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Inexpensive Backyard Ideas No Grass

Heat Up With A Fire Pit

Inspiring No Grass Backyard Landscaping Ideas Goodbye Grass

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The best backyard designs are the ones that include a fire pit! Show off your DIY skills by building your own fire pit out of wall stones with this simple tutorial, or find a metal one thats also budget-friendly. Make sure that you include ample seating around your fire pit for roasting marshmallows!

Diy Backyard Fire Pit

Enjoy warm summer nights spent around a backyard fire pit. To build your own, you’ll need inexpensive materials including angled pavers and gravel for the base. This easy DIY outdoor project can be completed in a weekend, and your family can enjoy bonfires for years to come.

Editor’s Tip: Check local regulations and/or your homeowner’s association regarding fire pits before installing one in your backyard.

Build A Diy Deck Or Patio

A deck or patio carves out a dedicated space for entertaining in your backyard. Plus, outdoor furniture sits more easily on a hard, level surface. Getting a deck or patio professionally installed can quickly eat up your budget. Building a DIY deck or patio can save you money, while still creating beautiful results.

  • Build a floating or freestanding deck rather than a raised deck. Raised decks require more advanced carpentry skills and are typically more expensive and time-consuming to build. A floating deck rests freely on the ground and isnt attached to your home, so you can make easy repairs and save money on building complicated structures. You also have the freedom to place a floating deck wherever you want in your yard.
  • Build a concrete paver or brick patio. Laying pavers or bricks by yourself is easier than it sounds. Create unique patterns and shapes for a patio that is entirely your own design.
  • Build a barefoot patio: Lay a grid of pavers with about one-inch of space between each one. Fill the spaces with a soft groundcover like moss.
  • Create a gravel patio: Clear a patch of grass in your yard using a cultivator, then lay landscaping fabric and fill the space with gravel. This is one of the most affordable options for a patio space, especially when you need large backyard ideas on a budget. A bonus is that gravel requires little to no maintenance.

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Go Vertical With Your Gardening

If youre looking for simple backyard ideas to spruce up a small outdoor space, vertical gardens are a good place to start.

Vertical gardening, simply put, is using vertical space to grow plants. If youre looking for small backyard landscaping ideas on a budget, vertical gardens are a good place to start. Not only do they make the most of limited space, but they can be inexpensive too, especially if youre using recycled materials like old plastic bottles to make it.

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

  • Use a wooden ladder, terracotta pots and some wire for a rustic front porch vertical garden.
  • Wash out old paint cans, fill with soil and hang them up to create a vertical herb garden.
  • Repurpose a picture frame to create a vertical succulent garden.
  • Waterproof an unused shoe organizer for a vertical garden thats easy to move.

Grow An Edible Garden

33 Stunning Backyard Design Ideas And Makeover On A Budget

An edible garden can cut your grocery bill because you will be eating what you grow instead of buying those fruits and vegetables in store. While a cost-effective garden may take time and energy to maintain, a good harvest will have you reaping the rewards.

Cost: You can buy your gardens seeds for as little as $2 a pack. Establishment costs will vary depending on the gardens size, whether you decide to install a fence, and whether you choose to build a raised garden bed. Keep in mind that while you may have to pay upfront to establish your garden, it will begin to pay for itself as you grow your fruits and vegetables.

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Is It Bad To Have A Sloped Backyard

Not at all! Sloped yards might take more effort in landscaping, but you have many more creative opportunities when gardening on a hill.One thing to be aware of with a sloped backyard is where the water runs off. If the land is sloped downhill towards your house, you might end up with a flooded home! However, the correct drainage should sort this problem out.

Experiment With Diverse Colours

Instead of choosing the same colour of flowers, we advise you to diversify it. The splash of colours will automatically draw the peoples attention towards your property, and you should not forget while choosing plants for landscaping. There are plenty of professional landscapers, offering services for residential landscaping, and you can get in touch with them.

If you dont have any contact, you can search on the internet, and we will find plenty of service providers from the desired area. There is no shortage of professional landscapers in Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Toronto, King City, GTA, and one can find the best professionals by taking a look at the previous works.

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Cheap Landscaping Ideas To Improve Your Yard

You dont have to spend all your green for better curb appeal. Beautiful landscapes may look expensive, but an eye-popping yard can be budget-friendly, too.

Recycle an old watering can, lay down free mulch, hang some string lights and you can create a charming, cozy yard at little to no cost. If youre crafty and good with tools, youll whiz through cheap DIY projects.

These 20 cheap landscaping ideas will inspire you. So, dont raid your savings account, but do grab your sun hat, slip on those garden boots, and get started improving your yards look and feel.

How Do You Prevent Erosion On A Sloped Yard

10 Low maintenance Landscaping ideas Without Grass No Grass Landscaping

There are two ways to prevent erosion on a sloped yard, either by strategic planting or by landscaping the area.Using plants is the most natural method of preventing erosion. Roots of trees, shrubs, and plants will hold onto soil and even improve the quality of the dirt over time.If you have a severe erosion problem, then you may need to give nature a hand. Use supports made from wood, brick, or rock to retain soil, particularly in areas with a high level of water runoff.

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Plant Flowers Around Your Mailbox

When youre giving directions to your home, wouldnt it feel good to say, Mine is the one with the pretty mailbox. No one will be able to miss your driveway when you surround your mailbox with a flower bed or a small trellis with self-climbers like hydrangeas or roses.

Cost: One perennial plant from a nursery typically will cost between $10 and $30.

Idea #15 Add A She Shed

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Sheds arent always for storage they can be an added space for enjoying the outdoors in style. Create a she-shed complete with seating, an outdoor rug, and fun lighting elements.

  • From shabby chic to modern, to fit your personal style.
  • Estimated project cost: Approximately $1,600 for an 8 x 10 precut shed kit with widows.

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Plant For Your Environment

One of the easiest ways to select cost effective plants is to choose ones that will be successful in your environment. People will spend years stubbornly trying to grow succulents in their shady yard or planting and replanting ferns when they hardly get rain. Instead of trying to save a plant that wants an environment you cant provide, research your climate and the plants that thrive there.

One of the easiest ways to select plants for your environment is to grow native plants. Plants that are already specialized to your climate and soil are going to be easy to grow without needing much attention. You can find more information and advice in our full guide on using native plants in your landscaping.

Freshen Up Or Add Mulch Beds

15 Cheap No Grass Backyard Ideas

Mulch adds some visual intrigue to any yard at a relatively low cost. The national average for 3 cubic yards of mulch that is delivered and installed is $275, but you can save by doing it yourself. For smaller spaces, even just a few bags of mulch that are less than $4 a piece may do the trick.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits of breaking up the landscaping and helping keep weeds or grass in check, mulch has real benefits for your yard. Its specifically useful for garden beds or around the base of young trees, as it can help retain good moisture that the plants need to flourish while also insulating the roots. For you, that can translate to savings with your water bill.

The biggest thing to keep in mind with mulch is that its best to replace it annually, but the benefits of having mulch may make this DIY job worth the effort.

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Opt For Natural Perennial Ground Covers

Tired of weeding the lawn? Skip the weed killers and opt for dense spreading perennial ground covers instead.

According to Jonas Sickler of, weed killers can be both costly and hazardous to your health. Harsh chemicals in Roundup can sicken pets and has been linked to cancer, Sickler says. Weed killers arent just bad for your health they also pack a punch to your bank account at over $20 .

Check out these cheap ground covers that are beautiful and low-maintenance:

Cheap Natural Perennial Ground Cover Options

Pro Tip: If your backyard is full of big, beautiful trees, you may want to choose shade plants that can handle living in their shadow, as not all plants can tolerate full or partial shade.

Plant Perennials Or Succulents Around Your Home

Rather than buying new plants, use some perennials or succulents to quickly and easily improve your yard. Smaller varieties can work as a border that you simply fill in with flowers or grasses once theyve grown. If your outdoor space is mostly dirt, then succulents are an easy way to add color and benefit from low-maintenance plants that require hardly any irrigation or fertilization.

You can also save money by using perennials as ground cover in the spots where grass wont grow. Even if it dies off over winter youll have a blank slate come springtime.

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Have As Much Grass As You Needno More No Less

How much lawn grass do you need? It’s different for everyone, but it helps to think it through. For a lot of people, a small patch will do. And more and more people are coming to realize that a no-grass front yard is A-okay.

Many of the homeowners that I advise have a hard time letting go of all the front yard grass, at least at first. So I try to get them to hone in on exactly how much grass they actually need. I also encourage them to consider other ways they might use the space. Do they need a lawn large enough for a rambunctious pet to run? Enough room for a game of croquet or for the kiddos to play tag? Or do they really need just a little spot to relax and wriggle their toes in cool green grass? Oftentimes, this deeply-held desire for a large lush lawn can be satisfied with a very small patch of green.

And sometimes that spot of green doesn’t even need to be lawn grass. A different, less resource-greedy plant actually gets them where they want to go. See below to get ideas for plants to use instead of grass.

Inexpensive Containers Free Fertilizer

How to Transform Your Backyard on an Extreme Budget | GARDEN | Great Home Ideas

Container-gardening makes a lot of sense if space in your yard is limited. The idea makes even more sense if you can obtain cheap containers and plant them yourself. Inexpensive containers, including cemetery logs , can sometimes be purchased at yard sales. Just be careful to scour them out well in case they harbor any diseases.

Whether planting in the ground or in containers, you’ll need to fertilize your plants. But don’t spend more than you need to on fertilizers when you can feed your plants for free. If you’re serious about landscaping on a budget, then one of your first projects should be to build a compost bin. Then just place kitchen scraps, raked leaves, etc. into the compost bin, watering and mixing occasionally, and you’ll have a ready source of soil amendments for free.

If that sounds like too much work, some cities offer free compost at designated locations on a first-come-first-served basis. This compost is produced from vegetation removed by city work crews.

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Lay Down An Outdoor Rug

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Need something to jazz up your DIY patio space without big renovations? Consider a large outdoor rug! Not only is this a good way to include a pop of color in your backyard, but its also an inexpensive way to change up a space without having to go through the process of painting or staining a deck.

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Connect different parts of your outdoor living space with this DIY backyard transformation idea! Put down materials like mulch, bricks, or stones to create a clear path from your house to the pool or playhouse in your backyard. You can also include a little flair to your pathway by adding yard decorations like glow-in-the-dark rocks or garden stakes.

What Is In Teds Woodworking Plans

There are a total of 16,000 woodworking blueprints in this bundle. So, you will be spoilt for choice! The blueprints are nicely catalogued into various classifications to allow you to choose the most suitable for your project. inexpensive backyard ideas no grass

Below are some examples of the blueprints that are incorporated

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Get It Done By Yourself

You dont need to hire an architect or professional landscaper to get some interesting layout designs. With a little research and the help from photos like this one, you can easily see some ideas and recreate them to fit your specifications.

Cut-out shapes in planters and sidewalk areas can offer an interesting yard focal point or even add to an already existing design. Use your imagination and cut shapes out to fit into your lawn via garden beds or even gravel and rocks.

Work Outdoor Lighting Into Your Garden’s Landscape

Create atmosphere and enjoy your garden 24/7 with accent lighting. Image John Cullen

Garden lighting ideas add another dimension to any garden, as well as potentially extending the time you can spend outdoors. Solar lighting can be the cheapest and is cheap to run, so start there.

To make the most of it, use lighting to illuminate trees, beds, water features and sculptures and it will feel like a completely different space at night. Waterproof festoon lights are a flexible, temporary and cheap solution to lighting your garden, and they will create a comfortable and casual atmosphere.

Cheaper spotlights are useful where fittings will be hidden by foliage, so you will save money if you decide to conceal your garden lighting. If you plan on spending a little more money, go for attractive fittings that will double as decorative features.

Always consult a qualified electrician for anything other than simple clip-together systems. Cable runs and the associated pipework need to be factored in very early on, even if you actually plan to install the system itself later, when further funds are available.

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Idea #3 Keep It Simple With Hardwood Patio Tiles


If youre looking for cheap, no grass backyard ideas, interlocking hardwood patio tiles are the answer. These real hardwood tiles are not only easy to install, but they also look fantastic.

Idea #13 Go Natural With A Rock Garden

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A rock garden is another fantastic way to spotlight nature. Add a variety of rocks, from flat slate pieces to river rock and larger-sized boulders for a unique look.

  • These stunning rock gardens deliver a natural and low-maintenance look.
  • Estimated project cost: Varies based upon rock size and weight. It can be no or low-cost if you have resources nearby to collect rocks.

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Plant Perennials To Spend Out Just Once

Putting in perennials means you’ll spend out just once, because they will last not just year-round, but for years and years. Work out the total number of square meters of your planting beds and allow five shrubs or perennials for each meter. Shop around at garden centers and nurseries and expect to pay hardly anything at all. Join a local gardening club and pick up knowledge and cuttings or small plants for sale at a discounted rate, saving more to make your budget go further.

Herbaceous perennials such as lavender and rosemary do especially well in garden borders, year after year.

Vintage Or Handmade Backyard Decor

Low Cost Backyard Ideas

Utilize fabric and vintage finds for backyard makeover ideas on a budget. Sweeping fabric curtainsâmade from yardage, sheets, or other suitable materialâadd elegance and beauty. Plus, they can shield family and friends from intense rays at key times of the day. In place of a more expensive light fixture, repurpose vintage elements into decorative backyard focal points. Here, nonworking chandeliers are outfitted with candles and trailing vines.

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