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A Frame Patio Swing Cover

Swing Chains And Suspension Systems

Part 1: How to build a patio cover

Although modern patio swing canopies feature a steady, A-shaped frame, nothing beats the beauty of a good, old-fashioned chain swing. In this setup, four chains of equal proportions usually connect the swing seat to the suspension bar, which is located below the canopy frame. Newer patio swings made of metal use a suspension system consisting of a static A-shaped frame on either sides connected to a suspension bar on top.

Lopsided chains are a common problem with chain patio swings. Usually, a chain becomes loose and deformation in the suspension bar causes one chain to dip lower than the others. A quick DIY fix can resolve this. If your swing is store-bought as opposed to a DIY creation, there should be instructions in the manual on how to recalibrate it.

However, if aside from being lopsided, your chains are extremely rusty, then its time to replace them. Sometimes youll see indications of chain links starting to open up, indicating a need for parts replacement. If your patio swing uses a metallic A-frame suspension system, theres less to worry about. Theyre usually more sturdy, and only need swing canopy frame replacement due to man-made damage or long-term neglect.

Patio Swing Canopy Replacements

The canopy is the roof of the patio swing that protects the seat and the occupant from sunlight and rain. If your entire patio swing came as a set to be assembled, chances are your canopy is made from the same material as your seat . Some canopies are full-blown roofs, while others are just frames with fabric draped over it. Since the canopy is the part that bears most exposure to the elements, its usually the part that gives out first.

If your canopy fabric doesnt fit the frame snugly, it may create pockets for rain to accumulate in. This facilitates the growth of mold and algae, which can ruin your canopy. The combination of harsh UV rays and rain can make the fabric so brittle it can tear apart easily even with just the forceful jabbing of your finger or any pointed object. Fortunately, its fairly cheap and easy to secure a swing canopy replacement fabric and most homeowners just replace them at the first sign of falling apart rather than fixing the tears.

***NOTE: Please check out our best patio swing canopy replacements for more detailed reviews and options.

How Your Patio Is Supposed To Look Vs Reality

Patio swings have a way of instantly brightening up your backyard – after all, nothing beats an idyllic afternoon underneath the shade of your patio swing canopy, the slight rocking of the swing and the peaceful ambiance slowly leading you into slumber.

However, frequent use, coupled with Mother Natures wrath can do a number on our precious patio swings, and even with careful maintenance, there will come a time that it will need canopy swing replacement parts. I dont know about you, but high-pitched squeaking noises, and the feeling that my seat is about to give out from under me is not exactly how I want my idyllic afternoons to be.

Dont sweat it though replacing parts of your patio swing canopy is a breeze. In fact, this nice little guide gives you the rundown of common problems you may experience with your patio swing and what to do about them. Youll also learn to know what tell-tale signs to watch out for, which problems can be repaired with a quick DIY fix, and which ones need replacement parts.

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Porch Swing Canopy Materials

Swing Top Cover Canopy Replacement Porch Patio Outdoor ...
  • D poly-carbonate
  • Metal frames
  • Of Course the list above is not exhaustive as there are so many innovative materials that can be used in making your own canopy. More often than not the material that you use for you standard awnings is the same material used for making porch swing canopies.

    How to Choose Canopy Material

    Choosing the appropriate material is extremely important. You have to make sure that the material you select matches your swing. This will prevent you from creating a hideous structure that no one wants to look at.

    Also important is to ensure that you choose appropriate material. If you have a timber porch swing then a timber or thatch canopy maybe better suited than a plastic roof. Of course you can always see what fits your environment but ensure that the end product is something you can be proud of.

    Also choose something you are comfortable working with. If you are good with timber leave metal alone and ask for help from someone good at metal working, I always prefer to have a perfect end product.

    Make sure that the frame you choose is light in weight and can be carried by you A frame or whatever frame will be carrying your roof.

    Fabric Material Design and Cutting

    The Ripstop Porch Swing Canopy

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    Tangkula Converting Canopy Porch Swing

    One of the best outdoor porch swings with stand and canopy we found is this stunning option from Tangkula. Made of a durable, weather-resistant steel frame, this heavy-duty Tangkula Converting Outdoor Patio Swing with Canopy can hold up to 750lbs of weight and uses premium, heavy springs to connect the swing to the frame, so you dont need to worry when swinging and relaxing. The canopy has been carefully designed to provide the maximum amount of protection from UV, wind, rain, and dust, and the angle can be easily adjusted to help you find the perfect level of shade every day. The backrest can also be adjusted easily to transform the upright swing into a flatbed and the soft cushions provide the ultimate comfort levels however you choose to use the swing. The design of the swing itself from the curved handrails to low-key colors has been selected to complement your yard and the fabrics have UV-protection inbuilt to ensure the best canopy porch swing remains to look attractive for as long as possible. And if you want to have the view of the perfect lawn from your swing, you will love one of these robot lawn mowers that will keep your yard looking amazing.

    Product dimensions are 73 x 44 x 68 and the swing can take a maximum weight of up to 750lbs

    Adjustable handrails and backrest can be transformed into a flatbed for added comfort

    Canopy is angle-adjustable to provide ultimate protection from sun, UV, rain, wind, and dust

    Which Material Should I Choose

    If you are trying to choose between the 18oz and 12oz vinyl material please choose based on your environment. For regular weather conditions the 12oz vinyl is a great material at a slightly less expensive price. If you are going to experience heavy weather conditions such as heavy snow, heavy rain, and lots of wind then please choose the 18oz vinyl material.

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    How To Replace A Broken Or Damaged Patio Swing Frame

    Replacing a damaged patio swing frame is the most difficult, especially if the frame is made of metal or plastic resin. This is why, when purchasing a store-bought patio swing, you need to make sure that the manufacturer provides porch swing canopy replacement kits for their frames. While other swing canopy parts are easy to get on their own, like the canopy cover or the cushion seat, the frames on a patio swing canopy differ per manufacturer.

    If you notice problems with your patio swing framework that warrant replacement, you should contact the manufacturer to ask for replacement parts. However, most manufacturers offer replacement frames for the entire frame, not parts of it. So if the problem lies on only one part of the frame, you may need to purchase the entire replacement frame.

    If you dont want to purchase a replacement frame, you can seek help from a professional to conduct repairs for you. Messing around with your canopy frame requires decent carpentry or soldering skills, or both.

    However, if your patio swing canopy is the result of a DIY project, or if its made of wood, then an easier solution is available to you.

    Youll need:

    • Saw
    • Sander or Sandpaper
    • Wood filler
    • Torque


    Durable Swing Covers Add Longevity To Your Swing

    How to Build A Porch Swing Frame

    There is nothing more rejuvenating than relaxing on a swing after a long tiring day. In fact, swinging back and forth is considered to be destressing. It’s time you gave the best protection to your swing with custom swing covers from Covers & All.

    Our swing covers are made with 600 Denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with PU coating on one side. The breathable fabric with high tensile strength prevents moisture, mold, and mildew from damaging the swing. The covers are 100% waterproof and UV- and tear-resistant, and provide protection against rain, snow, sleet, and sun rays and abrasion.

    The covers come with easy access handles that make removing the covers and cleaning them convenient. The covers also come with several tie-down options, such as waterproof zippers, extra strong elastic for tighter grip at the base, and push clips to secure the legs. For an additional fee, you can also get airbags to prevent water from forming puddles on the cover.

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    How To Make A Porch Swing Canopy

    Published by PSO Writer on June 4, 2020June 4, 2020

    Sometimes it happens that you try to enjoy yourself on your porch swing outside the house, but then the vicious heat from the sun forces you to go back inside. If that has happened to you then your porch swing probably doesnt have a canopy. Worry no further, this article is just for you!

    Joining The Pockets And The Main Fabric

    Once you have you have marked the corner pockets you can then cut them out from another piece of fabric. All four of them ensure that they are the same so that there is uniformity. When you are done then saw them into the main fabric tightly so that they dont snap off the frame.

    Remember to prepare straps as well. You will have to cut these off from a piece of the fabric and then sew them nicely into straps. You then have to sew then onto selected points in between the frame pockets on the main fabric

    The porch Swing Frame

    If you already have an old frame lying around somewhere then you are in luck. However if you dont, then you may have to order one, online stores usually have plenty of these. You can also make the frame yourself but you have to buy the best material for the job. You can also get the material online too you can find anything online these days.

    Dealing with metals, cutting and grazing and welding is usually a noisy and unsafe job so we normally recommend that you engage professionals for this. However whichever way you do it, make sure you are safe.

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    What Is The Most Common Material

    90% of all the industrial covers ALCO provides are made out of the 18oz Vinyl. It is a material which is very slick making it easy to clean and its very strong. 22oz vinyl is actually what is used on soft sided semi trailer trucks you see on the highway, so you know that it is an extremely durable and long-lasting material. We make our covers out of 18 oz vinyl, which is slightly thinner so that it is more flexible and not so stiff. Same material, just a thinner weight.

    Building The Frame For A Patio Swing Canopy

    Porch Swings Outdoor Clearance Metal Patio Cover Canopy

    If you don’t have the luxury of a covered patio or awning, adding a patio swing canopy will extend the use you get from your patio swing by protecting it from sun and rain.

    Porch SwingsPorch swings can be hanging swings that are anchored to a strong, weight-bearing beam or they can be gliders that slide back and forth on a frame. They can be purchased as part of an entire outdoor furniture set or purchased separately as stand-alone pieces.Purpose of a Swing CanopyFor a number of different reason, you might chose to install a swing canopy. You may not have a covered patio and might want some protection from the elements while sitting in the swing. Or you may have a covered patios or porch but might not trust the patio beam to support a porch swing. Often you may not place your porch swing on a porch or patio at all, preferring a grassy area in the backyard in which case you would need sun protection. In all cases, a swing canopy provides sun protection while creating a privacy nook quiet conversations.Installation ProjectIf you are handy with putting dowels together to create a basic framework on which to slide the canopy, this project can be completed over the course of a weekend.

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    As A Quick Summary To Make Your Own Porch Swing Canopy You May Follow These Steps:

  • Design the style of your roof, flat, curved, etc.
  • Measure the dimensions of your porch swing, length and width
  • Determine the size of cover you would require from the canopy it should equal to or a bit wider than the the length and breath from step 1 above
  • Design the frame, it can be either metallic or timber, use the dimensions from step 2 above. Using an old frame will be easier as that would save you time.
  • Cut and join the frame pieces together and make sure you dont have any sharp edges, rounded or pipe frames are the best.
  • Choose the fabric you will use, preferably ripstop
  • Determine the style of fabric roofing, e.g. flat edges or triangular etc.
  • Measure the fabric dimensions using the frame
  • Leave an allowance on the fabric for edge styling and hemming, about 5 inches should do the trick
  • Cut the fabric as per your design
  • Sew according to your design and dont forget to sew the hemming
  • Sew the corner pockets and the holding straps
  • Fix the canopy frame to the swing A frame, you can use bolts for this
  • Fix the fabric onto the canopy frame and tie the straps nicely
  • Enjoy your canopy porch swing
  • I know there are all those DIY fans out there, but the truth of the matter is if your swing doesnt have a canopy then the easiest way to get a swing canopy is to buy one, they are not that expensive. Buy if you love DIY so much or you cant afford to buy one then make one yourself, its a much more fulfilling venture anyway.

    A Few Of Our Valued Customers

    Very impressed with the quality of these, especially for the price. Buying custom fit many covers means they fit like a glove. They look nice, and feel well made. Even after a year these have worked really well for us. Even in a thunderstorm the cushions stay dry. Only during an extended rainy period did the top of the back cushions get wet where they were in contact with the cover which is understandable. Flipping the back cushion down prevents this. Covers themselves have continued to hold up nicely.

    I bought two of these chair covers – along with a settee cover and a table cover. All were of the same heavy durable material. We have used these covers only one season in Nevadas mild weather, however that is enough for me to decide that we made a good call here. We have had our patio furniture for a good six or seven years, and have tried several different tactics to preserve our furniture over the winter months. These covers are by far and away the most convenient and most effective solution, well worth the price.Dan Price

    These are REALLY nice covers. Very heavy fabric and they protect my furniture from the elements here in Florida. I bought chair, ottomans and love seat covers and all fit a great. I have wicker furniture with cushions on the seat and back.

    This is our 3rd set. We were getting cheaper ones but they kept getting holes after a heavy rain, this brand held up very well in a storm. Would buy again, if ever needed.Andrea McMaster

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    Big Box Store Covers Vs Alco Fitted Covers

    Big box stores and online retailers sell a one-size-fits-all furniture cover that most often times ship in from China. They generally look terrible once installed because you have to purchase a cover that is too large so that it fits. The problem is that it looks like a tarp has been thrown over your furniture. Another problem from purchasing a cover that is to large is that it results in water pooling up on the cover due to all the folds from that extra material. With ALCO, your covers are made right here in the United States and ALCO covers are made per the actual size you need! Its a better fit and a better appearance. If you own something that is valuable enough to cover, then cover it right!

    Faqs About Outdoor Patio & Porch Swings

    How to Replace an Outdoor Swing Canopy

    Q: Can my kids use the patio swing?

    A: Its of course recommended that an adult watches them while they do, and make sure they dont jump onto it.

    Q: How long does it take, on average, to assemble one of these models?

    A: Each one was actually surprisingly easy to assemble, taking anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. The heavier ones are much easier to set up if you have more than one person working on it, and can take around an hour.

    Q: How long should my new swing last?

    A: If properly taken care of and cleaned, it can easily last a good 10 years. This means that you keep it out of the suns direct light and rain when not in use, too.

    Q: What is the most comfortable porch swing?

    A: In our opinion the Abba Patio Outdoor Porch Swing Hammock is the most comfortable with its thicker padding and polyester fabric.

    Q: How much does a porch swing cost?

    A: Like most products there is a wide range. For porch swings you will find them as low as $100 to as much as $500 depending on seating capacity, quality of materials and if there is a canopy.

    Q: How much room do you need for a porch swing?

    A: This is course is determined by how large your swing is. You should allow at least 12 on each side and 3 feet in the front and back to allow you to swing and not hit anything.

    Q: What is the best porch swing?

    A: We feel the Abba Patio Outdoor Porch Swing is the best porch swing with its comfortable seats, quality of materials and value for your money.

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