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Inground Pool Ideas For Backyard

Beautiful Backyard Pool Designs

Inground Swimming Pool Designs Ideas For Backyard Ground Installtion.

Cranking up the air conditioning may help you cool off in Summer, but diving into a swimming pool does the job so much better. Depending on where you live in Australia, a backyard pool comes into its own when the mercury starts rising.

For an inground concrete swimming pool youâre looking at between $35,000 to $100,000 for installation costs. The average spend in Sydney is $45,000 to $50,000. Then thereâs the pump, heater, decking, fencing and other accessories. But if you invest in a quality backyard pool it should serve you well, plus cut down on costs for maintenance and repairs.

If you have limited space, there are less pricier options if you want to cool off in a backyard pool this summer. Above ground pools are a lot cheaper because thereâs no excavation work needed. A small plunge pool or custom-made âspoolâ can also cost around 40% less than a larger inground pool and is a popular option for a functional garden water feature.

But while small pools are definitely on homeownerâs radars at the moment, there are other exciting pool trends to consider too.

1. Knife-edge pools

Knife-edge pools are winning out over more traditional style inground pools due to their sophisticated contemporary look. Though itâs one of the the most complicated backyard pool designs to install, the effect of having âno-wallsâ makes the water look like a flat sheet of glass contained within the tiles or decking.

2. Lounging ledges

3. ‘Smart’ pools

4. Customised pools

Design A Farmhouse Pool

A terraced hill in Bologna, Spain, is a private spot for late-afternoon swims with views of the Mediterranean landscape. Designed by Deposito Creativo, Villa Privato Bertinoro features a farmhouse with places to relax and enjoy the scenery when not working.

  • 09 of 75 Erhard Pfeiffer

    A nearly 16-foot-high living/dining area opens on three sides, one on the west to a lap pool that is a focal point at night when illuminated. Designed by EYRC Architects, natural vs. industrial and rough vs. smooth is played out in materials throughout this Venice, California, house.

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  • Earthy Fiberglass Inground Pool

    This is definitely a stunning fiberglass inground pool design with the earthy style. The pool is surrounded by the natural brown tile which creates a wonderful contrasting look.

    Furthermore, the huge rocky waterfall totally enhances the greatness of this pool design. Then, the water slideAis also installed to add a more exhilarating feel to the pool.

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    + Cool Small Inground Swimming Pools Design Ideas For Your Backyard

    If we want to build a swimming pool for summer, we will assume the best place is a very large yard. However, actually it doesnt need much space to build a private swimming pool. This article will provide inspiration about a minimalist swimming pool design for your backyard.

    We hope you will take the ideas and inspiration from this article and the pictures in this article.

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    Diy All Natural Swimming Pond

    30 Fascinating Small Inground Pool Ideas for Your Backyard

    You can build your own all natural swimming pond and share it with nature. Even if you decide to keep this one for only swimming, its a lovely pool that has such a gorgeous natural pond look. This one is relatively simple to build and you can have it completed in just a couple of weekends. This one has a solar powered filtration system and it doesnt require chlorine or other chemicals to keep it clean.

    Tutorial: diyncrafts

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    How Much Does It Cost To Build An Outdoor Pool

    In the UK, says inground pool costs can start at £15,000 for a simple liner, whilst a mosaic-tiled design can start at £25,000. For the US, says inground designs can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or more, with evacuation taking up 50% of the overall price.

    Natural pools can be more expensive to install, however, the costs of maintenance are lower. For a design with stone step entry, timber jetty, and jumping rock with a set of stepping stones, look for around £115,000 for up to 100sqm, as estimates the team at Gartenart. However, more formal designs can cost higher, due to the blockwork wall, coping work, and more intensive liner-installation process. For the US, Homeadvisor estimates a typical cost of $70,000, assuming an average size of 600 square feet.

    If you’re wondering whether you can introduce a pool to your cheap garden ideas, above-ground designs are definitely the more affordable option. According to, they can start at around £2,500 for a 12ft by 24ft product. In the US, Homeadvisor estimates a cost of $700 to $5,000 for this sort of design. Plus, they’re fairly simple to assemble. However, rather than a landscaped pool, they have the look of a large paddling pool. They’re great for a quick dip, but if you’re after a high-end look, they might not live up to your expectations.

    A luxurious poolside setup, featuring furniture from OKA UK

    Natural Small Fiberglass Inground Pool

    Choosing a small inground pool is never a bad idea, its the right choice for you wh have limited area and budget. This one is the beautiful example for you who want to build such pool with beautiful decoration.

    The dark gray rocky border is made as the first border and the brown gravels as the second one. Then, the greeneries ad flamingo statues add a more catchy touch to this pool area.

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    Small Chic Vinyl Inground Pools

    A cute small vinyl inground pool with a super chic design that will fit a narrow backyard. Here, the pool is surrounded by the concrete that is used for a patio.

    Then, the 4 outdoor chairs with the small round table and built-in umbrella are enough to enhance the entertaining nuance of this backyard. The natural white and light brown gravels on the side of the pool makes it look way more stylish.

    Create An Entertainment Area

    100 Small inground pool ideas | Pools for small backyards | Modern small pool ideas

    A pool design by Blu Sol Pools

    Your backyard pool ideas don’t necessarily need to be the star of the show in your space your pool can simply be one element in an entire group of spaces primed for entertaining.

    Take this pool, for instance, which shares a backyard with a covered lounge area, outdoor dining zone, and grilling area. If you love playing the role of host, this kind of pool patio is for you.

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    Other Leisure Pools We Love With Size Options Under 600m

    The Harmony: This pool comes in a 5.00m option and 6.00m option. By having the full length bench and steps on one side of the pool the design allows the deepest part of the pool to be well away from any house foundations. This can often allow the pool to be situated closer to the home which is a great benefit where space for a pool is limited.

    The Elegance: This pool has a 6.00m option. The Elegance is not only a visually stunning pool, but also one that maximises the space inside where you swim. The Elegance has a large unobstructed swimming corridor which is perfect for swimming laps. The central step location also incorporates generous seating area where optional spa jets can be installed to create a relaxing spa nook.

    With all of the choices you have for a small backyard pool with Leisure Pools, are you ready to learn more about making a splash into pool ownership? Contact Leisure Pools today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.

    Tweak Your Pool’s Shape For A Refined Look

    A prefab pool by Latham Pool

    While a straightforward rectangular pool might seem a little too boring for some homeowners, you can always modify the shape of your pool ever so slightly to add some interest.

    In this prefab pool, two semicircular additions one is a staircase, one is swim-up seating provide just enough visual interest to elevate the rectangular form without being too over-the-top.

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    The Best Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas

    Planning on installing a pool this summer? Take a deep dive with our favourite ideas.

    A stark monochromatic palette and strong linear presence is offset by the warm rattan timber chair and crystal blue pool in this chic Mooloolaba beach house.

    The creators of have visually established backyard zones, the wet area sectioned off by Modular Walls fencing in a sublime timber/glass combo. Surrounding the perfectly-sized rectangular pool are sunloungers and tropical planting.

    The pool of this contemporary family home in Torquay is overlooked by a timber-framed arbour. Despite the home’s traffic-stopping exterior, the Jasba Fresh-tiled pool is not overshadowed.

    The pool of this renovated worker’s cottage in Brisbane breaks the mould, its organic shape giving the appearance of a natural watering hole. To complete the scene, the pool is surrounded by devils ivy, ferns and palms.

    This pool’s proximity to the garden edge makes for a real tropical vibe in this renovated WWII Queenslander home. The long, slim, brick-lined pool is surrounded by plenty of warm weather plants and foliage.

    Palm Springs-inspired plantings around the swimming pool in this contemporary family home in Coorparoo add a relaxed resort-style look.

    This swimming pool us subtly divided into two with the spa section including a playful water feature, making the pool the highlight of outdoor entertaining during the summer.

    How Much Does A Small Pool Cost

    3 Jaw

    ‘A small gunite in ground pool will generally add a minimum of $40,000 to your budget. Even if the pool is small, and using less resources than a large pool, you will still need the full set of equipment, plumbing and electrical scopes of work. You will be required to have pool safety fencing and most likely some masonry work near the pool.’ advises Janice Parker.

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    Think About The Upkeep

    Some things to consider when planning the landscaping area are things that could potentially add to the upkeep. For example, you might think that having giant, flowering shade trees around your pool is a great way to keep the suns rays from becoming overwhelming during the day. However, you also have to keep in mind that flower petals and leaves are sure to drift into your pool.

    The goal is to keep the area around your pool as low maintenance as possible. So, plan ahead. Consider the plants most likely to shed, and avoid using them in the area around your pool.

    Small Fiberglass Pools Ideas

    As the number of small fiberglass pools available in the market increases, so does the demand for small fiberglass pools. There are two ways to make a small fiberglass pool. One is to use a large fiberglass pool with PVC pipes, and one is to use an artificial pond filled with sand and algae. Either way, you need to dig a hole into the ground and fill it with water . Then you place your pool in this hole and let it sit . This process helps new growth form on top of your fibers in just three months.

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    Match Your Pool’s Style To The Exterior Of Your Home

    A sleek scheme by Joshua Smith

    Want to create a cohesive pool design that oozes elegance? Match your inground pool ideas to the exterior of your home whether that’s by opting for the same hue of materials or by following similar shapes and forms.

    Plenty of bright white, sleek finishes and straight lines tie this scene together, for instance. The result is a smart and contemporary backyard that’s perfect for entertaining in style, especially with the addition of a fire pit.

    Double Inground Pools With Pergola

    Inground Swimming Pool Designs Ideas For Backyard Ground Installtion.

    Building a double pond will obviously add a more exhilarating nuance. In this design, the small shallow pond is built side by side with long L-shaped pool.

    Furthermore, the earthy beige tile covered the area around the patio, creating a gorgeous contrasting look. Then, the pergola is installed which shades half area of the pool and the floating patio. Surely, its a clever inground pools design.

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    Diy Wood And Plastic Inground Pool

    This may just be one of the cheapest DIY inground swimming pools you can build. This one is made from wood and plastic and once you have your materials as well as the hole dug to create your pool the process is really simple. This is great if you want a traditionally shaped rectangular swimming pool or you could adjust it to make it round. The rectangular shape works much easier with the wood, though.

    Tutorial: wikihow

    Diy Lighted Natural Swimming Pool

    Here is another beautiful natural swimming pool that doesnt require the use of chemicals to keep the water clean and sparkling. This one is rectangular shaped and has lights! You can enjoy those late night swims all summer long! You put in large rocks or blocks to hold down the plastic liner, which gives the pool a beautiful look when it is finished. There is a shallow section, too that could double as a kiddie pool!

    Tutorial: davidwolfe

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    Upgrade To Color Changing Led Pool Lights

    Image via Signature Outdoor Concepts

    Color changing LED pool lights look great just about anywhere, and offer you a full range of lighting customization. Plus, theyre way cheaper to run than traditional halogen bulb pool lights. And with LED pool lights, you can easily change the color of your water with the press of a button perfect for mood lighting at parties and get togethers.

    Small Indoor Swimming Pools

    Inground Pools

    Small Indoor swimming pools are a great way to boost the cardiovascular health of their users. They make it convenient for people to go for a workout in the house and avoid distractions. Small Indoor Swimming Pools are a great way to take a break, exercise and also get some fresh air while allowing you to enjoy your favorite sport.

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    More Backyard Pool Design Ideas From Capital Country Pools

    If youre ready to maximise the fun in your backyard by adding a unique pool design, Capital Country Pools can help. Our staff are ready to walk you through the design process, and we can offer suggestions and tips to ensure you get the pool and backyard of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!

    Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas

    What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than reading a book by the pool or taking a refreshing dip? An inground pool can turn any backyard into a tropical oasis, and the cherry on top of your outdoor sanctuary is the landscaping that surrounds it.

    If youre looking for creative inground pool landscaping ideas, weve got the inspiration you need to kick off your next big home decor project.

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    Wood Lath Accent Wall

    Wood lath walls and plaster were used to construct homes back in the day, but today a wood lath wall acts as a modern and sleek accent wall. If you’re on a budget, you can get a similar look by using wood pallets.

  • 14 of 26

    mondolandscapes / Instagram

    For a completely different approach to fencing, mondolandscapes sanded and added a natural finish to Jarrah sleepers, a type of Australian tropical hardwood, and installed them at slightly varying heights and directions. It adds a bit of privacy while bringing visual appeal that all your guests will notice and talk about.

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  • Opt For Colorful Tiles

    Inground Swimming Pool Designs Ideas For Backyard Ground Installtion St. Louis

    The Henley glass and aluminium dining table with Remy stacking chairs from Bridgman are the perfect accompaniments to a colorful pool

    Sure, you can use unique paving ideas to bring an extra dose of interest to your garden from patterned designs to on-trend colors. But if you’ve got a pool, don’t forget that the tiles can offer the opportunity to get creative, too.

    These deep blue designs in a mosaic look are ideal for a modern plot, and offer the perfect pairing with the porcelain, pale-toned patio. Sleek furniture up top finishes the scene well.

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    Go Sharp And Modern In Style

    A fiberglass prefab pool by Latham Pool

    Rectangular swimming pool shapes are a great choice for a more contemporary, urban aesthetic, as exemplified by this fiberglass prefab pool, which perfectly maximizes its courtyard-like space.

    To keep your backyard pool ideas from feeling too cold and sparse, make sure you plant some greenery and incorporate a seating area or two. The addition of outdoor lighting to highlight your swimming space after dark is never a bad idea, either.

    Good Small Swimming Pool Ideas For Your Backyard

    The article will give you ideas to build your backyard swimming pool and swimming pool backdrops. There are many different shapes, sizes and sizes of swimming pools that can be planned in your backyard. If do not own a swimming pool then we should also think about building one in order to enjoy a pleasant and healthy outdoor water experience.

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    Build A Poolside Fire Pit

    Adding a fire pit by the pool is one simple way to diversify your outdoor space. On average, you can expect to pay $2,500 and up for a backyard fire pit, depending on the size and type.

    We’ve got an amazing fire pit buying guide to help you figure out your fiery options and create a perfect nighttime poolside experience. !


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