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What To Do With Patio Furniture In The Winter

Are Outdoor Cushions Water Resistant

The pro tips to keep patio furniture looking new all winter long

Some furniture sets are made from water-resistant materials, but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely waterproof. Even acrylic isn’t totally invincible to water damage and can suffer cracks, tears, and discoloration if exposed to too much moisture. Even if the manufacturer claims that the cushions are waterproof, we urge you to play it safe with treatments and proper storage.

How To Protect Outdoor Furniture And Cushions From Rain

Unlike snow, frequent rainstorms don’t dominate an entire season, which makes them less predictable. In order to protect your outdoor furniture set from getting caught in a rainstorm, you have two options:

  • You can constantly monitor your local weather reports and move your furniture indoors at every slight chance of incoming rain.
  • You can keep your furniture protected whenever you’re not using it with durable outdoor furniture protection.
  • To make your life easier, we encourage you to protect your furniture with covers. Protect your investment with the best outdoor furniture protection made from durable materials and designed to provide sufficient ventilation and a water-resistant barrier. If your furniture is made from metal or plastic, then you’ll need waterproof covers to prevent cracks and rust. If your patio set is largely comprised of wood or wicker, then covers with optimal ventilation will help to prevent mold and mildew.

    Protect Your Furniture Early

    The best way to protect your outdoor patio furniture is to care for it before the snow arrives. In the fall, youll want to thoroughly clean and dry your patio furniture. Once its dry, youll want to cover it or move it indoors. If a winter snow has already come, you can complete this process once its melted in a warm and dry space, such as the garage.

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    Where To Store Patio Furniture In The Winter

    If your patio furniture is made of materials that cant be left outside during the winter, then it is essential to know how and where to properly store them to make sure they are still in tiptop shape when winter is over.

    Here are some ideas on where to store your patio furniture during winter:

    • Garage
    • Friends or family with space
    • Basement

    If Youre In Need Of A Space To Store Your Patio Furniture Store With Store Here

    10 Tips to Keep Your Patio Furniture Protected in Winter

    If you do not have a location to store your outdoor furniture that will keep it safe from the winter elements, consider storing your items at a storage facility. A self storage unit will keep your patio furniture in a dry and covered location without crowding your garage or shed. We have storage units ranging in sizes from 3X4 to 10X40, so whether its a large or small patio set, we have you covered for all your household storage needs. The storage units at all of our storage facilities are well lit and utilize a 24/7 camera monitoring system so you can rest easy knowing you are storing with the best. Contact us or reserve a unit today!

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    Clean Your Patio Furniture Before Winter

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    The first step to getting your furniture stored for the winter months is to clean it. The pieces can easily get dirt on during the various gardening activities going on around, which is problematic in that it can later develop mold and mildew. If you want to keep your furniture in good shape, you must first clean it from all dirt and other spoils. Remember to dry the furniture well before you store it. Dont forget to take care of the cushions and furniture covers.

    What Type Of Outdoor Furniture Is The Most Durable

    Your outdoor furniture will have to stand up to the sun’s strong rays in the summer, and elements like rain and snow in the winter. Choose a durable material to ensure your furniture can endure the wear and tear. If you want wood furniture, teak, eucalyptus, or cedar is a great choice that can face any weather. Popular and durable synthetic fabrics include plastic and synthetic resin wicker. Aluminum and steel are other common outdoor furniture materials that are lightweight and won’t mold or deteriorate over time.

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    How To Winterize Outdoor Furniture & Protect It From Snow

    As the temperatures begin to drop and the trees start shedding their leaves, it’s time to start preparing for winter. Regardless of the materials;your outdoor furniture was crafted from, whether it be wood, wicker, metal, or plastic, it’s important that you store your patio set in a dry place where the snow can’t get to it. Leaving your furniture out in the snow all winter is a surefire way to ruin it. Before retiring your patio set for the winter, use these tips to make sure you store it effectively.

    • Check the storage area for potential leaks and flaws in the structure that might allow rodents or water to get inside.
    • Wrap any glass pieces in blankets and/or towels to keep them from getting too cold and shattering when you bring them back out the following season.
    • Apply a water-repellent finish to reinforce furniture and protect it from any moisture that might find its way into the storage space.
    • Eradicate any signs of rust on your metal furniture or its components before putting it away for the next few months.
    • Fix any cracks you find in plastic furniture however minor or the cracks will likely spread until they’re too large to repair.
    • Use high-quality outdoor furniture winter covers for extra protection.

    Should You Shovel Your Deck

    How to Protect your Patio Furniture (3 steps)

    Shoveling the deck is another very legitimate question for homeowners and this one can be tricky. If you need to shovel the deck in order to provide a clear and safe passageway to something like a woodpile or to get out of your house, then you likely have no option but to shovel. However, you should be aware that like your outdoor patio furniture, your deck can be marred and damaged when scraped with an abrasive tool, like a shovel. If possible, allow the snow to melt naturally. If thats not an option, shovel as carefully as possible.

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    How Do You Maintain Outdoor Furniture

    No matter the season, it’s important to care and maintain your outdoor furniture. Proper upkeep will prolong the life of your furniture so you can keep it for much longer than if you never gave the furniture a second thought. Here are a few tips for maintaining outdoor furniture:

    • Clean furniture once a month, using a dish soap and water mixture or special furniture cleaner.
    • Don’t let mold or mildew spread. Clean it off as soon as you spot it, using a glove and wet rag.
    • Apply stains and sealants to wood furniture every 1-3 years to maintain the vibrant color and shine.
    • Let the furniture dry completely in the sun after every cleaning.
    • Cover and store furniture when not in use.

    Heavy Duty 3 Seater Waterproof Patio Sofa Cover

    Enjoy the durability of this weather-resistant, waterproof, and dust-proof sofa cover. The 600D fabric and PVC coating render it suitable for winter, and UV resistant thread protects it from summer wear too. Pull the cover cleanly off your outdoor sofa with padded handles. To clean, simply hose the cover down, then let it dry outside in the sun.

    Customers say theyre super impressed with this outdoor furniture cover. Unlike other covers, it doesnt leak at the seams, probably because the seams are reinforced and double-stitched. Reviewers from Florida to northern climates were impressed with the durability of this cover.

    Its available in multiple sizes. If in doubt about sizing, order a slightly larger size for the best fit.

    Ready to protect your patio sofa from the elements? Grab your cover .

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    Is Metal Furniture Safe Outside During The Winter

    While precipitation and metal dont sound like the best mix, our experts say aluminum and some steel pieces are surprisingly durable options for patio furniture that can be left outside during the winter.

    Aluminum is a great material choice for outdoor furniture because it doesnt rust. While aluminum technically does oxidize when exposed to the elements, this oxidation process does not cause the material to expand and weaken like steel. Therefore, if you are looking for patio furniture that can be left outside during the winter, aluminum is one of the best patio materials for cold climates.;

    Steel furniture is a little trickier. Steel is an iron-based material, which means on its own, it makes a terrible choice for outdoor furniture because it rusts, expands and weakens. But steel has a lot of great properties: Its environmentally friendly, has a strong bearing capacity and provides a modern aesthetic. Its no surprise people have figured out ways of reinforcing steel to make it a durable, high-quality material choice for outdoor furniture.;

    If your furniture contains any of the following kinds of steel, it has weather-resistant properties:;

    Stainless steel. Stainless steel is the shiny form of steel used on most modern kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators and sinks. Stainless steel is rust resistant because it contains chromium, which creates a passive film of chromium oxide that prevents the corrosion and oxidation that occurs in traditional steel.;

    Features To Look For In Outdoor Furniture For Winter Climates

    How To Winterize Your Patio And Patio Furniture

    The best outdoor furniture for winter climates will be durable, comfortable and low-maintenance. Its not fun to have to constantly go out in winter weather to tend to your furniture. Consider the following qualities for long-lasting winter furniture.

    • Moisture-resistant: Winter furniture shouldnt be affected by moisture from rain, snow and everything in-between. Outdoor furniture should be resistant to rotting or growing mold or mildew due to wetness.
    • Strong: Winter furniture should be strong enough to stay put in windy conditions. It also shouldnt crack or break when its weighed down by a snowstorm.
    • Pest-resistant: You want winter furniture thats not appetizing to pests like insects and rodents.
    • Convenient: Outdoor furniture should be able to be enjoyed during the winter without a lot of cleaning, storage or repairing required. Its even better when you dont have to worry about adding cushions to it to make it comfortable. Whether you live with your furniture, are furnishing a home for rental, or are using outdoor furniture at a business like a ski resort, its a lot easier when you dont have to cover it to protect it.
    • Stylish: Finally, you want outdoor furniture that retains an amazing appearance no matter what winter throws at it. Winter outdoor furniture should retain its color and be chip, crack, peel, rot, sand, and dent-resistant, in order that it always looks good as new.

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    Where To Store Your Outdoor Furniture

    If you’re wondering how to protect patio furniture in winter, the best tip is to find the proper storage space. Every house has different options, but here are a few ideas:

    • Shed: Mid-size pieces like ottomans or side tables can be stored in a shed for the winter.
    • Bins: Bins are a great way to store outdoor furniture cushions, rugs, and other small items.
    • Storage Bag: Storage bags are essential for any outdoor furniture cushions you might be storing for the season. Once the cushions are clean and dry in the bag, place them in a bin or other storage area.
    • Garage: If you have room in the garage, this could be a great place to store larger items like outdoor couches and tables.
    • Basement: Basements are usually dark and dry, making them a great place to store more delicate outdoor furniture pieces like natural rattan and wicker.
    • Storage unit: If you don’t have the space at home, consider renting a storage unit for the season to keep your furniture safe from the elements for the winter.

    Maintain Metal And Aluminum Pieces

    When it comes to metal or aluminum patio furniture, its important to bring these pieces in during winter. They can rust thanks to the snow and freezing rain, and the rust can weaken the material. Use water and detergent to clean the surface, and take a brush and hose to wash and rinse. Touch-up the finish with spray paint if needed and apply a thin coat of car wax for extra protection.

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    Types Of Patio Furniture

    With most types of deck furniture, forgetting about it and leaving it out all winter can cause a lot of damage. However, not all types need to be hidden away during the cold. If youre thinking about buying new outdoor furniture and know you wont have the time or energy to move it inside for winter, consider buying a variety that can withstand the winter months. Heres a list of the different types of outdoor furniture:

    Wicker: Leaving furniture made with wicker material outside during the winter is no good. Wicker can expand and contract with the snow, which can cause it to break.

    Steel: Steel-framed furniture is another type that just wont be able to handle the cold weather. Too much water and ice can cause it to rust or crack. Take it inside before it gets too damaged and touch up any scratches so it looks fresh for the spring.

    Aluminum: This is the good stuff when it comes to weather durability! Furniture made with aluminum is the toughest of all patio furniture. Aluminum furniture can be left out all year round. So whether youre too busy or just too darn lazy to bring it in, buy yourself aluminum table and chairs!

    Natural Stone: Natural elements oftentimes come with cracks and crevices which are perfect hiding places for water. Like wicker furniture, water can expand and contract and ruin what was once your favorite outdoor tabletop!

    How To Store Patio Furniture For Winter

    Tips On Using Patio Furniture Covers

    After spending many summer nights lounging around on your patio furniture, enjoying those long summer nights and hanging out with close friends and family, it might be difficult to think about storing the furniture when the temperatures get cooler. But taking the extra time to properly store your patio items for the winter can help them last for many years to come.

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    Protecting Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

    You thoroughly enjoy being outside a lounging about on your lawn chairs or other pieces of furniture in your patio or yard in the spring, summer and even in the fall. However, in the winter with the snow, freezing rain and cold, your outdoor patio furniture might not hold up too well. Thats why its important to take the correct steps to protect your patio furniture. How do you protect this type of furniture? Lets look at the various measures to take during the winter to prolong the life of your chairs, tables and other pieces.

    What Patio Furniture Can Be Left Outside In The Winter

    In Buyers Guide, Winter by JamieAugust 30, 2020

    Patio furniture can make or break your homes outdoor appeal, its important to find long-lasting furniture that can handle the days of rain, wind, and snow. I know that patio furniture is expensive so buying these pieces you want them to last many years of backyard gatherings, both big and small.

    Depending on your location you might only have time to use your patio furniture in the warmer months of the year. Winter brings snow and extreme cold leaving patio furniture abandoned during the winter season. The real question is does snow harm my outdoor furniture and can patio furniture be left outside in the winter?

    Yes, you can leave patio furniture outside in the winter. It is vital to properly protect and seal your patio furniture when left outside in winter months. However, if your location receives heavy loads of snow it is highly recommended to place patio furniture in storage to prevent any damages.

    Snow can damage outdoor furniture in a number of ways, the heavyweight can bend and crack patio furniture easily. The constant pressure plus fluctuating temperatures can make it even more likely for the snow to cause furniture damage.

    Patio furniture is made from different materials; all with their unparalleled durability and resistance to either heat or cold. Not all of them are made for winter. Some materials can easily get damaged with snow, the freezing temperature, or even the dampness or moisture that the season brings.

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    Can I Leave My Patio Furniture Outside

    First the good news: The overwhelming majority of patio furniture types can indeed be left outside in most parts of the country. But to be certain, youll need to know exactly what type of furniture youre working with, says Megan Pierce-Dozier, with outdoor furniture leader Kingsley Bate.

    It depends on the material, according to Pierce-Dozier, one of the experts who agrees both the body material and frame can make or break your outdoor furniture during the winter.

    While the materials that cover a chaise chair may be waterproof, for example, the frame may not. One tricky example is wicker furniture. The majority of wicker outdoor furniture is manufactured using a type of resin or vinyl that is as attractive as natural wicker with much greater durability.;

    However, not all resin wickers are created equal. The majority of wicker outdoor furniture is constructed from two kinds of synthetic plastics: polyethylene and PVC. Polyethylene resin wicker is resistant to the effects of UV rays, water and snow, making it a great example of patio furniture that can be left outside during the winter.

    For added durability, look for polyethylene resin wicker that has been dyed all the way through rather than painted. Dyed resin wicker is much more durable and will retain its color in harsh climates.

    But thats not all there is to wicker you also need to know about your frame.


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