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Do You Need A Permit For Concrete Patio

When Do I Need A Building Permit

How To Form, Pour, And Stamp A Concrete Patio Slab


A building permit is required when the wooden deck or concrete patio is more than 12 inches above grade.


An erosion and sediment control permit is required whenever 10 cubic yards or more of earth is disturbed at a site. Contractors required to obtain an ESC permit must have an ESC Responsible Person Certification, homeowners doing the work are exempt from certification requirements.


No building permit is required, but you need Planning and Zoning approval. Call 608-7100.


Structures over 400 sq. ft. other than light frame construction and buildings more than 600 sq. ft. of light frame construction, require a foundation to frost depth. Boises frost depth is 24 inches minimum below grade.


If located in a flood plain a permit IS required. A building permit is not required as long as the structure is 200 sq. ft. or less. If the structure is over 120 sq. ft. , you need to confirm your property setbacks with the Planning division.


Building permit requirements are the same as in non-historic districts. However, many types of work require a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Planning division. The certificate must be obtained prior to applying for a building permit or starting any work.



An electrical permit is not required if the outdoor lighting is low voltage. A permit is required for 110 volt lighting.


Where Is The Best Place To Put A Patio

Obviously, if your lot is small theres not much to think about. But if you have space to play around with, youll need careful consideration. A professional designer can help you find the best location for your patio, minimizing costs by selecting the flattest area, and maximizing the view .

For ultimate convenience, your patio will be right next to your house in an area thats as private as possible. Thoughtful siting will increase the use, says Pedersen. Lets face it, people can be lazy. If you have to go down two flights of stairs to have your coffee, youre not going to do it.

On the other hand, theres something to be said for an outdoor room thats a destination. But, says Pedersen, you need a good enough reason to go theresuch as a fire pit: Like moths to a flame, people will just come to it. And how you access the spot offers a design opportunityYou can do fun things with geometry and circulation, with the paths that get people there.

Here Are Some Of Our Valued Customers Faqs

Materials and products:

  • What kinds of materials are available for patio covers and which is best to use?Patio covers are available in: wood, vinyl, aluminum or steel. For those who like the traditional look of wood, and have no problem on giving it some attention every several years, the real wood patio cover will be your best option. For the ones who like the white clean look with minimum maintenance, aluminum is preferable. Vinyl is another alternative, but this material tends to be expensive. Steel patio covers are very impressive, usually installed with welding and if painted correctly, they can last many years.
  • What kinds of posts are available?For wood patio covers There are many options. The basic posts are standard 4×4 but can also be made out of 2×6, 6×6 and so on. Posts can also be made out of steel, bricks, cement, standard framing and stucco. Aluminum patio posts are usually 3×3, sandwiched between a pair of 2×6s, and can also be upgraded to the impressive roman columns.
  • No. Our aluminum patio products are guaranteed against fading, chipping and pealing. The wood patio covers usually require some maintenance every few years depending on its location, humidity and the amount of direct sun.

City building permits:

  • Yes, usually 2-3 Inspections: Foundation, framing and Final. All city inspections will be accompanied by a Patios4All inspector.

Free quote, whats included:

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Can You Recommend A Good Screen Enclosure Contractor

I do work with a network of contractors nationally. By submitting your quote request here, contractors will contact you to earn your business. This puts YOU in the drivers seat, as opposed to chasing contractors. I find theyre typically more responsive, professional and have better prices. Keep in mind they are independent so you still need to do your own due diligence, but contractors that are eager to earn your business and show professionalism early on typically do a better job then the ones with the I dont need your business attitude.

Do You Need A Permit To Pour Concrete In Your Backyard In California

Tutorial For Creating Your Own Concrete Patio With Do It ...

Under Californias Building Code of 2002, Section 106.3 stipulates that a building permit is not necessary for pouring concrete, platforms walks and driveways less than 30 inches above grade and not extending over any basement or story below, therefore the driveway construction is not regulated by the building code.

However, new driveway construction required permits if plans show proposed changes in elevation greater than five feet between adjacent grades also new walkways over any basement or story below require permits if they are more than 30 high.

If you need to pour concrete with an extension outside of the property line onto city property you will probably need to get a permit for this.

You should contact your local public works department or city hall to find out whether you will need to get a permit before digging the hole and pouring the concrete, just in case it is not covered by these exceptions.

If you are making any other size of pour that doesnt fall into either of the categories mentioned above then you will definitely need to get a building permit approved by your local building department.

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How Long Will A Patio Last

Patio durability depends on the materials used. Most stone has a long life expectancy, though some stone weathers faster than others Pedersen avoids slate and Arizona sandstone for that reason.

With gravel, theres always a level of maintenance, says Pedersen. You can lay weed blankets, but thats not a long-term solution. DG also needs freshening up now and again. But these surfaces can last as long as you want to maintain them.

As for concrete, Pedersen repeats an old contractors joke: There are two kinds concrete thats cracked, and concrete that will crack. Cutting it into pieces can minimize cracking and help it last longer, he says. But any concrete surface will show more sand after 10 to 15 years of being exposed to the elements.

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Do You Need A Permit To Build A Sunroom In Florida

Sunrooms are a fantastic alternative to traditional brick and mortar room additions. Sunrooms are becoming more and more popular with many Florida homeowners looking to add additional living space to their Florida home. A very frequent question we see often is Do you need a permit to build a sunroom in Florida? It is often a misconception that sunrooms or Florida rooms dont require a licensed contractor to pull permits. In fact building, any size or style sunroom addition to your home in the state of Florida will definitely require a licensed contractor to pull the proper permitting that is legally required by the state of Florida in order to build your sunroom to meet certain county and Florida state building codes.

So What Are The Relevant Performance Requirements Of The Building Code When You Enclose An Existing Porch Or Deck

How To Form, Pour, And Finish A Concrete Patio Slab

When you enclose an existing porch, the main requirements you need to meet are for structure, weather tightness, energy efficiency, internal moisture and durability.

However, other Building Code requirements, such as those for access routes, electricity and safety from falling, may also be relevant depending on the work being done.

If your design plans include electrical work, you should consult your electrician.

Some of the aspects of the work may be restricted building work. If the building work carried out is to the primary structure or weather tightness aspects of the building, and a building consent is required, then it must be designed and carried out by a licensed building practitioner.

You should get appropriate design advice before starting your project, for example from an architectural designer or a Licensed Building Practitioner who holds a design license, and that you get a practitioner with appropriate building expertise in carrying on the work (note this person may need to be licensed if restricted building work is involved.

The building code can be viewed at the ABCB website.

This article featured on page 43 of Issue 003 of Renovate Magazine. Renovate Magazine is an easy to use resource providing fresh inspiration and motivation at every turn of the page.

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Do I Need A Permit For A Driveway

Unlike patios, most municipalities require you to have a permit to build a driveway. Driveways are more complicated than patios as they fall under zoning laws and regulations of public rights of way and easements. We recommend that you contact your local county office for further information about this. You may also visit their website to know their requirements. Below are examples of counties that require you to have permits to build a driveway.

Harris County in Houston, Texas requires that anyone building a new residential driveway, widening of existing driveways, and repairs all require a permit from the county to perform. These permits are available on their website, and you can fill them online.

Multnomah County in Portland also requires you to file for a permit if you need to build or renovate your current driveway. Application for these permits take three weeks, and you are required to pay a fee of $90. You will also pay a $1000 driveway deposit that will be refunded to you once you complete constructing one and it has passed county inspection.

Lee County in Florida also requires you to have a permit to go ahead with the construction of a residential driveway. The fee you pay is dependent on whether it is a single or double driveway, with the latter incurring a more substantial fee. Lee County will impose double the fee in case a driveway is built without a permit.

Attached Or Freestanding: Different Requirements For Each

If your patio cover is attached to a house or structure, in most cases, you can often attach posts to existing concrete footings. However, if you plan to install a freestanding pergola, the code requires you to dig concrete footings to ensure stable support. You wont be able to attach your posts directly to an existing concrete slab.

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Do I Need A Permit To Enclose My Porch


Building a deck without a permit can get you into some serious trouble. Some people find out the hard way by having to pay a hefty fine, tearing down their brand new deck or having someone get hurt because of faulty construction. Contractors can lose their licenses if they build without permits.

Also, how much is it to enclose a porch? Enclosed Porch Cost FactorsMost porch enclosures require permits, which run $100 to $300 on average. The price to get a building permit depends on the total for the project. The cost to build a patio enclosure ranges from $8,500 to $25,000, or $22 to $75 per square foot.

In respect to this, do I need permit for sunroom?

We just had a sunroom built. Yes, youll need a permit. Each municipality has different rules it depends on the zoning & building code bylaws within your area. If you application doesnt comply with the city zoning bylaws, you can apply for a variance to amend the bylaws.

Do you need a permit for a screen enclosure?

Generally, you can expect you a screen enclosure project with a permit to be completed between 3-9 months from date of signed contract. During building booms, or during hurricances, the process can take longer.

Sunroom Construction Planning Lesson 1

Do You Need a Building Permit for Outdoor Concrete Work ...

Sunrooms and patio covers are subject to the same loads as the buildings they are attached to, like: wind and snow. A building permit is required.

A reputable manufacturer will have engineered their sunroom to meet these loads.They should be able to furnish:

  • Standardized drawings to show how the product is connected to the existing structure
  • Standardized drawings to show how its proprietary components are connected to each other
  • Load Tables for proper product selection

Job specific drawings outline the exact size of the sunroom, exactly where the sunroom will be installed on the building, how the deck will be built and other items unique to that particular project. Job specific drawings are drawn by either:

  • The homeowner
  • A 3rd party drawing service that you hire. This could be a local designer of your choosing, or your manufacturer may offer this service.

Together, the standard details and job specific drawings will be used for the building permit application. In Ontario, the person providing the drawings must have BCIN accreditation and will provide his Schedule 1 document to include with the permit package.

All sunroom manufacturers provide installation guides for their products. You must provide all the necessary documents in order for your installers to install the sunroom properly.

Manufacturer documents contain proprietary information and must not shared with any other parties other than what is necessary to obtain the building permit.

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Permit For Screening Your Porch Or Pool Yes You Will Need It

Advertising ContentDo You Need a Permit to Screen Porch or Pool Enclosure?

Melbourne, United States April 23, 2021 /Tight Line Productions/

Many people do not think of screened-in porches or pool enclosures as construction. You may ask yourself do I need a permit to screen porch?. Tripod Aluminum, the premier pool and screen enclosure company located in Melbourne, FL, has been in business for over 25 years, and we are here to answer your questions!

What Are The Best Guardrail Materials

As for the guardrail material, Petersen says this choice should also be driven by the architecture. Well do glass for a house thats sleek and contemporary, or maybe a cable rail with stainless steel posts, he says. For a more traditional house we might do wood pickets and have some fun with patterns.

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Does The Ground Need To Be Dry To Pour Concrete

As noted before, concrete doesnt dry out to harden, it cures through a chemical reaction that needs water to facilitate the reaction. If the ground is dry, the ground will absorb moisture from the concrete and it wont cure properly. The ground should be very moist and compacted as well as you can manage.

Do I Need A Council Permit For A Sunroom

How to Setup a backyard for a Patio concrete pour start to finish

Yes. In most cases, if you plan on building a roofed patio or home extension, youll need a permit from your local council. However, the specific permit required varies between states.

Altec can advise you on the permits you need or we can take care of the whole process for you. Whether you live in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, or northern New South Wales, we can obtain the necessary council approvals for your new sunroom.

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Do You Need A Permit To Build A Screened In Porch

4.3/5porchneed a permityouporchdoesbuildsyoudoyouneedpermit

If you do have to build something in order to screen in your porch, such as a roof over the porch that ties into your home, youll almost certainly need a permit.

Similarly, can you build a screened in porch on existing deck? You can achieve all of this by building a screened enclosure over your existing deck. Although its impossible to design an screen enclosure that fits every or need, you can easily modify our structure to fit almost anywhere, thanks to its few components and simple construction techniques.

Just so, what happens if you build a porch without a permit?

Building a deck without a permit can get you into some serious trouble. Some people find out the hard way by having to pay a hefty fine, tearing down their brand new deck or having someone get hurt because of faulty construction. Contractors can lose their licenses if they build without permits.

Do you need a permit to put in a patio?

Check with the local authority as to whether a permit is required to build a patio. A permit isnt automatically required to build an on-grade patio, whether its concrete, brick or any other material. Requirements vary widely in local governments, ranging from relaxed to stringent.


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