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How To Recover Patio Cushions

Stitch The New Cover Closed

Reupholster or Recover Outdoor Patio Cushions (how to) – Renee Romeo

To finish off the back of the cushion, fold it like youre wrapping a present:

And hand sew it up:

Heres to another fabulous year!

My pillows got a makeover too


Oh how we love the after:

So new!!

I wasnt crazy about the stripe at first because I used a stripe last year. I really wanted to use the geometric fabric I used on the pillow for the cushions, but there were only two yards left on the bolt.

The stripe is so classic, though and it is really easy to sew with, so Im happy with how it turned out!

It took me almost eight yards to cover all the cushions. That includes a total of eight cushions.

Thats approximately one yard per cushion, but I was able to cut two side-by-side in my fabric. These are quite thick so you should be able to do the same.

Put The Assembly Back Together

Trim down any extra spline and place the caps back onto the sling rails.

Screw the sling rails in about half way all the way around.

Now, you need to place the tension bar. There are a few methods I have found for doing this. I saw people use some type of spreader tool or jack clamp or even a car jack. Not everyone has something like that lying around so we are just going to use a good old fashioned rubber mallet to get the job done. Start by slightly bending your tension bar and then slipping it into the holes on either side. Then cover the bar with some sort of fabric and start pounding it back into a straight position.

Finish screwing in your sling rails and attach any additional hardware and then your chair is complete!

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How To Recover Outdoor Cushions With Piping

This is not a hard job to do, Mostly, it will just take time if you are an experienced sewer. Also, you have to be prepared for any unsightly mess the fabric has managed to accumulate over time.

Here are the steps needed to do thistask:

  • First, you need to remove all the old exterior fabric from all the cushions you intend to recover.
  • Second, this is where you use those old cushions and make a pattern to follow. Any paper will do the trick for you and do not forget about including the edging.
  • Third, cut the fabric for your sides, piping, edging, ties, and buttons. Next, lay out your pattern and cut the main body of fabric for the cushion covers. Dont forget any seam allowance or raw edge fold up.
  • Fourth, this is the time to make your piping and it is a bit time-consuming. Be patient and do the job correctly.
  • Fifth, Pin the front to the sides with piping. Make sure the piping matches the fabric front and do this with the fabric right side up. Next, layer the side panel with piping and pin together.

Use your fingers to hold everything tight as you stitch. Get as close to the piping as possible. A zipper foot may come in handy as will a slow sewing machine speed.

  • Sixth, The back is made into 2 separate pieces so you can slide the cushion in when the fabric cover is ready. Then sew the center seam by hand and add ties at this time.
  • Seventh, cover the buttons and add them in this step. Then hand sew the back seam and add the buttons and you are done.

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Get My Free Sewing Pattern Pdfs To Make Amazing And Useful Things

I hope you can see now how easy it is to recover patio cushions. This only took me about 20 minutes tops to do. When this patio cushion fades, Ill just get a new fabric and recover it again. Easy peasy! I also made a padded headrest for these wicker rockersif you want a tutorial for that, let me know in my sewing group here!

May 2020 Update: I recovered these patio cushions over three years ago and theyre STILL holding up! But the fabric has faded because I always forget to take them in for the winter. So its time to use this tutorial to recover them again! The question is what lovely outdoor fabric should I use this time? Finding the fabric is going to be harder than recovering the cushions because our craft stores still arent open. I may have to get creative!

I hope this tutorial has inspired YOU to recover your outdoor patio cushions, too! Id love to see what you do to make yours beautiful again. Please share a photo in our or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker.


Pin Your Pattern To The New Fabric

How to Recover Patio Cushions Without Sewing

On a wide flat surface, like a dining table or floor, spread your new outdoor fabric, wrong side up. You can begin to pin the pattern pieces one at a time, laying them out to maximize your use of fabric. If youre using a directional pattern like a stripe, plaid or check, make sure youre happy with the pattern placement. You might not be able to be as efficient in your layout as you would with a solid or small print. As you pin each piece, measure a seam allowance around the pattern piece and mark it with your tailors chalk or pencil. For regular seams on cushions, add an extra ½ inch. For chair pads, add 3 inches.

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How Do You Know How Much Fabric You’ll Need

Figuring out how much fabric to buy for your project is simple. One note: its always better to buy an extra yard or two to make sure you have enough and to give you wiggle room if you make a mistake. Any leftover fabric can make wonderful throw pillows! Remember that you may need extra fabric if you are trying to match stripes, plaids or large pattern repeats.

Im Going To Show You Step

Making new covers made my outdoor furniture look brand new again!

I purchased this set at Target years ago. It came with several pieces and the price was right, only then it was white with light green cushions.

Since then its had two wardrobe changes, not including this one, and a new paint job. I give it another light coat of spray paint each summer to freshen it up.

Maybe some day Ill get a new set, but when it still looks this good, why bother?

The before was really just so saddownright embarrassing:

And the deckgross! Not to worry though, I spent the past three days out there. A little demo and lots of elbow grease and its looking so much better. How does it end up like this??

UPDATE: You can see the deck HERE now!

Ok so here we go!

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How To Determine Fabric Requirements

How to recover deck or patio cushions
Length is the sum of the longest side’s measurement the product of your thickness multiplied by 2 and the product of multiplying the number of breaks by thickness, then by 2. If ties, include an additional 2.
If the sum of the depth’s measurement and the thickness is greater than 25, double the fabric allot for your “length measurement above.
If the sum of the depth’s measurement and the thickness is greater than 52, then multiply the width by 2.6.
This is considered your “adjusted depth.

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Calculating Fabric Needed For Recovering Patio Cushions

The sun is finally shining and we can pull out our patio furniture! You might want an update or to add some color to your outdoor space. Create an easy update by recovering your patio cushions. Calculating the amount of fabric you need can be a daunting task but all it takes is some measurements and a little planning.

Can Patio Cushions Stay Outdoors All Year

No, patio cushions should not stay outside all year, unless the weather in your area is usually dry. If you live in Arizona with a year-round outdoor pool, your cushions will only need the occasional cleaning, but they may fade more quickly from constant sun exposure.

Conversely, if rainfall is frequent where you live, you should keep them sneaked away inside a shed or storage closet of some kind, says Kate Diaz, founder of Swanky Den. Exposure to moisture can degrade cushion fillings over time and encourage mold growth.

Heres how to clean and store outdoor patio cushions to make them last.


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Easy To Clean Outdoor Cushion Covers

One benefit of using outdoor cushion covers is that you can conveniently remove and wash the cushion covers whenever they get dirty.

Life happens. Your dogs muddy paws, ketchup from your kids hot dogs, or a host of other oops moments may soil your clean patio cushions.

It can be tedious to use various stain remover products and try to blot the stain out of permanent cushions. Instead, with removable patio cushions, you can just pre-treat the stain if needed and throw it in the washing machine.

Your patio furniture will look new and elegant all the time if you keep your cushions clean!

Attach Your Piping To The Fabric

How to Recover Patio Cushions Without Sewing

Take one of your end pieces of fabric, right side facing up, and lay your piping along the bottom edge of the panel. The nice side of the piping is in towards the center of the fabric and the seam allowance is at the edge.

Using a zipper foot, start sewing your piping to the fabric. You want to sew really close to your piping for a cleaner look. I always start along a strait edge and work towards the curve.

Also, dont sew the end of your piping down, since we need to close it later. Start in a few inches from the edge.

When you get the the curve, snip the piping at the seam allowance, so the needle can move along the edge smoothly. Sink the needle down and then raise your presser foot to turn the fabric.

Once youve sewn almost all the way around, stop about two inches before the end of the piping. Back stitch. Then remove the fabric from the sewing machine.

Fold your fabric back from the cording on both sides. Line the cording up, and cut it, to remove the extra.

Then cut off the extra fabric from the last side of the piping fabric you sewed, leaving enough extra to fold the end of the fabric under. Now cut the other side of the fabric just a little longer than the edge of the cording. Fold one side of the piping under and place it over the edge of the other side.

Put the piping back in your sewing machine and stitch the finished piping down.

Dont forget to back stitch each end. You need to repeat this process for both end pieces of fabric.

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Cut & Sew Your Piping

I used a lighter cream colored fabric for my piping. Using your clear ruler cut 2 1/4 wide strips of fabric. If your piping length is longer than your fabric strip, combine 2 strips by stitching the corners together.

Then using a cording foot or zipper foot, stitch the fabric strips around your piping. Then go back and cut the seam allowance to 3/8.

Dont back stitch the ends of your piping as you will need to finish them off later.

This is a good video on how to sew piping.

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Simple Way To Reupholster Patio Furniture

Updating patio furniture with a new look isnt complicated or expensive compared to replacing it with new furniture. If the frames are sturdy, whether they are wood or metal, they can be refinished. However, an even less complicated project involves reupholstering the cushions. New fabric on foam outdoor cushions makes the furniture look new and adds a designer touch. New covers can be sewn if youre handy with a sewing machine but if not, a hot glue gun simplifies the project even more.

Learn How To Recover Outdoor Patio Cushions The Easy Way

How I Recovered My Patio Cushions for a Fresh New Vibe

Are your chair and patio cushions looking a little sad after the long winter? Do you want to recover patio cushions for the summer? Just the thing to sit in to enjoy your garden and DIY birdhouse! I can show you how to do it quickly and easily.

First, my story: Ive wanted rocking chairs on my big porch for years now. A couple of weeks ago, Greg bought us two beautiful wicker chairs. They were a brown that didnt go with our house, so he painted them white for me. But the cushions were still the boring beige the chairs originally came with. I am NOT a beige kinda girl. So we went to the fabric store and picked out a bright and cheerful outdoor canvas. But the fabric sat around for a while without me working on it at all. Sound familiar?

But yesterday afternoon was a glorious day and I knew it was time to recover those ugly cushions. It took only about an hour to recover both patio cushions, from start to finish. This is a super easy sewing project and if you dont want to sew, there are options for that, too. And my patio cushions were not even perfectly square. Let me show you how you can recover patio cushions quickly and easily, too!

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Create Your Own Comfort With Outdoor Cushions

You invested in outdoor furniture for a reason: you love spending time outside. And while youre out there, you might as well make your outdoor furniture as cozy as you can. You can buy new cushions, but the cookie-cutter store variety simply doesnt cut it when it comes to finding the right fit, color and style.

Heres a solution: recover your own.

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The Total Cost To Recover Outdoor Cushions

The average cost to reupholster outdoor cushions is not going to be a set figure. A lot depends on size, materials needed, special features and design of the couch or chair you want to be done.

Right now, the average cost ranges between $50 and $500. it is impossible to give an exact total cost because of the factors mentioned above. Now that is just the quote from one company. You can shop around and see if you get a cheaper price.

This company is quoting a fabric price of $50 to $70 per yard and labor costs between $40 and $100 per hour. So if you only have 2 cushions that need recovering you are looking at spending, at the low end of things, $180. The high end of the job would be $340 without other factors included.

To get a more exact figure for your project, ask several companies to provide you with an estimate. If you are going to do it yourself, then all you have to worry about is the cost of the fabric, thread and other sewing supplies like needles and zippers.

Your time is your own but you should determine how many hours you are going to need to do the job right and lay aside a good block of time to get the project completed.

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Best Fabric To Recover Outdoor Cushions

There are a lot of fine fabric choices when you want to recover your outdoor cushions. But there are some factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the one you want to use.

First, you need to determine how much exposure to the elements those fabrics will have. Second, you need to make sure the fabric is at least water-resistant if not waterproof. Third, decide on how much you want to spend on the fabric.

The fabric you choose will depend a lot on your personal preferences but do not get too fancy as outdoor furniture is not the same as interior decorating. Sometimes the plain fabrics are the best for the former.

Here is a list of fabrics you have to choose from:

There are other outdoor fabrics you can look at and use. But these are the top ones that will make your outdoor furniture look good and last a long time.


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