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Build Your Own Gazebo Kit

The Square Wooden Gazebo

How to Build a Gazebo Video

This gazebo is easy to construct, as it is a square gazebo in shape rather than octagonal, the trade is in aesthetic values though as this simple design would boost the appearance of the home space but will not stand out like various other gazebo designs.

The shape has its advantages too, it can fit corners in your yard, it can be built far easier in rectangular landscape designs and it can incorporate upgrades outside the shape easier for example you can build the simple square wooden gazebo below and when the budget allows it you can open a side to pair it with a grill or a smoker build in brick, you can even pair it with a small Jacuzzi or small swimming pool easier. The square gazebo blueprint is one of the most efficient ones in this world of ours.

The Mighty Helpful Gazebo Plan

Truly a gazebo with a classic design! Youwill find this challenging and at the same time very interesting because thisgazebo does not have a regular shape. It has an octagonal design and thereforeyou need to construct this side after side. First, this structure was notmerely raised from the ground. The best side was chosen where there were no lowlying trees that can affect the gazebo structure.

The ground was cemented and tiled beforethe layout for the gazebo was started. The structure has narrow yet strongposts that hold the mighty octagonal ceiling and heavy shingled roofing.Balusters line the bottom part of the walls of the gazebo creating a privatearea to dine or relax.

This gazebo was constructed in the midst ofa lovely garden making it the highlight of the area. This is a moderatelydifficult build and not for a beginner at all.

Grill And Gazebo In One

Why not just build a gazebo for relaxingwhile you can create one to house your grill? This is a clever use of space.The gazebo houses a grill and a backyard dining area as well. Built on a cementedarea in a yard or garden, the small gazebo has strong posts and ceilings andhas only two walls. Each of the walls was made to hold a small space to hold onto drinks, food and a few ornamental plants.

Bar seats were in place on each outer faceof the wall where guests can sit and dine. The tall, triangular roofing of thisgazebo can shield the grill as well as the cook and diners from the sun andrain. The roof is made of decorative aluminum sheets so its verycost-efficient. This is an interesting and functional design that is quite aneasy project even for someone new to woodworking.

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Diy 12×14 Gazebo Installation

We know it’s hard for you to put together a gazebo yourself. We’ve studied extensively how and why people find it so hard to build their own gazebos and have the perfect solution for you. With this guide, we have outlined every single step and made it as easy and simple as possible, but at the same time, we haven’t left out any detail or instruction that is needed in order to build your own gazebo from scratch.

When Your Product Arrives

7 Best Gazebo Kits To Build Your Own Gazebo

If you order a big-ticket product, youll likely have to be home to sign for the package and accept the delivery.

Be sure to inspect your package carefully. Dont hesitate to refuse delivery of a damaged box, and call customer service to report it immediately.

When you open the box, dont be surprised by a few nicks and scratches. This is almost inevitable with delivery of products of this nature. Evaluate their likely impact on the products performance, and decide whether or not they are acceptable.

Additional components are often available via separate purchase, and some parts required for installation may not be included with your gazebo kit. Make sure you have everything you are going to need before you start building.

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Diy Vs Hiring A Professional

Building a gazebo is no easy task. In most cases, youll want to hire a professional to install the gazebo for you.

Gazebos need to be installed on level ground, and it usually takes a professional to evaluate the land. Even if you have a gazebo kit that you feel confident installing yourself, you risk building it on land that isnt appropriate for the structure.

If you decide to install a gazebo kit or pre-built gazebo, youll need to use your own judgment on how well you can install it. If you dont have experience installing large DIY structures, you should hire a professional instead. There are many heavy pieces to a gazebo, some of which you might not be able to lift by yourself safely.

Hire a professional for your custom gazebo. Building a gazebo from scratch may lead to costly mistakes down the road. You risk choosing the wrong materials, making an unsafe structure, or injuring yourself and others.

The bottom line: Whether youre installing a gazebo kit, premade gazebo, or custom gazebo, its always best to leave it in the hands of a pro.

About Country Lane Gazebos

Country Lane Gazebos is based in Lancaster County, PA. The company was founded in 1994 by Samuel Stoltzfus. Sam and his brothers still own and operate the business, although they outgrew the farmhouse where they started the business and moved to a larger facility.

Today, we supply a network of dealers across the United States and Canada. Our compact and easy-to-assemble kits have even been shipped around the globe to places like England, Africa, Puerto Rico, Korea and Spain.

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Choose Any Size To Fit Your Yard

Lounge Size

Ideal for breezeways, backyard or garden entrances, or a smaller patio area. These kits are also great for a unique backdrop for wedding ceremonies.

SIZES: 10 x 10 12 x 12

Family Size

Perfect for an amazing outdoor living area with couches and a mounted TV, outdoor gym with attached exercise equipment, shade next to any sports court, or an outdoor kitchen for family gatherings with friends and family.

SIZES: 12 x 14 14 x 16

Entertainment Size

Great for large gatherings, business or corporate retreats, and wedding events. Ideal for multiple outdoor living arrangements and accessories. The sky is the limit on the creative ways to maximize these kits.

SIZES: 16 x 16 +


Add-on to your home with an attached Pavilion. Perfect for multi-level homes/building, great for apartments and condos, entryways, existing patios, balconies, etc.

Wikihow`s Gazebo Versatile Construct

How To Assemble a DIY Gazebo Kit

WikiHow presents on their website a very simply gazebo frame that resembles a home, a really familiar and cozy structure worth considering.

The super simple step by step tutorial invites you to personalize your setting as much as possible using the simple structure and after all, you ought to do that, you decide how you use your space, how much shade you need, how much you enjoy the wind in your hair.

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Ft Vinyl Amish Country Gazebo

The 12ft Vinyl Amish Country Gazebo is designed for those looking for a simple, but elegant DIY Gazebo to build for their unique outdoor look. The kit comes with everything you need to build your walls and roof for your Gazebo with optional flooring, cupola, screen package, and electrical package available. Be as simple or creative as your heart desires. Check out the pictures in the gallery to get some inspiration on how you want your Gazebo to look and feel like.

A few tools, an afternoon and a friend Thats all it takes!

Your gazebo kit comes with all the parts you need to assemble your gazebo quickly and easily, Lincoln Logstyle. All parts fit together with ease. A few simple tools are all you need to complete the assembly. Your gazebo comes with an easy-to-follow instruction book detailing every step.

The Amish have for centuries been excellent woodworkers. Their old world craftsmanship and evident pride in their work are what make our gazebos stand apart. The Beiler brothers Chet, Leon, Mel, and Tom are the family at the heart of Amish Country Gazebos. They grew up on a hundred-acre Amish family farm in Lancaster County, where they learned the values that guide the company today.

10 Year Warranty

Your Gazebo-in-a-Box is made with #1 grade hand-selected and kiln-dried lumber. We guarantee all pressure treated wood will not rot or become termite infested. We guarantee that all vinyl will not crack or discolor.

Go With A Unique Roof

There are many different design options and styles to choose from for your DIY gazebo project. So take your time and do some research before making a final decision.

Its also important to consider things like underground utilities, local building codes, location and placement before you focus on the design, size or shape of the gazebo.

Making a to-do list can be helpful at this stage. Figure out your priorities. And every once in a while, take a step back to look at the big picture before you get lost in all the details. Find out more useful tips from treatedwood.

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What Is A Gazebo

A gazebo is a covered outdoor structure open on all sides. A gazebo differs from a pergola in one important way: A gazebo has a roof for full protection from the elements, while a pergola is slatted, offering only partial coverage.

A pergola is usually installed over a garden, pathway or patio. A gazebo is a more substantial freestanding element, and a gathering destination that can be located anywhere in your yard.

Diy Fairytale Gazebo Plan:

Awesome Build Your Own Gazebo Kit

What’s your dream gazebo? Spend a few hours with the family and build it over the course of several days. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? While our fairytale gazebo may look like a castle, it’s actually fairly easy to build. It starts with a wooden frame you put together yourself. Then you add cedar panels and decorative trim to make it your own. Add a fireplace and a personal bar table to complete this luxurious gazebo and make this project your own little piece of heaven. Download detailed instructions for this project today!

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Diy We Built A Fire Pit Gazebo Swingset:

Do you have a Fire Pit or Swing Set and wish you could combine the two? Well, we’ve designed and built the perfect set of plans to do just that! This incredible project will transform your backyard into a multi-functional hub. The plans detail our exact design of how to layout and build your fire pit gazebo right in your own backyard. You’ll be grilling steaks or marshmallows while listening to the crackle of the fire as you sit in your favorite chair or lounge on a cedar porch swing.

Style And Size Options

  • Traditional railed hexagonal and octagonal , with or without doors and windows.
  • Contemporary round, square, hexagonal, octagonal, or rectangular, with or without screening or curtains.
  • Pop-up/Portable round, square, hexagonal, octagonal, or rectangular, with or without screening or curtains.

Youll also find a number of sizes on the market.

Some of the smallest are intended to shelter barbecue grills and measure eight by four feet. Standard square models include eight by eight, 10 by 10, and 12 by 12 feet. Rectangles may be 10 by 12, 10 by 14, 12 by 14, 12 by 16, and 12 by 20 feet.

Pay close attention to dimensions when selecting the model thats right for your location.

There may also be add-ons available, such as:

  • Mosquito netting
  • UV protected fabric
  • Velcro fasteners to tie back mosquito netting

If extra sun or insect protection, built-in seating, and other extra features are at the top of your list, keep these in mind when choosing the kit thats right for you.

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The Mighty Helpful Gazebo Plans

A simple, basic gazebo that can add beauty to your home garden. This gazebo has ample space to add benches inside thus inviting the individual to use it for social gatherings, outdoor dinners in full comfort as you can easily place tables and chairs to party with your friends and family. The gazebo plan is easy to follow and construct by the people who have carpentry prowess but a DIY enthusiast would complete it just as easily.

Note that your gazebo can easily become a focal point in your garden, sync it well with the garden landscape.

The Shaded Gazebo Design

How to Build a DIY Gazebo Kit (12×12 ) – Ep. 5

What a lovely place to relax in! This is anairy gazebo that houses a few chairs and a comfy sofa with soft cushions readyto lull you to sleep. This gazebo was built on a raised wooden deck. The gazebohas an open design but with balusters built around the wall of the structure.The eight narrow posts hold the roof with delicately shaped braces on each sideof the posts.

The triangular roof is made of woodenslats the roof finishes off with a pointed design. This gazebo was stainedusing a natural wood stain. Hanging flowering plants make the gazebo lively,fun and inviting. This may look complicated because of the triangular roof but itactually is an easy build.

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The Allure Of A Gazebo

Gazebos are the centerpiece of the backyard. They offer seating, style, shelter, and whimsy. Finding the right one for your home often comes down to how much shade youre looking for, materials, and aesthetics. For a hands-on approach to adding a gazebo to your outdoor space consider the following gazebo kits.

Keep it simple with a gazebo kit that takes up little space while providing the griller in the family with ideal shade. This design is constructed with a solid steel frame and high-quality polyester to ensure protection from the elements during warm months of the year. The mesh shelves installed on both sides allow for food and drink storage. Available on Overstock.

Enjoy a little shelter and lighting with this gazebo kit. It features a low-heat lighting system, allowing for evening enjoyment outdoors. The easy-to-follow design promises two-person DIY installation, and consists of a sliding panel system with pre-drilled holes and pre-cut panels. Available at The Home Depot.

Keep it classic in the backyard with an octagon-shaped gazebo. This 10 foot by 12 foot kit features a weather-resistant canopy and netting. For added stability, consider purchasing anchors to secure it on a wood or concrete surface. Available at The Home Depot.

You Can Build This Gazebo

Heres a backyard story wed like to share from Jersey Shore, New Jersey.

Its a big job but not overly complex just take your time and dont rush. If you can assemble a desk from Ikea, you can probably build this. Its just like building 20 desks and then attaching them all together. Not impossible but it does take a lot of time.

I am only moderately handy and built it myself over three days with some minor help We did enlist the help of several neighbours on the last day to help put the roof on.

In the end we are thrilled with this gazebo and everyone who has seen it has been impressed with the results. Even a contractor friend said hed have a hard time building one for the same cost just buying the parts!


+ Breaking it up into smaller jobs helped make the project more manageable. Day 1, I separated the hardware into labelled bags, built the posts and assembled the short and long beams Day 2, I assembled about 80% of the four roof panels Day 3, I completed the roof panels and then we stood up the posts, assembled the frame, and installed the roof

+ If youre still nervous and want to hire professionals, consider building the beams, posts and roof frames yourself. That will leave the heavy lifting to the hired crew but you can save yourself some big bucks by handling the time-consuming steps yourself. Youll also know if you are missing any parts before you pay someone to come on site.

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Gazebo Parts And Assembly

This isnt a full and detailed tutorial because that would take way too many photos and hours to read. I decided to give you an overview so you get the idea of what it will be like, and the tools youll need to build your own patio gazebo from this kit.

Yardistry, the manufacturer of this kit, provides an excellent instruction book and they also have a series of step-by-step videos you can watch.

We watched the videos several times before we started. And when we had questions about something, wed replay just that part of the video.

Before we put ours together my husband decided to give it an extra coat of stain. It comes stained but we wanted it to look a bit richer, and give it the best start. After all the pieces were dry we stacked them in the garage until we were ready to assemble the gazebo.

Thats a lot of parts, but dont stress, keep reading.

The ends of each board is labeled so you know which parts you need for which section. It looks intimidating but when you follow the directions step-by-step it really goes pretty smoothly.

Wed already removed some of the pieces when I took this picture.

Im sorry I didnt get a picture of the hardware. There is a lot of it. I mean a lot a lot so be prepared with those plastic bags and a sharpie to keep them organized.


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