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The Backyard At One North

*beaver Creek Trail *

We Turned our Backyard into a SNOW PARK!! ðâï¸?

Rating: 2.5 starsWould I go again? Yes.

Location: Located in Richmond Hill. One trail entrance is right on Major Mackenzie Drive East, between Boake Trail and Spadina Road. Highlights: Beaver Creek and small bridge over the creek. Parking: No. Residential street parking, or there is a section of the trail on Boake Trail where there is parking for a park. Admission/parking cost: No.Plumbing: No.Challenging trail? No. Paved trail. Good for biking.

My comments: Nothing special about forest, but its nice to be near the creek. Good trail for local residents for walking and biking.

*earl Rowe Provincial Park *

Rating: 0 stars

Location: Located in Alliston near Tangers Outlet in Cookstown. About 1 hour drive from Toronto.Highlights: Lots of geese if you like geese and frogs.Parking: Yes.Equipment rental: Canoes, but you may need to book them ahead of time.Plumbing: Yes.Challenging trail? No. Very flat.My comments: Avoid this park. Honestly, I cant understand why this is a provincial park. I went there thinking it would be nice to go for a canoe ride. But then I saw the water. The lake looks nice from afar, but the water is slimy and murky with thick gooey things around the beach area. You cannot pay me to put my feet in the water. From what I heard, it was not possible to control the water quality at this park. The Ontario Parks website indicates that there is a beach, but the beach has coarse sand and full of goose droppings. Be warned: there are tons of geese all over. Sadly, the frogs I saw were squashed on the trails

*charleston Lake Provincial Park*

Rating: 4.5 stars

Location: Located in Leeds and the Thousand Islands. About 3 hours from Toronto.Highlights: Forest, lakes, marsh and Canadian Shield.Parking: Yes.Admission/parking cost: Yes. Gated entry.Challenging trail? There are a number of different trails depending on what you are looking for.Plumbing: Yes.My comments: I was impressed by this park. There is a variety of different landscape . I took the Tallow Rock Bay Trail which is a 10 km loop and considered difficult with the elevation gain and uneven forest floor. The trail is interesting some sections you will walk across beautiful lichen covered large rocks or come across a rocky Georgian Bay-like area or a swamp covered with neon green algae or find yourself between huge rock walls or walk across multiple boardwalks. The park has a couple of 10 km trails and several shorter trails. I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 hours exploring this park. I didnt get a chance to kayak, but I am sure it would be amazing. There is camping and portaging available at this park.

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*silver Creek Conservation Area*

Rating: 3.0 stars

Location: Located in Halton Hills. About 1 hour from Toronto.Highlights: Forest, Niagara Escarpment, pond and creek.Parking: Yes. Along the street.Admission/parking cost: No.Challenging trail? Some parts. Some elevation gain.Plumbing: No.My comments: I am too spoiled! I took the Roberts Side Trail which meets the main trail and loops back around to the parking. That trail is not exciting at all just forest with little variety of trees. The trail to the left of where Roberts Side Trail meets the T is a dead end. I backtracked and hiked the loop to the main trail which was more interesting with the rock on the forest floor . On the Roberts Side Trail you can see a pond and part of the creek, but other than that, you cant really see the creek. Maybe I missed something. The rocky section on the main trail made up for the initial disappointment.

*thornton Bales Conservation Area *

The Backyard Apartments at One North

Rating: 3.5 stars

Location: Located in King City. About 50 minutes drive from Toronto.Highlights:99 steps, forest and lots of pretty moths flying around .Parking: Yes, but limited.Challenging trail? Mostly no, but some elevation in certain areas. Plumbing: No.

My comments: I always thought this forest was part of Jokers Hill. The first time I got disoriented at Jokers Hill, I found the stairs. This time around I began my hike at the stairs. Forest is covered and nice. I just love inhaling the fresh forest air. Some elevated parts which make for great calf-burning exercise. There are a few very sloped areas so you have to be careful especially people wearing regular footwear. I think I was huffing and puffing the very first time I climbed the 99 steps, but since Ive been hiking a lot its not a problem anymore. Its amazing the benefits of regular exercise. Get out there and move!

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*limehouse Conservation Area * M

Rating: 5.0 stars

Would I go again? No.Cant find a specific website for this.

Location: Located in Uxbridge. About 1 hour from Toronto. Highlights: Heritage train trestle and birch trees.Parking: No. You have to find residential street parking in areas without any no parking signs. The trail starts on Main Street right off a sidewalk.Admission/parking cost: No.Plumbing: No.Challenging trail? No.

My comments: Because the trail begins on Main Street, there is no parking close by. You have to drive down a big street and park on the side streets. Tresle bridge is super-short or maybe I didnt walk far enough to see the tresle . Disappointing since I drove an hour to get there. Super-tall and skinny birch trees are beautiful. On second thought I might have to go again to confirm about the trestle!

Would I go again? Yes.Kid-friendly

*j B Tudhope Memorial Park *

Rating: 3.0 starsWould I go again? Maybe if I happen to be in the area.Kid-friendly.

Location: Located in Orillia. About a 1.5 hour drive from Toronto.Highlights: Lake Couchiching and beach.Parking: Yes.Equipment: No.Plumbing: Yes.My comments: I tried to go to McCrae Provincial Park but they were full to capacity for day-use. Then tried Mara Provincial Park just minutes away from McCrae PP, no luck either. Staff at McCrae suggested the public beaches in the area so tried J.B. Tudhope Memorial Park. There is a lot to do at the park they have a splash pad area, a beach, open space for BBQs and of course Lake Couchiching for swimming and kayaking, etc. Beach has coarse sand and is pretty clean. For non-vegans, there is a hot dog and an ice cream trailer on-site for buying snacks.

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*awenda Provincial Park * M

Rating: 4.5 stars

Location: Located in Tiny Township. About 2 hour drive from Toronto. Highlights: Majestic trees, Kettle Lake, beach areas. Parking: Yes.Admission/parking cost: Yes, check with park regarding cost.Equipment rental: Canoes .Plumbing: Outhouses. No sinks.Camping: Yes.Challenging trail? No. Very flat.

My comments: The park itself seems a bit disorganized. It took some time to figure out where everything was. For example, you can canoe on Kettle Lake and there are canoes right at the lakeside, but you have to drive to the other end of the park to rent the canoes. And although the website shows that you can rent a canoe, it does not specify that you must have reserved a campsite in order to rent them. Of course, I drove about 2 hours from Toronto so was very disappointed that canoes were available but not allowed to rent them. B.Y.O.K. bring your own kayak ! For canoeing, there is parking right next to Kettle Lake, so its convenient to carrying your equipment to the lake.

Aside from this, there is just something special about this park. I went three times since I discovered it. It could be the density of the looming beech tree forest, the serenity of Kettle Lake, or the four beach areas along the Georgian Bay . Note, this part of the Georgian Bay does not have the amazing rock formations that other parks like Killbear Provincial Park have). The trail to the beach areas are quite long making it less kid-friendly.

*devils Punchbowl * M

We took mushrooms and tried to podcast… | The Yard

Rating: 4.5 stars

Location: Located in Hamilton. About an hour from Toronto.Highlights: Devils Punchbowl, rock formations, steep trail to the base of the punchbowl, view of Hamilton, train track and tunnel.Parking: Yes, but go early because it is limited.Admission/parking cost: Yes. Parking machine. $5 fixed daily rate.Challenging trail? Yes, if you want to get to the base of the punchbowl. Plumbing: No.

My comments: Devils Punchbowl has been on my to-go-to list for quite some time. Because I heard the punchbowl is a very busy place, I never found the time to go during an off-peak time. I originally planned to go the Felkers Falls. However, when I entered a location search, I saw that these two places are just a ten-minute drive apart. I looked at the time and figured I could probably beat the rush and get to Devils Punchbowl by 8:30 a.m. When I went, there were only a few trickles of water falling from the top of the cliff but its supposed to be a 37 metre ribbon waterfall. I guess there hasnt been much rain lately! I must say that I loved the challenge of hiking down the steep trail to get to the base. It took about 30 minutes to get to the base with time for photos. The rock formations were a bonus. This place is really cool -lots of different things to see including a tunnel with beautiful graffiti and a train track. Extra bonus, got to check out Felkers Falls too!

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*six Mile Lake Provincial Park *

Rating: 2.0 stars

Location: Located in Muskoka off the 400N.Highlights: Lake, a tiny glimpse of Georgian Bay rock formations and dragonflies.Parking: Yes.Admission/parking cost: Yes, check with park.Equipment: Kayaks, peddle boat, canoes and paddleboards.Plumbing: Yes.Challenging trail? Didnt go as there werent any obvious trails.Camping: Yes.

My comments: There are trails according to the parks website, but not too obvious where they are. Beaches are fairly clean, but have some goose poop. Too many houses along the lake and motor boats are allowed, so you dont really feel like you are in the great outdoors. One plus: its convenient to park near the lake and carry inflatable kayak. Its worth it to drive the extra hour to Killbear Provincial Park.

*richmond Green Park *

Rating: 4.0 starsWould I go again? Yes. The park has a bit of everything and its local for me.Kid-friendly.

Location: Located in Richmond Hill.Highlights: Man-made waterfall, pond, gazebo, beautiful landscaping/flower gardens, skating trail, geese and herons.Parking: Yes.Plumbing: Yes, but only in skate trail area/Sports centre. Challenging trail? Paved walking area wouldnt really call it a trail.My comments: This is a really nice place. The section near the waterfall is a local hot spot for wedding photography. The park is really well maintained and landscaped. Lots of events take place at this park including fireworks, Canada Day festivities/concerts . There is a splash pad and a couple of playgrounds . The park has an amazing concrete paved trail for rollerblading, biking and ice skating . Just remember to bring your own protective gear I see so many people not wearing helmets. Our brains are like jelly. Put on some gear too! Accidents can happen. I saw one skateboarder with skin scraped off the whole length of one leg. She was seriously suffering.

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*pomona Mills Park * M

Rating: 4 starsWould I go again? Yes, definitely.Average time spent here: 45 minutes

Location: Located in Markham.Highlights: East Don River, a couple of bridges, a tunnel and meditation offerings posted along the trail .Parking: Yes.Plumbing: No.Challenging trails? No. Very flat.My comments: There is just something about walking next to a river and listening to the sounds. I visited this trail many times because it is just a 15 minute drive from my house. A great place for a quickie hike.

*eldred King Woodlands Tract *

The Backyard Apartments at One North in North Kansas City, Missouri

Rating: 4.0 starsWould I go again? Yes.Time I spent there: approx. 2 hours.

Location: Stouffville. Approximately 30 minutes from Toronto.Highlights: Forest, streams and pond.Parking: Yes, but limited.Admission/parking cost: No.Challenging trails? Easy unless you want to climb up the hills on the side of the trails.Plumbing: No.My comments: What struck me most was the impressive scale of this forest and the variety of trees . I didnt have a chance to explore the entire tract or see any water, but this is by far the biggest local forest Ive been to. The trails are wide and I believe they call the forest a tract because its multi-use . I know that the Scout Tract allows for horses . Overall a very nice walk in the forest.

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*balls Falls Conservation Area*

Rating: 4.0 stars

Location: Located in Lincoln. Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from Toronto.Highlights: Forest, Twenty Mile Creek, Upper and Lower Balls Falls, and moss-covered rocks.Parking: Yes at the Conservation Area entrance parking lot. You can also access the trail on one of the streets in the area there is parking there but limited.Admission/parking cost: No.Challenging trails? Easy to moderate. Lots of exposed roots along the trail.Plumbing: Not along the trail, but saw online that they have washrooms at the Conservation Area.My comments: I originally thought that I had to access the trail at the gated Conservation Area, but they were closed at the time I got there. I refused to leave, so I scoped out the area and found a small parking lot right at one of the trailheads. As usual, I recommend getting an early start to secure parking and have more peace without the crowds. I typically aim to arrive at my destinations by 8/8:30am. There was nothing too special about the trail, but the creek and falls are extraordinary making the trip worthwhile.

*fathom Five National Marine Park Flowerpot Island*

Rating: 5 starsWould I go again? 100% yes, but would be 150% if it didnt involve a boat ride!

Location: Located in Tobermory. About 3h 45min drive from Toronto. The town/village is located just a short drive away from Bruce Peninsula. Highlights: Flowerpot Island, boat ride across the Georgian Bay.Parking: Yes, in the town but limited.Admission/parking cost: Not that I recall, but I paid for the cruise from the town to Flowerpot Island.Plumbing: You have to work to locate the washroom in the town/village. There is an outhouse on the island.Challenging trail? Easy to moderate. Camping: No.My comments: Access to Flowerpot Island is by water only. From Tobermory, you need to book a cruise and take a boat ride across the Georgian Bay. Its absolutely incredible how many bodies of the water we have in Canada. For those who are motion sick like me, take your meds before getting on the boat. I was ill and desperately looking for a bucket on the boat. The hike on the island was not that exciting, but it was really cool to see the dolemite rock formations shaped like flowerpots.

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The Backyard At One North

Property listing images on this site are presented to reflect the layout of temporary housing accommodations existing at the identified location. National does not represent that any property listing image contained on our website matches the accommodation you will be provided if you choose to book. Please be advised that accurate unit photographs are often available and can be requested prior to booking from your local National representative.

  • Studio, One, & Two Bedroom Units Available
  • Up to Two Bathrooms

*scanlon Creek Conservation Area *

We Broke Into MrBeast’s Studio

Rating: 2.5 stars

Location: Located in Bradford West Gwillimbury. About an hour drive from Toronto.Highlights: Forest, marsh, birds, creek.Parking: Yes.Challenging trail? No.Plumbing: Yes.My comments: Unfortunately didnt get a chance to explore the whole area, but it is an expansive forest with some steep sections . Nice place for a leisurely hike. The trails are well-maintained and beautiful. Apparently the park is great for bird-lovers. During my short visit, I saw one bird species that I never saw before. Looks like a good place for a picnic and there is an area with childrens activities. Saw a sign that there are lynx in the forest. There is a short marsh boardwalk. I didnt get a chance to check out the creek. I think this is a great place to go if you live in the area.

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About The Backyard At One North

“With thoughtful design and exclusive community amenities, The Backyard Apartments at One North is your destination for luxury apartments in North Kansas City, Missouri! We’ve redefined what upscale living means to you in our exceptional studio, one, and two bedroom apartments, that offer up to 1,190 square feet of living space with a collection of interior touches. Come home to plank flooring, unique color palettes, floor-to-ceiling windows, amazing city views, a washer and dryer in-unit, and a variety of other modern finishes. Our gourmet kitchen, featuring elegant quartz countertops, will have you cooking like a pro in no time!Beyond your apartment, you’ll find an array of resort-style amenities that focus on comfort and luxury. Take advantage of our refreshing swimming pool, poolside grilling and lounge area, spacious dog run and social space for your furry friends, state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga studio, and functional shared business space.”

*rouge River Trail At Yorkland Street & Loyal Blue Crescent *

Rating: 4.0 starsWould I go again: Yes.Time I spent there: 30-45 minutes

Highlights: Rouge River, forest, bridges, Newberry Wetlands Park and ducks.Parking: Yes. Residential street parking .Admission/parking cost: No.Challenging trail? Easy. Paved trail.My comments: I only recently discovered this part of the Rouge River. Its another of the many gems in Richmond Hill. The forest is beautiful along the trail. As you walk along the main trail, youll reach the wetlands . Ducks like to hang out there as well.

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