good working order.

Battery Operated : Outdoor Lighting

No matter how big or how small your yard is, good outdoor lighting can enhance your space. Just-right lighting illuminates focal points & its easy to do. From modern lighting, to industrial lighting, to vintage lighting, Target has a variety of outdoor lighting options to light your yard up right.

Youve spent plenty of time planning, growing & maintaining your garden, flower beds, edging & planters. Now show them off all night long with landscape lighting. Spotlights& outdoor lanterns draw the eye to your pretty flowers & bushes, creating dimension & lovely views well into the night.

Landscape lighting is like a lighthouse beacon around your yard. Night, day, rain or shine, you, your family & guests know which paths to take, because landscape lighting helps them get there safely. Pathway lights, post lights& outdoor lanterns light a walkers way in every season.

Solar lights are an economical & eco-friendly lighting solution. Because theres no electricity required, solar lights can be positioned just about anywhere in your yard. Path lights, outdoor lanterns & spotlights look like regular outside lighting, but operate with a discreet solar panel. Designs range from simple to ornate.

String lights arent just for Christmas anymore. Use string lights any time of the year to decorate a party or wedding reception. Wrap tree trunks with string lights to create an entertainment space that keeps the celebration going all night long.

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Pick A Subtle And Sophisticated Look

If you’re looking to decorate your outdoor dining space for a special al fresco meal often a few strands of string lights is all that’s needed to give things a lift. Perhaps a discreet touch of sparkle rather than full-on spotlights is more your thing anyway.

String lights are one of the best lighting ideas for a gazebo if you want to generate a romantic, ethereal atmosphere. These tiny LED lights are best added to the gazebo by wrapping them around the overhead beams.

‘Using string lights is one of the best ways to add a romantic and atmospheric feel to your night-time entertaining,’ says interior designer Sanel Konyar. ‘Choosing a solar light design makes them practical and economical, especially where electricity sources are limited.’

Solar Patio Umbrella Lights

Auraglow Battery Operated Flickering Flame Outdoor Garden Hanging ...

Solar powered umbrella lights absorb and store sunlight throughout the day, converting it into energy which powers your lights once it gets dark.

For the eco-conscious among you, solar lighting makes an ideal choice for your garden.

Solar lights generate their own power by using a special solar panel which soaks up the sunlight and stores it throughout the day.

Then, once the sun sets, the patio umbrella lights automatically turn themselves on, running on all of that stored up energy to provide a gentle, calming glow for several hours before gradually fading out until the patio umbrella lights run out of power.

Naturally, this is the most environmentally friendly way to add a beautiful ambiance to your garden patio. However, solar-powered umbrella lights are not without their problems.

For one thing, if you live in an area where youre likely to get more grey and gloomy days than bright and sunny ones, solar power from the solar panel may not produce the kind of power you need to really enjoy your garden.

Though solar panels still work when its cloudy, they typically only produce 25% of the power theyd produce on a sunny day. On really cloudy days, the solar panel may even only produce 10%.

The other major disadvantage is that using solar-powered lighting means you have no control over when those solar powered umbrella lights actually turn on and off.

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How Do You Hang String Lights On A Gazebo

‘The most difficult part of hanging string lights is ensuring the wire is free of knots and that the lights are spaced evenly,’ says Sam Richards of Gazeboshop. Here are his suggestions on the easiest way to hang a string of lights for successful gazebo lighting ideas:

  • Measure the path the lights will follow along the structure of the gazebo and check you have enough.
  • Choose a pattern that will mean your lights will be evenly spaced.
  • Untangle your lights.
  • Choose your hanging method of choice. You may use a staple gun to hang your lights, hooks or Blu-Tack. If you do choose to staple your lights, ensure the staple does not go through the wire!
  • Start hanging from the furthest point and work your way in, this way you won’t have spare lights left over at the end.
  • Check your lights are secure and switch on!
  • Turn Your Gazebo Into A Backyard Focal Point

    As well as lighting ideas for a gazebo within the space itself it’s a great idea to light it up so it glows when seen from a distance too. Whether it’s a hexagonal timber gazebo or a more stark modern style, it will look enchanting at night with the right lighting and become a real focal point in the backyard. This is a great example of using lighting to illuminate a specific feature.

    Think about how best to light the gazebo with a wash of light picking out key elements around it, such as backlighting the planting and gently illuminating the steps. Use mirroring in the foreground to pick out these details then layer up the lighting effect in the gazebo. Letting your lights meet at a centered fixture will add pleasing symmetry to your space too.

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    In A Hurry Heres Our Top Five Best Patio Lights In Brief

    Later in this guide, well share our in-depth reviews of our five favorite umbrella lights, explaining how we chose each brand and why we think theyd make a great addition to your garden.

    Dont have time for that right now?

    Dont worry.

    If youre in a hurry, heres our quick overview of the best lights currently on the market.

    Best Patio Umbrella Lights

    DIY Yardistry 12×14 gazebo Coscto LED String Light unboxing and installation – PBD DIY Adventures

    How often have you been enjoying a perfect day out in the sunshine only to find yourself having to pack up and head inside once night falls?

    Sure, the weather is still warm enough to make the most of your garden, but lets be honest:

    Sitting outside in the dark isnt exactly anyones idea of a good time, is it?

    If such a scenario sounds even vaguely familiar, now might be an ideal time to consider searching for the best patio umbrella lights to brighten up your outdoor spaces and keep the good times rolling even after the sun goes down.

    An attractive, affordable addition to your patio furniture, patio umbrella lights are an ideal solution for those nights when your existing outdoor lighting simply isnt cutting it ultimately making it safe and practical to continue enjoying your garden long into the night while at the same time adding a whole new sense of beauty and style to your outdoor space.

    Both practical and beautiful, patio umbrella lights can transform the way your garden patio looks while making it safe and enjoyable for you and your loved ones to enjoy your garden even after the sun goes down.

    Still, lets face it:

    While investing in quality umbrella lights may solve one problem, choosing the right kind of lighting only raises more questions.

    How much do patio umbrella lights cost?

    How do you install them?

    What happens to your brand new patio umbrella lights in winter?

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    How Easy Is It To Install Patio Umbrella Lights

    For the most part, installing umbrella lights couldnt be simpler. That said, the amount of time and energy youll need to put into that installation will largely depend on the type of lighting you buy.

    Installing Disc Lights

    If you opt for a disc light, then this is no more difficult than opening it up, slotting it around your umbrella pole and then tightening everything back up again. The only challenge involved here is ensuring that you buy a disc light that fits around the diameter of your umbrella pole.

    Installing String and Strand Lights

    If you decide to buy string or strand lights then you may find it a little tricky weaving them around the strands of your umbrella frame. In our experience, this is generally much easier when you get somebody else to help you. After all, many hands make light work.

    Why Trust The Spruce

    This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance contributor for The Spruce. She’s done firsthand testing of string lights in the past, and she currently owns several sets, which she uses to decorate her patio during the summer.

    This article was edited and researched by Lily Sperry, a lifestyle writer and commerce editor here at The Spruce. When selecting lights to include, she consulted dozens of reviews from both verified customers and third-party sites. She kept the lights’ overall durability, price point, and design in mind to find the best picks for you.

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    Try A Gazebo With Integrated Glow

    If you’re looking for a stylish freestanding gazebo for your backyard hosting choose one with remote-controlled LED mood lighting strips around the perimeter of the roof. It’s an automatic, hassle-free option that adds instant glow. The LED strips come in multi-colored or white options, and are easily adjusted with a remote control.

    You can also set the lights to automatically change color periodically or keep them one color. The lights are dimmable according to your desired brightness requirements and can be changed to set the mood for the occasion. Gazebo lighting like this requires an electricity socket for the lights to be activated.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Ground Water In My Yard

    Sunjoy Medium 4

    Standing water in your yard leads to many problems. Puddles create mosquito breeding grounds, and soggy areas can lead to pets dragging in mud to your house. Grass doesnt grow as it should, and you can suffer from moss growth.

    If there is too much excess water, youll find problems with your homes foundation if the grading runs in the wrong direction. Standing water is typically caused by two common issues: poorly draining soil and low spots in your yard.

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    Mains Powered Patio Umbrella Lights

    Mains electricity provides a constant source of power to your patio umbrella lights so that you can enjoy your garden for as long as you like.

    If running out of power is a big concern, then this may be the best patio umbrella light solution for you.

    Using a simple power chord that permanently connects your lights to your mains power supply, these are typically the cheapest option and guarantee that youll always have light whenever you need it.

    Yet even this solution has its drawbacks.

    For one thing, permanently running a cable from your umbrella to your mains supply can prove to be an unsightly blemish on your otherwise attractive garden design.

    For another, that cable can present a real trip hazard, especially later in the evening.

    Amir Upgraded Patio Umbrella Light Top Pick

    The first umbrella light on the list is a great choice if youre someone who gets tired of lights that break after a month or two of use. The AMIR umbrella light is something much more durable, and it has a very sturdy construction to it using ABS plastic that resists damage due to sunlight and lower humidity levels. There are durable LED bulbs that give you up to 50,000 hours of use before you see any changes in them, and it gives you a great illumination to light up any spot you prefer on your porch, patio, or out in your yard. It has a high setting that throws off 400 lumens and a dim setting that throws off 200 lumens, and this is more than enough light for one smaller area.

    This is also a rechargeable umbrella light that can easily save you money over the span of its life. You can charge it for a few short hours to give yourself up to 18 hours of light on the high setting and over 50 hours of light on the dim setting. You can also quickly and easily change different lighting modes that match your needs. The dim setting uses 8 LEDs and the bright setting uses 20 LEDs.


    • Not a high waterproof rating

    2: LUXSWAY Patio Umbrella Light Step-Up Pick


    • Only fits poles up to 1.78-inches in diameter

    3: Ywhomal Patio Umbrella Lights Mid-End Budget Pick


    4: Poocci Patio Umbrella Lights Bargain Budget Pick



    • Remote has a short range

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    Choosing The Best Patio Umbrella Lights: Your Complete Buyers Guide

    So, how exactly did we decide which five patio umbrella lights made the cut out of all the countless options available?

    Below, well look at the different factors we took into consideration when making our choices.

    Whats more, since we know that every garden -and every garden owner- is unique, well also offer our top tips and suggestions on how to choose umbrella lights that are best suited for you and your space.

    How Do You Use Lanterns To Light A Gazebo

    DIY Gazebo Chandelier

    If you want to find out how to use lanterns to light a gazebo remember this simple fact: you can never have enough! Add them to your dining table, side tables and the floor to layer up a look and create a welcoming mood.

    ‘Lanterns are a great addition to outdoor spaces and in particular for gazebos as they help to define the edges of the space, much as a wall light would do indoors,’ says Juliette Thomas of . ‘Just because youre not inside, it doesnt mean you dont need to accessorize your space.

    ‘Cozy it up with lots of lanterns and decorative pieces to create a zoned space that feels both intimate and welcoming. Scatter lanterns around to light up areas such as the entrance to the gazebo, which need to be seen, or group them together to create a focal point.’

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    Crackle Glass Ball Lights Best For Year

    The final patio umbrella lights on the list come with a built-in rechargeable solar battery, and they can run for 8 to 10 hours on a single charge. It features stainless steel with sturdy crackled glass that can survive exposure to the elements without showing any wear and tear. The panels are well-sealed to prevent leaks. They attach neatly to your patio umbrella with small metal clips, and they wont slide down or off with windy conditions. You can space them out however you like for an eye-catching look, and they blend very well with a huge range of decors.


    • May not last more than a season

    Outdoor Lighting Designers We Love

    Hinkley produces sconces that work well as outdoor gazebo lights and give more enclosed structures an added architectural element. For complex gazebo lighting patterns, check out Modern Forms, which leans toward sleek, ultra-modern styling in its outdoor sconces and ceiling fans. Pendant lighting isn’t just for dining rooms and kitchens, and Visual Comfort has a selection that works well with whimsical gazebo themes. Troy Lighting produces stunning reclamation-inspired chandeliers and industrial drop lighting with romantic names, such as Menlo Park and Toledo, that look spectacular in taller structures. Modern outdoor lighting from Tech Lighting includes cable and low voltage pendant lighting for ambiance and energy efficiency.

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    Add A Statement Floor Lamp

    Treat the outdoors like the indoors by using a combination of decorative lanterns and free-standing floor lamps to create a blended area thats perfect for a relaxed atmosphere. Overhanging floor lamps add a real design element. Choose one that’s height adjustable and preferably with dual effects so you can choose direct down-light or diffused up-light.

    ‘Whether you have a permanent or pop-up gazebo, lighting your garden structure will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space at night,’ says Reilly Gray of SUNS Lifestyle . ‘Just like in your interiors, you will want to create a layered lighting scheme in your outdoor structure as well. This will help create ambience while ensuring there’s enough lighting for socializing or relaxing. Freestanding lamps and lanterns that are solar-powered and rechargeable are great as they can be moved around easily, offering a lot more flexibility and the option of directional lighting.’

    Lighting styles like this are ideal for a luxe fixed gazebo style for your terrace. Choose a style with flexible shutters in the roof and side screens. That way you can use it year round at night to make the most of your gazebo.

    Update Your Outdoor Space With Lighting From Big Lots

    Garden Oasis 5 Light Outdoor Chandelier

    There is nothing like a relaxing evening on a patio or deck, illuminated by outdoor lighting. Big Lots features a great lighting selection to create ambiance that make any summer evening a memorable one with friends and family. Shop our unique selection of Outdoor String Lights, Micro & Mini Lights, Chandeliers & Hanging Lights, and Rope Lights to accent your patio umbrella and deck railing. We also have decorative Outdoor Lanterns, LED Lights and , perfect for placement on a patio table or deck post. Our selection of Landscape Lights will illuminate the ground around your patio or deck. If you need lighting away from your house or dont want to mess with plugs and cords, we also carry a great selection of Solar Lights. Shop online or visit your local Big Lots store for great deals on lighting for your outdoor space.

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