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What Is A Louvered Pergola

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High Quality Building Materials

Our goal is to provide the strongest, most durable systems on the market today. All of our components are constructed from fully-extruded aluminum and stainless steel. We also use premium architectural grade powder coat on our standard components for a long-lasting, scratch-resistant finish.

Design Options For Louvered Roof Systems

Our beautiful louvered roof patio cover is designed with sleek, streamlined features that can blend well any architectural home design. This is essential because Billings homeowners who buy a louvered pergola roof for their patio tend to have a highly developed sense of style and independence.

You can choose the color, design, and size of the louvered roof patio cover based on your homes exterior paint, outdoor paving design, and even furniture. This all means that your patio cover will look fantastic and compliment the outdoor decorations that you already have around your backyard.

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These covers are available in different materials and slat sizes, allowing for up to 1600 motion range for any roofing system, and here are some of the most popular roof styles and add-ons that customers choose for their louvered roof system:

Benefits Of Using A Louvered Pergola System

At Treesdale Landscape Company, we work with Arcadia, a luxury pergola roofing system that comes with a wide variety of benefits:

Protection from the Weather

The Arcadia louvered roofing system is designed with an award-winning pivot design that gives a full 170 ° range of motion, which can be angled in to provide protection from harmful UV rays no matter the suns position. Because they are made from aluminum, they are highly reflective, making them effective at shielding your space from light, radio waves, and infrared radiation.

The louvered pergola can be angled out to provide shade and air flow without blocking your view. You can also fully open the louvers to allow maximum light into your outdoor space while minimizing resistance and uplift due to high winds.

This versatile roofing system can also be completely closed, with a patented interlocking design, to provide sturdy shelter from the rain. The Arcadia system is also equipped with a 360° integrated gutter that the rainwater is pitched into for proper drainage and can also be equipped with rain and wind sensors that can automatically open or closed the pergola based on the weather.


This material also doesnt burn and will not produce toxic fumes, even at high temperatures. Aluminum can also be recycled indefinitely while maintaining its valuable characteristics.

Easy to Customize

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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The Best In Outdoor Living: A Pergola With Motorized Louvered Roof

Homeowners have several options for shading a deck or patio. This article discusses the benefits and limitations of some options for covering an outdoor living space. Were also going to take a detailed look at the motorized louvered pergola and why it is the perfect solution for enjoying your outdoor space. A pergola with a motorized louvered roof can do more than block the suns rays, it can turn your outdoor space into a smart and versatile all-weather destination.

Cost Of A Louvered Roof

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A standard-quality louvered roof may cost anywhere from $20 to $25 per square foot on average. Furthermore, the typical cost of a higher-quality extruded louvered roof is $40 to $97 per square foot.

The cost varies depending on the quality and brand. Almost all louvered roof systems may be customized. They may be tailored to the requirements of the homeowner.

If you want to install a fully equipped louvered roof system in your outdoor area, expect to pay between $100 and $110 per square foot. Heres where you can learn more about our guide to various pergola canopy options.

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Why Do I Need One

Have you recently built a new home? Added a deck or patio onto an existing house? Maybe you have simply dreamed of having a backyard space you can use any day, during any type of weather. Or could it be possible you do not even know you need one yet? For some, this type of roofing system is more of a luxury than a necessity as there are other options that serve the same purpose. Whatever your situation there are lots of reasons homeowners choose to install a louvered roof.

Options When Considering A Louvered Roof System

When considering the purchase of an automatic patio, you may want options to go along with it. Generally, people who purchase louvered roof systems also buy lights or heaters. Lighting is considered a must-have for most buyers. Equally important for many others are heaters and shades. Below we’ve put together a shortlist of some of the add-ons you can purchase with your new cover.

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Better Airflow And Increased Comfort

Outdoor temperatures are hardly ever perfect, which is one of the reasons why patio covers are so popular. However, even with the regular covers, many times property owners want to increase the airflow and create a refreshing breeze under the cover.

A louvered pergola can really make a difference over a regular solid cover. While a regular cover obviously provides shade, it tends to limit the airflow for people sitting under it. A louvered pergola gives you the advantage of opening the louvers to the angle you desire thus giving you control over fresh air, shade, and breeze at any time of day or night.

How Much Does A Louvered Pergola Cost

What is a StruXure Outdoor Pergola?

There are louvered pergolas and then theres the smart pergola by StruXure. Its important to know the difference when trying to determine how much a louvered pergola costs and which model is right for you.

A louvered pergola, or louvered-roof pergola, is a modern take on the traditional pergola that had stationary roof slats versus pivotable louvers. Adding movement to the pergolas louvers truly changed the shade game.

Innovation Transforms Pergolas

One of the first to create pivoting louvered pergolas was StruXure, who started selling customized pergolas in 2011. It was their mission to build a better pergolas than the existing standard options. When company founder Scott Selzer couldnt find what he was looking for in the U.S market, he designed and built his own pergola solution. Through hard work and continued innovation, Selzers original design became the springboard to StruXures status as a leader in the outdoor living industry.

The early iterations of StruXures pergola system used the most durable materialspowder coated extruded aluminumand a design that would allow complete customization. Building upon a foundation of using superior materials and design has meant that additional innovations keep elevating an already best-in-market product. Such continued innovation has led to the development of the smart pergola, a next-level pergola that uses technology to advance the functionality and superiority of shade structures.

You Get What You Pay For

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Features Of Eurolas Louvre Roof Systems

  • Eurolas louvre blades consist of a flat base, and it provides a modern artistic look when the louvres are closed
  • Also, the blades turn 180 degrees, and the roof can handle large spans
  • Besides, the opening roof comes handy during winter and lets your family take advantage of the winter sun
  • You get to enjoy optimum ventilation and shelter all while having privacy and protection from bright sunny days
  • Select from a broad range of powder coat/ anodised finishes, and you can also opt for rain sensor

Our experts can assist you with customised louvre roof systems designs and our experienced installers can fix it right the first time. .

We Bring The Best In Louvered Roofing Systems To Our Clients

Add luxury and drama to your outdoor space with our louvered roofing system. Touted as the worlds smartest pergolas, a louvered roofs unique pivot design gives a full 160° range of motion that blocks out sun and rain when needed. This system is specially designed for clients who want to create shaded outdoor space without compromising on the sunlight entering their house. Enjoy next level comfort in your outdoor space with our state of the art louvered roofing system.

Our louvered roofs are strong, modern and can be customized to accommodate the look and feel of your existing backyard structures.

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When Is The Best Time To Use A Louvered Roof

If you love the backyard, then anytime is the best time to use a louvered roof. It is a great addition to any outdoor space as it allows almost year-round use, depending on your average climate, of course.

On a moderate day, your roof might be fully open allowing both sun and air to reach your deck for a comfortable place to relax. It is especially useful on a rainy day since the louvers can be completely closed providing a nearly water-tight roof. You can still relax in your outdoor space or grill your favorite meal without fear of getting wet. Many of these systems also come with gutters and downspouts to keep the rain flowing off the top.

Homeowners that find these closable roofs the most useful are those with decks and patios that receive full sunlight through much of the day. When deciding which kind of covering to consider for your space take into account the side of the house on which it is located. South facing and west facing patios typically receive the most intense heat, especially during summer months. They typically benefit most from a louvered roof.

What Is A Pergola With Louvered Roofs

Retractable Louvered Pergola

A louvered roof pergola is a flexible and creative roofing structure that enables homeowners to enjoy the fresh air, soothing beams of sunshine, and other natural benefits. This roof may be simply changed to provide enough shelter from snow, mist, rain, or excessive sunshine.

Furthermore, a pergola with a louvered roof may be outfitted with amenities like ceiling fans to make the outside area even more pleasant, peaceful, and mosquito-free. This kind of roof enables homeowners to choose how much sunshine they want at any one moment throughout the day.

When it rains or snows, a louvered roof pergola provides a simple and user-friendly control mechanism that allows you to modify it. Its no surprise that its a great option for families since it allows them to make the most of their outside areas! Heres where you can learn more about our contemporary pergola design guide.

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Remote Controlled Louvered Pergola

The R-Blade includes a remote that opens and closes the louvers on demand. You also have the option to upgrade to a smart sensor array for true set-it-and-forget-it management of your pergola configuration. Your installer can program the R-Blades integrated sensor system to automatically close the roof at the first sign of rain and open in high winds to prevent damage. In case of freezing conditions, the R-Blades temperature sensor signals the roof to open to avoid potentially-damaging snow and ice buildup.

The Biggest Difference Between A Fixed Roof Pergola And One With A Motorized Louvered Roof

A pergola with a permanent roof creates full-time shaded areas, while an auto pergola roof creates more flexibility in your outdoor space because you can open the louvers to control the sun penetration. Its great for days when you want to limit sun exposure but still let light in. Motorized louvers can also be controlled with smart sensors which intuitively close the roof at the first sign of rain, without you lifting a finger.

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Option One: Wood Louvered Pergola Kits

This type of design has been around for centuries so you know it has staying power! With this style, you have even more choices with how your structure looks since they come in many different designs from simple wood slats all the way up to intricate lattice work details. These structures are fairly lightweight as well which makes moving them between locations an easier task than steel or aluminum; however paint may not last quite as long when used outside year round.

Wooden louvered pergolas are often the most traditional of these structures and have many benefits. For example, they can be painted to match any color palette or landscaping you like for a custom look that fits your personal style. Woods also come in various types including red cedar, western red cedar and cypress pine, so one might suit your needs better than another depending on what type of climate you live in! In addition, wood is durable enough for outdoor use year round as long as it is treated with a high quality sealant before installation.

Its also easy to repair if any damage occurs, just sand down the affected area then add another coat of stain or sealant most people only have to do this once every two years!

In terms of concern about decay, cedarwood offers the traditional feel along with built-in resistance to rotting, weather and attack by insects and other creepy crawlies.

Customizable Comfort For Your Indoor

The power of a pergola! Powered Louver Roof Systems!

With the right pergola accessories, you can maximize indoor-outdoor outdoor living space year-round. Outfit your custom pergola design with creature comforts like lighting, ceiling fans, and patio heaters. Banish the glare of sunlight, seal out bugs, and improve privacy with motorized pergola screens. Adjust your pergola on-demand via remote control, operate your smart pergola on a schedule via your mobile device using the latest Somfy technology, or incorporate rain, wind, and freeze sensors into your home pergola design for automatic response.

;StruXure pergolas are a designers dream. They come in many standard colors and nearly any custom color you can imagine. Choose from a sleek, modern aluminum pergola, the classic look of corbel ends, go rustic with a faux wood wrap, or add drama with architectural columns. StruXure pergolas offer a range of options to complement your home or turn your outdoor living area into a striking landscape centerpiece.

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Advantage #6 There Are Lots Of Added Extras Available

As there are so many climates to cater for you will often come across louvered patio roof systems with a host of optional extras that you can choose to suit the weather habits of the location where you happen to live.

These could include integrated heating systems, music systems, and lighting configurations,

Why Choose A Louvered Roof

Because of the flexibility and capacity, a louvered roof can add to your outdoor entertaining and relaxing space, a louvered roof can truly transform the way you experience your surrounding environment. With a louvered roof, youll have a more beautiful space and the ability to enjoy your backyard throughout the year. Youll expand your indoors to your outdoors and naturally spend more time soaking up all the wellness benefits of more fresh air and sunshine. Here are more advantages to consider when youre deciding if a louvered roof is the right choice for your space.

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When Is The Best Time To Use A Louvered Roof Systems

There is no time restriction on installing and using louvered pergola. This all-weather facility will remain open on a moderate day and closed on a rainy day. The roofing system has sufficient gutters to repel rainwater.

Now is the perfect time to talk to our louvered patio cover experts to learn how to master the outdoor weather systems and keep your family healthy and happy today! Conclusion The louvered pergola is a flexible roofing system that adapts to the weather habits at any location. This system has weather-sensitive sensors that allow the patio to withstand any weather change.

The louvers are available in versatile colors, styles, and materials to suit any modern home. Now, you can control the elements using the remote options at your fingertips. The shading system works well with lighting, sound, and heating systems for that ultimate outdoor experience.

The lighting and blind integration attributes keep the occupants safe from harsh UV rays. Plus, its ability to work on solar power means that any homeowner can increase their property value at a discount.

Talk to our team today about how to find the perfect louvered patio cover for your backyard today!

A Temo Louvered Pergola Is A Wonderful Investment For Your Home

Modern Louvered Garden Pergolas, Custom Made from Redwood

Are you considering investing in a louvered pergola? This outdoor living structure offers the benefit of being both a pergola and a patio cover. The panels on the roof can be easily opened or shut, depending on the weather, to either offer partial sunlight or complete shade. Your pergola can protect patio furniture, a pool deck, a spa, a garden, an outdoor kitchen, or any other space in your backyard. And, when you want a louvered pergola for the best manufacturer in the business, turn to TEMO. We have been constructing outdoor living structures since 1970, so we have the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to manufacture durable, long-lasting products.

A TEMO louvered pergola will have a variety of useful features, including:

  • A slow-motion motor that includes a hidden electrical raceway to ensure a clean, streamlined appearance
  • A heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction, which will provide enhanced strength
  • Large spanned roofing panels to offer clear views when opened
  • A return lip roof design to reduce post-rain dripping
  • Beautiful TEMKOR corbels capped at the ends of the rafters and beams
  • And more

Contact TEMO today if you would like more information about installing a louvered pergola at your property. Were proud to serve homeowners throughout the United States.

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Benefits Of Using Louvered Pergolas

A louvered pergola provides the best of both worlds the abundant sun or an open backyard or the complete shade of a covered porch. A louvered pergola lets you choose how much sun you would like to receive at any particular time.

Using the convenient controls of the pergola, you can open the louvers to let through sun, or close them if you want protection from snow or rain. That way, you and your family can spend more time enjoying the outdoors throughout the year.


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