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Grill Gazebo Metal Roof

How To Use A Grill Canopy

Saxony Grill Gazebo | Backyard Discovery – Fast Setup Tips

Your outdoor grill is an investment in itself. When you cook for your family and guests, sometimes that means doing so in the rain or the blazing sun. With a hardtop grill gazebo, you simply place your grill under the galvanized steel roof and enjoy shade while you tend to the grill. In addition, you dont have to worry about your food being exposed to the elements, either. Your Grill Gazebo will also keep you safe from the suns harmful UV rays. This means a more cool and comfortable day for you and the entire family.

When youre not using your grill, your hardtop grilling gazebo will keep your expensive grill and equipment safe and out of the suns harmful rays. These units are also water-resistant, meaning theyll provide your grill some protection against condensation no matter what the season.

Install Bases For Posts

Cut 2 2x4s to 72 and line them up with the outside post lines, attaching them with wood screws. Now you should have a wooden frame thats 72 x 87 center it and mark the post locations. Depending on which method you use pouring a slab, using post holes, or metal braces install the base for your posts and set them.

Durable Grilling Gazebos Made To Last

A metal grill gazebo features a strong galvanized steel roof that will keep wind, rain, and harmful UV rays away from you, your grill, and your food. The galvanized and powder coated steel frame and roof of the hardtop BBQ gazebo prevents corrosion and rust, so your gazebo investment will look great season after season. The unit features two shelves on either side, offering an added layer of convenience and prep area. Place the food you are preparing on the shelves, or even your cooking utensils, as you wait for your food to cook. Forget making multiple trips to and from the house to get more ingredients or cooking utensils. This grill gazebo brings the kitchen outside to you! These gazebos are manufactured with powder coated aluminum, which is rust and corrosion resistant. These ultra-strong and durable gazebos will be the best investment youve made since purchasing your grill!

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Sojag Mykonos Galvanized Steel Roof Sun Shelter

It has a bold and large deluxe design making it perfect for BBQs, gatherings, and parties. Moreover, it comes with mosquito netting made of a polyester mesh, which is PVC coated, making it extremely durable and preventing sun and wind exposure. Furthermore, it features a galvanized steel frames made of powder-coated aluminum of high quality, making it durable.

Assembly takes around three people about six hours systematically following the manual for the assembly. It provides a space that shaded, becoming a haven for family and friends to gather as it comes in four different sizes. It is a perfect grill gazebo hardtop that offers a unique outdoor experience.

Main features

X 8 Diy Grill Gazebo Design

Sunjoy Jonas 5 ft. x 8 ft. Black Steel 2

You should be able to find the materials needed to construct this grill shelter pretty easily from your local hardware store. Youll need 16 pieces of 4 x 4 lumber, 4 of which should be 7 long, 4 of which should be 8 long, and the last 4 of which should be 2 long. These pieces will make up the main frame of your gazebo, with the 7 long sections acting as the posts, the 2 long bits serving as the units braces, and the 8 long parts fitting across the top of the posts to create top plates.

Youll also need some plywood pieces, 4 pieces of 1 x 6 lumber, and 110 ft² of suitable weatherproof material to build the gazebos roof. The result looks stylish and rustic, with its hardwood construction and symmetrical structure.

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The Tiered Grill Gazebo

This gorgeous design is complex and intricate, but if you follow step-by-step instructions closely, youll create a fashionable unit that will serve as the major focal point of your backyard.

When it comes to finishing off this model, choose colors and materials that suit your backyards decor and aesthetic. For example, if you want to create a rustic or traditional-style vibe, opt for dark mahogany or French oak finish. You could also incorporate some ornamental touches into your design, like curved railings or a stunning cupola dome at the top of the unit.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Metal Roof Gazebo

The weight of the metal

Different metals that are used to make gazebo roofs have different weights. For example, steel and aluminum are the most used metals when making a metal roof for gazebo. In case one wants to make a portable gazebo, aluminum automatically becomes the better choice because it is lighter, making it easy to transport the gazebo. A gazebo with a steel roof is the right choice when making a permanent gazebo because there is no relocation needed.


When it comes to choosing the right metal roofing for gazebo, one must consider whether the metal is corrosive resistant or not. For example, aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, whereas steel is not. A gazebo with a steel roof must have a powder coating treatment to protect it from rust and corrosion. However, in case the powder coating treatment is damaged, the steel roof will rust and corrode.

Metal durability

When it comes to the best metal roof for gazebo, durability is crucial. Although aluminum is strong and lightweight, a gazebo with a steel roof is more durable, permanent and will stand the test of time. A gazebo made of wrought iron is robust and can stand the test of time than steel. If a gazebo with a steel roof bends, it can retain its initial form by bending it back, whereas aluminum is not such malleable.


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Assemble The Tabletop And Shelf Frames

Cut the table frame ends and center braces to size . Use a square to mark a line on both posts up 41 in. from the slab. That will be the top of the frame. Install the ends 1 in. away from the outside edge of the inside post, and secure them with 3-in. exterior wood screws, two in each post. Measure and cut the table frame sides to size . Install the board with screws angled into the post. This keeps them from being visible after the top is installed.

Measure the distance between the posts and cut the cedar 2×4 that will serve as the skirt nailer . Center it on the outside post, which leaves 1 in. on each side. This will make the skirt boards flush with the outside edge of the posts.

Install the center braces 20 in. in from each post. Secure them by angling two screws into the side boards and one down into the skirt nailer .

Cut the shelf frame ends and centers to size . Use a square to mark a line on both posts up 15 in. from the slab. That will be the top of the shelf frame. Install the end pieces so they overlap onto each post 1 in. Cut the shelf side boards . Secure them to the end boards with screws. No need to angle these screws because the outside screws will be covered with the skirt boards, and the inside ones are too low to notice. Install the shelf center boards, 20 in. in from both posts.

Small Diy Backyard Grill Shelter

ALEKO Steel Hardtop BBQ Gazebo with Serving Tables Assembly

This is a pretty simple design, and you can follow the steps to create a final result thats functional and rustic-looking. First, youll need to build 3 very basic truss structures that will be your roofs main horizontal components. The diagonal sections of these truss pieces will also serve as your gazebos rafters. Use shorter lumber pieces to build a solid ridge board and several supportive purlins at right angles to these rafters. Cover the roof with a low-profile material like 5v crimp.

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The Grillzebo: A Diy Grill Gazebo

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The Grillzebo: A DIY Grill Gazebo

Photo Credit: Andrew Almeter

A grill gazebo is a wonderful way to combine your creativity with a practical outcome a sheltered home for your beloved grill. Making a gazebo may sound complicated, but in fact, its a pretty simple process that requires a few days and basic woodworking skills.

Erecting a shelter for your grill is more than just making an inviting space for your outdoor kitchen its also about protecting it from the elements. A grillzebo will prolong the longevity of your grill, keeping it free from hail, snow, sun, and debris. And not only that, but it also protects the griller from the weather as well.

Lay Out The Post Locations And Install The Bases

Cut two 2x4s at 72 in. Line them up with the outside post lines you made on the two 2x4s you marked along with the top chords. Fasten them together with 3-in. wood screws. The inside diameter of the frame should be 72 in. x 87 in. Square and center the frame, and mark the post locations .

Metal bases like these not only keep the posts secure but also keep up off the concrete so the wood doesnt wick up water and prematurely rot. Drill the holes for the bases and slide them into position. Tap the anchors into the holes and tighten the nuts .

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Install The Tabletop Shelf And Skirt Boards

Cut the deck boards for the table top to fit between the posts at each end. Secure them with two 2-in. exterior-grade trim-head screws through each deck board. Keep the screws about 1 in. from the edges of the deck boards. Start with the table-top board closest to the inside, and line it up with the edge of the inside posts . Theres no need for a gap between the boards.

Measure and cut the shelf boards to length. Rip two of them down to 4 in. Install the cut end flush with the outside edges of the shelf frame so theyre hidden by the skirt board.

Cut the skirt boards to length. Center the first one between the posts and install it with two trim-head screws to the skirt nailer and shelf frame. Work your way in each direction, and trim down the last skirt boards to fit flush with the posts.

Remove all the temporary braces and touch up all the cut ends of the boards with stain. All thats left is to slide your grill into place and invite the neighbors over for a party under your barbecue gazebo.

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Lay Out The Post Locations

Sunjoy Seagate 5 ft. x 8 ft. Brown Steel 2

Cut the bottom truss chords to size, and line them up next to each other on a pair of sawhorses. Take a couple of 12-ft. 2x4s and line them up on the horses as well. The 2x4s will be used to build a temporary template to help locate the post bases. Measure over 28-1/2 in. from each end of the bottom chord, and mark a pencil line using a framing square as a guide . Measure over from that line, and mark three more lines all spaced 3-1/2 in. apart.

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Trim The Bottom Of The Posts

The metal post bases will prevent the 1×4 trim boards from fitting snugly against the posts. Before cutting the trim boards , run the full-length cedar 1x4s vertically through a table saw a couple times until about 3/16 in. of material has been removed.

Fasten the trim boards to the posts with an 18-gauge trim gun fitted with 2-in. galvanized brad nails . Strengthen the joint by applying construction adhesive before nailing them together. Secure them with brad nails at the top of the boards and through the miters. Install them up away from the ground to keep them dry.

The Best Outdoor Planter Ideas To Style Your Patio

Give your outdoor shrubs an added level of dimension by planting them in decorative pots and planters. Planters assist in setting the style for your patio. Whether you decide to replicate your homes interior decor on your deck or differentiate the outdoor space with a distinct style, you can use outdoor planters to amplify the look.

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Materials For A Grill Gazebo

This is more than just an afternoons project building a grill gazebo will most likely take a few days, a friend, some sturdy tools, and a little know-how. An intermediate woodworking level is sufficient for this project.

As to where to get everything, you can buy it piecemeal at a hardware store, or you can buy a kit in which everything is bundled into one DIY grill gazebo package. If you opt for the former, be sure to purchase the items carefully as you need to be precise.

Cut And Install The Purlins

Installing metal roof to existing canvas gazebo

Ripping down metal roofing is no fun, so we cut the purlins to fit the roofing panels. The panels we used were 3 ft. wide, but we increased the overlaps, so the total width of the three panels was as close to 8 ft. as possible , and then we cut the purlins to that size .

The top and bottom purlins line up with the top and bottom edge of the top chord, and the center two purlins will line up with the marks you made earlier. Install the top and bottom purlins first and check to see that all four overhangs are the same .

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Diy Grill Gazebo Plans You Can Build Today

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Grill gazebos are stylish and innovative structures that protect your prized grill and house a cozy, comfortable outdoor seating area for your friends and family. Unfortunately, it can cost a lot of money to buy these models online.

However, there are many ways you can build your own grill gazebo in the backyard for a fraction of the price of a store-bought structure. You also have more scope to personalize your gazebo when youre building it yourself, creating a model that best fits the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Consider these 15 fun and effective grill gazebo plans that will inspire you to set about making your own unique outdoor space.

Durable Grill Gazebos And Barbeque Covers Made To Last

These hardtop BBQ gazebos feature a strong galvanized steel roof that will keep wind, rain, and harmful UV rays away from you, your grill, and your food. The galvanized and powder coated steel frame and roof of the hardtop grill gazebo prevents corrosion and rust, so your gazebo investment will look great season after season. The unit features two shelves on either side, offering an added layer of convenience and prep area. Place the food you are preparing on the shelves, or even your cooking utensils as you wait for your food to cook. Forget making multiple trips to and from the house to get more ingredients or cooking utensils. This grill gazebo brings the kitchen outside to you!

These ultra-strong and durable gazebos will be the best investment youve made since your grill!

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Build Your Own Grill Gazebo With One Of These 15 Fun Designs

Whether you own a slick new electric grill or an old-fashioned charcoal barbecue, you should consider building a stylish gazebo around this unit. These wooden or metallic structures can protect your grill from water damage or windy, stormy weather conditions. They also provide ample shade for your friends and family whenever they want to get away from the sun for a bit on a hot day.

Buying Guide For Best Grill Gazebos

Fallbrook 5

To those who cook outdoors, its probably a familiar scenario. You finally have the grill at the right temperature, the sun shining down as you babysit your coals. On go the steaks as the sun ducks behind an angry cloud, and suddenly youre facing a summer squall, the grill and your soggy meat hissing in the deluge.

With a grill gazebo, you can be the master of both the elements and your barbeque. These specially designed gazebos can not only protect you from the heat of the sun but also allow you to fire up the grill regardless of the weather. Grill gazebos also provide a decorative central feature in your outdoor living area, in addition to being equipped with specialised features and safety elements that can assist you in your grilling.

Grill gazebos range from simple and inexpensive to deluxe and pricey, and you may feel lost when you start to shop for one. It’s best to take some time to weigh the features, costs, and dimensions carefully.

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Make Your Own Grillzebo

With the help of a buddy, you can build it in a weekend. All the building materials are available at home centers. We built our DIY gazebo from Western red cedar because its resistant to rot and insects and it looks great. You could save about $400 by building your own barbecue gazebo from pressure-treated wood. The cedar will require some upkeep over the years, but the metal roof is maintenance free. This beefy DIY gazebo project is built to last a lifetimea lifetime of grilling bliss.

S To Build A Grillzebo

When youre ready to start construction, pick a spot that suits your grill. You want it close enough to the kitchen to make transportation of plates, cutlery, and food within shouting distance is perfect.

Photo Credit: Andrew Almeter

Your grill gazebo should be out of the way and isnt too close to anything flammable, like plastic siding. Finally, check building codes in your area to make sure youre not going against any ordinances.

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