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What Is A Patio Home

How Much Does A Patio Home Cost

Backyard Patio Ideas I Patio Style Challenge | The Home Depot

Like all real estate, the price of a patio home depends on size and location. A three-bedroom patio home on a golf course in Wilmington, North Carolina, has a different price tag than a similar property in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for instance.

Regardless of where you might be considering buying a patio home, know that the list price might look more appealing than a standalone property that isnt part of a community. Theres a catch, though: Youll pay HOA fees.

While a patio home may cost less than a similar single-family ranch home, buyers need to factor in the association fees, Dupont-Patz says. Smaller communities may just cover the grounds maintenance. However, larger communities may have pools, tennis courts, clubhouses and other amenities that require substantial fees.

If youre thinking about buying a patio home, Dupont-Patz recommends taking a close look at notes from past association meetings, as thats often when neighbors discuss any concerns or grievances.

Patio Home Vs Townhome

Many people have trouble distinguishing townhomes from patio homes, and who can blame them? The difference between patio homes and townhomes ultimately comes down to size, with the latter being larger. Patio homes are generally one to one and a halfstories, whereas townhomes are two stories.

Townhomes can sometimes be a single-story, like a patio home, but they generally are two stories at a minimum. You can expect shared walls with townhomes just like with patio homes, but theres generally less of them near one another. There is not often a community aspect to connected townhomes in the way that there is with patio homes.

Townhomes and patio homes are also similar in that theyre often part of a Homeowners Association, for better or worse. In the case of both types of houses, the Homeowners Association makes for less maintenance and more support when it comes to problems. With both townhomes and patio homes, you can rest easy knowing that youll get support from the HOA when it comes to necessary repairs.

Patio Home Features And Advantages

What is a Patio Home? This type of home has a broad definition and varies by region. These homes do have some similar features which we discuss below. The appeal of this home is the convenience, easy maintenance, and aging-in-place features. Further, patio homes are an attractive choice for those looking to downsize.

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Home Advantages And Features

Take a look at the photo above of the lovely home we constructed recently in Central Minnesota. It is a one-story home built on a concrete slab, is free-standing, and does not share a common wall.

There are some major advantages to owning this type of home. They include:

  • Smaller size
  • Ability to stay in the home well into ones later years in life, and
  • Ownership is similar to traditional homes .

These features make this type of home a popular home style choice among todays baby boomers.

Should You Buy A Patio Home

What Is a Patio Home?

You should buy a ranch home if you want to spend the least amount of money on maintenance as a homeowner. The simple layout and lack of multiple stories mean that there is less of a chance for things to go wrong. That simple fact is one that youll be grateful for when you dont spend thousands on maintenance throughout your time as a homeowner.

One major benefit of owning a patio home is that it will save you on property taxes. You dont have a lot of your own when you buy a patio home, and that makes for low property taxes. Despite being small and having shared walls, you can achieve a great sense of privacy in a patio home.

It also doesnt hurt that patio homes are part of communities, and that often comes along with amenities. Patio home communities sometimes provide recreational areas, dog parks, and even clubhouses. That is not always the case, however, but its not difficult to find a patio home community that provides amenities, and that can even include a communal swimming pool.

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Patio Homes: Whats The Difference Between A Patio House And A Condo Anyway

There is yet another difference between patio homes and condos or townhouses.

In most cases, a patio homeowner actually owns the lot the unit sits on, as well as the buildings exterior and immediate property structures, like walkways, porches, and fencing, says Greg Smith of Palisades Home Improvements in Nanuet, NY.

A condo owner, on the other hand, tends to own the interior of the housing unit, while the property, lawn, and other shared spaces or common areas are owned by the condo complex, Smith notes, adding, Its important for prospective buyers to understand what exactly they are purchasing.

Who Are Patio Homes Acceptable For

Due to their abate admeasurement and bunched attic plans, these single-family homes are usually geared appear abandoned nesters, retirees, and couples who crave little space. Due to their abate lot and acreage size, these developments are about added affordable than acceptable housing. This makes a patio home an ideal advantage for first-time homebuyers on a bound budget.

Another abundant advantage of Patio Homes is they are advised so that the client can acquirement it, move in, and activate active after any exoteric maintenance. Abounding active professionals or retirees accept these developments so that they leave home for months to biking and work. Aloft accession back, they are affirmed to acknowledgment to the beautifully maintained area after any claimed maintenance.

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How Can I Make My Old Concrete Patio Look Better

Take a look at all of these fabulous concrete patio ideas.

  • Paint a Pattern. Yes, you can paint your concrete slab.
  • Lay Decking Flooring. Did you know you can lay decking over a concrete slab?
  • Add Curves With Pavers.
  • Stain the Concrete to Look Like Tile.
  • Add a Beautiful Outdoor Rug.
  • Paint Concrete.
  • Dress it Up.
  • Patio Homes: Popular Options For Home Buyers Young And Old

    WHAT IS A PATIO HOME? Full House Tour!

    Also referred to as carriage homes, garden homes, cluster homes, and courtyard homes, patio homes are a relatively recent addition to the single-family real estate landscape.

    According to Joshua Zinder, principal of Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design in Princeton, NJ, these small-lot homes came into fashion in the 1970s, as gated and shared communities sprang up around the United States. While attached homestownhomes and condoscan be found from coast to coast, construction of patio homes specifically has boomed in the Northeast of late, and youll often spot them near golf courses, where patio home communities and neighborhoods are common.

    These developments usually offer relatively easy access to nearby neighborhoods and communities, but often at a more affordable price point, Zinder says. Patio homes are in relatively high demand right now, as they tend to be popular with empty-nesters and others nearing retirement. They also often provide entry-level real estate for buyers looking for access to communities where houses have become costly.

    Aside from their low price point, patio homes are a type of single-family home that appeals to many homeowners because their small footprint, lot size, and near-zero lot line require only limited maintenance. The biggest downside may be that since your new home shares at least one wall with your neighbors, youve got plenty of company nearby .

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    Can You Have A Patio Home Custom Built

    Generally, a Patio Home community is developed with a builder who has multiple plans to choose from. Each lot is plotted to hold a certain plan or size. Patio Homes cannot usually be built custom on the exterior, but certain builders can customize the interior in the way of upgrades desired by the buyer.

    Whats The Difference Between A Townhome Condo And Patio Home

    A Patio home is often confused with Townhomes and Condominiums. However, each style of home has its own defining features, which can be broken down below.

    Townhouse VS Patio Home: A patio home is a dwelling that shares at least one wall with an adjoining property, making it architecturally similar to a townhouse. In simplest terms, the main difference between each of the property types is the size. Patio Houses are usually one story with a loft for a bedroom, while townhomes will often rise at least two floors. Townhomes are similar to traditional real estate, which includes a driveway, front, and back garden. In comparison, Patio homes may have a small private porch, but in general, residents pay to share common areas such as gardens, swimming pools, and car parks.

    Condo VS Patio Home: Condominiums and patio houses share many similarities. Both homes share a dividing wall between each property and have common areas such as garages, tennis courts, gardens, and swimming pools that are shared with other units. Neither patio home nor condo owners are responsible for maintaining these communal areas, and will often pay a fee for their maintenance.

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    Why Would You Want To Purchase A Patio Home

    There is no exterior upkeep of the home whatsoever. It makes it easy for the traveling owner who may travel months at a time. They simply turn off lights, lock the doors, and travel. A patio home neighborhood is typically designed whereby no one would ever know that the traveler is gone. They are good for the professional who is very busy and does not have time to maintain a yard, yet would like to have beautiful landscapes to enjoy. Many patio home neighborhoods are gated communities. They provide safety and convenience. Not to mention that the neighborhood is full of people who are in the same chapter of life.

    Tips To Buying A Patio Home

    Patio Home Builder in Pittsford

    Buying a patio home is a great opportunity, but its important to do your homework before you do so. The first thing to consider when looking for a patio home is to enlist the help of a real estate agent. A real estate agent can take all of your specific requests into account and find you a patio home that matches your taste.

    Do you want a patio home with a sense of community, or one that offers a little bit more privacy? Explain your preference to your realtor and see what kind of options are available to you.

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    Should I Buy A Zero Lot

    Advantages Of Zero Lot Line Homes

    Paying a lower purchase price is one of the largest advantages of owning a zero lot line home. Having less land also means homeowners don’t have to deal with landscaping. This means homeowners don’t have to handle their own upkeeping or pay for professionals to tend to their yards. via

    Searching For The Perfect Patio Home For Sale

    Trelora real estate currently serves customers in multiple areas: Colorado front range and Summit County, Seattle metro, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte, Phoenix and Tucson, St Louis, Charleston, and Atlanta. Our mission is simple: full service real estate for a fraction of the cost.

    When you hire a traditional agent to help you buy or sell your home, you pay that agent 3-6% of the homes value. When you hire Trelora to sell your home, you pay one low flat-fee. When you buy a home with Trelora, we will split our commission with you and give you cash back up to $6,000. Youll also get best-in-class customer service and a team of expert agents who close hundreds of deals per year using our proprietary technology.

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    What Are Patio Homes Defining Features

    When the term patio home is first heard, it is usually mistaken as a standalone house surrounded by a large patio. However, by definition, this house has nothing to do with porches. The actual meaning of a patio home can vary greatly, but in general, a patio home is one of several houses that are attached to each other. Each home is typically separated by a shared wall and includes communal gardens and common areas. Most of these properties include concrete slabs or decks as a private backyard and shared gardens with the rest of the community. Some patio home communities even have amenities like a swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, and a gym.

    Monthly or annual association fees are often required to cover amenities, trash removal, landscaping, and communal upkeep. Some communities also provide home maintenance, housekeeping, and dining within this fee. The purpose of Patio Homes is to reduce excessive land use by eliminating large traditional backyards and the space between each property. This lifestyle is extremely popular with those who want to reduce their home maintenance or first-time buyers on a limited budget.

    Who Typically Buys Patio Homes

    How to Build a Patio: DIY Paver Patio | The Home Depot

    Typically, the buyers of Patio Homes are mid-life professionals or retired people. A patio home is designed so that you can purchase it, move in, and just live. Many retired people work their entire life accumulating money and purchasing their dream homes only to realize in retirement that they want to travel to see kids, grandkids, or friends in their retirement. Their home may be too large and too hard to keep up with as the years go by. There comes a time when downsizing becomes the next chapter in their lives. Patio Homes become the best choice.

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    Whats The Aberration Amid A Townhome Condo And Patio Home

    A Patio home is generally abashed with Townhomes and Condominiums. However, anniversary appearance of home has its own defining features, which can be burst bottomward below.

    Townhouse VS Patio Home: A patio home is a abode that shares at atomic one bank with an abutting property, authoritative it architecturally agnate to a townhouse. In simplest terms, the capital aberration amid anniversary of the acreage types is the size. Patio Houses are usually one adventure with a attic for a bedroom, while townhomes will generally acceleration at atomic two floors. Townhomes are agnate to acceptable absolute estate, which includes a driveway, front, and aback garden. In comparison, Patio homes may accept a baby clandestine porch, but in general, association pay to allotment accepted areas such as gardens, pond pools, and car parks.

    Condo VS Patio Home: Condominiums and patio houses allotment abounding similarities. Both homes allotment a adding bank amid anniversary acreage and accept accepted areas such as garages, tennis courts, gardens, and pond pools that are aggregate with added units. Neither patio home nor address owners are amenable for advancement these common areas, and will generally pay a fee for their maintenance.

    Who Are Patio Homes Ideal For

    Patio homes are ideal for first-time homeowners, or buyers looking for a low maintenance house. Because they are affordable and easy to take care of, patio homes are the perfect choice for young homeowners. Patio homes share walls with at least one other house and living in one instills a greater sense of community than even a condominium.

    You can often find patio homes in areas with recreational opportunities, such as golf courses and parks. Homeowners looking for a low-cost place to live can enjoy knowing their patio home wont cost them a fortune in maintenance. The simple minimalism of a patio home provides a comfortable environment and an escape from the repairs of a ranch home.

    Patio homes are also ideal for retirees or single, middle-aged people. Retirees enjoy the simplicity and ease of living in a patio home. Patio homes that come with amenities, such as community centers and parks, are particularly ideal for retired homeowners.

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    Patio Home Pros And Cons

    Too close to your neighbors
    Addresses safety concerns Less space

    Because a patio home is smaller, youll likely pay less to purchase it compared to other types of properties. Some patio homes are in communities with clubhouses and neighborhood facilities, so you can also take advantage of those features. The height restriction can be valuable, too, since you wont have to worry about climbing any stairs.

    Those extras, however, come with a bigger price tag. Depending on what your patio home community offers, youll have to pay more each month in dues.

    Plus, if youre looking for space, a patio home isnt the best option. Youll be close to your neighbors in general, and when you want to escape them, youll have less room inside to do that.

    Patio Homes Vs Condos And Townhomes

    Marrano opens new patio home community in Lancaster ...

    Patio homes are often confused with townhomes and condos, though the three differ slightly.

    Townhomes share walls with adjoining townhomes, either on one side or both sides of the property. Most townhomes also have yards, both front and back, and a driveway, that the owner must maintain.

    Condos also share walls with adjoining units, though they may have these on either side of the property, or above, or below the unit. Most condo owners do not have yards to maintain, nor are they in charge of any exterior repairs that may be needed.

    In both cases, the upkeep of the shared areas is run by the HOA or other type of managing body, and the condo or townhome owners must pay fees for this service. Condo dues are often higher due to the extra exterior maintenance needed.

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    Pros And Cons Of Patio Homes

    Owning a patio home comes with both pros and cons, and its wise to weigh them before purchasing one. Just like a condo, townhome, or duplex, there are aspects of owning a patio home that is good and bad. Lets take a close look at the pros and cons of owning a patio home, and what makes doing so worth it.


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