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Can You Do Stamped Concrete Over Existing Patio

Whats A Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio Over Existing Brick Patio

A stamped concrete patio is simply a concrete slab with a textured, embossed surface. The contractor:

  • Pours and smooths the slab.
  • Presses a pattern into the surface while the concrete is still wet and soft.
  • For realism, adds color to the concrete as its mixed, or sprays it on after the surface has been stamped.

Can I Add A Stamped Finish To An Existing Patio Slab

Yes, you can, as long as your old slab is stable and in good condition. Youll be raising the height of the old slab by an inch or so, so youll want to make sure the new level doesnt interfere with existing steps or vents in your foundation walls. The new concrete shouldnt touch your siding, either.A pro will prepare the existing slab by cleaning it and covering it with a bonding agent that ensures good adhesion between the old concrete and the new.Then, your contractor will cover the old slab with new concrete, and apply the stamps.Related:

Choosing Your Stamped Concrete Patio Contractor

When narrowing down all the contractors you look through to come to a final three, keep in mind the need for them to fit as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • Many years of experience pouring and stamping concrete slab
  • Great reviews on HomeGuide
  • An A or A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Insured, licensed, bonded
  • A warranty on both the concrete and labor
  • A great portfolio of previous work
  • Will include all setup and cleanup in the bid
  • Can give an exact starting and finishing date

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted pros:

Daniel W.

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Whats The Deal With The Stamps

How to Stamp Concrete

The patterns are made using large, flexible polyurethane stamps. The stamps are about 2-by-2-feet square and an inch or two thick, and theyre pressed into the wet concrete to create the textured finish. A concrete contractor may step on the stamps to press them into the concrete or use a tamping tool. Before putting the stamp on the concrete, the contractor sprays the patterned side of the stamp with a release agent that prevents concrete from sticking to it. Using a colored release agent accents cracks and grout lines, giving the finish an antique look that enhances realism.One pattern usually is a set that includes several stamps, each one with varying textures and shapes, so the overall pattern isnt repeated too frequently. Stamps also have interlocking tabs so any grout lines align perfectly.

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Stamped Concrete Sealing Costs

Its highly recommended that you seal your concrete patio if you plan on having animals on it or you like to eat out there because concrete is porous and can soak up stains. Sealer will also protect your patio from wear and tear and enrich the color in the stamped concrete.

Virgin or pure acrylic sealer wont yellow under UV rays, but epoxies will. An acrylic spray-on cure and seal will cost approx. $0.53/per square foot.

Solvent-based sealers are more popular because they will highlight the concretes colors better, are breathable, wont yellow, arent slippery, and provide invisible protection. High-gloss sealers are not recommended because they can be slippery and block in the moisture, which can cause fracturing, white hazing, or fogging.

After making sure the patio surface is clean and dry, the sealer is applied in thin coats so as to allow the concrete to expand and allow moisture to escape. Take care to ensure the sealer is worked into the stamp pattern depressions but dont apply it too thickly or it will puddle. Its only designed to go on thinly.

What Patterns And Colors Are Available

If youre looking for ways to bolster the look of your home without breaking the bank, stamped overlays are an excellent choice. Stamped concrete design options are endless.

Do you love the look of pricey slate, brick or flagstone? Or perhaps stone tile, natural stone, or wood planking? With overlays, you can get the look of these expensive products at a fraction of the cost. Yesan experienced contractor such as SUNDEK of Austin can install stamped concrete that looks like wood!

At SUNDEK we have pre-fabricated templates, custom stamp mats, and many color choices . You can also create a custom stamp with a pattern and texture you love. We can even create custom freeform designs.

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More In Concrete Overlays & Toppings:

Who doesnt like the look of stamped concrete? It can add a touch of elegance to everything from commercial and retail projects to public spaces and residences. But what if traditionally stamped concrete isnt an option? What if the customer already has a concrete surface and a rip out isnt in the budget? Or the space is difficult to access, making it a real challenge to remove broken slabs? In these scenarios, the solution may be a stamped concrete overlay.

Stamped concrete overlays have all the aesthetic advantages of conventional stamping or paving, but theyre easier and almost always less costly to install. All you need is a fairly decent slab foundation.

Its less labor-intense than a stamp job and more controllable, says Mike McAnulty, president of Vegas Hardscape, a decorative concrete and coatings company in Las Vegas. Weve done a 600-square-foot patio in three days.

The overlay advantage

Overlaying is simply a matter of laying a concrete topping of only a quarter-inch or so over an existing slab and stamping that new surface. Aesthetically, you can end up with the same coloring and texture that mimics the look of brick, stone, marble or whatever texture youre after on a newly poured, thicker slab.

Affordability is always an issue, and contractors who can overlay have a built-in advantage.

How to apply

Boyce adds additional steps to give his customers a more vintage look.

How Long After Pouring Concrete Can You Stamp It

How To Pour New Concrete Over Old Concrete | Stamped Concrete Patio

Canstamped concreteonecouldIf youpoured concreteyou could

Also asked, how long after concrete is poured Can you stamp it?

After the first shake of color hardener has been applied to the surface, give it five to 10 minutes to absorb water from the concrete and then float it into the surface.

Similarly, how do you stamp concrete?

  • Step 1: Clean the Surface.
  • Step 2: Etch the Concrete Porch Floor.
  • Step 3: Prep the Porch for the Skim Coat.
  • Step 4: Mix the Skim Coat.
  • Step 5: Apply the Skim Coat.
  • Step 6: Mix the Thin Finish and Texture Pave.
  • Step 7: Apply the Thin Finish and Texture Pave.
  • Step 8: Stamp the Concrete.
  • Consequently, can you stamp already poured concrete?

    You can only stamp concrete when it is still wet from a pour. To add texture to an existing patio, pour a fresh layer of concrete over the old and stamp it, provided the existing patio is in good condition. You can impress the look of brick work over a new concrete surface.

    Is it hard to stamp concrete?

    When stamping freshly poured concrete, time is of the essence. If stamped when the concrete is too soft, it won’t support the weight of workers and the texture will not be defined. If stamped when the concrete is too hard, stamping work will be difficult and the texture will not take.

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    How Thin Can You Pour Concrete Over Existing Concrete

    The thinnest that is usually used when pouring concrete, in general, is about 2 to 2 ½ inches. That also applies to this pouring new concrete over old concrete.

    Any thinner than 2 inches would be too thin. When considering how thick you want the new concrete to be, it is important to consider the surroundings where the concrete will be. Like I mentioned before, anything like a door or a staircase would warrant getting rid of the old concrete and starting fresh.

    Mix The Thin Finish And Texture Pave

    Mix the Thin Finish and Texture Pave

    For the stamping layer, apply a thin bonding layer of Thin Finish®, and a thicker layer of Texture Pave®. To mix the Thin Finish, follow the same instructions and water ratio used for the skim coat. The texture pave is mixed similarly, but will be thicker to create a stamping layer, mix four quarts of water per 55 lb. bag. This mix should also be thoroughly mixed first, allowed to set for five minutes and mixed again. Because several batches are required make sure the four quarts is exact to ensure consistency.

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    How Do You Put Stamping On Dry Concrete

    Repair any flaws in the concrete. Fill cracks and pits with vinyl patch compound using a putty knife. Set the stamps on the dry slab to practice how they align or interlock. Once you pour new concrete, you wont have time to figure out which direction to lay the stamps in as concrete begins to harden quickly.

    Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns For Patios

    Enhance an Existing Patio With Concrete Stamping

    Salzano Custom Concrete Aldie, VA

    Ashlar Slate

    This pattern uses a mixture of rectangular shapes that take your patio to new heights with the appearance of cut stone, especially when combined with color.

    Salzano Custom Concrete Aldie, VA


    A patio stamped to look like brick is a great traditional look. With this pattern you will be able to mimic either a traditional red brick or fancy herringbone design.

    Unique Concrete West Milford, NJ

    Random Stone

    A more organic look, these patterns are created to give an appearance of naturally occurring stone. The randomness of the pattern makes for a memorable design.

    All Pro Cement Thornton, CO

    Wood Stamped Concrete

    Creating a wood deck is often a dream for many homeowners. Using this pattern for your concrete patio will give that same look, but with better durability.

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    Can You Pour Concrete Over An Existing Patio

    If the existing concrete is in good shape structurally, you can pour new concrete over it to freshen it up. Worn or cracking concrete makes your outdoor areas look drab, outdated and in need of fresh concrete. If the existing concrete is in good shape structurally, you can pour new concrete over it to freshen it up.

    Can You Put Decorative Concrete Over Existing Concrete

    You can only stamp concrete when it is still wet from a pour. To add texture to an existing patio, pour a fresh layer of concrete over the old and stamp it, provided the existing patio is in good condition. You can impress the look of brick work over a new concrete surface.

    Accordingly, can you do a concrete overlay over tile?

    Placing a concrete overlay over tile isn’t always an option. This process is ideal only if the tile is stable. If the tile ever loosens in the future, it would bring the overlay up with it. There are some benefits to laying a concrete overlay over tile.

    Additionally, how thick does a concrete overlay have to be? The minimum recommended thickness is 1 to 2 in. for a fully bonded concrete overlay placed on a base slab that is practically free of cracks and in which the concrete is sound, clean, and of good quality.

    Considering this, what is decorative concrete overlay?

    Overlays are a type of resurfacing finish that you apply over existing concrete surfaces. They can revitalize the look of your concrete floor while also mimicking other types of stone, brick, wood, and slate. An overlay creates a layer over the concrete.

    What is a concrete overlay?

    Answer: A concrete overlay is a thin color concrete cement based products that go over existing concrete for repair or decorative reasons. Overlays can be applied as thin as a feather finish up to in most cases 3/4 depending on the desired finish.

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    Enhance An Existing Patio With Concrete Stamping

    Steve Watson and crew help re-make a patio area by giving the tired floor surface a distinctive “stamp” treatment.

    Once the stamped pattern is completed, the surface is given a protective and slip-resistant coating.

    The Siscos are a newly married couple who recently bought their first home together. Between making wedding plans and their busy work schedules, household projects have been last on the to-do list. Janelle and Chris are looking for the inspiration to finally take on some of the bigger jobs.

    Materials and Tools:

    Install A Stamped Concrete Patio Over An Existing Patio

    Pouring Concrete Over Existing Concrete (New Patio Slab)
    • Written by Carol S. on Jan 07, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    When it’s time to update your yard or landscape, consider laying a stamped concrete patioover your existing patio if its surface is in good condition. Diligent cleaning and preparation will produce a beautiful, durable new patio surface. Use the guidelines below to install a stamped concrete patio.

    Step 1 – Measure the Slab and Order Supplies

    Take the measurements of the slab and order sufficient mixed concrete, color hardener, stamp mats, releasing agent, and colors to lay a one-inch depth of stamped concrete atop your patio in your chosen pattern.

    Step 2 – Clean and Inspect the Existing Patio Slab

    Sweep and vacuum the existing slab, and wash it with warm water and liquid degreasing detergent. Dry it with a leaf blower or wait 12 hours to let it air-dry. Inspect the entire surface on your knees with the handheld spotlight to check for cracks or sunken areas. Mark these with sidewalk chalk for repairs.

    Step 3 – Perform Needed Repairs on the Slab

    Fill even hairline cracks with cement paint. For small holes and depressions use cement filler, applied and smoothed with a trowel. Allow the cement filler to dry for six hours, then sand the spot so it is level with the surface.

    Step 4 – Pour the New Concrete

    Step 6 – Apply the Releasing Agent

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    Can You Stamp Concrete Over Existing Concrete

    When stamping concrete, it still has to be a fresh pour of concrete so it is wet. Therefore, you have to pour a new layer over existing concrete to stamp concrete, but make sure the existing concrete is in good condition.

    Like mentioned before, the new layer of concrete is only as good as the existing layer below so make sure to patch any cracks below and separate the two layers.

    When stamping concrete, there are two different methods to consider. You can use textured rollers or hand stamps. It may be handy if you buy multiple handstamps when dealing with a large surface to avoid it drying before finishing.

    There are many different stamp patterns to consider like basic brickwork stone texture. There are stamps that are formed to look like stones or bricks placed in a circle. You can even have a little bit of fun with pawprint stamps.

    Make sure the existing concrete is as clean as possible. You should consider power washing to avoid any debris getting in the way. Once you pour the new concrete, you must be quick with the stamps as they need to be set within 15 minutes of pouring the concrete. To avoid any stress, pace all tools beside you to speed up the process.

    You may need to ask a few helpers to assist you to help with the process of laying down the new concrete and stamping it. The concrete should be about 2 inches thick and be quick to make sure the new concrete is leveled and smooth before using the stamps. That is when your helpers will be of assistance to you.

    Advantages Of Concrete Stamping

    When it comes to updating or repairing concrete surfaces, there’s a wide range of decorative options available. Many home and business owners prefer stamped concrete over anything else. Here are some good reasons why:Various patterns and designs can be imprinted on a concrete overlay, whether it’s for residential or commercial spaces.

    • It can be customized to look exactly like a high-end material such as brick and natural stone.
    • Aside from the concrete stamping patterns, it can be stained with an acid or water-based stain to make it look more appealing and realistic.
    • In comparison to other remodeling materials, concrete stamping can be done at more affordable prices.
    • Stamped concrete overlays are often used for outdoor spaces like patios, driveways, or pool decks, but they can also be applied indoors.
    • Unlike interlocking pavers, wood boards, brick pieces and stone, an overlay does not have joints and gaps, making the cleaning and maintenance process easier, as well as keeping a more level surface.
    • As long as an overlay is applied and stamped properly, it can last for years, even in San Antonio’s sometimes extreme weather.

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