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Are Pergolas Good For Shade

Advantageous To Climbing Plants

How To Build a Pergola | With Sails for Shade

If you are a gardener, you can be sure that using a pergola will benefit your plants, especially the climbing ones like grapevines, clematis, or wisteria. It supports the plants as well as provides shade for them from the scorching sun. Having a pergola in your backyard next to your gazebo or kitchen garden is a good deal if you need your plants to thrive well. They will appreciate the shade and support obtained from the Pergola.

Do Pergolas Block The Sun

Pergolas block some of the sun even without a cover on the top, but a cover or some plant life growing across them offers far better protection.

The slatted top of the pergola doesnt block much of the sun on its own, but the corner beams and roof provide ample support and guidance for vining plants of all sorts.

If you want to maximize how much sun your pergola blocks out, consider its placement in relation to the sun during the time of day, youll be using it.

For increased sun protection, consider adding a curtain across the top or sides of the structure until plants have sufficiently covered this area.

Quality Custom Pergola Builders In Upstate South Carolina

Dont let the summer sun keep you from enjoying your backyard! A shady spot in your backyard is a must-have for those hot summer days.

Not only do pergolas and shade structures provide relief from the heat, but they also create a comfortable space to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You wont believe what our pergola builders can do to your backyard! When designing and building your custom outdoor shade structures, well go above and beyond by meeting your needs and surpassing your expectations.

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Can You Put A Roof Over A Pergola

Yes, you can put a roof on a pergola. Adding a roof to your pergola transforms it into a highly usable space no matter the weather. It also provides valuable protection against the heat of the day.

‘The benefits of having a pergola with a roof include being protected by theweather and the provision of consistent shade throughout the space below it. Thiswould also allow you to include other features like an outdoor TV to aspace. However, in some cases you will require permits for a structure witha permanent roof where other cases you may not need to with a rooflesspergola,’ explains Mike Pletz, owner of Ever After Landscaping .

How Do You Cover A Pergola For More Shade

Sunjoy Corona 10 ft. x 8 ft. Brown Steel Arched Pergola with 2

People often times wonder how to go about covering a pergola for more shade. After all, the main reason someone wants to cover their pergola is to get some shade in an area that might not normally receive any at all or otherwise.

To attain this goal, you need durability, affordability, and good aesthetic value. On that note, I hope that you find below how to cover a pergola for more shade easily.

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Whats The Perfect Pergola Orientation For Your Home

Consider placing the pergola, so it goes well with the landscape. For instance, place it in between the shade of two trees so it looks more natural. For maximum shade, consider having an open-roof pergola and place it in a way that its rafters orient both north and south. So as the suns direction changes, the rafter can cast wide shade under the structure.

You can have an open or a closed louvered pergola to extend your patio deck. Also, the R-Blade pergola may also be a good idea, as it can be placed beside your pool house to provide a relaxing space to sun-bathe. Better yet, there are different types of pergola orientations to ensure that you get to make the most of local weather.

You can further enhance the structure by planting vines and climbing planters on the pergola to affect the natural habitat.

Diy Pergola Shade Ideas

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These first few pergola cover ideas provide a lot of shade and some protection from rain but arent totally waterproof.

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What Pergola Material Should You Choose

With so many different materials to choose from, a pergola is highly customizable depending on your preferences and home style.

When choosing a material, you should pick one that best fits your home and is functional. Some materials will offer more shade coverage and be more durable.

Pergolas will be subject to constant UV rays, which can damage the material. If you want to stay safe and have a durable structure, consider a few things for the materials.

Installing A Fabric Shade

A Covered Pergola Is A MUST Here’s 5 Reasons Why | Cover Your Pergola

One of the most common ways to add more shade to their pergola is with a fabric shade. The fabric will fill the gaps between the boards, providing a drastic increase in overall sun protection.

There are numerous fabric shades designed exclusively for pergolas and will withstand harsh weather conditions.

Choose a fabric that is made for outdoor applications and will not degrade when exposed to sunlight. Outdoor substances will absorb most of the UV rays from the sun, allowing you to relax with minimal exposure. A fabric shade is the easiest option for adding more shade to your homes pergola.

If you live in a location that frequently has rain, we recommend breaking up your fabric shade into strips. In some cases, a fabric shade will accumulate water and collect in the center of the pergola. The water can run off when the fabric cuts and no flooding affects the structural integrity.

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Do Pergolas Provide Enough Outdoor Shade In The Summer

So you have a backyard, but something is still missing. It seems as if you cant cool off during those hot summer days. Some shade would probably be helpful. Luckily, you can improve your backyard with a pergola.

You are wondering how much shade does a pergola provide or even how does a pergola work? No worries, well help you answer those questions.

Check out our blog and see how different pergola shade panels can help you cool off and relax during sunny days.

Also, if you are looking for pergola design ideas in the Miami area, contact Cricket Pavers, and well give you a hand.

Tips For Choosing Pergolas

#1: Consider the type of weather in your area.

If you have seasons and dont live in summer-like weather year-round then we do suggest getting a pergola that comes with a canopy. Canopies do an excellent job of blocking moisture, lighter winds, and the sun so if youre entertaining others and it starts raining, you dont have to go inside!

#2: Consider a style and structure that goes with your current style and outdoor furniture.

These days, you can find a pergola that comes in all kinds of materials, styles, and colors so theres no excuse to get one that looks out of place. Instead, it should enhance the style and decor youve chosen for your space.

#3: Make sure to regularly inspect and maintain a wooden pergola.

These do require a bit more maintenance than metal alternatives as these typically dont need any maintenance at all. Make sure that it comes properly weather-proofed and isnt rotting anywhere.

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Do Pergolas Require A Lot Of Maintenance

No. In as little as one day, you will have a fully functional pergola. With Backyard Living Structures pergolas & pergola kits, they are super easy to install. You can have a kit shipped to you to install yourself or you can have a professional install it for you!

Once you have the pergola installed, the hard part is over. They require very little maintenance. A simple routine scrub down with soap and water will have your pergola looking brand new.

Aluminum-reinforced vinyl pergolas are stronger than wooden pergolas. They wont break down as easily over time, so you wont have to spend a lot of time repairing or repainting them.

Features To Consider For Pergolas

Sunjoy Beechhurst 10 ft. x 7.75 ft. Steel Arched Pergola with Natural ...


One of the first things you need to determine is how large your pergola should be. That usually comes down to the size of your backyard and how you plan to use your pergola. If you just want a cool, shaded space to accent your garden, you can probably get by with a smaller pergola. But you will need a larger pergola if you plan to cover your entire patio or want a big space for entertaining.

Take a look at your outdoor space and measure where you want your pergola to go. Record these measurements, and use them as your guide as you explore your options. Common pergola sizes include 2.1 x 2.1 metres and 3.7 x 3 metres.


You want to ensure that the pergola you choose isnt going to fall apart after a year or two. Part of that comes down to selecting the right materials for where you live. If you live near the sea, for example, you probably dont want a wood frame because the combination of the sun and the salt air can easily strip off the paint. A sturdy, corrosion-resistant metal frame will probably be a better bet.

Before you purchase a pergola, you should check to see if it comes with a warranty. Because pergolas are meant to last for decades, its not uncommon to find 10- or 20-year warranties with some of the top brands. This will protect your investment, so you dont have to pay for a new pergola if yours breaks down after a few years.


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The Best Of Both Worlds

The short answer is yes, pergolas provide some shade. Lounging underneath a pergola is very similar to sitting underneath a tree. You can enjoy some rays of sunlight peeking through, but also get some relief with streaks of shade. So if you dont want to sacrifice all sunlight from hitting your patio or deck area, but would like some relief from the hot rays, a pergola is the perfect solution.

The amount of sunlight blocked by the top of a pergola depends on certain aspects such as the size of the lattice slats and the angle at which you have it installed. If you truly love the look of a pergola but want to get more shade out of it, then you can cover the beams with an outdoor fabric or add a climbing plant with vines that will eventually cover your top. You can even opt to have an operable pergola installed, which has a roof that can be opened or closed with the touch of a button.

Miscellaneous Other Shade Cover Options

There are always some new creations for shade or even variations that may mean it should not strictly still be considered a pergola and I will just briefly mention some of the ones that I found:

  • Mechanical Louvres This seems to have been created in Australia and has an automatic louver system across the roof of your pergola structure. The special aspect is that by the push of a button all of the louvers can close and make the roof watertight!
  • Retractable Awning On Top It seems quite popular in Europe to have a pergola and then have a retractable awning mounted to the wall above for when its required. This is limited by the maximum extension of the automatic retractable awnings being about ~4m but some manufacturers can go further.
  • Not Attached! This was simply a large piece of shade cloth that had a batten at either end with some guide ropes. For a smallish, square pergola the rope was thrown over the structure and then used to pull the batten and shade over the top. The benefit was that the shade was longer than just covering the roof. This meant it could be adjusted to cover the roof and one end of the pergola for when the sun was coming from the side.

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Add A Solid Roof For A Classic And Reliable Pergola Roof

The main reason to add a solid roof to a pergola is the garden shade that it brings. Add a table and chairs and your previously exposed pergola can become the perfect spot for al fresco dining, protected from the heat of the sun. Equally, if you add patio furniture ideas, you can create a private space where in which you can relax with a good book and a cocktail.

As well as these lifestyle benefits, pergola roof ideas also offer a practical element. Depending on what materials your pergola is made of, you will periodically have to do some upkeep. This may include re-staining a wood pergola or maintaining paint. With a roof, these tasks do not need to be done quite as often, which means you save both time and money, explains New-York garden designer Thomas Brown.

Outdoor furniture is also very prone to wear and tear from the elements and typically needs to be replaced far more often than indoor furniture. Outdoor flooring types can also be impacted by the weather. Wood , for example, needs to be regularly stained to maintain its aesthetic. With a pergola roof, your outdoor furniture and flooring are mostly protected from those elements and will last much longer as a result. This will save you money in the long run, making your pergola roof a good investment.

Fabric Sides For Privacy

How to Build a Pergola Attached to Your House | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

If you want your patio to be a secluded backyard retreat, consider adding a privacy shade to your pergola. Again, you could DIY this with a sewing machine, grommets and ties, but there are plenty of options available for purchase as well. The Sunshades Depot Exterior Roller Shade comes in many sizes, and it can be opened and closed at will. The Alion Home Sun Shade is fixed.

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Extend Pergola Roof Sides To Turn A Pergola Into A Mini

Adding a roof to your pergola creates a private, peaceful sanctuary in your garden that is ideal for outdoor living. Take the look to the next level by continuing your solid roof to cover two perpendicular walls. This will create a room-like feel which, when paired with patio furniture and outdoor lighting ideas, is useable at all times of the day. Add a few blankets and cushions and its the perfect space for an after-dinner drink with friends.

‘To truly embrace an al fresco lifestyle, treat your outdoor space in the same way you would your interior. Think about your concept, furniture and accessories to create a space that feels like a room,’ says Scarlett Blakey, creative partner of Ophelia Blake Interior Design . ‘Add some height to your landscape and create a feature by building a pergola, which can be used as a spacious outdoor dining area. Use this as an opportunity to change your floor finishes to tile, and dress it up with festoon lighting.’

How To Choose The Best Pergola Buying Guide

Now that youve been able to read all about some great backyard pergolas, have you figured out which model is right for you and your outdoor space? If not, then theres no need to be worried! We know that these are all excellent products, but were here to help you narrow it down to just one.

Weve taken it upon ourselves to right up the following user-friendly buying guide so that by the time youre done reading there will be no doubt which is the pergola for you! Lets get started!

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Add Foliage Or Live Plants

Live foliage or plants is an excellent option for homeowners who want extra shade but dont need rain protection. Having a lush foliage collection for your pergola will enhance the style while also adding a bit of sun protection.

The possibilities are endless with this method, with dozens of plant options. If you want to add foliage to your pergola, here are some of the best options for coverage and appearance:

  • Trumpet Vine
  • Bougainvillea
  • Wisteria

Vines are the best plant to run across the top of the pergola, creating a shade for relaxation. Along with vines, you can add plants to the pillars or even hang potted plants for a complete garden design.

However, its important to note that the fallen leaves or flower petals will require more cleaning than the other methods on this list.

Pergolas Beautify Your Backyard

Pergola Shades Retractable

You have an eye for beauty and one that sees very well, for pergolas display undeniable beauty in their elegant structure. Their design is meant to add a stylish touch to any backyard, patio, or pool area. While their structures alone can turn the eye, possibilities for enhancing the beauty, style, or elegance of your pergola are endless. First, you have the option of what material should make up your pergola. Pergolas for sale are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. Depending on your style, these different materials add rustic, modern, classy, or elegant beauty to your pergola structure.

Another way to add an extra touch to your pergola is by hanging plants or growing roses, wisteria, honeysuckle, or grapes vines through the beams. Give your pergola a romantic feel and some added dusk lighting by draping lights around the posts or through the cross beams. If you want to add a Greek touch, hang pergola curtains or pieces of colored, linen fabric around the outside or through the cross beams.

More than stand-alone beauties, pergolas offer a wonderful framework to add your own special and beautifying touches.

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