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What Is The Standard Size Of A Patio Door

Standard Width Of French Doors

How to Measure For a New Prehung Patio Door | The Home Depot

Generally, French doors are between 30 inches and 72 inches wide per individual door and they go up in increments of 2 inches. However, the standard sizes do vary in accordance with the manufacturer. If opting for a French door with sidelights, which are fixed windows that sit next to the doors, they can be as wide as 118 inches .

There are several popular standard sizes for French doors:

  • 1200mm

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Variations To Standard French Doors

All of this talk of large doors isnt to say that wide exterior doors are the only option. French doors can also be used both in small spaces and as interior doors. If you really like the look of French doors, theres nothing stopping you from finding a place for them in your home.

Its important to remember that youll need not just an opening for the door, but also need enough room for the doors to swing as they open this important point is one reason some people choose a smaller door. Doors for a small space can come as small as 18 inches wide . This creates a total opening that is three feet wide, the same size as even the smallest standard door.

French doors also have many possibilities as interior doors. Since they are so open and revealing, they work well for shared spaces in a home. For example, they may divide the space between the kitchen and living room or the dining room and kitchen. They are relatively uncommon in areas where privacy is desired, such as a bedroom, though curtains can be installed if needed.

Help With Patio Sizes

Patio sizes are determined by what needs to fit on your patio and howspacious you would like it to be. Suchthings you might want to include on your patio might be a dining table andchairs, lounge or club chairs, a fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor cooking area. Onceyou decide what is to be included, you can design your patio.

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Pocket Sliding Glass Doors

These doors slide into the gap in the wall. They are very convenient when you dont have much space inside your home. When the pocket door has a glass panel, you can protect privacy by using frosted glass.

The standard width of the pocket door is 22 to 32 inches while the height of a rough opening is:

  • 85 inches
  • 84 to 88 inches

Ensure that you have the exact length of the pocket in the wall so that the door can slide in entirely. Also, take care of the sliding tracks properly because they are a bit complicated to repair.

Keep in mind that the double pocket door requires the same space on the other side of the wall. The opening is from the center to the left and right.

Standard Size For French Doors

Standard Size French Patio Doors

The standard size for an exterior door is 80 inches by 36 inches which is 6 ft, 8 inches by 3 ft. 96 inches or 8 ft. is now very common for newer homes and stock exterior doors are also commonly available in 30 and 32-inch widths. Some door manufacturers sell doors in 7ft & 8ft heights and door widths from 24 inches to 42 inches. The height for fiberglass or steel doors are fixed at 6 ft. 8 inches tall and 8 ft. tall. The standard door thickness is 1 ¾ inch.

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What Are The Standard Sliding Glass Door Sizes

When it comes to standard sizes, sliding glass doors will generally come in panels of two or three, depending on the space you want to cover with the door. A common standard size people will choose is a 2-panel sliding glass door. However, if you want to cover one entire side of a spacious room, then you may have to opt for a 3-panel sliding glass door.

The most common standard heights for 2 and 3-panel glass doors are:

  • 8 feet

The most common standard widths of 2-panel glass doors are:

  • 8 feet

The most common standard widths of 3-panel glass doors are:

  • 12 feet

Patio Doors Sizes & How To Measure For Them

Patio doors rank high among the most popular type of external doors on the market. They can make your home feel bigger and brighter, and they may even add value to your home.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing new patio doors is the size. Youll need to know if theres a standard size available and the relative sizes of french doors and sliding doors.

Most importantly, youll need to know how to measure up for your new doors.

So, if youre looking to learn more about what size patio doors you might need, heres our quick guide on sizing and measuring patio doors.

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Height And Width Of The Standard Three

Another type of sliding glass door is the three-panel sliding glass door, which is quite more massive than the other size . These types of sliding doors are also more gorgeous than the French or two-panel model. They are also easy to make secured, compared to the French door.

In short, the three-panel super cute and have tons of incredible benefits. For now, lets a look at the different widths the three-prong has.

  • 108 inches, which equates to 9 feet
  • 144 inches, which equates to 12 feet

So thats it about the other types of sliding glass door configurations. So, if you want to build your house or do some renovation, you can consider choosing any of the above sizes.

Also, you should know that the space available will determine the size that will be most suitable for you.

Again, the standard height of a sliding glass door is 80 inches, but there are other sizes too. You will find a sliding door height of 82 inches and 96 inches.

So, its just a matter of choice. On your request, the sliding door expert delivers the size you seek.

Sliding Patio Doors For Existing Openings

How to Measure Window and Patio Door Screens

Looking to replace your old patio doors? This is easier. The good is too, is that old doors came at smaller sizes. Latest generation sliding doors come at bigger panel sizes. Therefore old doors such as the Monarch Monaframe in four or six panels now get replaced with fewer panels and bigger glass. Moreover, you get better functionality, improved security and thinner sight lines.

Any of the doors available are ideal as a replacement for old doors. And even if you have a hardwood subframe, most doors come with a direct fix arrangement. There are other benefits when replacing your old doors with a new one.

  • Improved security thanks to better locking systems and smoother slide action.
  • Double as well as triple tracks giving you more options where your doors slide.
  • A 50% clear opening changing your three panel doors, as opposed to a 33% clear opening.
  • Neater looking doors when having less panels thanks to less visible mullions.

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How Wide Is A Sliding Glass Door

A generic glass sliding door is usually fixed at 80 inches in length. However, the width might range between 60 72 inches and is exceedingly dependent on the amount of space you have to install it. The explanation behind keeping one standard dimension is to make everything convenient for the owners who are merely looking for the replacement and dont want the pain of going through the whole gamut of options available.Also, it is essential to remember that the sliding glass door may comprise different components such as a sliding glass window, a static glass installation, and multiple panels. So, if when we speak of sliding glass door dimensions, we need to understand that different sections of the sliding glass door are going to have completely distinct measurements.

What Is The Standard Door Size For Residential Homes

When buying a door, you should consider many factors. What style of door you want? Do you want just a slab or a pre-hung door? Do you want an out swing or an in swing? Once you have that information you will need to start measuring. Measuring a door and its frame can be difficult if you dont know what you are doing. Here are a few good measurement practices and basic facts surrounding standard door sizes.

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Is It Energy Efficient

We are all trying to cut down costs and increase savings.

Theres no one single person who doesnt want to save or improve their savings. So what if I tell you that an energy-efficient sliding glass door can help cut down energy bills?

So, when you are choosing sliding glass doors, make sure you consider the energy efficiency of the product or type of glass door you are buying. It all boils down to the materials used in making the said door. And by that, I mean the glass type.

If you have a sliding glass door whose glass is a poor conductor of electricity and heat, you might be able to achieve your energy cost-saving goals.

What Is The Standard Size For French Doors

patio door width incredible standard patio door ...

If youve fallen for the glamour and sophistication that French doors bring to a home, it would be hard to blame you. Big, wide, and open, the only question might be if you can fit them into your current layout. Consulting with professional door installers gives us an answer for anyone wondering, just what is the standard size of French doors?

The average size of French doors is 80 inches tall and 72 inches wide. However French doors are commonly available between five and eight feet wide. That means you can use them as entryways to rooms of various sizes.

Keep reading to learn more about measuring for the size you need, how to pick the right door for you, and how and where you can include French doors in your home design.

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Double Panel Sliding Doors

The height of this type of door is standard, while the width can vary significantly. You have three height options available:

The door 79.5 inches high can be:

  • 58.5 inches wide
  • 59.5 inches wide
  • 70.5 inches wide
  • 71.5 inches wide
  • 95.5 inches wide

The door 81.5 inches or 95.5 inches high can be:

  • 59.5 inches wide
  • 71.5 inches wide
  • 95.5 inches wide

Why Choose Pvc Patio Doors For Your Dublin Home

Patio doors extend the view from your home to the outside world. Natural daylight has been said to increase our health thanks to a boost of vitamin D, which is known to improve energy levels and even brain health. These doors maximise a rooms light intake and could have a significant effect on the visual appeal of a room.

Patio doors are an efficient method of making a space seem larger. The doors show off the expanse of your surrounding landscape. The connection of the indoor and outdoor areas coupled with the increased daylight could seem to provide your room with more living space.

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Standard Sliding Glass Door Sizes: Everything You Need To Know

A glass sliding door can provide a beautiful aesthetic to complement the decor of your home, but when it comes to choosing and installing your new sliding door, many questions can arise. What are the standard sizes of sliding doors? Is it easy to replace a sliding door? What if a standard size doesnt match your requirements?

Standard Sliding Door Size

SB Standard Patio Pet Door Insert

There are a few standard sizes when it comes to the different types of sliding doors. These in particular will be sliding doors without glass, this could be for closets, exterior doors, or interior doors.

The standard height of sliding doors is 80 inches tall with panels that are typically anywhere from 60 inches to 72 inches wide.

Each of the panels are placed in a track around the frame of the door, the sizing of the tracks depends a lot more on the thickness than the length, but you will need to get a track that fits the length as well.

Non glass sliding doors typically only come in the two panel option, making the standard total lengths 5 feet, 6 feet or 8 feet. Each panel should not exceed 5 feet long .

If a larger space is needed to be covered, additional panels can be added. There are always options for custom doors when it is desired as well.

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Doors With Comfort In Mind

Since 1974, Standard Doors Inc. has developed close co-operation with its clients to provide quality sliding patio doors and entrance doors that are built to last, extremely secure and energy- efficient!

Standard Doors continuously invests in research and development to create new products and features in order to cater to the needs and challenges of our clientele.

Doors are our specialty and we understand what makes the difference when it comes to every day use of our products. We have designed our doors to ensure the same comfortable room temperature throughout the year, with a constant eye focused on reducing your energy cost. Our doors operate smoothly, acheive the highest security ratings in North America and are designed to perform just as well after ten years as they did on day one.

Every member of our team is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of quality. Our passion is our people and our people´s passion is performance.

Standard Doors is committed to invest in your comfort.

Standard Doors designed exclusive hardware that exceeds the highest security level rating in Canada

Standard Doors has developed exclusive locking mechanisms that resist forced entry through our entrance and patio doors.

Quality patio doors can dramatically affect your homeâs comfort.

Highly-rated exclusive locking mechanisms to resist forced entry.

Peter LycklamaSimon & Sons

Choosing How Your New Doors Slide

A number of options exist in how your new sliding doors open and operate.

Inline Sliding Patio doors. The traditional arrangement where each panel sits on a track and within the overall frame. Simply unlock and push/pull the door to the designed position. Slimline doors made around the glass usually come inline sliding only.

Lift and Slide. This is one great way of making big doors effortless in opening and sliding. A different type of rotating handle controls the door. The door lifts up when turning the handle 180° and ready to move. Another benefit is securing the door in the partially open position too.

Tilt and slide. Available with Schuco, Reynaers, Comar and others are added ventilation. The door panels tilts in like an opening window, providing ventilation without sliding the door open.

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French Double Doors Inswing

French doors are designed for access to a patio, deck, or porch on the side or rear of the house, or perhaps as a secondary door on the front of the house which isnt intended as the main entry door. French doors are available in the same sizes as the primary entry door but are meant for convenience to the people who live in the house and their guests.

What Size Should I Frame My Rough Opening

GoldenClad® Sliding Patio Doors

You should add 2-1/2 to the height of the actual door. This will give you room to space the door frame off of the sub-floor. Now all you need to know is how to properly frame your door rough opening.

So, if you have a bedroom door that is 30 wide just add 2 to the width and frame it 32 wide. The height is 80 add 2-1/2 to the actual door height and frame it 82-1/2 high.

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Measuring An Existing Door

If youâre looking to replace an existing sliding door, itâs important that you get exact dimensions on the existing hole. Itâs true that most sliding glass doors come in standard sizes, but oftentimes people will get custom-built doors. You need to make sure you get a close fit on your new doors and know if you need your new doors to be customized.

The first thing youâll need to do to measure your existing door is remove the interior trim. This will give you a better idea of the actual door itself. Make sure you take careful measurements, making them as exact as possible and noting them down for your door vendor.

Create Custom Sliding Glass With Glass Doctor

At Glass Doctor, were proud to offer custom glass solutions for sliding glass doors. Our local technicians frequently work with homeowners to replace existing sliding door glass panes and to repair the mechanisms that make sliding glass doors slide.

For most glass doors, we recommend safety, or tempered, glass. This type of glass is ideal for doors, as they will not break into sharp, jagged pieces in the event of an accident.

Additionally, we recommend that homeowners consider:

  • Low-E glass that blocks harmful UV rays from damaging the carpet and furniture in your home.
  • Insulated glass units , or double pane windows, for increased energy efficiency.

Additional custom glass solutions include tinted or textured glass and units with internal blinds, which are all available via your local Glass Doctor.

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Curtain Size For Sliding Door

The curtain size is the only time you need to take the frame size into account. The curtain rod should be about 2 to 6 inches longer than the frame of the sliding door.

As for height, the same rule applies, 2 to 6 inches above the frame. The curtains themselves can either hang a few inches off the floor, or can touch the floor if it is desired.

Getting curtains that are 84 inches high gives about 3 inches above the door frame and 1 inch below the door frame, and is the most common size for curtains over the sliding glass door.

Have any feedback regarding these sliding door dimensions? Please let us know in the comments section.

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