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What’s The Difference Between Patio And Porch

Is A Patio In Front Or Back

LONGBOARD DECKS: whats the difference- Explained | Nomads Station

This depends solely on how your house is structured on the land. Some house possesses their garden at the front. A porch is usually situated and attached to the front of the house.

This porch serves as a waiting or receiving area for visitors. And they serve as a relaxation center for the homeowner during summer.

Most patios are usually located at the back of the house, and it designs with chairs and tables to create a beautiful ambiance for relation or seasonal feast.

Patios, unlike porches, are usually open spaces but may be covered with canopies or gazebos to provide protection against elements or insects while spending time in the patios.   

Summary Of Balcony Vs Patio

Despite people interchanging balcony and patio, the two are different terms with varied meanings. From their uses, positioning, and such other characteristics, one can draw the difference between them. It makes the cut what belongs where and its purpose. However, one can substitute the other just in case, for instance, the space available does not allow one to have a patio. 

Tips For Designing & Styling Your Porch

  • Since porches are intended to be more of an inviting space, decorate it with unique, eye-catching items and furniture that offers comfortable seating.
  • Use paint with warm and relaxing hues, since your porch will likely be the first thing your guests see upon arriving at your house.
  • If you want to get use out of your porch even during the winter months, you can have walls and windows installed to ensure its use year-round. Closing in this space can also allow you to make your porch functional beyond a simple entryway.

Whats Are The Differences Among A Porch Veranda Deck Balcony And Patio

Subtle differences distinguish a patio and deck. Same with porch and veranda. A balcony is straightforward, but it too can be confusing. See photo examples and explanations of the differences among patio, deck, veranda, porch and balcony.

Actually among porchesdeckspatios, balconies and verandas there are major differences and subtle differences.

Type Of Flooring Required


Porches can be built of brick, tile, or stone laid over poured concrete supports, or they can be wood framed and finished with either wood or composite. The material used for wood flooring will often be smaller in width than what would be used to build a deck. This gives a more finished feeling and closely resembles the interior of your home.

The material used to build a patio is typically poured concrete, brick, stone, or another type of masonry. Because a patio is built directly on the ground and exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, harder, water-resistant materials are best.

What Is A Porch

The porch is an open structure that has breathable walls, but protection above it. Because there is a cover or roof above the porch, you can comfortably sit outside in any weather without worrying about dealing with the rain, sun, snow, and other elements. The porch is often added to the front of the home. There are several reasons that homeowners choose to get a front porch installed if they do not already have one. It gives them a safe and comfortable place to sit out while enjoying the weather and chatting with their neighbors.

There are different types of materials used to create sturdy and reliable porches for those who would like them. Some of the most commonly selected porch materials include plastic, PVC, wood, aluminum, and solid stone. The materials, colors, and overall style picked for the porch will vary from one home to the next and will typically depend on the personal preference of the homeowners.

You can choose from various porch options. For example, you may want an open-air porch that does not have walls, or you may prefer having a porch with screened walls. These are some of the things you will need to think about before you get this type of addition to your home.

What Is The Difference Between A Porch Patio Verandah & Lanai Enclosure

Surrounding exterior living spaces with screen enclosures can create the perfect mix of inside and out. Are you dreaming of a porch or patio screen enclosure? Would a verandah or lanai enclosure make it easier to enjoy the beauty of the world right outside your door? Weve heard customers use terms such as porch, patio, verandah and a screen lanai enclosure to describe their backyard area.  But they all have distinct meanings. Which of these backyard structures would you like to enclose and enjoy?

What Is A Patio

Many people often confuse a patio with a deck or porch, but these are three entirely different things. While the patio is an outdoor area like a porch and deck, it is typically a paved area that is outside of the home and not attached to it. When constructing patios for clients, it is common for contractors to use concrete, bricks, and even assorted stones that were selected by the clients.

The purpose of having a patio is to have an outdoor area where you can sit, eat, and relax. Many people with patios like to host parties and gatherings with their loved ones where they are preparing food and serving it outdoors. Once there is the patio, homeowners may invest in items for those patios, including outdoor furniture, that they can leave outside and use whenever they want to sit outdoors.

Not all patios look the same, and some are much bigger than others. It does depend on the space available to the homeowner. One thing that most patios have in common is that they are found in the back of the home and may even be situated near a deck.

Difference Between Porch Patio Deck Balcony & Veranda

Patio or Deck?

Want to know the difference between a porch, patio, deck, balcony & veranda? Over the years, outdoor living spaces have started gaining immense popularity in terms of functionality and aesthetics. People have started giving extreme importance to their outdoor spaces. Be it in summer or winter, these spaces have become a spot for recreation or a relaxation haven for friends and family.

These outdoor structures, although being part of the house, usually are attached or detached to main structure, covered or uncovered, in form of a porch, patio, balcony, veranda and deck. Most of us would think they are all the same and indistinguishable. Yes it is true but only till a certain extent. Let us take a look at the precise differences between these terms to broaden your design knowledge so next time when we see a patio, we call it a patio and not a veranda.

Table of Contents

What Is A Deck

A deck is a structure composed of wood that does not have a roof attached to it. As a homeowner, you can get a deck installed on any specific area of your home. Some people like to have a deck in their backyard, while others prefer having a deck that is off to the side of the property. It all depends on the location of your home and the amount of space you have available to get this type of addition constructed.

Decks come in all different sizes and shapes. Before getting a deck installed, you would need to have measurements taken to determine how much space you have available to work with in the first place. You may want a large deck to have plenty of room for a grill and chairs that you will have out for guests to sit on when they visit you. In addition to getting a deck that is the perfect size for your personal space, you will also need to decide on the shape, style, and color of the deck.

You can have a deck built with different types of materials. While wood is the most common goto for decking, decks made from wood-plastic composite have become extremely popular. No matter what you plan on choosing, you will need to decide on the species of wood that you would like used based on its longevity and general appearance. You want something that is going to look good and last a long time while not requiring nearly as much maintenance as some other options.

What Is The Difference Between A Patio And A Balcony

A balcony is at least one floor above the ground level and is usually situated outside the building , enclosed by concrete or balustrades.

A balcony is the same as a porch in structure and design, and if there were any differences, it would be minor. They are both located in the same area of the house and possess the features and functions in most places.  

A patio, on the other hand, is generally at ground level, and open space adjacent to the building .

But to provide protection to the furniture against elements, you make use of a gazebo or other patio shade.

Making use of a shade in your patio area does not only protect your patio furniture or accessories but also makes the space comfortable at any time of the day.

What *part* Of The House Are They Located At

  • A patio is an outside seating area that is usually attached to a home or, sometimes, to a restaurant. Patios are usually found in the back of the home outside the backdoor, but they may also be found to the side of the home, especially if theres a side door located on the building. Patios are not found in the front yard in most situations, although it is possible to find a front patio on some homes depending on the style preferences of the people who live in it. Most people, however, have a porch in this situation.
  • terrace, on the other hand, is a flat space of land that is almost always found at the top of a building or another structure. For example, if you have a patio on the roof, then you actually have a terrace. However, they dont necessarily have to be on the roof, but terraces are almost always not connected to the home or other building. They are sometimes found in parks as their own, standalone structure, and if you have a flat seating area in your backyard that isnt connected to your home in any way , then you probably have a terrace.

Home Outside Your Home

What is the difference between a porch, patio, or deck and ...

Whether connected to the house or placed nearby, an outdoor extension will provide more space for all sorts of activities and a one-of-a-kind environment. As part of the building and yet separate areas, porches, verandahs, patios, and lanais bring an undeniable charm and more functionality to a home.

These external additions can further benefit from being different types of enclosures. Partial enclosures will keep more of the outdoorsy feel, while complete screens keep the extended space warm and clean for year-round enjoyment.

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Do Patios Increase Home Value

Adding a patio can be a fairly affordable home renovation project. That said, youll likely still need to hire a professional, which can add extra costs. 

The National Association of Realtors estimates that installing an 18-by-16-foot concrete paver patio will run you around $7,200, while the estimated return on investment is $5,000. In other words, youll recoup around 69 percent of the cost when you sell your home.

For comparison, adding a new wooden deck is more expensive on the front end about $10,000, according to the association but also nets a higher 80 percent cost recovery.

Still, a patio can really help enhance your quality of life while youre still living in the home, and having some outdoor space whether a porch, a patio, a deck, a veranda, or something else entirely will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. 

Homeowners value their homes outdoor living space as much as the interior, says Ryan Dalzell, a San Diego-based real estate agent.

Difference Between Porch And Deck

A porch is very similar to a deck, they are both extensions of the main building and they create an avenue to relax and catch some fresh air.

The deck design is different from that of a porch and they are uniquely made to fit the design of the house. The main difference between the two is that a porch has a roof and it is enclosed or partially enclosed.

A deck on the other hand is an open porch that extends from the main building without a roof.  The construction of a porch and deck are usually the same because they need to structure with the main building, unlike a patio thats usually away from the main building.

General Considerations For Porches

  • Porches can be made to perfectly match your home in every way, every detail. That said, when made of wood, they bring the maintenance requirements of wood.
  • All homeowners appreciate increased living space, especially when its well-designed. Huge increases to curb appeal.
  • The one major consideration with new porches is their initial construction costs. Depending on the size, scope, and complexity, they can cost tens of thousands.

That said, lets switch gears and look at a couple of patio examples. Keep in mind these are both on the more extravagant end. The major differences are again, location and the open-air space.

Patio Example #2 | HGTV | The DIY Network

Another nice quote from Lisa Taylor, 

The word patio comes from the Latin word patere, which means to lie open. Originating in Spanish or Spanish-American architecture, it is often an outdoor space that is open to the sky, although it can have a protective structure overhead. During the 15th century in Spain, square central patios surrounded by galleries and porticos became popular.

Generally, youre going to pay less for a patio than a porch. The installation shouldnt take as much time either, as long as there arent any foundation or grading issues. Patios can also be a bit more expansive. You wouldnt usually see a porch extending so far out from the home as some patio areas go. 

In our area of the country, as in others, critters and insects are also a concern with patios.

What Is A Sunroom

Pavers Vs. Concrete – Which is best for your outdoor living space?

The sunroom is a sheltered room that is attached to the home. It is an added room to the house that has more windows than the average room, allowing plenty of natural sunlight to soak through. Property owners often like adding assorted plants to their sunrooms because that is the perfect room to get plants to thrive because of the added sunlight. Those who want to enjoy the benefits of the sun without sitting directly outside where they would end up dealing with insects may enjoy having a sunroom available to them.

Sunrooms are often smaller than the average size of a living room or bedroom, but they still offer an adequate amount of space. While the location of a sunroom may vary from one home to the next, it is common for homeowners to have a sunroom attached to the back of the house. There is a common misconception that a sunroom and back porch are the same thing, but this is false. These two home features are different from one another.

It is quite common for people to confuse decks, patios, porches, covered roofs, and sunrooms. Many people believe these home additions are all the same, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Each addition has something unique to offer. If you are thinking about adding something extra to your home, you should make a list of your wants and needs and then decide which of these different options are the best for you.

What Is Considered A Patio A Porch

Typically found in the backyard, patios are often made from poured concrete or stone pavers. Theyre defined, hardscaped spaces that extend your living space outside and offer a blank slate for decorating with lounge chairs, dining sets, shade sails, umbrellas, other furniture, and barbecue grills. 

Patios are usually uncovered, though covered patios and pergolas are also popular. Depending on the time of year, the time of day, and the available shade from trees or the house itself, some patios may be too hot and sunny for comfort. Patios and anything left on them are often exposed to the elements, too, including rain and hail.

Porches, for comparison, are usually attached to the front of a house and covered by a roof or awning. Theyre often raised off the ground and constructed from wooden floorboards. Many porches have railings.

Porches are typically built onto the home itself as an architectural feature, and they can even wrap around the entire front of the house. They can be enclosed with screens, too. 

Since they typically face the street, porches offer less privacy but can be a good way to get to know the neighbors. They can also be decorated with outdoor furniture, rugs, tables, and even ceiling fans, since theyre covered overhead.

What Is The Difference Between A Porch And A Deck

How you decorate your outdoor living space in a way that makes it both beautiful and functional can sometimes depend on the specifics of your homes existing exterior. Porches and decks share a few things in common: they provide space for people to enjoy the outdoors, they add value to your home, and they both consist of, at minimum, flooring and railings.

Their differences, however, are more plentiful.

What Is A Lanai

A lanai is actually a type of porch . More specifically, a lanai is a term most frequently used in Hawaii to describe a specific type of porch.

You are probably wondering how are they any different from a porch or sunroom if they are also an enclosed porch? As Charlene Oldham discusses in her post, lanais are slightly different from sunrooms because they have concrete floors and are found on the ground adjacent to the home.

A good thing to note, Angies list says that building a lanai is less costly than adding on a large sunroom to your home. Lanais also offer more protection than a traditional porch because they usually feature screens or windows. They give homeowners that coveted indoor/outdoor living feeling, and are typically used for three seasons.

Tips For Designing & Styling Your Deck

Difference Between Deck Porch and Patio
  • Since decks are intended to be more of a functional space, designate an area for dining. This can include a grill, built-in table & chairs, or a wet bar.
  • Add a firepit area where you and your guests can relax, roast marshmallows, and get warm during the cooler months.
  • Get some standalone umbrellas, or furniture with small canopies, to create areas of shade for those uncomfortably hot days.

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Porch Vs Patio: What Is The Difference

Having a place to chill outside of your home that is still on your property is important. There are many different structures that can give this to you. Two of those structures are the porch and the patio.

Both of these are very useful, but the problem is that people often get them confused. This causes more confusion when mentioned to contractors or when you use the terms to try to find a good contractor. 

When To Choose A Porch Over A Patio

A porch is typically a covered transitional space protecting the front entryway of a home . It often serves a utilitarian function, such as a place to prepare to leave or enter the home or to store outdoor accessories. Porches are also often used for quiet relaxation or small social gatherings. In some regions, the porch is seen as an energy-saving feature, a buffer zone or “airlock” between the home’s entrance and severe outdoor weather.

A patio, on the other hand, is typically a large paved backyard space intended expressly for outdoor cooking, dining, and entertainingnot a utilitarian space. A patio is the best choice if you want to enjoy sunlight, as it generally is left open to the sky.

  • Always attached to the house

  • Provides a transitional entryway to the house

  • Floor is often wood-framed

  • Always has a roof structure

  • Traditionally a front-yard feature

  • May be adjacent to the house or detached

  • Usually used for dining or entertaining

  • Floor surface is paved

  • Usually open to the sky

  • Usually a back-yard feature

What Is A Veranda

A veranda can be a large porch, usually used for entertainment or as a gallery room. Verandas are roofed and will often wrap around the front of a house and can even extend around the sides. Verandas may also oftentimes include a railing.

Unlike a lanai, a term used in Hawaii, a veranda is a term mostly used in the South. Unlike balconies that are elevated, verandas are a ground floor addition. If you are someone who admires art, this room is perfect for you. Or if you are an artist yourself, go ahead display and show off your work!

Lucky for you, whether you have a patio, porch, lanai, or veranda, Patio Productions can furnish all your needs! Now that you know the differences, you can figure out which room extension makes sense for you . We love outdoor living as much as you and support all your upgrade decisions!

Patio Vs Porch At A Glance

Backyard Patios vs Decks – Which is Better?

Now that you know the patio vs porch differences, you can choose which to add to your home for your next home project. To help you even further, here is a simple guide on the difference between porch and patio:

Non-value adding, but can affect how quickly a home sells due to increased appeal Can be a marketable addition, depending on materials used

Whichever you prefer between the two, you and your guests must all be comfortable in the space. One important consideration when choosing porch or patio furnishing is how much value it can add to the area.

A good value-adding fixture is the Keter Pacific Cool 7.5 Gallon Outdoor Cooler.

It is unlike any other cooler, thanks to its elegant and functional design. It features a pop-up lid that elevates to become a cocktail table and a hidden cooler with a 7.5-gallon capacity. 

Its weather-resistant resin construction allows it to be a versatile piece used as a coffee or bar table, drink cooler, and even a hot tub side table. It is a beautifully constructed piece that would liven up any porch or patio!

How Many Times Have You Loosly Used A Term For A Type Of Structure Such As A Porch Or Veranda Portico Or Pavilion Or Simply Mixed Them Up Hopefully This Helps Clear Up The Confusion


The term portico is Italian and means a small porch.  A portico is a porch leading to the entrance of a building or extended as a colonnade with a roof structure over a walkway and supported by columns and may be enclosed by walls. This idea was widely used in Ancient Greece and has influenced many cultures, including most Western cultures.

The important part about porticos are the columns. Porticos also tend to be smaller than porches.


Extending from the main structure, a porch is a covered shelter attached to the front of the entrance of a house or building.  A porch can be expanded to wrap around the building. The structure is external to the walls of the building, but it may be enclosed in certain types of frames including walls, columns or screens.

A great thing about porches is that they are neighborly. Older neighborhoods have houses with porches. Neighbors always wave and talk to each other on these long summer evenings.


A veranda is Portuguese for porch.  It is a roofed, open-air gallery or porch. A veranda is often partly enclosed by a railing and frequently extends across the front and sides of the structure. A wrap-around porch is really a veranda.



Pavilions are much bigger than gazebos. They are usually square or rectangular. and are often found in parks or outdoor community event centers. They are great for picnics and cultural events.







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