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How Much Is A Custom Pergola

Whats The Difference Between A Pergola And A Gazebo

Starting A Custom Pergola Build – Third Ave Project

Many people use the terms pergola and gazebo interchangeably since theyre both outdoor structures. However, theyre not the same thing. Most times, gazebos are round while most pergolas are either square or rectangular. And gazebos are constructed with a solid roof, which you wont find on a pergola.

Instead, pergolas are designed to be open and airy, topped with cross beams to allow the sun and breeze to filter through. Finally, while a pergola can be attached to your home , a gazebo is always a freestanding structure.

How Much Does A Pergola Cost In 2020

The cost of pergola depends on several factors, most prominently materials and labour. The type of pergola youre after will contribute to its cost, depending on factors such as the materials used and whether it has a roof or no roof. In addition, if you are wanting a more custom design, the costs will increase. Typically, the cost of a pergola installation will cost anywhere from $2000 for the most basic materials alone, to $5000 for a full custom build with shade screens and the whole works, installed by a professional carpenter or builder, depending on the regulations in your state.

Different designs will run you different costs. Before you get quotes from a carpenter, it is wise to decide on the design and style of pergola you’re after by checking out a few different pergola design ideas.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A 1010 Pergola

The price for a 10×10 pergola could fluctuate depending on the materials as well. A standard 10×10 wooden pergola starts at $3,360, whereas a 10×10 vinyl pergola would cost you $4,610. Adding additional options to your pergola like a privacy wall and a lattice roof will increase the price slightly. That being said, a high end 10×10 pergola will cost you between $3,000 to $5,000.

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How Much Does A Diy Pergola Cost

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The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

If the desire to create a structure burns within you, there is no better way than to build your own pergola. This DIY project is ambitious enough to permanently change the look of your yard, yet it requires only intermediate building skills and simple materials available at your local home center. And best of all, the cost of the pergola may be balanced out by the value that it adds to your property.

Why Choose A Metal Pergola

Archadeck of Fort Wayne is your Fort Wayne, Indiana ...

If you imagine metal pergolas to be a featureless pergola made with galvanised steel, you’ve only seen the most basic styles. Metal pergolas today come in a range of powder coated colours, designs and sizes, and can be a stylish addition to your yard.

A pergola can have benefits all year round. It can provide shade that keeps the house cooler in summer. In winter, a pergola gives you a place to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s raining. It can be the perfect spot for a barbecue and you don’t have to rely on good weather to enjoy a barbecued meal.

A metal pergola is an inexpensive way to improve your home and it will add value if you decide to sell your home later. As a bonus, a metal pergola is easy to maintain. Just wash it down if it gets dirty. There’s no need to refinish it every few years as you would have to do with a timber pergola.

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Protection From The Elements And High Temperatures

Its hard to enjoy outdoor living when inclement weather strikes. An opening roof, however, is able to protect your homes patio area from the sun and rain. The louvres give homeowners the option of opening and closing their roof to control the amount of sunlight that hits their patio and to completely protect it or to let the right amount of light in. That means, during hot, sunny days, the louvres can be adjusted for maximum shade to protect homeowners from the sun or opened up to allow for more light penetration.

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Get Started On Your New Pergola Today

Now that you know the costs associated with purchasing a pergola, it is time to look into purchasing one. Whether you have a budget established already or you just needed an idea of the cost of a pergola, we are here to help. Check out our selection of pergolas and find your next outdoor living space today.

At Hometown Structures, we want to help you find your next relaxation space. Please request a free quote online or visualize your new pergola in 3D using our handy 3D Pergola Designer! For any other questions, please contact our sales team at .

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Pergola Options And Their Cost Impact

When you are building a pergola, there are plenty of options. The options come in the form of different types of materials and designs. You can build a pergola from cedar wood, pine wood, fiberglass, aluminum, redwood, and more. Your choice of material will decide the longevity and also, the cost.

There are plenty of designs as well such as retractable roof, gable, louvered pergola, etc. The pricing varies largely from one design to another. Here I will talk about the cost of five of the most widely used materials and five most sought out pergola designs. I will also discuss some relevant information like durability, life expectancy, etc.

Do I Need Council Approval For A Pergola

DIY Custom Pergola Kits

A larger pergola will require council approval. In some states, a building permit is needed for all outdoor structures, while in other states, the need for a permit may depend on the cost of the structure, including construction costs.

The size of the pergola can be another determining factor. In Victoria, a permit is needed to build a pergola that extends more than 2.5 metres from the side of the house.

Your council is more likely to approve a pergola that is going to be installed by professionals than a DIY pergola. If you do choose to go that route, you may need to take an owner builder course, which will add to the cost and timeline of your project.

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The Material Costs Of Building A Pergola

Material costs for a contractor are similar to the costs you would have if you did a DIY build. Generally, some contractors may add a 5 -10% mark-up to materials to cover their time selecting and carrying the costs. It also helps cover tool costs that will be used on your site. The pergola installation cost is the main difference and translates into labor costs and profit margin.

A 12×12 pergola made of cedar will set you back about $1,500 for materials. If you buy a similar kit, itll cost about $3,300, or about what a contractor would charge to build a similar structure. The size and material selected influence how much pergolas cost.

If you decide to use a fiberglass pergola kit to reduce maintenance, itll set you back almost $8,000. An aluminum pergola would cost between $4,300 and $7,800, depending on material quality and how ornate a pergola you wanted. Installation costs for the cedar, fiberglass, or aluminum kit should range between $460 and $560.

Custom Louvered Pergola Colors

The outdoor elements louvered roof system comes standard with 6 standard colors. Not enough for you? Well, there are another 16 designer colors to choose from. Still not enough? Have our staff help you custom color match your custom louvered roof. That’s correct. We can have your pergola with louvers custom powedercoated.

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Installing Your Pergola Labor Costs

On top of figuring out the cost to build a pergola while factoring in the materials and type, you also want to include labor costs unless you plan to do it yourself. There is a huge cost range associated with installing a pergola, and things like the design, material, and whether you pick out a kit or go with a custom build will all factor in. Generally speaking, to install a basic 10-foot by 10-foot pergola with no customization options, labor will run around $500.

If you want to get more complex, the cost to build a pergola will go up. Adding things like a back wall for privacy or additional slats to the roof to increase the shade can take the labor costs up to around $1,000. Any speciality materials or other customization options can boost the price too.Our new pergola #2funny strange or funny ha ha / CC BY-NC 2.0

Should I Choose A Timber Or Metal Pergola

How Much Does a Pergola Cost?

Both timber and metal pergolas are beautiful and will last a long time, so you might find it hard to decide which one to choose beyond comparing the cost.

  • Timber pergolas require occasional maintenance, but their natural appearance may be perfect for your yard.
  • Metal pergolas can be a stylish addition to a yard. They come in powder coated colours that can match or complement the colour of your home. Another advantage is that a metal pergola can span a wider area than a timber pergola, so you’ll have fewer upright posts and a more open feel.
  • Another option is to combine materials. A metal pergola with a timber slat roof can give you the best of both worlds, as you can enjoy the natural appearance without the extra support structure.

Take a look at our pergola design photo pages to compare metal and timber pergolas and see the range of designs available.

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Labor Costs Vs Diy Install

A significant cost in any pergola installation is the cost of labor in your area. Labor pricing varies throughout the nation, but on average most contractors will charge $500 to $1,000 in labor for a typical project.

As the size and complexity of the project increases, so will the cost of labor for the installation. Get several free estimates for a pergola installation for a much more accurate assessment of how much your pergola will cost.

You can buy a prefab pergola and install it yourself with the right tools, time, and talent. Prefab kits come with detailed instructions, so with a little skill and the right tools, it will go up without many complications. Its a bit more complicated to design and build your custom pergola. However, if you have the woodworking skills, tools, and the time, DIY is an excellent cost-saving option.

Whether you use a prefab kit or custom design or go DIY or professional, always consult the local building inspectors office for permits. Also, check with the utility company if you plan to run gas lines or dig supports for the columns before you dig.

Our gazebo cost guide might also be a helpful resource if youre considering that option as an alternative to a pergola. You might also be interested in our other .

All pricing information on this page is based on average industry costs, and is subject to variance for project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements.

The Pros And Cons Of Building A Diy Pergola

If you opt to build your pergola, you can design it, buy a plan, or even purchase a prefab kit. Your greatest savings is the labor costs. The DIY pergola cost for a cedar pergola is about $1,500 compared to the cost to build a pergola by a pro. That means you could use the savings to upgrade some of your material selections if your budget allows.

A pergola helps to define an outdoor space and provide backyard shade for many years. It usually covers a patio and provides some shade during the hot part of the day and season. Often in the 10-foot by 12-foot size, it is an ideal DIY project. Building it yourself, saving on the labor costs, and using materials you want to use are great arguments against having to pay for the construction of a pergola.


  • Not knowing what to do or what permits are needed
  • No warranty

After reading the pros and cons, you may want to know how much do pergolas cost when built by the pros.

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Cost Of Buying A Pergola

If you choose not to build the pergola yourself, hiring a professional is always an option. However, there are a few price considerations to take into account before contacting a professional.

Buying a pergola and having a contractor install it for you is the easiest and most expensive. Because building a pergola is labor-intensive and requires some skill, we would have to pay for the labor, which in some cases can cost almost as much as the pergola itself.

Like building a DIY pergola, Ill go over a few of the most significant aspects that can affect the price.

From experience, I found that the most common pergola types are either wood, fiberglass, or vinyl and often include an aluminum support structure.

Wood is the most expensive option, as it looks the best. However, it must be pressure treated, which can add a high cost to the project. I found that vinyl and fiberglass are also great alternatives, and in most cases, are much more durable.

So, I dove deep into researching the costs of buying a pergola, and the estimated price came out to around an average of $3,500 in the U.S. However, the total cost could range from anywhere between $2,500 $6,000 depending on which type of material the homeowner chooses.

To put this more, in contrast, the average wooden pergola, spanning around 10 square feet, will often cost about $3500, including labor, delivery, etc.

How Much Is A Louvered Pergola

How To Build a Pergola On a Deck By Yourself in a Few Days – Part 1
  • Pergola
  • All About Louvered Pergolas
  • Are you looking for the best way to make your outdoor living space great while remaining functional? We understand your problem and have the perfect solution for you louvered pergolas. With our premium louvered pergolas, you get to enjoy all the fresh air and beauty that nature has to offer while transforming your deck, patio, or other outdoor living space into a functional space that can protect you from rain or excessive sunlight.

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    Cost To Install A Metal Pergola*

    Unless you’re choosing an easy to assemble kit, you also need to factor in the cost of installing a pergola. Pergola builders charge around $20$30 per square metre or $45$60 per hour to install a metal pergola.

    Don’t forget that you may also need paving, lighting and other features for your pergola. These will all cost extra and should be included in your budgeting.

    How Much Does A Pergola Kit Cost*

    Pergola kits are a simple way to build a pergola yourself that also have the advantage of showing you the price upfront. Expect to pay around $2300 to $3800 for a pergola kit, depending on the type of roof you want:

    • $2300 to $2600 for a timber pergola kit with no roof
    • $2600 to $2900 for a timber pergola kit with a standard Colorbond roof
    • $3800 for a timber pergola kit with an insulated Colorbond roof

    Kits can be slightly more expensive than building a pergola from scratch, but they save you the cost of hiring a pergola builder to install a pergola for you. If you decide to have a kit professionally installed, a pergola builder can install a kit faster than making a pergola from scratch, which will work out much cheaper.

    How much does a custom made pergola cost?*

    Pergola builders can make almost any design you like, but a custom pergola could cost anywhere from $5000 to $50,000 depending on its size and the complexity of the design.

    For example, curved roofing made of timber will cost more than a gable roof, which will cost more than a flat or skillion roof.

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    Labor Costs To Install A Pergola

    There is a large cost range for installing a pergola. Materials, design, and whether you choose a custom build or kit all affect the labor cost. Generally, for the installation of a basic 10 x 10-foot pergola with no customization, expect to pay around $500. Adding additional slats to the roof for shade, a back wall for privacy, or other customizations increases the cost. With customization or specialty materials, expect to pay up to $1,000 in labor costs.

    How To Choose A Patio Or Pergola Cover

    Custom Pergola Design &  Build

    A patio or pergola cover is the perfect way to protect your investment in an outdoor space.

    Patio covers can be purchased pre-built, but many homeowners prefer to have them custom built because it gives you more design options and ensures that they will fit perfectly over your existing structure.

    Here are some things to consider when choosing a covering for your patio:

    • Choose a size big enough for all of your furniture, but not too large where theres wasted space.
    • Make sure the roof pitch allows water runoff so rain wont pool on top of the cover while still providing protection from sun exposure.

    As mentioned previously, if you already have a covered area choose something that fits your existing structure.

    • Consider the color of your covering to match your outdoor furniture and house paint colors. Also keep in mind that brighter colors will heat up faster, if youre looking for some shade during summer months.
    • Make sure there is adequate ventilation so humidity levels dont build up under your patio cover which can lead to mold growth or insect infestation problems.
    • If applicable make allowance for doors or windows on the patio cover itself or within close proximity . Same goes with electrical outlets . Keep in mind that these features are not required but may come in handy at times! ~~~ Lastly consider things like decorative columns or trim to add a decorative flair.

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