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How Much Is A Patio Cover

Cost Of A Patio With A Fire Pit

How to build a patio cover

The cost of adding a fire pit to your patio ranges from $300 to $1,400. There are many ways to add a fire pit to your patio. You can purchase a ready-made pit made of ready-to-use metal. You can also purchase a kit and build one yourself or have a fire pit built for you. Fire pits can burn wood or use fuel from your gas line. Fire pits come in a range of sizes and styles. Consider its placement on the patio and seating and walking space around it when choosing and adding a fire pit.

Factors Affecting Cost Of Patio Cover

  • Materials the type of materials you use will dictate most of the cost of you patio cover as some materials cost higher than others but would likely be more durable and cost effective in the long run.
  • Types there are several types of patio covers to choose from depending on your preference and needs whether temporary or permanent, or whether for shelter only or overall protection and enjoyment.
  • Accessories depending on the type you install, you may need some accessories to improve the appearance and durability of the patio cover.
  • The size of the patio it is said that in certain types of patio roofing if the size is less than 120 square feet, you will be paying more per square foot due to the inefficiency of material and labor.

Also, other factors that might have an effect on the covered patio price are the following:

  • If there is an existing patio
  • If there are footings around the perimeter
  • If the patio cover is either free-standing or going to be attached to the house
  • The roof line
  • If the roof is going to be attached to the house wall or needs to be tied into the existing roof line

A renowned home improvement expert with almost 20 years of experience in building and repairing beautiful homes in the USA. He’s a civil engineer by profession.

How Much Does A Covered Patio Cost

A patio is such an enjoyable space that you can build in your home for recreation after facing a tight working schedule. It is good for dining, grilling, and hold some parties. Some people even consider it as a must have space.

Adding a patio cover to protect it from elements is a great idea. You can enjoy your outdoor patio whatever the weather is. There are numbers of patio covers that you can choose like the small patio awning, gable roof, or a carport. Today, a patio cover is mostly sold in an easy-to-install kit, so you can install it by yourself if you think you can while using the patio cover suppliers help seems like a better idea.

Adding a cover to a patio actually doesnt cost you so much. Dont worry about it, there are various choices of patio covers which can suit your budget. So, how much does a covered patio cost? Lets just keep scrolling!

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Cost To Build A Concrete Patio

The cost to build a poured concrete patio averages $6 to $10 a square foot. Poured concrete patios are fairly common, particularly for small spaces. This is a fast-and-easy patio to build. It is also lower maintenance than gravel while remaining inexpensive. Concrete patios can be stained in different colors. They should be sealed to prevent staining.

Patio Design & Budget

How Much Value Do Patio Covers Add To Your Home?
  • Our patio construction experts make sure that each project turns out perfectly.
  • We can adjust the size and scope of your shade cover to keep costs within your budget.
  • Our desire is to create the shade addition of your dreams.

When it comes to building quality insulated aluminum covers, Houston clients will tell you that we are industry experts. Our local construction professionals design and build patio covers Houston homeowners are proud to own.

What additional considerations are there when installing covered porches in the Houston area?

  • Custom stone or brick columns can be installed.
  • Color options to match your home.
  • Screen walls that enable any shade cover to be converted into a fully enclosed screened porch.
  • Drainage is a important so we install gutters on every cover that we build.
  • Since the size of a shade structure impacts price, we can build any size or shape to suit your need.
Actual Client Review:

Price was reasonable and we received a quality product. Work was completed in the time promised. Crew demolished old patio cover and tile patio, removed debris from property and cleaned up work site completely at completion of project. I would recommend this company.

John Walters in Montgomery, TX

How to make patio construction easy to understand?
People also ask:

What is a covered patio called?How much does it cost to put in a covered patio?Is a patio cover or pergola cheaper to build?

Actual Client Review:
  • Sugar Land

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How To Build A Diy Covered Patio

Youll be able to enjoy your backyard while protecting yourself from the sun when you learn how to build a DIY covered patio in this detailed tutorial.

I have a special treat for you today! My brother-in-law, Curt is sharing his first guest post here at Ideas for the Home by Kenarry®. He and his wife built an amazing covered roof for their patio to provide a little shade and rain protection in their backyard. I think it looks incredible and was thrilled when Curt told me he wanted to share a tutorial for how to build a DIY covered patio on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry®. Ill let Curt take it from here!

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links for products or services we think youll like. This means if you make a purchase from one of these links, well make a small commission at no additional cost to you so we can keep the great ideas for the home coming your way. All opinions expressed are our own, derived from our personal experience.

It is that time of the year when I start planning my summer projects. Most of the year I spend my time teaching English: grammar, styled writing, paragraph frameworks and a smattering of really good literature, but in the summer I am able to get my hands dirty and build stuff. This year I picked two major projects. The first is going to be a covering for our outdoor patio, and the second will be a natural swimming pond. This post will be covering the former and you can check out our DIY pond here.

Covered Patio Cost By Size

The patio size drives much of the costs. While a standard patio costs $8 to $25 a square foot, a covered patio costs significantly more. The average range for a covered patio is $14 to $87 a square foot, although most fall within the $25 to $40 a square foot range.

Patios are generally designated by their size and usage. For example, if you plan to use your space as an outdoor living room, you need more area than if you plan on using it as a bistro setting.

$9,728 – $29,400

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Covered Patio Drainage Cost

While some covered patios keep the rain off the patio, it is always a good idea to make sure that your patio slopes and drains away from your home effectively. This is particularly true for patios located against the house and covered patios that do not have protection from the rain.

Depending on the grade, location, and how well your patio is covered, you have two choices for draining the area – a drainage slope and a . You may find that one is the right fit for your patio or possibly a combination.

Drainage slopes do not have additional costs because they are incorporated into the patio layout and placement. A French drain can do a better job at draining water away from your home and directing it elsewhere, but it will have higher costs. French drains are essentially perforated pipes that carry water away from the patio area.

Below are the average costs for a 12 x 18 covered patio that has been installed with each option.

Drainage Type
$100 – $200

How Much Do Patio Covers Cost In 2020

How to Elitewood Insulated Patio Cover with Electrical and Tails

Page in Summary

If youre in the market for a new patio cover be prepared that depending on the materials, prices can fluctuate significantly.

For the retractable canvas patio covers expect to pay $1346 to $2070. The Aluminum patio covers range from $2200 for the lattice to $5020 for the insulated aluminum patio cover. A wood patio cover can range from $5507 to $13,500. Vinyl patio covers can range from $1800 to $4500. The new 4K aluminum patio covers range from $5089 to $9735.

So how much do patio covers cost in 2020?

So how much do patio covers cost in 2020? Well, the average cost per square foot for a Patio Cover or pergola is around $35.15*. Considering there are so many different types of patio covers and pergola systems on the market, one should expect to see a fairly large price difference between them all. Still, one must understand that our average price reflects over 20 different products and 45 different patio cover/pergola systems from 25 states. This averaged cost also includes installation cost.

*Information averaged over 25 different products including installation from 25 states.

Here are some examples of the various prices for patio covers and pergolas

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Gable Patio Cover Cost

The cost of a gable roof or patio cover averages $2,200 to $13,500 for the roof. This makes the total cost range for the patio $3,928 to $18,900. Gable patio covers come in one of two ways. They can be attached to your home, at least on one end. They can also be freestanding pavilions, a type of structure with a roof but no walls. Depending on the height and material of the gable cover, it has a wide range of costs.

How Much Is An Aluminum Patio Cover

Aluminum Patio CoverAluminum patio coverscostsaluminum patio covers

. Accordingly, how much does it cost to get a patio cover?

A 10 x 10 fully-covered patio cover made of vinyl costs between $4,000 and upwards of $6,000. A vinyl lattice cover costs between $2,000 and $4,500. If you installed a vinyl patio cover yourself, a solid patio would cost $1,800 to $4,000, and a lattice patio cover would cost from just under $1,000 to over $3,000.

Beside above, is Alumawood cheaper than wood? They cost much less than wood patios and are affordable compared to wood. However, for every positive there is a negative, alumawood is easily damaged compared to wood, they have limited colors to what is available for wood. They are limited in size, in other words, to be massive in scale when compared to wood.

Thereof, can you walk on aluminum patio covers?

A: No, Alumawood patio covers are designed to create shade and are not recommended to be walked on. Q.) A: Yes, the aluminum is extruded from a machine to make the different sizes used to build Alumawood Patio Covers.

What is the best material for patio covers?

The Best Material For a Long-Lasting Patio Cover

  • Wood. Wood is the most traditional patio cover material, and has been used the longest.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum has just recently begun being used for patio covers.
  • Vinyl. Similar to aluminum, vinyl is a great choice for a patio cover as it requires little-to-no maintenance or upkeep.
  • Getting Started.

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Patio Cover Cost Factors

If you currently have a patio, it might be time to install a cover or awning. Or, it might be time to upgrade your existing cover with a better one.

However, before you begin this project, you need to budget appropriately for it. And to do that, you need to understand the factors that play into its total cost. Here are the biggest cost factors that will impact how expensive or affordable your patio cover project will be.

Are Aluminum Patio Covers Hot

How Much To Build A Wood Patio Cover

An aluminum patio cover offers protection from all types of weather. It can keep your patio at a comfortable temperature on hot, sunny days and protect people from rain and snow. You can even block the suns rays altogether by installing an insulated patio cover. Aluminum is long-lasting and durable.

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How Much Is A Patio Cover

The Puget Sound is a great place to live if you want the benefits of living in the city while still being able to experience nature.

One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest in your own back yard is to build a patio cover. Patio covers are a great way to expand your functional living space into the outdoors while adding character and value to your home. They can provide you with a beautiful outdoor retreat that is protected from the elements.

While specific costs of building a patio cover can vary throughout the Greater Seattle area based on a number of factors, the expert builders at Timberline have put together a handy guide to help you understand what you need to consider when determining how much is a patio cover?.

Sun Shade Sail Canopy Cost

The cost of a sailcloth canopy over a patio is between $100 and $200 on average. This makes the average total cost for a 12 x 18 patio between $1,828 and $5,600. This assumes that the patio is ground level and not raised. Costs range for the finished patio, depending on the rest of the patio features. Sailcloths can be installed freestanding or attached to the house. They can also be combined with pergolas for additional shade.

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Benefits Of Patio Cover

Numerous individuals were investing in a patio since everybody needs to make an unwinding situation in their homes. Your patio ought to be an excellent spot to slowly inhale and begin to leave the anxiety of the day behind you. Whatever the patio may look, you should consider purchasing a patio cover. To know the reasons why here are the essential advantages that you can get from having a patio cover.

  • Patio cover can protect you from bugs.

You may need to think about getting a cover for your patio that accompanies a screen. Along these lines, you can keep the bugs out and still take in the outside air. It is a decent thing to have on the off chance that you will eat a ton of foods on your porch. Nobody likes blowing away bugs while they are endeavoring to make the most of their dinners.

  • Patio cover can protect you from rain.

Having a covered patio guarantees that you can, in any case, get a kick out of the downpour while staying dry.

  • Patio cover can protect you from the harmful sun rays.

No one would need a phenomenal space they are not ready to benefit by in view of the season of the day. A secured yard gives you the chance to appreciate being outside whether it is the hottest time of the day.

Retractable Canvas Patio Covers

How To Solid Patio Cover in One Day

The ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies are custom made to fit your area for that tailored look. Not only is there flexibility in their designs, but these patio covers can also be easily adapted to fit unusual shapes and patterns. Large spans are no match for the ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies. These patio covers can span up to 24 feet with no pitch required. ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies offers over 40 different fabric choices which include Sunbrella® commercial grade products. Special-order fabrics are also available

Retractable patio covers

A 10 x 10 retractable cover with professional installation goes for around $1746 to $3796.

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Aluminum Patio Covers Cost

Price isnt the only advantage Aluminum patio covers do not rot, crack, rust or get eaten by termites. You also get options to customize Alumawood covers to fit your needs and preferences. One can opt for the always popular lattice covers, un-insulated roof or even their 3 thick high-density foam insulated roofing system. The total costs vary between styles, systems and kits.

The installation of these covers is fairly simple even for the DIYer. When purchased as a kit, the covers include the necessary parts for a full installation minus the tools of course. Altogether, the installation time for an aluminum lattice cover say 10×10 for a DIYer is probably 8 hours with a little help.

Lattice patio covers
  • Some HOAs will not allow aluminum to be installed
  • Looks like a kit patio cover
  • Be careful when cutting this material. One wrong cut and you need a new piece.
  • Paint has a gloss to it

A 10 x 10 lattice cover with professional installation goes for around $1800 to $2200.

If you want a 10 x 10 non-insulated Newport cover professionally installed, expect to pay around $3609 to $5020.

The Alumawood 3 thick insulated cover with no add-ons, 10 x 10 installed by a professional will run you between $4608 and $5907

Custom Louvered Pergola Colors

The outdoor elements louvered roof system comes standard with 6 standard colors. Not enough for you? Well, there are another 16 designer colors to choose from. Still not enough? Have our staff help you custom color match your custom louvered roof. That’s correct. We can have your pergola with louvers custom powedercoated.

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